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Wed 29th August, 2012

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Furealz commented on The Pokémon Company Is Working On A Detective...:

NO! Don't ever think it will be Japan Only! I would Day ONE THIS game, as I had a sweet nostalgia spot for Hey You Pikachu! and even Pokémon Channel (once you look past the television, it had lots of potential). Although this is so different, o.O crime-solving with Pikachu? How can they do this without it being rated T? Unless the criminals steal cookies and shoot peanut guns... XD



Furealz commented on Aonuma: Information About Majora's Mask Can Be...:

I need a Majora's Mask remake, it's so interesting with the Ben Drowned conspiracy! O.O Jk.. :D STOP IT WITH THE Re-Makes! I finished the game a few years ago, I ain't playing it again any time soon. Would DIE for a sequel though!



Furealz commented on Club Nintendo Rewards Updated for September:

I take time writing SERIOUS reviews for Club Nintendo and I write PARAGRAPHS of information to them about what I enjoyed from each game I download. Don't you think it might be nice they out another N64 or Wii U VC game on here for once? I in fact, don't just enter a damn code.



Furealz commented on Review: Toki Tori 2 (Wii U eShop):

Luckily I won the contest! I know already it's going to be a great game... :) I'm Notable_Tweeter and I made a great effort making the set-up! Waiting since launch....



Furealz commented on Feature: Nintendo at Sundance - Short Films, B...:

When is it? Maybe we will get a release date out of it! I really want to get my hands on another Wii Fit it's been since 2009 for the last one. Really love the excersises gonna get it day one! Dates Nintendo! March?