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Wed 14th April, 2010

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6ch6ris6 commented on Review: Nintendo Pocket Football Club (3DS eShop):

i think it is good that this game does not have real teams and leagues. for me it would take away the feeling of being in an unique little football-crazy world. as an PES player i am also used to not have real teams :D



6ch6ris6 commented on Preview: Mario Kart 8:

the game looks ridiculously good. can the visuals for a nonrealistic game get any better? (besides more pixels and bla)



6ch6ris6 commented on Review: Hello Kitty Kruisers (Wii U):

seeing those visuals i thought this would be a bad looking wii game. but it is in fact an extremly bad looking wii U game !!

"Presentation is overall pleasant"
WHAT ?! :o



6ch6ris6 commented on News: Indie Parkour Title Hover: Revolt of Gam...:


well basicly the difference is that with parkour you do not do any tricks or unnessecary moves. you go from point A to point B in the most efficient and fastest way possible. the entire philosophy is to get to know your body and its limits. also you feel a connection between you and your surroundings. you look at nature and urband areas in different ways.

freerunning is looking cool with flips and tricks. it's for posers :P



6ch6ris6 commented on Nintendo Download: 13th March (Europe):

ntohing interesting to me except maybe wakedas but seeing the game it reminds me that developers really need to build a mode that helps "colourblind" people to play the game



6ch6ris6 commented on Nintendo's Expensive New Development Building ...:

that's where the magic happens, kids ;)

you can't see it from the putside, but inside myamoto is dressed up as a mario getting tingled by iwata dressed as a toad. that's how they get all the cool ideas. trust me. it's true!