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Wed 14th April, 2010

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6ch6ris6 commented on Don't Worry Colour-Blind Gamers, Splatoon Has ...:

@daveh30 lol how the hell did you play dr.mario that way?

colourblind does NOT mean that you can not see any colours. it just means that it can be hard to distinguish between certain colours like green and yellow. "color vision deficiency" is a better name for it



6ch6ris6 commented on Sony Hardware Takes Charge of Japanese Charts ...:

@Sanquine i dont want to play xenoblade. im not into jrpgs. if nintendo releases a metroid prime game for the new 3ds then i might consider buying one. even though i am sure we are not far away from the next gen handheld anyway. and that will surely be backwards compatible.
i dont get wind up. nintendo has sold more 3ds/2ds units than sony sold vita (tv) units.



6ch6ris6 commented on Developers Outline Their Ideas for Nintendo's ...:

kinda boring tbh. they don't say much besides better account system / crossbuy.
no words about real innovative features like the touchscreen was on the DS or the glasses free 3D on the 3DS. yes i know some people think 3D is just a gimmck but i think it is amazing and makes games way more beautiful