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Tue 13th Aug 2013

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bigtig commented on Disney Infinity Executive Producer Discusses W...:

they need to release some new toybox vault toys immediately... my vault is empty. i dont have all the characters and the ones that i do have arent even maxed out. why would i buy more characters if they wont unlock anything at all?



bigtig commented on Nintendo and Retro Studios Speak on Resistance...:

just make a nintendo party game for mobile... a collecion of minigames like mario party but featuring characters from all franchises like smash bros. DONE! now you have a game that is playable with a touch screen and advertises all your ips! youre welcome nintendo... money me please!



bigtig commented on A Tokyo-Based Business Will Get Your 3DS Runni...:

please oh please oh please i want a super gameboy/gba equivalent for 3ds/wii u so badly. 3ds has great games but i have no use for a handheld. i probably never will but i would love to buy tons of 3ds carts and 3ds eshop games. could they make it work with a 3d tv too?



bigtig commented on You'll Want To Check Out These New Senran Kagu...:

hd wii u version please! or 3ds tv? or 3ds single screen on gamepad? or full games in same format on wii u? can i please get 3ds games on a wii u somehow? it seems so obvious... large look only screen above, smaller touchscreen below... im too old for a handheld but immature enough to like virtual boobs...



bigtig commented on Soapbox: The Wii Changed The Face of Gaming, B...:

this convo is just silly... the wii u is everything the wii should have been and much much more. it is the best console with the best controllers. the gamepad is amazing... anyone who thinks it shouldnt be included is crazy. looking away from the tv while zombies attack? AWESOME. drawing a reciever hot route on the line of scrimmage? AWESOME. most of the games have been somewhat lukewarm so far and none are perfect but the wii had all the same unimaginative crap too.

wii never got the support it deserved. wii u isnt either... im not at all surprised. i know nintendo will support my habit enough to get me by and i can still always dream of gta or madden.

i always thought the wii would be my last console... im so glad nintendo changed my mind again.



bigtig commented on Talking Point: The Wii U May Be Playing Catch-...:

better graphical capabilities requires bigger budgets and forces less risk-taking.

3d gaming and motion controls are the future of gaming... period. if you cant see that, you dont have vision. is the tech fully there yet? no... but it will be because it creates a more immersive experience. which is what these devs are trying to get with graphics alone. unfortunately, the human eye has limits that are we rapidly approaching. graphics are just a small part of the experience.

nintendo innovated gaming with the wii and took it even further with the wii u. the problem is that nintendo has too many ips and too many diehard fans of those ips. they cant do everything all alone. 3rd parties need to get creative and think outside the box.

too bad they wont. and neither will hollywood, or detroit or washington. its the "indies" that show us the untapped talent of the common man. the big guys wont admit theyre washed up until they are forced out. egos never want to admit they got it wrong... and we just suffer from it.



bigtig commented on Talking Point: The Wii U May Be Playing Catch-...:

no matter what, wii u will be fine. the hardware is the best value and nintendos software is always top notch. third parties have an opportunity to create the definitive version of their games, only possible on wii u. if they take the opportunity, the wii u will be the only console you need. if they dont wii u will be a 2nd console for most and still sell a ton of systems. i would like to have the OPTION to play bethesda or ea games but with all the PR nonsense they put out... i dont care so much anymore.

i mostly wish ea didnt have exclusivity on sports and star wars...