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Thu 15th January, 2009

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accc commented on Review: Bit Boy!! ARCADE (3DS eShop):

It seems like every game BPlus puts out is something you really, really want to like, but when you actually play it you discover that it's mired with a bunch of little problems that are impossible to ignore.



accc commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Major Wii U Retail T...:

On a consumer level, demos are always a good thing. A rational consumer bases their purchase of a product on every piece of information available to them on the product and any/all competing products; the more information available to them, the higher the likelihood of them making a wise decision. By demoing a product, the consumer increases his knowledge of the product, and therefore his ability to make an informed purchasing decision. Anybody who argues against the use of demos is most likely a corporate shill who probably wanted to see Microsoft go through with their Xbox One DRM scheme.

For game creators, the use of demos can be a good or a bad thing, but I believe that demos have a positive impact on a game's sales the majority of the time. Even if a demo doesn't do a perfect job of selling the best aspects of a game, it still increases the game's exposure and allows potential buyers to experience the basic mechanics of the game first-hand. As long as those mechanics aren't total jank, players are going to have a positive experience with the demo more often than not, and become more likely to buy the game as a result.

As of late, I've been basing more and more of my purchases on demos. Sure there are some games that interest me enough that I buy them no matter what, but for games which I'm on the fence about, the demo (or lack thereof) is often the deciding factor. Recently I decided to buy Bravely Default thanks to its robust demo, and even more recently I picked up the puzzle game Wakedas after its 70-level demo left me wanting more. On the other side of the coin, I have yet to pick up Steamworld Dig due to it lacking a demo. While the game looks extremely polished to me, I'm unsure of whether or not its digging mechanics give the game enough variety to make it worthwhile. Until Steamworld Dig receives a demo, I do not have the assurance that I need about its enjoyability to justify spending my money on it.



accc commented on XSEED May Bring Physical Copies of Future Senr...:

Great to see that they finally got some common sense knocked into them. WTF were they thinking making the first game eShop only? There's a huge number of gamers like me who will never spend $30 on a digital title. Especially not on Nintendo hardware where purchases are locked to a single system.



accc commented on Review: Tappingo (3DS eShop):

I give it an 8/10. Its presentation needs a bit of touching up to make it a more polished experience, but the core puzzle solving gameplay is absolutely top-notch. I'd say it's just as good as any Picross game.



accc commented on Review: AeternoBlade (3DS eShop):

Like everyone else has already said, the game seems way too expensive for what it offers. 15 bucks is premium pricing for a download-only game, and I'll only spend that amount on a downloadable game if it's something that's sure to blow me away. While I enjoyed the Aeternoblade demo, the game doesn't appear to have the polish necessary to justify its premium cost. I think the developers are really hurting themselves by not pricing it lower.



accc commented on First Impressions: We Shine A Light On Arc Sys...:

I played the demo and found it to be pretty fun. The Kunio-kun style gameplay combined with the gothic setting and RPG-lite elements made for an oddly compelling and addictive experience. The combat is a lot deeper than the article gives it credit for, but since the author apparently ran past the enemies instead of fighting, I wouldn't expect her to know that. Hopefully this hatchet job of an article doesn't put people off from the game, if it ever comes out in the west.



accc commented on Gunman Clive Sells Quarter Of A Million Copies...:

He (Bertil) later posted a pie chart which showed that the 3DS version accounted for 80% of the overall sales. Attention mobile developers: Want an easy way to quintuple the sales of your games? Release them on the 3DS! (And don't overcharge for them!)



accc commented on Review: 3D Galaxy Force II (3DS eShop):

The complaints about the difficulty don't make any sense. There are various settings to tinker with that let you make the game as easy or as difficult as you want it to be, most notably the option to increase your total energy from 1200 to 2500 or even 5000. Every single person who plays the game should be able to complete it with 5000 energy. M2 handled the difficulty just as perfectly as all other aspects of this port. It deserves a perfect score in my view.



accc commented on Review: Senran Kagura Burst (3DS eShop):

Such a shame that this isn't being released at retail. I don't feel that digital games are worth $30 when they have no resale value, no physical collection value, and can't be played on more than one system thanks to Nintendo's bad account system policies. As much as I'd like to play Senran Kagura, there's just no way I'm buying it on the eShop unless it has an extreme sale/price drop.



accc commented on Review: Jett Rocket II - The Wrath of Taikai (...:

@bahooney Agree 100%! At least if you're talking about the free roaming 3D levels. The reviewer's complaint that they consist mostly of running through empty hallways doesn't hold up. There are a few stretches like that, but for the most part the 3D levels are packed with enemies and challenging platforming obstacles. I thought the side view 3D levels were incredibly bland, however. The 2D levels were okay but nothing special.
Overall, I'd rate the game as follows:
2D levels: 6/10
Side view 3D levels: 5/10
Open 3D levels: 9/10
Boss battles: 8.5/10
Final stage: 9/10
Since the 2D stages make up the bulk of the game, this averages out to around a 7/10.



accc commented on Capcom Issues Update On Game Boy Mega Man Titl...:

It seems like a slap in the face to 3DS owners that they're giving us the significantly downgraded GBC ports of the Mega Man X games when the system is more than capable of running the original SNES versions in all of their glory. There's no good reason that anybody should want to play Mega Man Xtreme over the real version of Mega Man X. Xtreme has worse graphics, controls, and music, but the worst part about it is the extremely low screen resolution. Mega Man X was originally designed to be displayed in 256x224 resolution, so cropping the viewing area down to a 160x144 window absolutely kills its playability.



accc commented on Mighty No. 9 Confirmed for 3DS:

Abstraction Games is doing the 3DS port? What happened to Renegade Kid offering to do it? I've never even heard of Abstraction Games before now, and judging by their products page, Renegade Kid is far more qualified.



accc commented on Soapbox: Why Grand Theft Auto V Isn't For Me:

I always seem to get caught up in the hype whenever a new GTA game is coming out, but I never end up playing them for very long. The gameplay is just too boring. The driving and shooting elements don't control particularly well and make the missions play very poorly, the open ended design just makes the game feel dull, and the games have poor framerates (even on a PC with monster specs, at least for GTA4),



accc commented on Assault Android Cactus to Feature Off-TV Play ...:

The Wiimote pointer is even better than a mouse when it comes to moving a cursor around the screen. With a simple movement of your wrist, you can move the cursor anywhere you want on the entire screen instantaneously with extreme precision. Dragging the cursor with a mouse is a bit slower and less accurate in comparison. When it comes to reticule-based shooters, I'd take the Wiimote and Nunchuk over Mouse and Keyboard any day. Mouse still beats Wiimote when it comes to controlling a first person camera (as in FPS games), though.



accc commented on Giana Sisters: Twisted Dream Coming To Europe ...:

@WaveBoy While I agree that the console versions of the game should be ignored because they're only 30 fps, I have the game on PC and it's not really as bad as you make it out to be. The controls aren't the greatest but they still work pretty well, and the level designs and mechanics are pretty fun and inventive.



accc commented on Dave Cox - A New Contra Has "To Have a New Idea":

Criticizes developers for making outstanding series updates that "don't do anything new" (which isn't even true in Contra 4's case — the grappling hook was new and added lots of depth to the gameplay)..

Creates a bad God of War clone with a terrible framerate and slaps the Castlevania name on it.

Go away, Dave Cox.