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Thu 3rd Jan 2013

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Nukarmer commented on Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut Will ...:

a strange way to pose a question: do you want to pay more? Nintendo gamers will pay the full price for what very well might be a totally new game for them. X360 and PS3 gamers most probably played almost the same game 2 years ago - so asking less money is just logical for the publisher. better ask X360 and PS3 if they are ready to pay for the second time - I think that would be a more correct question.



Nukarmer commented on Poll: Would You Buy Grand Theft Auto V On Wii U?:

@brandonbwii sure not. not if you don't take it into account when deciding which console to buy this coming Christmas.

suppose you really want a Wii U but your son says "if only it had GTAV too..." and you're like: "oh, now it has, i'll buy us a Wii U and we'll both be happy now"



Nukarmer commented on Review: Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams (Wii U e...:

@SKTTR I just finished the game yesterday on Normal and it was a blast! I'm far from being a pro gamer, I just know a good platformer when I see it. Maybe you shouldn't play Überhardcore-Mode, eh?

in any case, imho, everybody who likes good platformers, is able to find a proper difficulty level to play through this game - and that's one of its multiple good sides.

I agree with you just on one point - a player should be given the possibility to know how many gems he must collect before he completes the level. oh, and the final fight with the dragon was really tough, but that could be just me and my skills with the Wii U gamepad



Nukarmer commented on Dying Light Set To Skip Wii U:

guys I'm really not sure we need news like this here on this website. ok, the game is not coming to Wii U, but I know like thousands of games (new and old alike) that are not coming to other consoles either. is that a reason to write an article? for every single game that's not coming to Wii U? come on! nobody really reads such news here, eh? a title like that is enough to make me scroll down and post a regular angry comment nobody will read either - if I'm a Nintendo fan - or post a regular celebrating comment, if I'm a Nintendo hater.

so why bother? we need posts about games that ARE coming to our console of choice, ok? thank you.



Nukarmer commented on Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate:

a note to the highly respected authors of the site: it would be useful if all game descriptions contained how much space they occupy on HDD once installed / downloaded as a digital copy.

thanks in advance!



Nukarmer commented on Review: The Amazing Spider-Man: Ultimate Editi...:

so much depends on how you choose to play a game once you get to grips with its systems and limitations and how to handle the former in order to bend to your will the latter. I played this game on PC and totally enjoyed the ride. I just can't believe the Wii U port was made so poorly that it deserves a 6. anyway, who needs a mark nowadays?



Nukarmer commented on "Modified" Version of Deus Ex: Human Revolutio...:

well, this might sound intriguing if we all did not know that it just will not sell well. and then there will be one more reason for Nintendo haters and wannabe analysts to say: "see? nobody buys games for Wii U!"

frankly, I wish Nintendo just made games for Wii U and never minded the poorly produced/marketed ports of old games that everyone who cares had already played on other platforms.



Nukarmer commented on Does The JXD GamePad 2 Remind You Of Anything?:

i bought one JXD device for my nephew and can testify: they are garbage. the screen had a pre-installed wallpaper with icons of games that were just pictures of non-existing games. I had a hard time explaning to my nephew to never mind the non-working on-screen icons and use the terribly clunky and barely functional file manager instead. now, after just one month of using it, the hardware buttons are not working either, and memory card not reading, the battery not charging.

NEVER BUY ANYTHING MADE BY JXD! they are just shameless producers of pure poop that is made to look like something you know very well.



Nukarmer commented on U.S. Download Sales Increase, But Physical Gam...:

I live in Ukraine, whose existence is apparently not recognized by Nintendo, because there has never been an official way to buy a Nintendo console or game in Ukraine. So my only option is to buy games digitally. Luckily, this is the way I prefer over any other.



Nukarmer commented on Nintendo Hints At An Additional Platform In Th...:

I think it would be logical for them to release a Nintablet - a portable tablet similar to Wii U GamePad, which can be used as a standalone device to browse Internet and of course to play games from NES, SNES, GBA, (N64, Gamecube) and that could be hooked up to Wii U as a second GamePad, or even to a TV as a universal remote. this could give more people access to eShop, as well as an incentive to try and buy a Wii U.



Nukarmer commented on EA: Excited About New Generation Which Is "Yet...:

Listen, guys, who in the world cares about which gen it is now? As long as Nintendo keeps giving me their own great new games and HD-remakes of their old classic titles, I'm fine.

If 3rd parties decide to bring their titles to Wii U - I'd be happy to buy the ones that really utilize the Wii U Gamepad in an inventive way. But let's be frank: if it's just a map and an inventory, but with poorer graphics compared to next gen or PC versions - why would I buy a Wii U-version of such a game?

Nintendo's problem with 3rd parties is that they don't believe that the average guy perceives Nintendo's Wii U as the true new gen, and there are reasons for that. Nintendo decided to ship Wii U with a tablet at the expense of processing power (let's face it, the graphics are current gen, not next gen). Why? Because the market says you have to keep the retail price of your console within certain psycologocal limits ($300-400), which truly I don't understand. I would invest $500-600 into a new console that would give me not only a tablet-like gamepad, but also a powerful CPU, more memory, etc. If you compare these extra $200 with the money people are obviously ready to spend on games (they always complain about lack of games, don't they?), it's nothing, really.

I now prefer to play my current gen games on PC: because it easily beats any console in terms of graphics quality, frame rate and overall stability. But I still keep my PS3 and X360 to play the scanty but great exclusives. And near to them is my Wii, where I play my Marios, Zeldas, Metroids and Kirbies. And whoever says these games are not good enough just because they are not in HD - they simply do not love videogames. Because as long as Nintendo makes great games that I cannot play anywhere else - I will keep supporting Nintendo and buy their 1st party titles, most of them, at least.



Nukarmer commented on Disney Infinity Will Have A New Game Released ...:

Sounds like it's shaping up to be a great cross-media game for kids. Only they have to balance the gameplay, because Toy Story 3: The Video Game they seek to build upon, had me playing a lot of its sections, because they were too difficult for my little daughter. Heck, they sometimes were pretty close to being too difficult even for me!



Nukarmer commented on Review: The Cave (Wii U eShop):

not a single word about the coop? how does it fare if compared to x360? obviously the 2nd/3rd player would have to use a Wiimote? or a couple of Wii U Pro Controllers? come on, inform us, please!



Nukarmer commented on "No Chance" Of Castlevania Lords Of Shadow 2 O...:

well this one is a bit disappointing. so too early to throw away my PS3. or even my PC - they say the 2nd installment of C:LOS will be released on PC, too. but not on Wii U... guess Konami just doesn't believe there will be enough hardcore gamers on Wii U to justify Wii U-specific extra features they would have to implement on Wii U if they decided to do it.