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Sun 14th July, 2013

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JustinH commented on Thomas Was Alone Will Look For Company on Wii U:

Oh, good call on this. I got it in a Humble Bundle and I actually just started playing it yesterday. I was thinking, here's an indie game that would find fans on Wii U.

The only question is whether or not I should drop this thing now like a hot potato and get back to it on Wii U, or finish it and skip the port.



JustinH commented on Feature: Kickstarter's Wii U and 3DS Campaigns...:

Nefarious needs to keep the momentum going, so if you want it, go out and back it!

I really hope Aegis Defenders comes to Wii U. It ended just $4,000 short of the stretch goal. Maybe Paypal donations will push it over.



JustinH commented on Road Redemption's Alpha Release Shows Off Roug...:

The alpha is a lot of fun and while it needs some polish and a lot of tightening, it is of course an alpha and still far from release. I'm a little disappointed the article is so darn negative about the project because it's not "so bad it's good," it's just really fun to play.



JustinH commented on Citizens of Earth Pushed Back to November, Pri...:

I'm sorry but $15 for something that looks like it's made in RPG Maker, it's just not happening. I'm no graphics snob but this game has just looked to ugly to even consider, which is probably why it did so poorly on its Kickstarter campaign.



JustinH commented on Zen Studios States That Wii U Pinball News is ...:

I do really like Zen Pinball 2, but I'm disappointed with the DLC and the leaderboards have never quite worked right. That said if Zen puts out more boards, I'll definitely give the new DLC a long look. I haven't picked up any of their other games so I wouldn't know how they are.

@mystman12 I'd love to get Pinball Arcade on the system but those guys are just the worst. They overpromise and underdeliver. They can't figure out how to get their game on the Wii U so they just bash the console. Complete lack of class from those devs.



JustinH commented on Review: XType Plus (Wii U eShop):

8/10? This just makes the delay sting even worse.

@gage_wolf I live in Canada so I haven't had the pleasure of playing this game yet, but it seems like this game is top-notch so far as quality is concerned, just a little short. Does that really create a "ghetto"? Would it be better if the game was $60, 15 hours and full of bloated moments that don't accomplish anything?



JustinH commented on James Pond: Robocod Reboot No Longer Coming To...:

Life is no longer worth living.


"it sure embarrasses the hell out of me even when I have no part in it."

This whole James Pond business is a waste, with the exception of that quote. It's so perfect that it makes this whole mess worthwhile.



JustinH commented on Talking Point: The Wii U eShop is Raising Toug...:

One of the big draws of the way consoles work today compared to smartphones, PCs and other platforms is the curation of content. To put it plainly, I don't want stuff like The Letter or Percy's Predicament on console. I understand some people are just starting out. I understand some early efforts get more work put into them. I'm willing to pay more for a premium experience. If I want a cheap game, I'll play something on Steam, or something free online or on a phone.

With that said, I love indies and I think they're the one of the best things about the Wii U right now. I also want the next big underground indie to be on Wii U. I just think there's a minimum amount of effort and quality before a game should be on Wii U, and it isn't always there right now.



JustinH commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd July (North America):

@alex167 There is indeed a shop and you can buy some items to make the game a little easier like an extra health piece, an extra life (which permanently kicks in for every stage — your lives get reset to two or three every time you go into a new level). You have to earn the currency to buy stuff, though, which means doing pretty well in the stages. I'm only about a fifth of the way through the game so I don't know everything that's available. I just opened up a bunch of new stuff in the shop but didn't buy it yet.



JustinH commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd July (North America):

@alex167 There's certainly a level of challenge to it, although I wouldn't call it hard. There are difficult moments but the game is pretty forgiving with checkpoints, health, extra lives and the like. You can set the difficulty to make it a little harder. But it's not Baby's First Platformer or anything like that.



JustinH commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd July (North America):

@shigulicious It's not bad. If you've got a real love for N64-era 3D platformers and really like Super Monkey Ball-esque rolling gameplay, give it a shot. If you have a kid, it's probably worth the $6 right there. If those points don't persuade you, though, probably best to sit this one out. It's fun but sort of indistinct in a lot of ways. With all the top-notch indies out on the system right now, the only things really separating Armillo are that it's largely in 3D, it clocks in at a really good price and it's more kid-friendly than something like Scram Kitty, Guacamelee or 1001 Spikes.

@SuperMikey Do you have Shovel Knight? If not the answer is Shovel Knight. Go get Shovel Knight.



JustinH commented on Shovel Knight Soundtracks Released on Bandcamp:

I love the chiptune stuff in the game, but I gave the first half of the arranged version a spin and early response is... I don't really like it, sadly. Maybe it'll grow on me. Definitely love the game and the original tracks, though.