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Day Late, Dollar Short Optimistic

Male, 26, United States

Nothing much to say. Been a Nintendo fan since I was 3 years old and I played and own every Nintendo system since the Nes. I am open to all types of video game styles and genre with limited exceptions to sports genre. An hardcore gamer but with a casual attitude.

Fri 10th August, 2012

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ultraraichu commented on Best Buy Cancellations of Majora's Mask 3D New...:

Although legit collectors and people who takes looks real serious would be pissed, but this is a sliver lining for regular gamers. You get $50 off any of your next purchase which includes an alt. New 3ds xl, that's extra money in your pocket bros (wish I preordered).
A bitter sweet victory against scalpers who may have to cancel their eBay listings. Even better if they already got a sale on it.



ultraraichu commented on Best Buy Is Cancelling Majora's Mask New 3DS X...:

Seems like some pre-order scalpers feedback rating is going to go down after this. They and other stores should do sneak cancel like this more often. This way those who can't stalk and access websites and stores after notice due to various life reasons can have a second fair shot.
Edit: While they are at it, they can also do the same for the Majora's Mask 3D LEB. :)



ultraraichu commented on Video: This Guy Loves Nintendo Way More Than Y...:

Any collector that plays and uses his/her collection (and custom make some) instead of having most of them sealed and/or locked in display, earns my respect. This would be the perfect retirement hobby for a gamer (playing them all I mean).



ultraraichu commented on Weirdness: These Push Guards for the New Ninte...:

This would've been perfect for my spiteful 3DS and 3DS XL since at times when I play on the game cartridge and put it away in my bag/pocket in sleep mode, the game would pop out. Yet when I play my downloads, it almost never happens, like it mocks me.



ultraraichu commented on Nintendo Download: 22nd January (North America):

I been having my black eye on Punch Out!! since I downloaded that Doc Louis Punch Out!! from Club Nintendo. I never got a chance to buy it back then because of backlog & procrastination but now I got my 4th chance.



ultraraichu commented on Club Nintendo to Close, With Replacement Loyal...:

Normally I stockpile the code for physical games just in case I need extra coins fast since digital automatically register in CN and survey expires just as fast. Seems like I got a mountain of paperwork to do when I get home.

Can't wait to see what new system is in store. Wishful thinking it's something on par with JPN version. My wait for the Kirby Frisbee has ended in vain.



ultraraichu commented on Nintendo's amiibo Website and Compatibility Ch...:

Nice list. It's convenient seeing Which amiibo give you more bang for your buck if you're not much of the collector type and for what games. Seem like Kirby works with the most games at the moment (not counting selected amiibo use in Hyrule Warriors and Mario Party 10) and is conveniently one of the most common one to find in-stores.

On a side note, it's weird they have Yoshi as TBA in Yoshi Woolly World. That is the one amiibo everyone is sure is going to be used. It's his game after all :P



ultraraichu commented on Hands On: We Check Out The New Nintendo 3DS XL :

Nice hands on. One question that's been bugging me for months, is the amount of different games you can enable streetpass increased or is it the same 12 limit (in streetpass management under settings)?

I will buy one later on down the road but this is the driving factor that affect how soon it will be.



ultraraichu commented on Nintendo of America Issues Non-Statement on th...:

Was I surprised? Yes but only by comparison to the other regions that get both. Is it a big issue? Heck nNo. To me it's like complaining about Apple not releasing the iPhone 5c the same time as the iPhone 5s when most of the people complaining already own a iPhone 5 (or 4s).

Personally I want to normal size New 3ds but I have no reason to overreact like most of the vocal minority on the web. I still have a 3ds XL that I always play and only one game that I know of will only work on the New 3ds and that not coming till April. Who knows maybe they'll release it around the same time and maybe include a LE New 3ds to go with Xenoblade's release. When that time comes, I'll have my pre-order paid in full.

There's no harm in just waiting. Just save or save up your money until then and play some games in the meantime.



ultraraichu commented on Pokémon Shuffle is a Match-Three Game With Sl...:

All this news about puzzles games makes me remember that I still have Pokemon Battle Trozei to complete.

I'm a real patient guy so if the pay portion only applies to speeding up playing again, I can live with that. I can't think of one game I ever pay for speed-up micro-T. Even if it uses in-game currency or play coins like Pokemon Dream Radar.



ultraraichu commented on Nintendo Reveals New Range, Details and Compat...:

I would so rofl if the amiibo that would be "discontinued" is the SSB Mario characters that is being re-release in Mario party form. The Marth amiibo news already made me smug enough. Would be more smug if I sold mines on ebay for those crazy prices.



ultraraichu commented on Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Launches Exclusively O...:

Wishful thinking on my part, I hope they release a special bundle pack that includes the New 3ds (non-XL).
That would be perfect since I'm not planning to get the XL model and I never played the Wii version, too pricey for a used copy.



ultraraichu commented on New Nintendo 3DS Release Date Confirmed for 13...:

My gf been asking me for an XL model to replace her deflective normal model for 2 years and her birthday is the same day as the New version release. Talk about signs.

Personally I planning to get the non XL model due to the custom faceplate and more portable size (harder to fit XL in pockets) but I can wait. Not like it's never going to be release in NA anyways.



ultraraichu commented on Nintendo eShop Cards Are 10% Off at Best Buy T...:

Darn, was hoping the next time Best Buy have a sale on eshop cards it would be 20% like last winter; got $280 value for $194 after discount and $30 reward. Awell now not the time to be stingy, now is the time to put my $20 rewards credit into something useful.



ultraraichu commented on GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U Stock on...:

Oh don't remind me. During the Gamecube era, I brought one wired and two wireless Gamestop controllers from them and all of them messed up over time. the connection stopped working for the wireless and the L shoulder & A button keep sticking on the wired. I hope that not the same with the Hori one.



ultraraichu commented on GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U Stock on...:

@unrandomsam @Neil12
Good to know. Most of the impressions and review I read was above average combine, so it was hard to make a call.

Funny thing is I was going to mention the Hori gamecube controller but I figured that might be harder/costly to get to depending on the store and location. I brought the Luigi Hori controller this evening at Nintendo World so I'll give it a try later.



ultraraichu commented on GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U Stock on...:

I'm still puzzled as to why the Gamecube controller adapter is so much in rage demand yet the Wii U Fight Pad Controller with different Nintendo character designs (Mario, Yoshi, etc) and looks and play like a GCN controller is just sitting on store shelves like gamestop.

I figure this would be better since it works for all games that is classic controller enabled (connects to Wii Remote) vs one game and more cost efficient unless you already own GCN controller from years ago. Also it's officially licensed by Nintendo if that means anything.

Not trying to be snarky, just trying to make sense of the gamer's world.



ultraraichu commented on From Soy Sauce Hopes to Bring Touhou Super Sm...:

Interesting. Out of the all the Smash Bros clones, I mean inspired games I played and could think of, this is the only one that follows SSB this close and uses the % damage. Didn't know that was allowed in a non-free game (I assume) for legal reasons.



ultraraichu commented on The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Limited-...:

Check at Nintendo World 2 hours ago. Seem like it's first come, first serve on release with no pre-orders. I guess that can be my last resort if I can't get a pre-order at any GameStop. I hope it's not a Hyrule Warriors LE repeat on release.



ultraraichu commented on Lucky New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Gamers Jump ...:

Funny, I was actually going to comment on the first article about how I hope most of them that are lucky enough to buy now wasn't going to be jerk and resell them for a large profit to those that actually want the handheld.

Awell that is the reality of life. Can't stop it, only frown upon it and not support the act.



ultraraichu commented on Nintendo Dominated Japan During 2014, Despite ...:

I can't help but to read this article and imagine the voice of an horse race announcer that is reading it.

Even if it's good news for Nintendo, certain people will twist it into a bad thing especially when it comes to the Wii U.



ultraraichu commented on The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Limited-...:

Seems like I been tempted to get a physical copy again due to LE bundle. Well at least it'll stay consistent with my physical 3ds Ocarina of Time. Maybe later after work I'll check to see if Nintendo World is taking pre-orders.

Seems weird that I'm so tempted to buy a remake of a game I already own two times (N64 & Wii VC).



ultraraichu commented on Feature: A Year in Development - RCMADIAX:

Nice interview. It's good to hear from the creator's mind instead of one sided conspiracy driven gamers about what really goes into making and publishing a game. I always find it conforting when a gamer goes through the work of making a game (good, bad or otherwise) vs complaining about people who make games.



ultraraichu commented on Rumour: Toys "R" Us Cancelling amiibo Orders, ...:

We'll never been a fan of Toysrus online service (bad experiences), so preordering haven't crossed my mind with them.

I hope the delay of the 3rd wave is true, they have the most desire characters out of all the waves. Also to focus on restocking the first 2 waves.



ultraraichu commented on Nintendo Download: 18th December (North America):

Such an interesting week. Got the good, the bad, the neutral, and the discounted. Quite a variety to behold this holiday. I don't know what I'll get (so many choices) so I'll go with the Art of Balance demo as a safe vote.



ultraraichu commented on RCMADIAX Confirms Two Wii U eShop Releases Thi...:

I can't complain since RCMADIAX is one of the few publishers that price budget theme games appropriately for the type of genre/play style. There are those like Cypronia that will charge $5-$9 for a crappy fruit ninja and angry bird clone.

A pass on both for now.



ultraraichu commented on One Of The Most Successful Nintendo Games Of 2...:

It's funny, I want to be surprised but logically it makes sense on both end.

Frozen is a very popular movie, kids play video games for fun and are not as critical and judgmental as the older folks, and parents who are not VG savvy wouldn't care about 3DS and DS difference and go the cheap and safer route since the DS version works on all DS, DSi, and 3DS.



ultraraichu commented on Poll: Have You Been Able to Buy the Super Smas...:

I was able to get all the amiibo I want (7) including the 3 "discontinued" amiibo day one when toysrus had that buy 3 for $30 sale (minus marth which I got at nintendo world) and got 2 out of 4 I want from wave 2 so I'm happy. As for the adapter, not really fussy about getting one since I can play Smash Bros pretty good on the GamePad.



ultraraichu commented on Video: What if... Smash Bros. Had Announcers F...:

I'm surprised none of those KOs was "Toasty!" worthy.

I already get a little upset when I lose consecutive very hard and intense matches in master order and it says "failure" twice. I'll be pissed if it said "you suck" instead :P