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I love videogames.

Male, 32, Mexico

I like a lot the Virtual Console. I think it is a great oportunity to know a lot of retro games that are impossible to get nowadays or are expensive to get. I like also to play with my friends. I´m from Mexico, I have regular english. Nice to meet you all.

Wed 14th October, 2009

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DarkEdi commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd July (North America):

Wiiware is alive!!! Now Nintendo MUST to put a "quick buy" button in Wii U eshop to enter the Wii shop so more people know there exist a second store (with a better VC) in their consoles.



DarkEdi commented on LostWinds Now Available For Wii to Wii U Transfer:

Maybe NintendoLife needs to do a complete and detailed article about PRO´s and CON´s of the transfer. I can say some nobody say already:

In Wii mode Mii channel you can´t transfer Mii´s from DS or wiimotes. And you lose all your Mii plaza of wiiconect (so you can´t "save" there more miis if you have more than 100 miis in the channel).



DarkEdi commented on North American Club Nintendo Update Closes Dow...:

I´m from Mexico and here we don´t have this service (only mexican magazine Club Nintendo, hehe). So I put USA data to get my account. I only download games because I can´t ask for physical rewards so I´m happy there are more options to dowload (but each time more and more expensive they are).



DarkEdi commented on Wii Classic Controllers No Longer Being Manufa...:

If you have Wii retrocompatible version you can always use the gamecube controller to play Tatsunoko or SNK and N64 games. And for Wii U it is a must to use a classic controller to play Injustice in 2 player mode.

P.D. The Wii U classic is the same but not Wii compatible so i pass with this and i keep the wii classic controller.



DarkEdi commented on Darksiders 2 Slashing Its Way Back to the EU e...:

I don´t know why companies sell always more expensive the digital games than retails. A retail game of $60 dlls must cost $30 dlls because it is only digital content without stores and production between selling process. This game in stores is like $20-30 dlls (in Mexico) so digital must be like $10 dlls.



DarkEdi commented on R-Type, Street Fighter And Alien Crush Are All...:

But it is confusing. First R-Type franchise was deleted, then only back the Turbografx version and now Irem continues dead but this only game come back to new generation while Super R-Type and R-Type III continue missed from the service.