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Tue 16th Apr 2013

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MrCharles77 commented on Watch Dogs Wii U Release Dates Confirmed:

Busy with excelent mk8 and destiny...I will also get bayo2. I will not buy watchdogs neither on ps4 nor on wii u. Not pleased with ubisoft, ea and some others, did not like their aproach on the wii u, it was almost like if they were doing a favor by releasing bad ports with no online at a full price. Destiny is amazing try it.



MrCharles77 commented on Sony: PS4 Is "Welcoming Back" Wii Owners Who S...:

I agree with Andrew House, I'm a Nintendo fan and I have upgraded from wii to wii u but the lack of 3rd party support on the wii u made me get another alternative the PS4. I bought the ps4, instead of the ps3, because the were remastering all their hits and the some 3rd party's were doing the same. I remember when I subscribed psn filling a form that asked what platforms I own, so his source is right.



MrCharles77 commented on Review: How to Survive (Wii U eShop):

This review is wrong, the game is good and I don't understand how it could have such a low score. I would give it a solid 8 and this type of game is very welcome in nintendo platforms, and guess what?! They used the gamepad...
(maybe if it was Mario Killing zombies it would anchieve a better score)



MrCharles77 commented on Wii U and 3DS Nintendo Direct Confirmed for 13...:

@JaxonH You are free to have your own opinion, if you think everything is ok fine, whatever pleases you the most. In my opinion Nintendo realesed only 2 good games pikmin3 and 3d world (3 if you count w101 as nintendo) , and for the first year if it weren't the indies and 3rd party's would be the worst ever. First they assume that we only have one gaming platform, and release titles everyone else has played either on pc,xbox or ps3 a long long time ago...super mario and luigi dlc not a big deal almost the same as the wii version, windwaker amazing game that I played on the cube, nes remix, really...wii sports club, man are you really serious, it should had online mode on the wii, and the game is just the same. 9.99 per sport is stealing.

Not buying another nintendo console in day one, probably wont buy it in the first three years neither.

Well but as I said before, everyone is entitled to have is own opinion, but I'm disappointed with the current standing, maybe is just me.



MrCharles77 commented on Wii U and 3DS Nintendo Direct Confirmed for 13...:

Don't hype...I remember some last directs, the ones you say were the best, my question is where are those games?? After a all year the vast majority was not released, even the indies that were supposed to come last year. I've pre ordered donkey kong, and the gamepad is useless in that game...the wii u is a nintendo system, and the best gamepad use is made by 3rd parties (that already turn their backs on the system) is sad.
The problem I see is people hype a lot, imagine they they show a picture of a new metroid or the new zelda...those games wont be ready in two years. How many nintendo AAA we got last year? They dont have games, many bought the console only for first party games, and I'm ok with that people should play whatever they want, but were are those first party games?

Don't hype...I predic that majora mask will appear for wii u.

Best regards to everyone and for God sake wake up Nintendo.



MrCharles77 commented on Nintendo Planning to Offer "Flexible Price Poi...:

They need to release games far as I can tell, donkey kong delay was strategic because if they relesed it in december the first 6 months of the year would be very sad. Many asked for the big january direct?? Why bother nothing new to show, many off the things we saw in the other directs don't came out yet?!?! Even indie titles...everything is getting delays...



MrCharles77 commented on Nintendo Acknowledges Network Issues and Sugge...:

Too many new users...registering ID's, Redeeming codes with 5-10 GB, problably nintendo had about 1 million system updates in one night. There's no way that the servers could handle all that.

Things will be back to normal in 48h...



MrCharles77 commented on Video: Here's Another Chance to Check Out Nint...:

I know I'm off topic, but after a all year I am really happy to own a WiiU. There's a lot available right now with amazing quality, I tried a PS4 yesterday...The WiiU is far better.

Play pikmin3, wonderfull 101, 3d world,smbu, smlu,mh3,lego city, raymond legends...and guess what assassin's creed IV, call of dutty ghosts and batman origins look amazing. The wiiu stands really good along the so called next gen consoles.

Based on my experience, the best machine for gaming (in tech) is the PC, but the only company that really inovates the industry is nintendo. I play on a high end PC and nintendo consoles, the ps4 and xbox1 for me are mid/low pc's nothing new there.

Off topic but expressing my opinion.



MrCharles77 commented on Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut Is A ...:

I'll get this on disc, eventually I'll buy a hard drive for the wii u...But physical copies are cheaper, for eg. this game cost me 23£ in amazon, check the price on the eshop...nonsense.

Digital copies should always be cheaper, like steam (that's why they have sucess) but no...eshop titles are always more expensive. On the eshop I only buy indie games, and dlc content that matters to me. Still have 20 GB available in my WiiU.



MrCharles77 commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

This weekend I'm going to the beach with my wife and daughter...amazing sun, I'll try to spend a few more time with my parents also and visit some friends.

In what concerns gaming maybe 1 or 2 hours of pikmin3 when everyone's sleeping.



MrCharles77 commented on Nintendo Confirms Wii U "Price Reduction Initi...:

I think nintendo should give something in order to compensate the early adopters (1 game, problably eshop credit is the best option), there were many months without software...and sorry, but if you own another console, aside legocity, mario U, zombiU and nintendoland there was no new games only half ports and major titles skipping the console.

I bought my WiiU on day one, and payed 399€, and only now I see new games coming, like 101,pikmin, legends,DK,Zelda and 3d mario but until now I must say this console was overpriced since there were no (new) games available.

Pikmin, 3d mario, Mario Kart, New Zelda should be available in day one...and I'm not even talking about 3rd party support.

I like nintendo very much, they are a great company that pretty much are "the blamed" for having a video-game industry, but they failed in the launch of the WiiU big time. I will continue to play nintendo games as long as they exist, but I will not be a early adopter again.

Sorry for some spelling mistakes but english is not my native language.

Have a nice day.



MrCharles77 commented on Wii U Finally Hits One Million Sales in Japan:

I was hopping when I bought the WiiU for better 3rd party support, did not happen. I'll problably buy a PS4 (late 2014)for 3rd party titles that are not available on WiiU, and even if they are available they will be better in PS4 due to the console tech. But I am sure that the WiiU is a good investement it's the only console that has nintendo titles



MrCharles77 commented on Nintendo Finally Confirms Call of Duty: Ghosts...:

Day one purchase for me. I always liked COD, and played them all. WiiU version will be the best, it will be the only one with free online since microsoft and the sony (you'll see) will charge for online gaming.

There are other advantages, like two players online, gamepad gaming, and more...another important advantage is that wiiu players have no lag.



MrCharles77 commented on Ubisoft CEO Admits ZombiU Sales Were Disappoin...:

If 50% of the current install base buy one title from each 3rd party company, nintendo would not have any type of problem. However I know quite a few nintendo owners that only buy zeldas, marios, pikmins...this is the main problem of the console.(in what concerns 3rd party support, people buy what they want, If they just want to play nintendo games...have fun.)

Deusx has an amazing price (even for a port), and what is in stake with this game is the support of square enix and their future catalog...lets see how the fans react. The game is cheap and amazing it should be easy to sell 1M copy's but i think the game will only sell 100k. If it sells 1M problably tombraider will be the next game...

ZombiU is very good, but I really understand ubisoft point of view, even after a bad year they keep on supporting the console. You know they could cancel ACIV, Watchdog and others like EA did, but they are really making an effort (with no return yet) to help nintendo.

Activision is more of the same, everyone was complaining of the lack of DLC...You know how many people play it online in europe 3000, if you connect to a ps3 server they got 500.000 playing at the same time. The DLC on the WiiU will split the players even more. Activision gave to the WiiU the best looking version, I played the x360 and the ps3 versions so I know what i'm talking about, they commited with nintendo and delivered a "good" product.

The real problem is that the vast majority of wiiu owners dont want 3rd party games, and this is getting obvious. If the 3rd party titles did not sell in a year almost without 1st party content they will sell with nintendo lauching lots of games?!



MrCharles77 commented on Activision - "We Want to See Nintendo be Succe...:

This type of speach tells me that no ghosts nor destiny on the wii u. They are just waiting to see if the wii u sells well on the next 4 months, if the install base of the wii u reaches the 8M they release the games, if it stays on 3.5/4M they dont.
If the install base reaches 10M by the end of the year you will have fifa14 and battlefield from EA.



MrCharles77 commented on Call of Duty: Ghosts May Not Appear On Wii U A...:

Well...guess I'll only buy: Wonderfull101, Pikmin3, Mario3d land, Donkey kong, Spliter cell, assassin's creed4, batman origins, deusx, super luigi U,rayman ledgends,watchdogs,lego marvel...

And I still havent played legocity, monster hunter3, resident evil,nfsmw...

We got games...stop the doomsday profecy's, and have fun with your WiiU. Dont let this type of news affect you, WiiU has got a nice set of games available to play right now.

Why not consider buying a PS3 for the games you skipped...very soon ps3 will be like 129$...



MrCharles77 commented on Time: Nintendo Is "Stumped" By The Wii U GameP...:

Ditching the gamepad is just a stupid question. There are games that use it quite well, like Zombiu, Batman, Nintendoland, etc.
It's possible to disable the gamepad in order to increase framerate in some games. For example (said by devs) if a game runs at 720P/30FS with gamepad, without it would be possible to have a higher frame rate at higher resolutions like 1080P/60FS.

(source Crytek and the guys who are making project cars)