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Thu 22nd Aug 2013

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kegluneq commented on Wii U Players Won't Be Able To Join A Clan In ...:

whatever... I'm not planning to give any more cent to activision for another COD. they are so lazy making COD games nowadays. you can see from the campaigns. awful storys. yeah we know the online is everything for aactivision in a COD game. but seriously. where's your professionalism? if the servers go down you simply don't play COD. campaign mode seems like a tutorial for me. no no no... no more € for the lazy guys of activision. with the battlefield being better and better cod series are doomed.



kegluneq commented on Video: This Is The Effect Wii Party U Has On E...:

this is a great game to play in family. plus it comes with a wii remote plus that costs 25€ here in Portugal. with the game and remote set with a price of 46.40€ at worten in Portugal and I only have 2 wii remotes plus I think this set is a great deal for me. and it's too difficult too convince my girlfriend to play with me. she's already tired of rayman legends. it's a new game that can bring together two of my passion. my girlfriend and NINTENDO



kegluneq commented on Rumour: Sony Running Campaign To Push Potentia...:

humm. wiiu for 300 or ps4 and vita for 600... humm. will sony create a mario and link too? or maybe a samus... well they did their own super smash... how original... and move... always criticizing nintendo ideas... always copying



kegluneq commented on Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut Will ...:

conclusion: wii u owners have to pay for an extra work? why the hell they choose to do for the other platforms. it's suppose to be an exclusive. in my point of view the extra work it's not in the wii u version but in the other versions.



kegluneq commented on Out Now: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD:

yeah my pre order from amazon has been delayed. digital... no thanks. only physical copys counts for a collection. it seems stores in Portugal don't suck so much as I think and they already have the game. waiting for my girlfriend to go work later today to go buy the game. so I'll have 8 hours for my big big love today until the other love finish the work today