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I love videogames.

Male, 33, Mexico

I like a lot the Virtual Console. I think it is a great oportunity to know a lot of retro games that are impossible to get nowadays or are expensive to get. I like also to play with my friends. I´m from Mexico, I have regular english. Nice to meet you all.

Wed 14th October, 2009

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DarkEdi commented on Review: Maze (Wii U eShop):

I will support this dev. I downloaded the Letter and this too. I know he is getting experience and he takes the consideration to write and answer. That talks very good about him. When have you seen a message from some of Nintendo office in the NL boards? I like devs who care about get closing to the people.



DarkEdi commented on Two Tetris Titles Pulled From the 3DS eShop in...:

I downloaded Tetris Axis because it was very cheap and Tetris is always a waranty to a portable game. I didn´t download Tetris GB because I can play it in any GB in retail (I have it).

The only Tetris alive is Tetris Party in Wiiware (I hope, i need to check it).



DarkEdi commented on December's Club Nintendo Rewards Aim to Bring ...:

They are very expensive. Don´t use coins for the 3DS games. You can keep the coins and waste 2 and 3 dlls. It is better.

I wasted 150 coins for Mario Kart for SNES a years ago and now it is 250 coins. Bad Nintendo, bad.