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Tue 14th May, 2013

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ScorpionMG commented on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Only Sell...:

Gamexplain: 5/5
Destructoid: 100/100
Game informer: 93
Cheat code Central: 90
Nintendolife: 9/10
IGN: 84
Joystiq: 80
The escapist: 80
And poor old gamespot who thinks this isn't as good as they expected it to be, they gave it a 6/10. Oh dear.



ScorpionMG commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Direct Pointed to Anot...:

Thankfully it's my last year of school and i have studies, so i don't have much time to play ( i still have ac4 to finish & rayman/w101 to start)
i'll play the games regularly without getting DK for now and hopefully i'll finish them by summer ( i also have like 6 indie games to finish)
Can't wait for MK8!



ScorpionMG commented on Brand New Game Developer, AE Games, Shows Its ...:

@Noonch @Legromancer @Yorumi @Technosphile @Everly Nope, this is actually a true dev that currently has a wii u exclusive in the works
Menashe from nintendo enthusiast said this:
"I just saw their email to us. I didn't think they were legit until that email. The email definitely gave them more credibility. In any case, they didn't want to do an interview until after their Friday reveal."
Nintendo magazine did say they were going to announce a new game, so it's probably this one.



ScorpionMG commented on Exclusive: Shin'en Multimedia Bringing Art of ...:

" while up to 10 people can play across two Wii U systems in online matches "
Now that is insane, looks like shinen has mastered the wii u's full power :P
I'll give this a try as i only downloaded the demo of art arcademy on my wii.



ScorpionMG commented on Big Red Button's Bob Rafei Spills More Details...:

i actually don't mind with this new look, it is a bit strange indeed but hey, thay are older :P , and i do think they might change it a bit because it's still in progress but I need more footage to see before this makes me want to get it.