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Mon 21st Mar 2011

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bonesy91 commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

If it bothers you don't play it. Simple as that. Do I like drugs? No so I don't smoke them. And I don't plan on boycotting my local 7 eleven for selling them.

And yes some people like myself can look past the sex and see the great story and amazing gameplay this title offered. Sorry but I don't get off to cartoons.



bonesy91 commented on Watch_Dogs Delayed Again on Wii U, Will Arrive...:

So yeah platinum games can have my money, Sega can have my money and Nintendo can have my money. Oh and indie devs

WiiU sadly suffers from a lack of actual intelligence from the average human being to actually see that "oh it is a new system derrrr".



bonesy91 commented on Review: Sonic Lost World (Wii U):

well that is another pass for a wiiu game for me... guess I will be waiting till 2014 before I make another big purchase... at least I have a link between worlds to look forward to.



bonesy91 commented on Reggie: Nintendo Aiming To Increase Wii U Thir...:

Nintendo gave 3rd parties the stage the year the wiiu came out. They didn't try to promote their games so its their fault not Nintendo's. And why the devs. Are jumping ship now has to do with the DRM crap.

EA left for xbone for DRM
Ubisoft is leaving for ps4 xbone DRM
Activision... Make excuses and left for DRM
Developers are becoming crooks thanks to this idiotic new system developed to control what we do with the game's we "own"

Nintendo said no to DRM and everybody left.



bonesy91 commented on Wii U Owners Shunned Again As Warner Refuses T...:

What is with the third parties and the wii u? are they trying to lose all the potential customers they could gain? I have a wii u and a ps3 so if I really wanted this dlc or the Cod DLC I could get it on the ps3. But to just neglect the wii U.... Wow.



bonesy91 commented on Talking Point: The Wii U Virtual Console Has S...:

Honestly the WiiU VC Is awful. And Nintendo needs to realize this.

-nothing the wii hasn't offered
-no GameCube or gba games at launch
-even slower release of said vc games than the wii

Nintendo lost their chance at really taking advantage of the Wii U's VC by not letting loose some huge eye catching titles. But they missed the chance and sadly will not get it back.



bonesy91 commented on Epic Games Rules Out Unreal Engine 4 For Wii U:

Why this may not be a problem to Nintendo, it is a problem for future possible developers. After the Wii having to get the cruddy ports of third parties for its lack of power.

That said, Nintendo will to some point have another Wii situation in the long run.

Sad, but true.