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A non-biased gamer that puts gameplay and content above all else in video games; with the only exception of adding importance of story with rpg's.

Thu 28th Feb 2013

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Tysamu commented on Wii U Minecraft Looking Doubtful As Dev Says T...:

"ok, we don't want to take the risk of losing money by spending more on making a game than getting revenue back" that I understand but that's the thing; you all can just opt out of the gamepad/wiimote controls until you get enough money back and then put in a patch that has the unique controls.

The reason for its install base being low is due to lack of multiple kinds of games, lack of accessibility. Given your reasoning, you'll just sit by and watch it fail without even trying to help. You guys are supposed to be professional developers, create a way to make a game that eats up lesser money but with promise of more features if the revenue is met.



Tysamu commented on Sonic Boom Games Now Have Their Official Europ...:

I'm not messed up that this Sonic game is a great departure from the traditional style. This is similar if not the same situation that happened with Sonic Lost World.

The devs stated that it's a sub series, a different reality of the same character so that's what saves it for me. All it is giving the action part a larger importance over the platforming and speed. I'm glad that they've at least made speed sections for going in between hubs



Tysamu commented on Sakurai Explains Why Chrom Didn't Make It Into...:

I find the reasoning in this to be somewhat backwards.

I get that Lucina can dole out even damage and Marth is more of a fencer but what's the point in dividing up what used to be palette swaps or alternate forms of characters with their moves and slots but then do this?

It's even insulting on Lucina's character for her to be a beginner's Marth. Lucina and Chrom should've been at least palette swaps of Marth and Ike respectively.



Tysamu commented on Review: The Letter (Wii U eShop):

If you go on miiverse and check it's community (go to all popular posts) you'll see that people are actually defending the game. What's more alienating is that they keep talking about how this game will have free DLC, that it was a WIP, and that there was only one developer.

Like really? That's an excuse? No. Nuh-uh. Can't accept that.



Tysamu commented on Pokémon Omega Ruby & Pokémon Alpha Sapphire ...:

I'm going to be honest.

I have no reason to be excited. As much as i love pokemon, I'm getting increasingly annoyed that each remake has VERY LITTLE expansion beyond what's expected. X and Y pissed me off quite a bit despite not being a remake. I want more adventure, hell more myths and mysteries, more quests to accomplish, and new places to discover.



Tysamu commented on Sonic Lost World Gets Free Legend of Zelda DLC...:

Hold on. Let me pull myself together first.


I needed some excitement. This is how dlc should be done, for content that shouldnt even exist in the game that can be used for fun
Please watch the profanity — TBD



Tysamu commented on Keiji Inafune Discusses the Indie Experience i...:

@noctowl mega man clone? Didn't know mega man could absorb enemies (common), downward dash and multi dash unless you mean when X is in armor or the zx series but we're talking about mega man alone yes? Didnt know megaman could hang onto ledges and whatnot. Considering that people will complain whether ia game series remains too static or too dynamic, you making a statement that this is a clone makes ppl say "damned if you do damned if you don't"; plus it's the game's still in development and has more changes than almost every other megaman game.

I like how mighty 7 has similarities to zero lol



Tysamu commented on Video: Extended Mighty No. 9 Footage and Detai...:

I'm loving the fact that they are treating this as a passion project rather than a cash project like capcom would've. It especially amuses that the death animation has evolved so greatly compared to the 3D outings of megaman games. It still has that same... failing feel only now it's more intensified lol



Tysamu commented on Airtight Games Feels That Murdered: Soul Suspe...:

He makes a fair point yet I can see how his point can be a bit strange.

Like the first commentator said, if he's talking about the system's architecture then that's reasonable; anything else is... eeeehhhh an excuse



Tysamu commented on Iwata Accepts Responsibility For Poor Financia...:

@Collz I can see that you're one of those thatdont value new, different, and innovation to an industry that should always have it.

Though it is truth in some areas and Nintendo should learn from how they've operated with the 3DS to save the U. It's got much potential from my view point because I consistently thought about how games would play, especially RPGs, with an additional screen



Tysamu commented on Iwata Accepts Responsibility For Poor Financia...:

If Iwata would put as much focus on the U as he did the 3DS, made good commercials for it like the 3DS, as well as ensure that third parties actually respect the it and put more munny into the games that do bring to the system then maybe the U would be doing better. I feel as though they've been ignoring or at least putting the U aside ever since the, I'd say, mid-part of spring. I just wish they'd exploit the U's potential a bit more like ZombiU and NintendoLand.



Tysamu commented on This Design For A "Game Boy Evolution" Sure Is...:

4G connectivity? No. Not necessary.

Tbh, it just doesn't feel like a Nintendo product. I would go for it having the flash memory, (exclude the ram), two cameras, and the screen size. Even the slide out controls are a nice touch but dropping clam shell design would kill it for me



Tysamu commented on A Third-Party "Secret Developer" Gives an Insi...:

That doesn't tell me something new as this was a central issue during early to mid 2013. This however reinforces one philosophy I came up with roughly a year or so ago. Never put a release date on your game while it's in development because of stuff like this.



Tysamu commented on Nintendo UK: Awareness Is The Real Issue With ...:

Lol how long has everyone been saying this? No one cept Ninten knows why they've not been advertising like they should've been. The only thing I can think of was when they got the 3DS off of the ground and it had some games, so maybe that's the reason?