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I love Nintendo!!! I have been a big fan since the eighties!!!

Tue 3rd September, 2013

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plunkettmonster commented on Poll: Where Do You Stand On DeNA, Smart Device...:

I am excited about it all the mobile games and the NX. Nintendo isn't in need of money, that is they are in the black and have a stock pile that according to Forbes would keep them churning for atleast a decade even if they were losing 200 million a year. I think it's a realization by the company that times are in deed changing and they need to do something to secure a long-term future for Nintendo. I love my 3DS and Wii U, in fact I have two Wii U's that is how much I love the system but it bothers me little that potentially at the end of next year a new system could replace either one or both of the ones I love. Like cell phones that consumers on average buy every 18 months we might have to get use to a new console every 3-4 years. But hey there are plenty of titles on the Wii U to keep it alive in kicking after the NX comes out, that is if it replaces the Wii U. I love Nintendo games so as long as they keep being put out at the quality they currently are I find nothing wrong with Nintendo's recent decisions. By the way Code Name STEAM is awesome!



plunkettmonster commented on ​​​Parent Trap: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimat...:

I am a huge fan of this series and this affinity to it has attracted the attention of my two sons. When the demo for MH4U was made available to all via the eShop, we three downloaded it. I expected the game to be too overwhelming for my youngest and a bit of a challenge for my oldest which I thought would translate to a loss of interest after they played it once or twice. I was wrong about how much time they would invest playing the demo. I was both delighted and surprised on how much both of them really enjoyed playing the game especially together. Still sceptical of how much they would enjoy the full game with all its complexities I cautioned against buying the full game for the pair of them, instead I allowed them to take turns playing my full version of MH4U. Watching them play my game illuminated to me how much I underestimated their abilities to play a game such as MH4U and pull enjoyment from it. I haven't run out and bought any more copies of the game just yet but come Easter I have no doubt that we will be hunting monsters together as a family. I value these family experiences immensely. I applaud Capcom for designing a multigenerational mid-maturity game that helps bridge that gap between younger player and older player.



plunkettmonster commented on Game Freak’s Director Explains Why TEMBO THE...:

I shouldn't care, I keep telling myself, but I do. Who am I to be upset about a company's decision to make a game that won't appear on a Nintendo console, hell all the cool game developers are doing it tha aese days. It just seems wrong that GF neglected to include Nintendo in some way.



plunkettmonster commented on TEMBO THE BADASS ELEPHANT, The Game Freak and ...:

I don't know why but this decision to abandon the Wii U by both Sega and Game Freak is wrong. Not that it matters that the Nintendo consoles because I don't think this game will be successful. Sega's track record as of late with good games hasn't been to appealing. Still though it seems wrong of these companies to ignore Nintendo fans because of the history they share.



plunkettmonster commented on New Nintendo 3DS Undone by Dragon Quest Heroes...:

I don't understand why they don't consider all the 3DS systems as one, or atleast put it into two categories the new 3DS and the old 3DS. But if you look at the bigger picture Nintendo sold approximately 41000 units , including the Wii U, between all categories, which isn't too shabby.



plunkettmonster commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has Shipped Over 3 M...:

I am absolutely glad this title is doing well both in Japan and in western regions! MH3U was my first experience in the series and I completely was mesmerized by it, I spent too many hours playing it I am sure of that fact! I am glad to have a new installment to the MH series. MH4U has some good improvements, nothing to write home to dear old mom about but enough to lead you to believe the next iteration will be even better.



plunkettmonster commented on Review: A World of Keflings (Wii U eShop):

I can't believe the reviewer gave this game such a high rating! The game is casual, it has great dialogue and the creativity of this game is pretty cool but it's a horrible mess that has you on pins and needles! I played through the game, DLC's included in under 20 hours and that's with experiencing two glitches that had me restart the game from scratch! It's a game where if you do something accidentally out of order you might find it impossible to progress any further! All in all it was worth atleast half of the 10 I spent to download it! It is a poor port and that may be the reason sales are so low in the US. Check out NinjaBee's website for all the known problems for this game and then check out their forum page to see what other issues with the game. It's really too bad this game has so much potential to be a great game but has so many issues that it falls short. I give it a 5/10!



plunkettmonster commented on Nintendo Titles Struggle to Make an Impact in ...:

I don't know why people care so much about Nintendo having third party games, there is a simple solution to this problem buy another console or don't buy one, but please do everyone a favor and get over it. Nintendo will plot it's own course and there isn't anything we can do to alter their path to either glory or destruction so either enjoy what they have to offer or don't. I personally have been enjoying my Wii U since launch, so much so I purchased a second one so I didn't have to share with my family! The games are fantastic and fun that Nintendo has to offer and I couldn't ask for more from them. I don't miss games like GTA or COD being available on the Wii U because they are unappealing mindless shooters that only embrace violence there is no glory or honor in murdering and raping people just because everyone is doing it. Give me fantasy and adventure that isn't readily available on the streets already or that can't be had by going to war, this is gaming to me. I want to be surrounded by the impossible and fantastic because it's so inspiring and makes me feel good, and that is what Nintendo delivers best games that make you feel good. The world sucks but I don't need to relive it in my living room via video games. You can keep your ultraviolet wet dream 3rd party games and I will keep my fun and friendly Nintendo games.



plunkettmonster commented on Nintendo Titles Struggle to Make an Impact in ...:

Sure third party support would be nice but that's if the titles work at all for me quality is better than quantity and revenue is for companies to worry about not me. I care about the games I play not how well a company profits, bit just the same I am sure Nintendo will be in the black after this Holiday season passes. As I say to all those who believe 3rd party games are the answer to Nintendo's woes: You can keep your third party games I will keep my Nintendo games and we all will be happy in the end.



plunkettmonster commented on Nintendo Titles Struggle to Make an Impact in ...:

It matters not, Nintendo has some great games people who love Nintendo will buy them and be delighted and that is all that matters. We have already established that Nintendo's weakest link is to the European people's for various reasons, but those reasons and that lack of sales won't bankrupt Nintendo. The only effect that weak sales will have for Nintendo in Europe is a delay of popular titles, meaning that new titles will release in that region later than others, which blows for big N fans.



plunkettmonster commented on The 3DS Proves to Be a Popular Music Player in...:

If the 3DS had a music player I would use it as well as other features like an eReader, I think it makes a lot of sense even here in the West. I like to escape from my phone as often as possible usually when I am gaming so having a music app on my 3DS would be a definite plus. I also like the idea for my children too, they would enjoy having the ability to play music and their video games all on one device at the same time!



plunkettmonster commented on Poll: Should Nintendo Follow Microsoft's Lead ...:

I have tons of friends who are not going to buy a Wii u until Zelda U comes out, pretty much without question. They might consider buying one early if they were cheaper. Most of My friends are disappointed in their purchase of their Xbones and PS4 s so they feel buying another console right now might be a waste of money.



plunkettmonster commented on Video: How Much Faster Is The New Nintendo 3DS?:

Just a hunch but we won't see the new 3DS in the US until late January or early February! I think Nintendo wants to sell as many Wii U's in its strongest region during the busy shopping time of the year without sinking those sales with a new device!



plunkettmonster commented on Feature: Hyrule Warriors - Everything We Know ...:

Day One purchase for me, I am excited about this game, I have been since it was announced last December, the Nintendo Direct just reaffirmed I am buying it on day one. I just have to decided which costume set I want so I know where to put in my pre-order.



plunkettmonster commented on Nintendo's Bill Trinen Discusses Localising To...:

I am excited about this release after watching the Nintendo Direct. I am going to pre-order this title just so I know I have it on release day, which is astounding considering I am not a big fan of SIM based games or wasn't until Animal Crossing New Leaf sucked away all my free time. I am ready for a change of pace with my SIM based gaming so bring it on Nintendo, too bad I have to wait until June.



plunkettmonster commented on Nicalis Boss Tyrone Rodriguez Thinks The Wii U...:

I support the gamepad 100% it is wonderful! It may be under utilized but take away gaming is indispensable in a house hold with one TV or one place to game! I enjoy the various uses of the gamepad when they are employed, but they need not be for every game! I think developers should realize they can build a great game on the Wii U with or without the Gamepad, getting stuck on the idea of how to use the gamepad is just inane! But lets face the facts, big box developers are cheap, they want to make games as cheaply and easily as possible so they can turn a buck, the advanced style of game play the Wii U gamepad offers makes it hard to make games cheaply! The gamepad is brilliant and it is why I own two Wii U's,it is the best system out there on the market!



plunkettmonster commented on Talking Point: NFC And The GamePad Can Succeed...:

I feel that NFC's would be a great addition to the gaming versatility of the Wii U. It would be a money maker for sure for Nintendo, especially if they made Mario based NFC's. Can you imagine being able to pick up your favorite Mario brothers characters at a toy or game store, then taking them home and playing with them in two different ways, one way physical and the other digitally. I know an open world where you are free to chose your hero from the Mario Bros universe would not only appeal to children and gamers but also collectors and adults who remember playing these games back in the day. I remeber an article posted here some months ago about a notable game designer working on a new IP, maybe its a Mario based NFC game, one can only hope. The more I think this over the more I want to play a Mario based Skylander's esque game, so I hope Nintendo has something like this up their sleeves !



plunkettmonster commented on Soapbox: A Monster Hunter Obsession, and Why t...:

After announcing MH4U for the 3DS in the west it was a great move by Nintendo and Capcom to offer eShop versions of the game at $20/ title. I was interested in the game bit was concerned abiut being able to adapt to the style of game play for $40-$50 bucks so I didn't buy the game until thos past weekend when it was offered on the eShop for $20USD. I have logged in 5 hours of game play so far on my 2DS doing rudimentary quests but I am hungry for more. I can see myself playing this game for hours, I am not sure I will hit 100 hours like Tom but then again I didn't think I would hit 70 hours on ACNL in little over a month so anything is possible. But MH3U is great for new Monster Hunters and is the spring board the franchise needs to launch MH4U and MHFG in the west.



plunkettmonster commented on Nintendo of America Issues Refunds After Warne...:

As i was knee deep in Arkham City and its hugeness I hadn't the time or money to buy Origins yet but now I will not even waste either when I finish Arkham City. Really thinking about dropping Arkham City on its head now that Origins will be just barsteward bersion