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Mon 29th Jul 2013

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Slayer commented on Review: Call of Duty: Ghosts (Wii U):

I'm definitely grabbing this for Xbox One. My friend got the 360 current gen version and I'll be sad to be unable to play with him. But honestly life (or other games) get(s) in the way and I end up at a low level lol. Look at me in Black Ops II, I'm level 22 as of now.
But Ghosts really looks like it changes some things and really looks like a MW4 with a much cooler title. I'd prefer it be called Ghosts anyway. But I've never seen a Call of Duty game like this. It even kept the whole zombies mode thing despite previously being announced as a new Modern Warfare game. And I heard of an aliens mode. Trippy.
This truly has gone where no CoD has gone before, even though you hear this from someone who played the first Black Ops game as a first CoD game.



Slayer commented on Video: This Is Why CoD: Ghosts Is Best on Wii U:

Oh, please. The Xbox One and PS4 versions will totally be better. More powerful systems mean a more powerful game.
And when I play MW3 on my Wii I hate the nunchuk and remote control scheme. I just live with it because MW3 is a great game.



Slayer commented on Review: Skylanders SWAP Force (3DS):

It's always either the DS family or the Wii family. Oh well.
I hate to say it, but I might not get this. I have a feeling that I'll beat it, put it down, and practically never play it again.



Slayer commented on Feature: Where Is Your Wii Balance Board?:

It's actually two slots down from my Wii upstairs. I keep it there but it's gathering dust because I mostly play MW3, Sonic Colors or Mega Man 4.
And my God, that's a lot of GameCubes.



Slayer commented on The Pokémon Company Is Working On A Detective...:

That's a decent change from what they've been making lately. Still seeing people trading and battling over HeartGold and SoulSilver, so I must say most people prefer good old Pokémon. I kind of hate the fact that people get so good at these games that they've plowed through the Gym Leaders, conquered the Elite Four, and finally defeated the Champion before I've beaten four Gym Leaders. If you so much as have another game or life events, you can fall behind quickly.
So it's nice to see this.



Slayer commented on Feature: A Supersonic History of Sonic Cartoons:

Sonic was SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE SMB SUPER SHOW! I enjoyed it so much more! Mario really isn't made for some media types.
Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog was awesome and I loved following it. It brings memories of playing the classic games.
Sonic Underground was awesome! The plot was epic and a blast to follow! I loved the story too!
Sonic X is OBVIOUSLY THE BEST ONE! I know it's modern but it's just so cool. Modern Sonic is the best absolutely. This has a storyline that makes a load of sense, pretty much every character that we wanted was included, like Emerl. Loved him in Sonic Battle, gets a great place in Sonic X. I watched the SMBSS, and it was enjoyable, but it was so SHORT! I blew through every episode in 3, 4 or 5 days. Sonic never ceases to entertain me, I guess.



Slayer commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd October (North America):

Lengthy list, not many games to be wanted. 45% of people so far aren't getting anything this week.
And developers honestly don't even try with DSiWare anymore. What happened to the awesome games that all wanted to play? Those who can't get a 3DS or a Wii U until Christmas or something have to enjoy their DSi. These people ruin it with their half-hearted games.



Slayer commented on Review: Phineas and Ferb: Quest for Cool Stuff...:

I knew this wouldn't be very good. I mean, how many animated shows and children movies have disappointed us over and over with their games? This had a simple look, but things that made many games fun, this missed out on.



Slayer commented on Review: Phineas and Ferb: Quest for Cool Stuff...:

I knew this wouldn't be very good. I mean, how many animated shows and children movies have disappointed us with their games? This had a simple look, but things that made many games fun, this missed out on.



Slayer commented on Hardware Review: Nintendo 2DS:

The 2DS was an idiotic idea considering there's an OPTION TO TURN 3D OFF ON THE 3DS. Think console ideas through before you make, announce, and release them, Nintendo.



Slayer commented on Sonic Lost World:

Alright! In my opinion Sonic's story is always better than Mario. Oh, no, a dragon that's fat and the size of a tree is attacking a kingdom! Call the local plumber to save us! Wow.
A guy in a ship is blowing up the land, and putting animals in attacking robots! Get the blue lightspeed running hedgehog over here pronto!
Now THAT'S more sense.



Slayer commented on SEGA: Sonic Titles Perform "Really, Really Wel...:

@ednice Wow. You really do hate on games now, don't you?
I can't wait for this. As an ongoing Sonic fan from the heart, I savor every second I play Sonic games. This will have me stop playing Sonic Colors on Wii.
Some say just making games for other systems from Nintendo didn't work out. But LOOK at the number of people waiting for this.



Slayer commented on Nintendo Download: 12th September (North America):

I'm taking a look at these DSiWare ones, and seeing if they're any good.
Wow, Zelda II. Not surprised if that doesn't sell much.
Oh god, never mind, the DSiWare titles aren't very good. I'm hoping for some DSiWare that stands on the brink of the DSi's capabilities. This system is still enjoyable, there just needs to be good games.



Slayer commented on Cave Story 3D:

Why do they tempt us???
I STILL have Cave Story DSiWare, I am 3DSless, and THEY REMAKE IT?



Slayer commented on New Pokémon Movie Screening In Cartoon Networ...:

I never was very fond of the Pokemon media, besides the games and the card game. The card game is pretty much cracked since people can make custom cards now, and as for the games there's an app where you can customize the levels and stuff of a Pokemon and send it to GTS in-game so you can recieve it, making it possible to get overpowered Pokemon without training them whatsoever. Why do people hack these games?