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big L from 1991 word son!!!

Thu 17th January, 2013

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Big_L91 commented on Oceanhorn for iOS Seems to be 'Heavily Inspire...:

yeah this does look really good though. people seem to have a huge problem with ios games taking insperation from other games. yet if its a console or pc game they dont mind. no one battered an eyelid at games like darksiders that also use the zelda formula.

fair enough when the game looks like it took an hour to make and they stick marios face on it so it sells, but ive got no problem with this. looks like the developers where big fans of zelda and took alot of ideas, but clearly has had alot of work put into it.



Big_L91 commented on Nintendo Download: 31st October (Europe):

@DESS-M-8 yeah i learned to only really buy first party from day one since mario and the like seem to keep there price. i mean galaxy 2 is still £30 2nd hand most places.

edit all though its a double edge sword really as no support means less realeses in the future.



Big_L91 commented on First Impressions: DuckTales Remastered:

i hate the word metroidvania it should just be called metroid, castlevania didnt start doing this untill well after metroid. there are even games like ducktales that used the style before castlevania