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I love videogames.

Male, 32, Mexico

I like a lot the Virtual Console. I think it is a great oportunity to know a lot of retro games that are impossible to get nowadays or are expensive to get. I like also to play with my friends. I´m from Mexico, I have regular english. Nice to meet you all.

Wed 14th October, 2009

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DarkEdi commented on Review: Maze (Wii U eShop):

I will support this dev. I downloaded the Letter and this too. I know he is getting experience and he takes the consideration to write and answer. That talks very good about him. When have you seen a message from some of Nintendo office in the NL boards? I like devs who care about get closing to the people.



DarkEdi commented on Two Tetris Titles Pulled From the 3DS eShop in...:

I downloaded Tetris Axis because it was very cheap and Tetris is always a waranty to a portable game. I didn´t download Tetris GB because I can play it in any GB in retail (I have it).

The only Tetris alive is Tetris Party in Wiiware (I hope, i need to check it).



DarkEdi commented on December's Club Nintendo Rewards Aim to Bring ...:

They are very expensive. Don´t use coins for the 3DS games. You can keep the coins and waste 2 and 3 dlls. It is better.

I wasted 150 coins for Mario Kart for SNES a years ago and now it is 250 coins. Bad Nintendo, bad.



DarkEdi commented on Nintendo Download: 2nd October (North America):

I have Rondo of Bood in my Wii, so I can skip Dracula X.
I will buy in retail Smash Bros, so i don´t need to download a game at a high cost without box and cartridge.
I will download Solitaire game because it is very cheap, I waste more money in the metro or bus, so it isn´t a bad choice.



DarkEdi commented on Nintendo 64x64: Gauntlet Legends:

This game was traslated to spanish by mexican magazine Club Nintendo.

P.D. You need to talk about Club Nintendo, it is already 24 years monthly magazine.



DarkEdi commented on Nintendo Download: 2nd October (Europe):

SF Alpha 1 arrived to a Nintendo Hardware, the GBColor.
There is the list of all SF games in Nintendo consoles:

  • Fighting Street (SF 1): Turbografx, Wii VC
  • SF II, SFII Turbo, SSFII: SNES, Wii VC
  • SFII Turbo, SSFII: Genesis, Wii VC
  • SFII Turbo: Turbografx, Wii VC
  • SSFII Turbo: GB Advance
  • SF Alpha 1: GB Color
  • SF Alpha 2: SNES, Wii VC
  • SF Alpha 3:GB Advance
  • SSF IV: 3DS

The only SF are absent from Nintendo consoles are SF III,SF EX and the new UltraSF IV.