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JusticeColde commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Voice Actress Is In Fav...:

@faint Obviously, you've got the right idea about what the SJ difference is. @Dave24 is off to a degree with his points, being one of the types to throw around and degrade the term SJW.

The thing about maternity leave is more of a business issue than it is a gender issue because a lot of injuries (unfairly) don't count, and worse, businesses outright refuse medical leave.



JusticeColde commented on Michael Pachter Thinks Miitomo Will Have Troub...:

The thing that kills this argument is that barely anyone under the age of 23 uses Facebook these days. Does he even understand the social media market? Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, the list goes on. FB isn't dominant amongst the youth as it once was, and as a result, people look for the next social media service.

No need to mention that FB isn't even Miitomo's competition.