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Phantom_R commented on Review: SENRAN KAGURA 2: Deep Crimson (3DS):

When a boobs game gets a low rating, the reviewer is biased because he hates fanservice.

When a boobs game gets a high rating, the reviewer is biased because he loves fanservice. (Which is hilarious because the last time I saw a boobs game get attacked for a high rating, the reviewer was gay.)



Phantom_R commented on Movie Review: Pixels Proves Once Again That Vi...:

Up through the '90s, video games were only advertised to boys, and advertisers treated them like grubby, immature, sexist punks. The public culture still hasn't moved on from thinking that's the kind of person who plays video games. This movie is yet more proof of that.



Phantom_R commented on Reminder: Amazon-Exclusive Palutena amiibo Ord...:

Five hours after going on sale, Amazon is already filled with Palutenas being resold for a minimum of $50.

The most baffling part about these scalpers is that they can only sell their $50 - $100 Amiibos because some people have been buying their $50 - $100 Amiibos.



Phantom_R commented on Nintendo Gets Tough With Miiverse Bans, and So...:

Every time something like this happens, a bunch of users try to "rebel" against Miiverse. It's not very difficult to avoid getting banned if you aren't being an immature troll.

Either everyone complains about how Miiverse needs to be moderated better, or everyone complains that Miiverse is being moderated.



Phantom_R commented on Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, amiibo 3...:

What mostly confuses me is that Nintendo is charging $30 for a game made almost entirely out of recycled assets from a best-selling game from three years ago. And they can already expect to make revenue from all the physical add-ons to the game.



Phantom_R commented on Review: New Super Mario Bros. (Wii U eShop / DS):

NSMB is my favorite in the series. It's the only one that actually feels smooth, fast, and satisfying to control. It doesn't fill its levels with gimmicks that slow the player down and interrupt the way Mario games work.



Phantom_R commented on Series Producer Ichiro Hazama Says Theatrhythm...:

Curtain Call has an absurd amount of content in it--nearly as much as a Smash game and maybe more. I've never stopped playing it since day one and I know nothing about Final Fantasy.

With such a tiny set list, the Dragon Quest installment will be much less enticing to people who are only fans of rhythm games or only fans of Dragon Quest.



Phantom_R commented on Editorial: Nintendo's YouTube Creators Program...:

I don't remember from where, but I read something about Nintendo's corporate structure a while back. It's archaic, even by Japan's strictest standards. Only the higher-ups really get to decide anything, and those higher-ups are the ones who have been around the longest. They're unfamiliar with the way the industry works nowadays, which explains why American companies have gained such an edge over them recently.

Nintendo's been making a bit of progress, but this is a huge step back. Unfortunately the way the company works this might not change unless Iwata and Miyamoto go on a vision quest and have an epiphany and smell all the colors of modern communications.



Phantom_R commented on Video: Eiji Aonuma Shows Off Gyroscope Aiming ...:

OOT3D's gyroscope controls were probably the best controls I'd ever used in any video game. I could 360 no scope a bat from a mile away, when I normally can't play from a first-person shooting perspective at all.

And I can use gyro controls with the 3D on with no problem. Just move your head a little.



Phantom_R commented on The Bomber's Notebook Will Be Revamped in The ...:

@hcfwesker Right, so... Much of the "challenge" of Majora's Mask was to rush through the 3-day cycle, and most of the "obstacles" existed for no reason other than to waste the player's time if they screwed up. Progress is constantly reset, and retaining it (like with Rupees at the bank) often just requires even more mindless, repetitive errands.

There are a lot of acceptable ways to punish a player, but mindlessly wasting their real-world time is not one. That's where the three-day structure needs to be refined. If Aonuma's out to fix that, then this game will be much more enjoyable for most players.



Phantom_R commented on The Bomber's Notebook Will Be Revamped in The ...:

@hcfwesker They're either "dumbing it down" or "no longer requiring a guide to play". There's a big difference. Having events that are so rare to discover on one's own doesn't make a game better or even more challenging--it just makes the game inconvenient because you have to look up what to do next, or waste hours of your life wandering.



Phantom_R commented on Review: Mario Party Advance (Wii U eShop / Gam...:

This is the only Mario Party game I've played and I really enjoyed it. It's got a lot of little entertaining things for when you just want something to do with your life but don't actually want to do anything. It's very good for that and a lot of the mini-games have stuck with me.



Phantom_R commented on Lucky New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Gamers Jump ...:

Speaking from an economist's perspective, there's nothing wrong with "scalping" like this. When choosing to keep or sell, you're deciding between having the system and having the money. When choosing to buy or not have, you're deciding between having the system and having the money.

So if you wouldn't buy the system for, say, $300, then that means you'd rather have $300 than the system. Therefore, if you can sell the system for $300, then you should do so.



Phantom_R commented on Video: Hacker Allegedly Shows Hidden Duck Hunt...:

You could say they have that amiibo data just in case they ever do decide to release a Duck Hunt amiibo.

Or, there could be no data for Duck Hunt and Nintendo could release an update patch along with the hypothetical Duck Hunt amiibo.

You can't really make anything of this discovery.



Phantom_R commented on Review: Shantae And The Pirate's Curse (Wii U ...:

@leemeyer26 Zing! I haven't played a Shantae game yet but the concept of defeating enemies by belly dancing and whipping my hair around sounds alluring. And this game takes place in Sequin Land? Shut up and take my money.

Even if it doesn't directly alter the way the game is played, these kinds of touches make the experience more enjoyable, just like vivid animations or soundtracks can.



Phantom_R commented on Review: Plenty of Fishies (Wii U eShop):

Looking through the Wii U eShop today for the first time in months, I saw almost nothing but garbage shovelware. RCMADIAX (whose games do function properly) said Nintendo has relentless quality checks, but then how do we end up with all of this broken trash?

And at the end of the day, I doubt any of them are profitable. This really boggles my mind.



Phantom_R commented on Weirdness: The Pokémon Timeline Seems as Craz...:

Definitely the silliest timeline I've ever seen. Takes every generation as its own complete universe and treats Red/Blue/etc. as alternate dimensions from each other. There is a real timeline, and it's nothing like this.



Phantom_R commented on Koji Kondo Outlines the Importance of Music in...:

I've always wanted to see this in a video game--music that changes naturally depending on what a player is doing. Awakening did in a way that by blending map and battle music. Ocarina of Time's Hyrule Field had different segments that would be played semi-randomly based on whether the player was moving.

Hopefully in the future we'll look back and scoff at music in video games today: enter an area and just loop some music track until the player leaves.



Phantom_R commented on Wii U eShop Title Meme Run Seals Approval To R...:

I don't understand why everyone thinks "USING A MEME = TERRIBLE NON-FUNNY GARBAGE". They're really no different from, say, quoting old episodes of SpongeBob. As long as it's done with context, or tastefully and intentionally without context, they are funny.

Y'all take groaning at puns to a whole new level.