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Day Late, Dollar Short Optimistic

Male, 27, United States

Nothing much to say. Been a Nintendo fan since I was 3 years old and I played and own every Nintendo system since the Nes. I am open to all types of video game styles and genre with limited exceptions to sports genre. An hardcore gamer but with a casual attitude.

Fri 10th August, 2012

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ultraraichu commented on Amazon Confirms US amiibo Pre-Order Times for ...:

Since Lucina and Robin are the only 2 I haven't got a chance to preorder, they will be my target

Also this is a way better alternative than waiting on line with over 300 people for at least 8 hours for a midnight release (includes time it takes to reach store entrance). Time that is better spent playing Splatoon after the eshop release and relaxing.



ultraraichu commented on Humble Nindie Bundle Sells Over 37,000 Units i...:

That's pretty cool. I have to wait after the 29th to see if I have enough in my game budget (more accurately any left), but if I do I'll put in at least $25 since one of the game on the list I'm most interested in cost $15 and it's for a good cause.



ultraraichu commented on Pokémon Shuffle Brings Major Changes in Versi...:

I never used the home button cheat so I would of never known unless someone told me, but I am liking the heart update since I can also stock hearts obtained from Streetpass. Granted I tried it when I already have 5 hearts in the first segment, have to test it again when I don't.

^ I never had that problem on mine 3DS or my friends', so that's new to me.



ultraraichu commented on Nintendo Download: 14th May (North America):

@3dcaleb Yep. You need to go to the eshop and go to setting/ other (scroll to the far left top row). From there go to account activity and view receipt on Attack on Titan. The code is on the bottom of the receipt at which point it tell you to enter it on the Theme shop.

Hope that helps and enjoy.



ultraraichu commented on Reaction: There is a Positive Angle to Nintend...:

I wasn't upset or turned off by the downtime, just surprised. The first 3 test fire was near perfect and I'm willing to bet they had more people on that session than yesterday's session. Pretty much the success rate was 4/5 (counting extension hour) and to me that's very good. Well I'll still be playing when it comes friday.

Part of me also wonder, if the people who say they are not going to buy the game anymore had any intention to buy it in the first place prior to yesterday. I just ask that since I notice 3 people (not on this comment) who said the test fire turn them off from buying the game, but weeks before they said they're not buying it because of the gameplay and other reason. Just an observation is all.



ultraraichu commented on Nintendo Download: 21st May (North America):

Swords & Soldiers II first for me when I get home tonight and Puzzle & Dragons later on in the week or month depending on backlog and Splatoon. Retro City Rampage: DX looks tempting even if I have the Wiiware version.



ultraraichu commented on Brave The Water Temple In This Cosy Zelda-Them...:

Oddly enough, that's how much a good bathrobe cost in the States, Well between $70-$120 depending on the brand and material (not counting sales and clearance)

I already got 2 bathrobes, one for bath and the next for sleep sometimes. Trying to find a good reason for a third beside looking good. Well got 3 months to figure that out.



ultraraichu commented on Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX Pushed Back To ...:

Seems like Rhythm Thief all over again. I guess when it comes to rhythm games... they have no sense of timing (puts on sunglasses)

Seems like I have enough time and money for Swords and Solders II after all. One door close, another opens.



ultraraichu commented on Ronimo Games Explains Pricing for Swords & Sol...:

The $20 price point did come as a surprise to me but that was my fault since my expectation was warped based on how the 1st game was like and thinking the 2nd would be like how other game companies do their sequels like Capcom with Megaman. If it last hours longer then the 1st with all it's contents, then I guess the price makes sense.

Pretty much I'll still buy it. It just the timing of the release help throw my budget way off with this, Attack on Titan, Puzzle & Dragons Z, and anything (maybe everything) release May 29.



ultraraichu commented on Mobile Is Konami's Future, According To Presid...:

I'm haven't played a Konami game since the Wii era with the DDR series and Castlevania: Judgement, so this don't shock me.

If it's any consolation the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG seem like a perfect match for mobile devices with all it's features and ease of interaction with others with the game.



ultraraichu commented on Nintendo Download: 14th May (North America):

Downloaded Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains yesterday so I'm good.

Knowing niche games like this goes on sale over time, I did say I'll buy it if it ever get localized to support the effort. I am a man of my word.



ultraraichu commented on Nintendo Committed To Making Smart Device Gami...:

Surprising thing for me is I first heard about half of this news yesterday on abc's morning news. Even though they talked about the smart device and game release plan, they mostly show the 3ds with people playing Puzzle & Dragons Z/ Super Mario Edition. I was confused thinking they had their news backwards with smartphone games coming to Nintendo system.

It would be cool of at least one of those games have some type of interaction with their home/ handheld counterpart.



ultraraichu commented on ​The Prices of the Remaining Physical Goods ...:

I must be in the minority that is happy about this since I figured this might happen (only got the 2nd smash poster set since it started). Well tba I thought it would be like EU and get more rewards but this is nice too. Still have 700 coins saved but I'll hold out again just in case something happens between now and June.



ultraraichu commented on Nintendo Unable To Promise When It Can Remedy ...:

Understandable. If it was just gamers and collectors it would be more predictable since they get the ones they like and buy only 1-2 of a kind, but with scalpers in the mix, they can toy around with those demands by buying out a store's supply and making it look rare. Like they did with Diddy Kong, Toon Link, Sheik Sonic, and other when they first came out.



ultraraichu commented on Poll: Did The Splatoon Global Testfire Hit Its...:

Played all 3 sessions and had a blast. From the 3 hours I played (minus wait time) I only had one disconnection and no lags. Most fun I had playing an online game for a long time. The demo felt like a drug push, give you a good taste for free that leave you yearning for more. I was fine waiting for it before the demo, now I can't wait for the 29th to come sooner.



ultraraichu commented on Nintendo Has Shipped 10.5 Million amiibo World...:

Kind of ironic that the place that get the most amiibo shipped is the one that also buy imports from other countries (and complains a lot). Well any toy that can get a long line of grown ups waiting in the cold for over 5 hour is a success to me.



ultraraichu commented on Nintendo of America Apologises for amiibo Shor...:

Lets hope this will stop most of those pointless tweets to NoA about amiibo, especially when the topic is not related to amiibo. It's hard to read past them when it make 2/3 of the post.

Patience is a virtue that rarely exist in online social media. Most of those "collectors" are fussing over wave 4 being out of stock in the US, yet it not even out (May 29th).



ultraraichu commented on Review: Pokémon Rumble World (3DS eShop):

Good review. This and Pokemon Shuffle have been the most played games on my 3ds recently. I even decided to cap it at the 3000 diamond limit and for the most part it plays like a regular full price rumble games. With all that diamonds along with the diamond mine and handout from the king and mii, you'll have more than you ever need to progress.



ultraraichu commented on Review: Cube Creator 3D (3DS eShop):

Sounds interesting. I never played Minecraft since I don't have the right system(s), but was a bit curious on playing it from what I hear. I'll try out this game latter on down the road.



ultraraichu commented on Nintendo Marketing Boss Says amiibo Expectatio...:

Seems spot on to me. The ones I seen and somewhat know in person that collect and complain (sometimes whine) about amiibo are old enough to drink legally. Funny how the kids are more mature about the stock issue compared to the older crowd, as far as I know in my area.

"while there are always going to be some times when we can't on certain characters, I suspect that is also part of the appeal." Controversial but true. If WFT and Villager wasn't suspected of being cut from production line last December, they would of been in stock even longer. Ones like gold Mario speck for itself.

After Wave 3, I learned to be even more patient. Ones that was once hard to find like Megaman and Sonic is more common now and they begin the process of restocking older amiibo and rumors going around they're doing it with Metaknight and Shulk at their stores. They're learning, they just need to be quicker then the demands.



ultraraichu commented on Custom Metallic Mega Man amiibo Will be Prize ...:

Evilos normally charge $60 for his customs on ebay and at times have free giveaways. It would be interested to see how this plays out.

I prefer the starry and cosmos designs (pikachu and samus) over the metallic one but still not bad.



ultraraichu commented on Hacked Passcodes Leaked For 3DS eShop Microtra...:

It's weird how some people think of using the hacked passcodes as a way of payback for microtrans when Nintendo normally post the same code every few days for free.
Then again I don't even use the already released code, so water on a psyduck's back for me.



ultraraichu commented on Here's Why The StreetPass Bunny Couldn't Care ...:

Funny, for the first 4 paragraphs I thought of it as the bunny having the personality of the region it's in. Kind of similar to a game in Europe being released later compared to NA and gamers' reaction and vic versa. Maybe that NA Bunny also have a blog ;)

The law says it's to protect the kids but most of us know it's for the parents.



ultraraichu commented on Nintendo Highlights Increased US Hardware Sale...:

20% increase is 40% better than a 20% decrease. Let's see what the May flower Splatoon will bring.

Bet they'll be more Nintendoom comments and topic if that was the case with the decrease. Then again by Internet law, it can be up more than 100% and it still be doomed.



ultraraichu commented on Reminder: New StreetPass DLC Games Offer a 'Th...:

@russellohh Oh yes, that (especially Super Mario 3d Land & its 3 pass limit) and to have at least more than 12 StreetPass titles working at one time on a system, the very least the New 3ds /XL ones. So many tough calls replacing one game with StreetPass for another when the spot is full.



ultraraichu commented on Nintendo Download: 16th April (North America):

A good week to spend part of my tax return on digital games and dlcs. Almost like they planned it. Anyways, mark me up for all the dlcs and Paparazzi, maybe Castle Conqueror EX if the price is right. Still have to get that Kirby Triple Deluxe game before the sale is over (4/20).



ultraraichu commented on Turn It Up To Eleven, Guitar Hero Is Making A ...:

Even though I was hoping it would use to old guitar controllers (to save money), I would enjoy the new ones more. Main reason I played on the easier difficulty setting is because I have a hard time hitting the blue and orange key with my pinky finger/moving fingers up and down.

If this is the absolute version as in this is the only game you need to play all future track, ie no Guitar Hero Tour 2, 3, Maroon 5 edition, etc, I'm all in otherwise I'll stay circling the water.