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Sun 21st July, 2013

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Quickman commented on Feature: The Best Pro Wrestling Games That the...:

VPW64 and VPW 2 are probably still the best wrestling games to date, huge rosters and tighter gameplay than the WWF games.

I also have a soft spot for Revenge, the attention to detail was incredible and captured the feel of a of WcW game perfectly.



Quickman commented on Nintendo Addresses Confusion Surrounding Wii U...:

@Blastoise-san Absolutely, it's a shame that some people on here are incapable of thinking outside Playstation and Microsoft.

Also it's good to see Nintendo pushing Rayman Legends, I think that a "Versus Bundle" (NSMBU + Rayman Legends) would have done extremely well just after launch, especially if Rayman Legends had stayed exclusive to Wii U.



Quickman commented on Review: Wii Sports Club: Tennis (Wii U eShop):

I always thought that the Tennis was the weakest game in the package, Golf, Bowling and even the boxing had a lot more about them IMO.

I'd have probably prefered the table tennis to this in all honesty.



Quickman commented on Video: This Is Why CoD: Ghosts Is Best on Wii U:

Also if you're using Wii remote in COD, it's a good idea to change "pick up weapon" from the A button to "inventory" (left on the d-pad).

Otherwise if you're aiming down the sights and lock the camera while standing near any weapons... it can be very problematic if you're in the middle of a gun fight.



Quickman commented on Talking Point: Regional Online Multiplayer Mis...:

The lag is probably due to a lot of people having terrible connections, I'm amazed at how many people try to play BLOPS II online and their connections are so bad that they have one red bar showing up..

Also regarding the PAL region, I have a friend in Australia and apparently their internet is pretty slow, they don't have great speeds for some reason.. (I wasn't really listening while he was moaning about it).



Quickman commented on Nintendo Download: 7th November (Europe):

@ThomasBW84 Deus EX is the best 3rd party game on Wii U right now IMO.

I was going to get Ghosts but i'm really not feeling it on Wii U, Treyarch have been very cagey regarding details and recent info on the game doesn't fill me with confidence. We shall see...



Quickman commented on Nintendo Download: 31st October (North America):

@JaxonH Capcom and Konami were two of my favourite companies like EVER. just feels like something's been lost along the way, MH is awesome but you could name multiple awesome Capcom games back then, same with Konami really..

It makes you realise how well Nintendo have done over the years to protect their franchises..



Quickman commented on Nintendo Download: 31st October (North America):

@JaxonH I didn't say that they weren't still relevant, they just don't make as many awesome games anymore, compare now to back in the day and there's no comparison really.

The fact that Capcom are in big trouble, kinda tells you all you need to know.



Quickman commented on Alien Haters Rejoice, You'll Be Able To Blast ...:

@Unit_DTH It's an awesome game, the gamepad features are incredible, I very impressed, especially as the game came from Square-Enix.

I actually enjoyed BLOPS II on Wii U as well, I'm not big on DLC but I probably would have bought some maps if available, I didn't like activision's stance of sticking two fingers up at the people who bought the game because of low sales. "No DLC but to make up for it here's a double XP weekend..." Wow, thanks, lads!

I guess there's the dedicated servers and no quickscoping to look forward to in Ghosts, I just hope that it's not completely gimped as it does actually look quite good.



Quickman commented on The Pokémon Company Is Working On A Detective...:

I'm getting a Skippy (The Bush Kangaroo) vibe from this one..

Pikachu : "....."
Player 1: "What's that Pikachu?"
Pikachu : "Piiiiiiikaaaaa"
Player 1: "Burt's trapped down a mine shaft?"
Pikachu : "Chooo!"
Player 1 : 20 miles, east?!



Quickman commented on Alien Haters Rejoice, You'll Be Able To Blast ...:

@Unit_DTH I get no enjoyment out of saying this but I really think that Wii U owners are going to very disapointed. I'm not expecting anything more than BLOPS II with a new lick of paint. I'm tempted to just stick with BLOPS II as the only incentive for Wii U owners to get Ghosts will be dedicated servers, but how long before that gets pulled?

This "full support" from Ubisoft and Activision has been a bit of a joke hasn't it? I decided to take a "wait and see" approach regarding 3rd party games while ago, Deus Ex was a very nice surprise :)



Quickman commented on David Jaffe Is A Massive Fan Of Nintendo, But ...:

I don't know about a buyout, but a Nintendo/Disney collaboration would be a very smart move indeed. Especially if Nintendo were allowed to make Disney games. Imagine a disney pack in game with a Nintendo console that's also available in Disney Stores? Nothing but money..