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Thu 9th September, 2010

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kurtasbestos commented on Weirdness: Square Enix Reproduces Deadly Final...:

How come the music in this video does NOT sound 16-bit? Final Fantasy VI is the only game in the series I ever had any interest in it, and a big part of the reason I liked that game so much was because the music was ridiculously good.



kurtasbestos commented on Weirdness: 10th March is Mario Day, Apparently:

In Japanese, there are approximately ten billion ways to pronounce every number (or more like... three), so pretty much every single phone number and day of the year gets twisted into some horrible mnemonic device in order to trick you into buying life insurance or puppies or daikon radishes or whatever.



kurtasbestos commented on EnjoyUp Confirms Abyss for the Wii U eShop:

I hope one of the new features is that it doesn't include that horrible over-chatty Euro-guy voice that ruins the otherwise great atmosphere and that EnjoyUp Games seems to feel belongs in all of their games.



kurtasbestos commented on Monolith Soft's X Combat is Shown Off, Based o...:

YAYAYAY!!!! I'm super excited for this game! Since I'm in Japan, I won't have to wait as long as the rest of you people. Though... I suppose I should probably finish Xenoblade Chronicles first (I'm "only" 150 or so hours into it). Also somehow convince my wife that we need to buy a WiiU, which will easily be the biggest challenge.



kurtasbestos commented on Remake Request: Shining The Holy Ark:

Oh man I would LOVE to re-play this game in glorious THREE DEE!!! This game was like one giant teaser for the ridiculously awesome Shining Force III, but it was amazing and memorable in all its own ways. Just looking at those screenshots makes me want to go boot up my Saturn with this disc inside.



kurtasbestos commented on 3DS Hack Removes Region Locking For Retail Car...:

Awww, the article's title got me all excited that I'd be able to buy a 3DS in the country I live in (Japan) but still be able to play games in my native language (English)... but now I see that it's far too complicated and I'm probably better off just not being lazy.



kurtasbestos commented on Review: 3D Ecco The Dolphin (3DS eShop):

I loved this game for the Sega CD, mostly because the music was amazing, and it was such an atmospheric game overall. I also kinda hated it because it was so damn hard... swimming around in the deep not knowing where the next air pocket made it feel like an incredibly scary horror survival game, because the fear of drowning is something I can relate to. I can't remember if I ever actually beat the game, though I know that I at least got to the last boss a few times... but even in spite of all the flaws, I still have overall positive memories of this game. I'm just not sure if I would want to give it another try because I don't remember the Genesis version being quite as good as the Sega CD version.



kurtasbestos commented on Matters Of Import: Shining Force Feather:

I picked this game up for 1000 Yen (around $10) a while back and keep forgetting to play it... probably because I'd rather just re-play Shining Force III for the millionth time. But it's next on my list, especially since SFIII will be much harder to play on the train during my daily commute.



kurtasbestos commented on Review: 3D Galaxy Force II (3DS eShop):

Awesome! I'm glad to hear this turned out well. I absolutely loved this game in the arcade (the full rotating version), and I still own the Sega Saturn version. I can't wait to play it again!



kurtasbestos commented on Review: Christmas Wonderland 3 (3DS eShop):

This kind of makes me feel like I'm watching some beloved Christmas story from my childhood that has been made "darker" for a modern audience that's into that sort of thing. But it makes me feel like that in a GOOD way, especially since [SPOILERS!] it had a happy ending [/SPOILERS!]. I can only hope (mostly for Phil's sake) that the sequels aren't quite as dark.

Also, please post screenshots of the hideous faces!



kurtasbestos commented on Check out These Awesome Super Mario Happy Meal...:

Dang... I walked past something Mario-related at McDonald's the other day but didn't really pay attention. Now that I've seen them in more detail, they're super tempting... too bad I'd be too embarrassed to order a children's meal in front of my wife, and even MORE embarrassed to do it on my own. Also I'd have to eat McDonald's. People can say what they want about it being "healthier" here, but when you only eat it at most once a year it does horrible things to your tract in any country.



kurtasbestos commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Is A Fan Of Mobile Hit Puzzle...:

Man... I see people playing this game on the train all the time here in Japan and I really want to tell them "you know, there was this game called 'Puzzle Quest' a few years ago that totally did it first and you're a jerk for playing this game instead of that one", but that would probably be kind of a creepy and/or and/or bitter and/or pretentious thing for me to do. Also it would be just plain weird if I didn't bother saying it in Japanese.



kurtasbestos commented on Federal Aviation Administration Lets Passenger...:

Dang, I already miss the days where people would blatantly ignore the rules because they couldn't stand not using their cell phone for 30 seconds, while meanwhile I'd get yelled at for trying to discretely take a picture out the window as the plane is leaving whatever city I happened to be in.



kurtasbestos commented on SEGA Confirms Western Release Dates and Detail...:

Man... every time Sega makes a classic compilation or retro remake or whatever, they ALWAYS use the original Ecco the Dolphin. The Sega CD version may not have been drastically different, but the audio was a million billion times better. Still... I wouldn't mind giving that game and especially Galaxy Force II another run.



kurtasbestos commented on Nintendo Wants To Close Down This Open-Source ...:

Besides the fact that there have been literally a billion (not actually literally) flash-based or whatever else things like this released before, the part that bothers me is that if someone puts that much time into making something this detailed, why don't they just make their own game? Clearly the person making this could if he tried, but it kind of seems like the only things stopping him is that he's afraid of no one playing his creation, or he just can't think up anything original. So he puts together a Mario clone and doesn't understand why Nintendo isn't happy. But if he spent his time working on an original idea who knows what could happen. Just look at games like Cave Story... a very talented person made a very good game and let people play it for free, and it went on to become a cult hit and even lead to people wanting to pay for something they already played for free.



kurtasbestos commented on Talking Point: Pokémon X & Y's Grand Global R...:

People who leak things after they've signed an agreement to NOT leak them are dumb. People who post videos/comments/tweeters/whatever like crazy on the internet while they're playing the game are mostly just ridiculous... if your goal is to show off that you're playing a game before other people, what are you REALLY trying to accomplish... rather than enjoy the game you're playing, you're trying to earn respect (or something) from other people that you hope are SUPER jealous of you? It's really just kinda sad, especially when you consider the game you're talking about will probably be forgotten in a year or two (or if nothing else, it certainly won't have the same kind of hype about it).

However, the real fault lies with the people who watch the videos or read the posts or whatever else that end up spoil the games they're excited about and then complain about it. It's your own damn fault if you end up upset because you don't have the self control to stay away from the internet for five seconds. Seriously, life is like a million billion times better without the internet anyway (really seriously, try it sometime), so just be patient and enjoy the games you want to enjoy without relying on other people to tell you absolutely everything they can about the game while simultaneously expecting them to not tell you anything at all about it.

Also, that being said, I've always felt that Nintendolife does a fantastic job of not spoiling the games they talk about (while also being quite talented at writing). I gave up on all other video game websites for that reason... and even now when I'm not actively buying a lot of games I still can't help but come back to read about games I may never actually play, just because the Nintendolife crew are so much better at what they do than any other game website I've ever visited.



kurtasbestos commented on Review: Pinball: Revenge of the 'Gator (3DS eS...:

This was one of my favorite games as a kid. And like the other posters who have nostalgic memories of this game, I'll never forget the music. Someone hurry up and buy me a 3DS so I can download this and relive my childhood!



kurtasbestos commented on Say Hello To The Nintendo 2DS - A 3DS without 3D:

@randomous Well said. But, unfortunately, this is the Internet, where everyone's personal opinion is more important than everyone else's personal opinion.

I actually think this looks like a really good idea. People complaining about how it's not portable have apparently never seen someone take a picture with an iPad (which cracks me up every time). The miniaturization of electronic devices has been thrown into full reverse and it doesn't seem to bother the masses. Also, this system kinda looks like it would be a million times easier on the hands than a normal 3DS.



kurtasbestos commented on Weirdness: This Donkey Kong Art Plays With You...:

Did anyone ever play the game "Realm of Impossibility" for Commodore-64? No? Well anyway... that game pretty much defined my childhood, and the fact that there were several Commodore-64 games released on Virtual Console, but not the one that really mattered, makes me sad. Seeing something like this only rubs salt in the wounds.



kurtasbestos commented on Nintendo Direct Mini Reveals SEGA 3D Classics ...:

Galaxy Force II was a ridiculously awesome game in the arcade, and still pretty awesome on the Saturn. Either way, being able to play it in THREE DEE would probably just make it even more ridiculously awesomer. Still... I have no idea what the first Galaxy Force is, which probably means that the sequel was a million billion times better. Makes me wonder why Sega doesn't just skip to the good one.



kurtasbestos commented on Nintendo Reveals The 2013 Club Nintendo Elite ...:

Dang.. those posters and CD look nice (though I've never actually played Majora's Mask), but I only earned gold, so... not owning a 3DS, and already having D.I.Y. Showcase, I'm limited to Super Smash Brothers or the calendar. And I'm sure I'll never get around to playing Smash Brothers if I download it, so... I guess that was easy.



kurtasbestos commented on Aonuma Is Growing "Tired" Of The Zelda Formula...:


Wait... I guess they kinda already did that with Link's Crossbow Training, and I actually kinda liked that game.




kurtasbestos commented on Review: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (3DS eShop / Game...:

The third screenshot shows why I hated this game. I died a million billion times against that stupid ant lion boss thing as a kid... and many years later when I was all growed up and way more betterer at games (and the English language, apparently), I decided to give it another try... and died a million billion times at that stupid boss. But man... I REALLY wanted to play this game, and the very little of it I did see was apparently enough to make me want to keep trying. Stupid ant lion boss thing.



kurtasbestos commented on Talking Point: It's Time for Nintendo to Drop ...:

Yup. As an Americrainian permanently living in Japan, it kinda sucks having to choose between importing games I want to play in my native language, or being able to conveniently purchase games that I probably will never find the free time or patience to play all the way through. If not for the region-locking, I would own both a 3DS and a WiiU right now.



kurtasbestos commented on Review: Shining Force: The Sword of Hajya (3DS...:

I still have this cartridge! And the other two games! ...and no Game Gear to play them on anymore. I would love to play this game again on 3DS, though, even if I would probably just be wishing that I was playing the Sega CD version the whole time (which I also own).



kurtasbestos commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Should Aim to Produce ...:

The problem I see with discussions like this, is that no matter how eloquently worded things are, it basically comes down to "mature games = violence (set to a good story and/or good production values)". I'm 32 now, which I suppose makes me an adult, but I outgrew killing things in video games a LONG time ago. I've played some pretty amazing games in my day that I felt rivaled some of the best movies I've seen or some of the best books I've read (in terms of entertainment value and memorable stories/settings/characters/etc.), and it seems like that if they even get mentioned at all in articles like this at all, they're quickly glossed over because they're not seen as "mature". I guess I'll just keep playing my non-mature games while the video game industry grows up. Or doesn't grow up or whatever.



kurtasbestos commented on Korg M01D Music Synthesizer App Delayed in Japan:

@Shiryu High-five! I have a microKORG! And an Electribe EM-1! And a KORG D888! And I used to have a ton of other KORG gear but I sold most of it before moving to Japan.

It really makes me sad when people say that $30 is too much, or that you could just get an iPad. $30 is NOT a lot of money for a decent synth/sequencer. And though I'm sure there are plenty of people making interesting music through much cheaper music "apps", something about that seems incredibly lame to me... maybe because going to a live show where the musician(s) is swiping their thumb around a smart phone sounds incredibly boring and kind of sad to me.

Anyway......... I can't wait for this!



kurtasbestos commented on Rumour: Tomodachi Collection: New Life Update ...:

Japan is indeed very far behind the times when it comes to things like equality. Which is sad because there are some very famous and popular people here who are gay, and because it has NOTHING to do with religion here... it's more about how Japanese people are ridiculously slow in changing their way of thinking on any subject. So it's kind of sad that Nintendo decided to remove this "glitch", but it's not surprising, and I'm sure very few people in Japan will notice or will do anything about it (like take to the internet to post comments complaining about it).



kurtasbestos commented on Club Nintendo Rewards Updated for May:

Art Style: AQUIA is a fantastic game. Please download it and then convince Nintendo / Skip that they need to make more Art Style games.

In other news....... I always wanted to download Maboshi’s Arcade, so I think that now I will!