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I have been playing Nintendo games since I was 3 I'm a Nintendo fan until I die. I owned a Super Nintendo (Best Console Ever), Sega Saturn, PS1, N64, Xbox1, Wii, 360, and Wii U. I love NL I wish it great success in the future, see my youtube for my full uncensored opinions. That's it.

Wed 4th Feb 2009

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NINTENBOY commented on Game Boy Advance Games On The Wii U Virtual Co...:

Nintendo Said: WHAT SOMETHING TO DO WITH MORE THEN ONE PEOPLE?? Wait who made this game again? Umm well since they can't be in the same room, well actually they could but that would require too much work. So we'll just pretend it never existed because that would require us to do a deal with the EVIL ONLINE DEVIL!!

What a joke, just when you think they're doing something awesome they say NOPE!! We still gotta MESS THIS UP SOME HOW!!



NINTENBOY commented on Industry Veteran Peter Molyneux Warns The Indi...:

I don't agree with Peter at all on this one, all these great indie games that are finding support left and right.

Being crowd funded all the time because they actually add something new and take risks! You never know the next MINECRAFT could be just around the corner!!

You never know, he just shouldn't have tryed to predict the industry at this point. I respect his opinon but with such a big community of the most dedicated people I've ever seen you can't really predict where this industry is going.




NINTENBOY commented on Nintendo of Europe Confirms Upcoming Game Boy ...:

I just wish there was alot more games already on he Eshop like the huge library on the Wii virtual console.

BUT make no mistake this is a very good step in the right direction! All these extra features are very nice

Other then the usual complaints I have like I wish we had online leaderboards, achievements and party chat along with these games which would make them so much better. This is still really good news.

When is America gonna get a taste tho? :/



NINTENBOY commented on Poll: Would You Buy Grand Theft Auto V On Wii U?:

I wish I had saw this earlier but now I wish I didn't see this at all.

This is EXACTLY what I be talking about, I can't imagine someone NOT getting this game especially if it actually came out on WiiU!


When a game doesn't come to WiiU you fools always say "Oh no one cares or that's not my type of game" like your better or whatever! ALWAYS!!

I got GTAV on 360 and it's absolutely AMAZING one of the best games I've played this gen let alone MY WHOLE life. Sex and killing isn't what the game is all about it's about experiencing the world, the characters, the story, the wacky and just having FUN!


It's a huge shame ANY console misses out on this craft of perfection and inovation, PC players have been begging for this game while Nintendo fans say they don't care it's because of people like y'all the WiiU gets NOTHING!!



NINTENBOY commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Reiterates That There's "Noth...:

This is ok because you know what this teaches me? To NEVER buy another Nintendo console in the first 2 years ever again! For now on EVERY Nintnedo platform is gonna sale like poop on a stick in it's first year since they can't make up they're freaking minds on a decent price for they're product!

I bought the Wii U out of a lot of false promises of 3rd party support and trust that they would have a console that could keep up with the Xbox One and PS4.

Seriously I love Nintendo and their games but this is just a straight up a rip off, you say you care about the fans but you always advertise to kids?? But now you wanna go for the hardcore when you see that all the soccer moms aren't buying your system again ok.

And you say you don't care about the competition but when it's revealed that the PS4 is gonna be $400 just $50 bucks cheaper then your crappy system all of a sudden the competition matters again? Get your stuff together man



NINTENBOY commented on Video: Snazzy New Trailer Shows Off Wii U Excl...:

FINALLY the ad people got their head out of where the sun don't shine and they put out some good ads that show what this thing can do and what it's offering!!

All they need to do now is to just take that ad make worldwide and put on TVs, all social media and the Wii U will be out of this hole faster then the 3DS when it was in it.



NINTENBOY commented on Nintendo Download: 22nd August (North America):

It's cool we finally got the street fighter games but of course they should have been there day one and added in online multilayer and leader boards. THAT would be worth $8 bucks each!

I don't like to complain but I'm just saying, Capcom you need to step it up man.



NINTENBOY commented on Shigeru Miyamoto "Wanted to go to HD Sooner" W...:

This is the SMARTEST thing I think I've heard come from Nintendo in YEARS!! Even though I enjoyed the Wii a lot with it's motion controls and it's unique variety of games. Although Having HD from the gecko or 2010 would have been very nice though of course you still need and outstanding online which the Wii U still lacks to me at the moment.

It's funny I guess we all agree with Michael Patcher for once, because he ALWAYS says Wii U is 2 years too late.



NINTENBOY commented on Nintendo Denies Permission For a Live Stream o...:

Umm I love how people want to act like everything is a ok again just because they reversed their decision. That's not the point it's the fact they would even try this in the first place, it's the same thing with the Xbox One if you agree that people sould have a bit of bad blood with Microsoft because their would even try those crazy politics on Xbox One.

Then you sould agree it sould be the same with Nintendo with this completely DUMB decision! I'm not saying they should be BURNED on a pole but I look at them a different way now and the people who were defending these B4 the reversed it made themselfs look dumb when they did reverse it and proved that your a fanboy.



NINTENBOY commented on Nintendo Denies Permission For a Live Stream o...:

GOOD JOB Nintendo You've been really making alot of SMART decisions lately. I'd LOVE to see anyone defend this, I bet this is how the conversation went down.

Hey Nintendo can we live stream Smash Bros Melee you know that game that's like 10 YEARS OLD!! Because we had a fond raiser for A GOOD CAUSE where YOUR FANS donated alot of money to make it happen. So is it ok if......




NINTENBOY commented on Impressions: Multiplayer is a Big Deal in Nint...:

This is my last post and I'm done.

Nintendo fans who are defending this WHY is there online on freaking Luigi's Mansion 2 ON THE 3DS HANDHELD (of all the games) but there's NO online for the MAIN plummer on the HD console??

People who have LM2 did the online multiplayer TAKE AWAY from the story or the local?? The reviews don't seem like it. Whoever is defending this then I guess you're not buying the new Smash or Mario Kart then right? You people may not have really good friends overseas you really enjoy playing with but a lot people stop being only thinking of yourself! I don't want to take a plane or drive 20 minutes just to play Mario with a friend in 2013.

YOU CAN HAVE BOTH PEOPLE!! AGAIN IT'S 2013!! You say Mario 3D World seems like it takes to much cooperation for online and it wouldn't work? Then why does co-op games like Portal 2, Monster Hunter 3, all of those LEGO games, Left 4 Dead and etc. Which if you played any of those games you know they take tons more COOPERATION than Mario 3D World could have.

I'm not saying every game has to have online the new DKC is a perfect example. DKC was always meant to be played SOLO, co-op is a side thing. Don't get me wrong I'm sure 3D World is still gonna be a great game without online because it's Mario it's always been great BUT when you advertise having 4 player CO-OP and you dismiss online play in for the 100th time 2013. Which would add replay value, more people to play with, someone to play with anytime, different gameplay styles to experience and pretty much only could make the game even BETTER......that's just crazy to me and a huge miss opportunity.



NINTENBOY commented on Impressions: Multiplayer is a Big Deal in Nint...:

@SkywardCrowbar I understand that and that's perfectly fine you enjoy a game more with people that are in the room.

But a lot people aren't as forchant as you. No one in my household likes to play video games and the part of my family that I have that does lives miles away from me in different directions and my best friend is a 15 minute drive away.

Which that's what happens to some of us when we get older we go seperate paths Nintendo should understand that. This is Ninendo's first real online network I can have 100 people on my friends list right? So does is make sense that they would go through all that trouble to do so and I can't play games with them??

They live in this world it's still the 1990's and everybody's loves to hang out in the living room playing video games every night together which is ok but don't forget about the majority of people who don't have that. That's why I don't see the problem THEY CAN DO BOTH.



NINTENBOY commented on Impressions: Multiplayer is a Big Deal in Nint...:

Listen I'm just gonna tell it stright. Not having online mulitplayer on a game where MULITPLAYER is the main thing your advertising like Super Mario 3D World is STUPID!! Especally in 2013, I don't care what anybody saids. I can't believe people actually defend this??

This is something that is NOT gonna hurt the game in anyway shape or form and it can only make it BETTER! Look me in the face and tell me WiiSports wouldn't have been better with online.

You people defending this act like they can't have BOTH local and online as if they have to chose. Your turning in to what you hate.....SONY DRONES! Because everything Nintendo does is ok with you and THAT IS WHY Nintendo will never do better.



NINTENBOY commented on EA Outlines Its Reasons for Lack of Wii U Support:

It's a hardware issue ok then why is Need 4 Speed Most Wanted on it and it runs BETTER then on PS3/360 version. If it's SUCH hardware issue how come you were able put Madden 13 and Mass Effect 3 on RELEASE!!

This guy is just another EA corporate drone that's full of $#%@ and STILL won't give the REAL reasons behind the lack of support.



NINTENBOY commented on Call of Duty: Ghosts May Not Appear On Wii U A...:

Even if this game does come to the Wii U NOBODY should buy it!! You should be tried of the DISRESPECT people, aren't you tried of them not announcing a Wii U version until the last 2 weeks?

They did the same crap on the old Wii and we still haven't even gotten DLC on top of NO patchs or updates after the first 3 months and getting completely IGNORED on their forums and Twitter!!

They deserve ZERO sales on the Wii U and if they don't bring it to the Wii U at all? Oh well GOODBYB I ain't gonna miss yea because at the end of the day COD has gotten very STALE and played out. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!!



NINTENBOY commented on Hideki Kamiya Still Wants to Work on Star Fox:

Why didn't Nintendo let him work on it instantly when he first mentioned this? My only concern is the online he's really not known for that and they should bring someone else in that could really make the great online the Star Fox series has the potential to have.

Why not? Nintendo you better have a new SF in the works yourself otherwise you would have to be stupid to not JUMP at this opprotunity.



NINTENBOY commented on Nintendo Download: 6th June (North America):

WHY THE FUDGE ARE THEY STILL ADDING GAMES TO THE OLD Wii SHOP CHANNEL!! That is very aggravating to me the Wii ran it's course time to let the freaking thing go it already has 500 games on the Wii Shop Channel while the Wii U is sitting at what ONLY LIKE 12 RIGHT NOW!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING OVER THERE!?!



NINTENBOY commented on Interview: Renegade Kid Praises Wii U as a "Ga...:

I'm glad more and more developers are seeing that it takes a while to see the Wii U's charm like your not gonna fall in love with it day one but after a while you really start to get it and see like they said the "brillance" behind it. I wish other developers would just actually take time with the thing instead of just saying it's "crap".



NINTENBOY commented on Aonuma: I Want To Work On Things Other Than Zelda:

I wanna see a new IP from Nintendo as much as anyone but you can tell this guy really LOVES Link as his "other child" as he said. I would like to see him go in to different avenunes but you couldn't really replace him.....

Unless if he leaves then they finally have voice actors for the next game....I mean Link can still remain silent but there's no excuse for everybody else. Plus it would be awesome to see a 4 player co-op made or something that would be cool just saying Zealda does need to mix it up a little bit.



NINTENBOY commented on "Too Early" To Talk About Updates For Sniper E...:

If I ever see this guy in real life I would RING HIS NECK!! What a load of crap I mean what kind of game are they trying to pull here? Seriously no pond intended you keep saying it's the best version (even though I don't see a difference) but according to you morons the best version of a game is highier resolution but not even HALF the content the other versions have! EVEN THOUGH THIS GAME IS A YEAR LATE!! LIKE WHAT WHERE THEY DO THAT AT!!

I swear the these western developers just don't money what so ever and have ZERO respect for the company that who without they probably wouldn't even have a JOB right now! Disgracful!!



NINTENBOY commented on Pachter Predicts Wii U Price Cut, Feels Ninten...:

I like how this person has A LOT to say about the Wii U but he hasn't said a word about his favorite company Mircosoft after the Xbox One Reveal That's all I got to say screw this rich person that thinks he actually knows something about video games.