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Tue 10th Sep 2013

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Nintygek commented on Nintendo of America Apologises for amiibo Shor...:

Got the first two waves complete (only little mac is missing). But the rest is just sold out in advance (Europe). You can find them online for about 30-50€. Man I hate those people! They don't buy/want a WiiU, just looking for a quick buck/euro.



Nintygek commented on Out Now: Kirby And The Rainbow Paintbrush:

Just picked it up a few hours ago. Wii U hardcopy game nr. 82. Getting closer to owning all hardcopy (European) Wii U games
Also picked up Puzzle and Dragons SMB edition for the 3DS



Nintygek commented on Nintendo Reveals 11 amiibo Super Smash Bros. F...:

Super smash is releasing on November 28th here in Europe. But I pre-ordered the super smash/mario amiibo box. This is releasing December 5th! Buy a copy of smash on the 28th and selling the one in the box? or just wait?



Nintygek commented on Nintendo Reveals 11 amiibo Super Smash Bros. F...:

I pre-ordered all of them (1st load). I will also pre-order all the next ones as soon as I can. Luckely my tax refund and Christmas bonus from work are coming this month and next month Damn you Nintendo!!! (no I love you )



Nintygek commented on Video: The 10 Biggest Wii U Games Of 2014:

I've been buying Nintendo (Actually my parents ) sinds 1987. I also bought all 3 Playstations and all sega's (no dreamcast). The WiiU is so great I don't even want a PS4 just now. I currently own 37 hardcopy WiiU games and the only one's I play are the Nintendo first party titles. The rest are just boring as hell!



Nintygek commented on Feature: Nintendo Games We'd Love to See in 2014:

The official Line-up for WiiU an 3DS is so exciting that my interest in a PS4/XboxOne is dying quickly. If they would ad a couple of the above mentioned games then WiiU would have the better games. Nintendo has enough games to keep me happy all year long!



Nintygek commented on Wii Party U and Wii Fit U Deliver Major Increa...:

All jokes aside, This news makes me very happy! The Wii U is (finally) getting some momentum. Let's all hope it keeps up! And if you will excuse me. I am going to get myself dressed because in about an half-hour my Gamestore opens and i received a text that my Mario and Luigi Wii remotes have arrived )))))



Nintygek commented on Poll: Would You Buy Grand Theft Auto V On Wii U?:

YES!! Off course I would buy it on WiiU. Already have WATCH_DOGS in pre-order. Rockstar can make this a test to see if it would sell on a Nintendo console. Install-base of WiiU will get a big boost the next month thanks to the major releases of "only on WiiU" titles.

My guess (if they release it) they will announce it alongside the PS4/Xboxone version.



Nintygek commented on Shin'en: If Developers Can't Make Great Lookin...:

I bought all Nintendo consoles + gameboy, BGA and virtual boy (none of them broke) Owned all Playstations. PS1 was broken when i bought it new (broken lens), PS2 could not play DVD and music cd's after 6 months, PS3 (fat) would overheat (1time smoke came out of it).

I do suffer freezing from non-Nintendo WiiU titles but this is programming errors! The Nintendo titles do not have this issue!!
I have 29 hard copy games and only the Nintendo IP's keep me interested. The other are just not worth my time.

I used to play alot of fallout 3 on PS3 and it froze like every 45 minutes.

Beside a devoted Nintendo fan I am also a pure gamer and I follow the whole industrie. PS4 is build with off the shelve PC parts. Believe me the first batch of PS4's will have some issue's because Sony had to rush it to compete with Nintendo and microsoft.



Nintygek commented on Poll: Would You Buy Grand Theft Auto V On Wii U?:

Estimated PROFIT on PS3/Xbox360 1.23 Billions Dollars (without PC version profits). Come on, release a WiiU version already! They admitted to having it "up and running on WiiU". If PS360 can run it, WiiU no problem Just imagine the gamepad options! GPS with navigation sound (turn left now), In-car view on gamepad-3rd person view on TV, off-TV play, In-car sounds (like radio and character reactions), in-car radio controls (change radio stations), general MAP, etc..... And this is just my imagination. My opinion? They will announce it along with PS4 and XboxOne



Nintygek commented on Soapbox: Why Grand Theft Auto V Isn't For Me:

I would love to see GTAV on WiiU. But no problem, come november WATCH_DOGS on WiiU. Already pre-orderd it 1,5 months ago.
That along with all the Nintendo WiiU exclusives will make my holiday season a blast



Nintygek commented on 3DS Hardware Sales Continue to Rise in Japan, ...:

Man I really want to get a 3DS XL (pokemon red edition is really beautiful). But I don't even have time (because of work) to play all my Wii U games (29 Hard copy's). Just the Zelda and Mario games are reason enough to get a 3DS. My guess? Come this Christmas, I will own a 3DS Man Nintendo just takes the money out of my pocket



Nintygek commented on Wii U Version of Splinter Cell: Blacklist Gets...:

Bought this game along with Rayman Legends October 27th. Been in my collection for 18 days now and I haven't played it yet. Just bought it for the collection and to show my appreciation to Ubisoft for supporting the Wii U.
i did notice that 3rd party developers games keep freezing my Wii U. :-/ Never had that happen with Nintendo 1st party games!



Nintygek commented on Talking Point: Marketing Wii U to the Masses:

People around me know about Wii U because of me. They think Wii U is just a new controller for the Wii. So lack of advertisement is (a big) part of the problem.
All they know (and want) is a boring playstation 3-4 with pretty graphics and no fun gameplay or replay value.
My forecast: After the Holiday season Wii U will have sold about 5-6 million units.
Only Nintendo gives me value for my money. Great games with awesome gameplay, Great replay value, colourful graphics and the best IP's in the gaming world!
PS. I have owned all 3 Playstations and Xbox360, so I know what I'm talking about Like this website: Nintendo4Life!!!!



Nintygek commented on Zelda II: The Adventure of Link:

The first Zelda game i got back in 1988 I think. Loved it. To this day I never finished it.
When it is released on VC in Europe, I will finish it!