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Thu 14th Jul 2011

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AG_Systems commented on Reaction: Nintendo Reminds Us of the Wii's Glo...:

Hopefully Nintendo can still use Wuhu Island and give us Wii Motor Sports in addition to Club. Would love to go off road racing around the island, or jet ski over the crest of the waves out in the surf.

Wii Sports still has huge potential for expansion and will hopefully continue to entertain us in the future.



AG_Systems commented on Reaction: Nintendo Reminds Us of the Wii's Glo...:

Overjoyed with Wii Sports Club announcement. Can't wait for the golf! I just hope some new courses are included, either at the start or as dlc later on. This would extend its longevity no end.

Nintendo will have to advertise Wii Sports Club a lot though with it being an eshop title. How they get the news across to the masses will be vitally important this Xmas and beyond.



AG_Systems commented on Wii Sports Club Takes The Competition Online W...:

Can't wait for HD golf. Think I put over 50 hours into Resort on the golf alone. Just hope there's new courses to play eventually.

This is a genius move from Nintendo and will offer many hours of entertainment for very little cost. Couldn't be happier with today's announcement.



AG_Systems commented on Poll: Would You Buy Grand Theft Auto V On Wii U?:

I think having the choice whether to buy it or not is important here. I probably wouldn't bother buying it, however it'd be a feather in the WiiU's cap for it to exist on the console in the first place. It needs to remain a viable platform for third parties.



AG_Systems commented on Wii Sports Club Takes The Competition Online W...:

Suddenly remember the E3 that showed the gamepad being used to show a golf ball in the bunker. This is literally too good. But for the love of all that is holy Nintendo, give us many extra golf courses as dlc!

As a wise man once said, this will be a day long remembered.



AG_Systems commented on Wii Sports Club Takes The Competition Online W...:

Just sat down for my lunch and saw the tweet from Nintendo about Wii Fit U Direct. Then I saw the words Wii Sports Club and almost dared to dream. Then I watched the Direct and it made a grown man shout out with unbridled joy. Wii Sports Golf. In HD. Online. I'll whisper it but this could be all I need in gaming.

Still stunned and coming to terms with this. Out before Xmas is genius too. Loving it!



AG_Systems commented on Leaked Ubisoft Games Confirmed, but Skipping N...:

It is obvious to me that Child of Light will be Ubi's last WiiU game. Next year the third party offerings will be extremely slim pickings. We're looking at a handful of Nintendo titles with a smattering of eshop software. That's going to be pretty much it.

The eshop will be vital for the WiiU. Here we will find smaller devs picking up the slack and hopefully providing us with some tasty treats. To me it's all about perspective. Take all what I've mentioned on board and it'll do your blood pressure no harm.

Shout about lack of third party activity though and you'll have an uncomfortable year I reckon.



AG_Systems commented on Nintendo: We Need To Do A Better Job Of Attrac...:

Hopefully the WiiU can survive with Nintendo's output and strong indie support on eshop. Third party output next year looks sketchy at best. The eshop, for me anyway, will be vital for the console going forward.

Lots to look forward to.



AG_Systems commented on 3DS UK Success in 2013 Offset by Abysmal Wii U...:

I bought a unit in January, based on the fact that I thought by now, I'd be playing Wii Sports HD and be looking forward to a Galaxy sequel. Well here we are mid year and the situation is looking bleaker than I could ever have imagined.

These figures are telling me that a reversal of fortunes is verging on the impossible. I'll keep the console as there's no point in trading in. Third party support looks dead so it'll be indies to keep the eshop stocked.

If anyone thinks it'll get better then I'm afraid you'll be in for a rough ride.



AG_Systems commented on New Wii U System Update Goes Live:

My console never starts these automatically. I always have to go through system settings manually. It didn't find it in standby mode either. Anyone else have this or is it just me?



AG_Systems commented on Nintendo Won't Be Holding A Large-Scale Press ...:

While my E3 bubble has been burst a wee bit, this is, on reflection, a wise move. Now Nintendo can go Direct mad through E3 week rather than just have one main event. Just think about the potential of the eshop here too. Trailers and demos would go a lot further than their traditional conference in spreading the message.

Still excited.



AG_Systems commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Mega Drive:

Knew this article would be a cracker. My first japanese console, bought from PC Engine Supplies way back in 1990. So many astounding games arrived and so many are still amazing to this day.

I'll never forget the feeling as an 18 year old, fresh from playing on the Amiga, being confronted by this amazing black box and its countless charms. Yes I am that old but the memories will remain forever!