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Tue 7th April, 2009

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brandonbwii commented on Developer of Retro City Rampage Explains, Agai...:

It's a work-of-art IMO. It's just as fun as Chinatown Wars, has indie cameos, good writing (if you dig 80s references anyway), and a variety of game styles that rarely feel out of place.

It's still hard to believe this was mostly done by one guy. He's the next Pixel as far as I'm concerned.



brandonbwii commented on Developer of Retro City Rampage Explains, Agai...:

Has anyone ever stopped to think that what he said is truth and not some PR move? He is a one man team. It took him five years to make RCR and that's not counting all the ports he made to various platforms. His time is better spent working on something new.

Sheesh, I hate people giving indies preferencial treatment compared to major publishers, but some of you really need think realistically.



brandonbwii commented on Review: Heptrix (Wii U eShop):

It's simply referencing a popular phrase for a cereal commercial. With Trix there was an animated rabbit trying to take some cereal from kids. The rabbit would always get caught by the children no matter his disguise with the kids all saying simutaneously: Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids.

Other cereal american slogans include: Lucky charms are magically delicious and Frosted Flakes are Grrr-eat.



brandonbwii commented on Hollow Knight is a Bit Like Shovel Knight, Exc...:

Beats some of Nintendo recent name choices though. ;)

Aside from visuals that look a little too "flash" esque, the visual style is great. I hope some of the clunky looking aspects smooth out once funded. Unfortunately I still find it to be a terrible time to be a Kickstarter game. Still buying current games myself, leaving not much time to help fund some great looking projects. I likely can't pledge my support for a game until a good one is shown after March. :(



brandonbwii commented on UCraft Wii U Beta Plans Outlined as New Traile...:

Isn't amiibo basically a rip-off of Skylanders? Couldn't you make the same argument that Nintendo is taking an established idea and calling it "original?"

Nintendo has also made corny statements like this guy's "give me your hearts." Anyone remember "We're all about smiles?" YUCK!

Or is everybody hating because the guy comes across as a bit of a douchebag? If no one bought games solely on someone's attitude Fez and Braid wouldn't be a success. How 'bout those Braggarts that are Team Meat?

Just because modesty isn't every developer's strong suit, doesn't mean their games will be bad. UCraft looks great. It's hard to consider something like this a cash in since it takes time, money, and foresight to make something like this a success. This is not RCMADIAX people. This isn't someone who set out to make a mockery of the Wii U community for a quick buck.

This is someone who wants to deliver a deep, heavily community driven game and I'm all for it.



brandonbwii commented on Feature: How We'd Like to See amiibo Used in C...:

I feel that Nintendo should make compatibility from one franchise to another. It would be a neat workaround for the "one save only" limitation. Imagine an endurance test in Mario Party 10 based around how you updated the toy in Smash.

They could all have a similar update menu to Smash Bros. to keep compatibility consistancy and parity.



brandonbwii commented on Rumour: Has Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem B...:

Is this guy just saying it's cancelled because there's been no recent news on it? Wasn't Yoshi's Whooly World said to be cancelled by some sources (back when it was Yarn Yoshi)?

Considering Nintendo was practically blindsided by the success of both franchises I doubt this is true. At least I hope it isn't. The only thing that would cause a game like this to be cancelled is if Nintendo finds the user base too small on Wii U, not internal conflicts.



brandonbwii commented on Interview: Shin'en Multimedia on FAST Racing N...:

The only Shinen title I truly enjoyed is Art of Balance. The visuals are too vanilla for my taste in most of their games. I also hate that their games tend to start hard and only get harder. A much gentler learning curve would be nice, especially with their more ambitious projects like this one.



brandonbwii commented on South Park Tables Available Soon in Zen Pinbal...:

Welcome to Nintendo Life my Miiverse friend! Try not to be TOO preachy though.It can make you come across as a troll. It's never good to bring God into a discussion so maybe it's best to stay away from news stories involving games like Binding of Isaac, Bayonetta, Shin Megami Tensei etc.



brandonbwii commented on Review: Thomas Was Alone (Wii U eShop):

These sort of masterfully written indie games are in such an abundance on other consoles it's practically overkill. On the eshop though, too many games, even the better ones mostly screem "let's do what Nintendo does but slightly worse" instead of aiming for any sort of inventiveness.

It's great to finally see some of these sort of games reach eshop. It's been a long time coming.



brandonbwii commented on Review: Xavier (Wii U eShop):

It was nothing personal. After all I do think this game looks like a turd. In fact I didn't really mean to bash your opinion, as people have made sillier comments. I mainly think about those that say Nintendo needs quality control or needs to bring back that useless seal.

I agree Nintendo doesn't need crap like this, especially games you can tell are bad just by looking at them. I just don't see how paying closer attention quality can help when it's such a subjective term.



brandonbwii commented on Nexis Games Defends UCraft's Multiplatform Mov...:

Ah, a realist, that's cool. Skepticism is good, but it's cool to be optimistic sometimes to. I just don't like it when people, even if they have justifyible opinions, tend to regularly post negative comments just to disrupt current or persistent positivity.

When they not only due that but also reply negatively to many positive posts, that's when it becomes trolling IMO.



brandonbwii commented on Wii U eShop Title Meme Run Seals Approval To R...:

I don't have a problem with a game based around memes personally. Heck it's actually a cute idea in some ways. It's just that THIS game looks unimaginative. A meme focused fighting game or even short RPG could be done well with the right team. It's just that this doesn't appear to be the case.



brandonbwii commented on Nexis Games Defends UCraft's Multiplatform Mov...:

I don't get you sometimes. At times you offer good points, at others you come across as a bit of a troll. Rayman Legends has a the best attach rate on Wii U. Before you bash me, and say how the attach rate doesn't mean much, note that not many people bought Wii U in the first place so it's not a 1st party/3rd party thing that many would suggest.

As for UCraft, I think it's best he goes multiplatform. I still think the bulk of sales will come from Wii U, but he will likely make revenue off other consoles as well simply because it has the word "craft" in the title.



brandonbwii commented on Wii U eShop Title Meme Run Seals Approval To R...:

Will people stop it with the quality control BS? Nintendo's old quality control methods meant we got less games not better games. Or do you want Nintendo to be like early Sony? No 2D games unless you are a popular brand kinda control?



brandonbwii commented on Wii U eShop Title Meme Run Seals Approval To R...:

It's not that I just don't like the game, I don't like Shultz. Despite being a verified user on Miiverse, he constantly trolls those who bought I.Q. Test. Instead of listening to feedback or taking all insults in stride, he simply deletes most comments to make room for the few positive newer ones.

Heck, Eli of The Letter fame deserves more respect than this douche.



brandonbwii commented on Nintendo Download: 20th November (Europe):

What I THINK, does not mean it's fact. It has all the features of other platforms and the jury's still out on how it runs. Don't knock it just because the publisher has made iffy decisions. People with this line of thought is the reason even great 3rd party games don't sell well on Nintendo platforms.



brandonbwii commented on Feature: The Wii U is Two Years Old, But How's...:

B- right now. A+ if next year lives up to it's promises.

Also I think too many people downplay how awesome eshop is, or all digital shops for that matter. Are huge first party AAA games all people care about on a Nintendo system?

While there has been an abundance of the same genre for a while things are starting to mix up. This year alone you have Mario Kart 8 and three high quality brawlers (Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2, Super Smash Bros.). Going into 2015 you have Devil's Third, Splatoon, and Xenoblade Chronicles X. The stigma of being a game only for platformers is slowly going away.



brandonbwii commented on Review: Tengami (Wii U eShop):

I payed the same questionable price for Little Inferno. It was short but well worth the money. The only thing that turns me off is the lack of pointer controls. Everything else negative in the review sounded nitpicky.

I'm low on funds at the moment as there's so much out there to buy, and this is coming from a Wii U only user.



brandonbwii commented on Nintendo Download: 20th November (Europe):

The main thing I give Ubisoft flak for is shooting themselves in the foot three times. I highly doubt delaying Rayman Legends gave them more sales, they denied that Zombii U was ever getting patched, which I imagine caused interest to wane even further, and most recently they denied that Watch Dogs was getting DLC.

I know making game sales on Nintendo platforms can be a crapshoot sometimes but what did they have to gain by saying a feature won't be present when it will?



brandonbwii commented on Review: Bionic Commando: Elite Forces (3DS eSh...:

I agree, this game felt a bit unpolished back when I played and even had gamebreaking bugs when played on GBA. NST had always been a very mid-tier developer and this was a shining example of that. Rearmed or even the GB version already on VC is better IMO.



brandonbwii commented on Little Mac Is Officially The Least Successful ...:

Since I'm not that good at Smash with ANY character, Mac has been my go to guy simply because he FEELS powerful. That makes him satisfying to use even if I still lose a lot.

Also since I have yet to master smash attacks, he does a great job of knocking people out of the ring without have to focus on the whole "forward A" thing that I tend to do with many other fighters. Perfect for this noob.