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I love Nintendo

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Wed 17th Jul 2013

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ammar003 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Low-Key Approach to ...:

Is nintendo
Stupid for making 2ds its a 3ds that does not fold what people are lazy they cannot fold their 3ds and the 2d part turn off 3d for the 3ds and you have to be stupid to buy this . What nintendo thinks I am an idiot



ammar003 commented on First Impressions: Wii Party U:

looks awsome but it looks like some games you will play single player but some you will use the wii u game pad in multiply player mode and some just 4 or 5 players with wii remotes and the game pad



ammar003 commented on Pikmin 3:

i never played a pikmin game before so can some one tell me how is pikmin



ammar003 commented on Game & Wario:

gamer creeps me out the mom come out of the tv but this game is epic