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I love videogames.

Male, 33, Mexico

I like a lot the Virtual Console. I think it is a great oportunity to know a lot of retro games that are impossible to get nowadays or are expensive to get. I like also to play with my friends. I´m from Mexico, I have regular english. Nice to meet you all.

Wed 14th Oct 2009

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DarkEdi commented on Review: PictoParty (Wii U eShop):

This game is like Wii Party U and Wario Wii U, the Wario is better than Wii Party U minigame but this is a dedicated game with more colors, words and players (the most important the most players the most funny). I will download it in the next party in my house.

Only a very important question for me (I´m from Mexico). Does it have spanish language? This is very important because not all my friends and family understand english.



DarkEdi commented on Video: I ♥ Virtual Console - Monster Party I...:

The Virtual Console is one of my most important favorites in a Nintendo console. I love it since i have the Wii, then the 3ds, and now the Wii U and i keep downloading little by little all the Wii VC that never will arrive to Wii U before it get deleted.



DarkEdi commented on 3DS System Update 10.0.0-27 Is Available Now:

So previus updates keep unestable my 3DS until "now" that is stable. I don´t think so. Search another words to do the update Nintendo, because you are saying us we bought an unestabe system.



DarkEdi commented on Nintendo Download: 13th August (North America):

Nintendo must to do an update to let the Wii disc that offer in download to be playable in gamepad without need to download the digital version. It is possible but Nintendo is lazy. We can play all Wii games in gamepad if they do this update.



DarkEdi commented on Nintendo Download: 30th July (North America):

Why not an update to use the gamepad instead classic controller in all Wii (mode) games? Also with this Wii downloadable games we can see it is possible to play them directly in Wii U mode. WE NEED THIS UPDATE SOON!!