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Fri 14th Dec 2012

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marck13 commented on Review: Trauma Team (Wii U eShop / Wii):

Really liked the other two Trauma Center games, so i'm interested for a Europe-Release too. And yes, it's a big shame there is no Wii U Game of this Series yet - what a perfect fit it would be!



marck13 commented on Review: Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U):

Gonna get this on Thursday. And then I'll be also waiting for FAST, woohoo!

Another awesome game that can only be enjoyed on the Wii U. It is still a mystery to me, why this console isn't being bought by more people.



marck13 commented on Feature: Finding Top Speed in FAST Racing NEO:

I'll buy this day one.
I trust Shin'en to deliver passion and quality.

I absolutely agree with you! Guitar and Metal tunes will be missed strongly, if they are not there. It gives the ultimate feeling of speed and "Kick ass" needed!



marck13 commented on Climate "Not Healthy" For Dedicated Handheld G...:

And I still would like a Nintendo-DS-Phone. I just checked the web phage from sharp, who's know to be working together with Nintendo for their screen technology and was surprised (or was I not?) that Sharp has a phone that uses 3D-Stereoscopic screens with two outside cameras (Aqous phone SH80F).



marck13 commented on Talking Point: Star Fox Zero's Delay Could Be ...:

Xenoblade Chronicles X, FAST Racing Neo, Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water ... idk about you, BUT MY WII U ROCKS !!!

Miyamoto and Nintendo know exactly why they delay Star Fox. We are whining around right now, but let's be honest: history has showed us again and again that it's worth the "little more time". It's why many on this page do love Nintendo - the quality in games that can't be found anywhere else.



marck13 commented on Project CARS Studio Boss Admits to Problems Wi...:

They must be Slightly Mad talking about economics when the money they are supposed to use to make the promised Wii U-Version was raised through Kickstarter/Gamers (where the highest anticipated Version was always the one for the Wii U). This is horrible publicity for Slightly Mad Studios!!



marck13 commented on Reaction: There is a Positive Angle to Nintend...:

Yes, I got to go to bed at 3am., but I got to play a lot! It was clear to me, by just simply knowing how Nintendo ticks, that they wouldn't let us hang in the dry and would extend the time. They did and i had a great time with a hit game. Splat-on!



marck13 commented on Video: Nintendo Releases a Showcase for Wii U ...:

Go get it! It's an awesome game and I wish more developers would be that inovative.
Play it with your wife/husband/friend etc. and you will soon find out how well you communicate..

The game gets full points from me.



marck13 commented on Exclusive: Affordable Space Adventures Pricing...:

Good games are worth even more to me and I don't like the trend of fast devaluation of games either. It just is not good for the whole industry and at least the good devs do deserve better - than that their games are treated as if they age like milk! I am also willing to honor the exclusivity too.



marck13 commented on New Details Emerge on Puzzle & Dragons: Super ...:

I hope it's as much fun as i expect it to be. Hm.. it's dangerous to have high expectations.. but heard about the great sales of the original Puzzle and Dragons game over in Nippon and that's usually promising for my taste.