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Fri 12th March, 2010

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BJQ1972 commented on The North American Version Of Tomodachi Life W...:

I think many people are underestimating the amount of work that localisation involves. It isn't just a matter of translating the text but also making sure it makes sense culturally. The English on the NA and EU versions will most likely be very different, and the same would be the case with FR and ES translations.



BJQ1972 commented on PC Engine And MSX Games Coming To Japanese 3DS...:

Any info on price for people who have transferred the game from their Wii? Any similar discounts to the NES and SNES games?

Edit: just checked. It does say preferential price for Wii version owners but doesn't say how much.



BJQ1972 commented on Nintendo Disables Swapnote's SpotPass Service ...:

@RawkHawk013 It is quite likely that the reason that this service is being closed is more insidious than most of the people commenting on this thread believe, so how can any attempt at supporting the protection of children be a joke?

These kids might think they are swapping photos with a child of similar age but it is just as likely to be a middle aged deviant, or alternatively it could be a kid of the same age who just wants to display their pictures to everybody else at school. Either way lives are ruined because the natural curiosity of that age is violated.



BJQ1972 commented on Review: Breath of Fire II (Wii U eShop / Super...:

This isn't the PAL version of the game is it? The version released in the EU on Wii U is the US version. You should correct the icon at the top of the review. (I am assuming that you have reviews the Wii U version rather than picking a copy on a UK SNES.)



BJQ1972 commented on Review: Jet Force Gemini (Nintendo 64):

The main problem, that most people didn't realise was that that you had to play it through to the end before you could play the levels properly. One of Rare's best. Like a lot of Rare games a walk through is advisable.



BJQ1972 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Wii U Lineup Makes C...:

You can't expect a big game from all of Nintendo's franchises every year, but many people do and they are the ones who are always disappointed after an E3. I thought the games look great and I know that they will be working on their other franchises for the future. One thing that is disappointing is the lack of 3rd party support.



BJQ1972 commented on Feature: The Humble Origins of Animal Crossing:

I remember the excitement of a Birthday or Toy Day on the GC version, hoping a NES game would appear in my post box - only to be met with crushing disappointment. It's like waiting for VC releases on a Thursday.



BJQ1972 commented on Developer Says Watch_Dogs Will Offer The "Same...:

Considering Ubisoft have already said there is an improvement in AI on the PS4 version this is surprising. I wonder if, when this sells many more copies on PS3 than PS4, Ubisoft will panic and scale back development.

As for sony, I know seven years ago was a long time ago but I can't believe they can't remember that having simultaneous releases on both PS2 and PS3 impacted PS3 take up. Oh, but of course, the PS4 version in this case has immersive touchscreen features. All, what 1" of it?



BJQ1972 commented on Talking Point: Sony's PlayStation 4 Poses a Fr...:

No native backwards compatibility, and not being able to transfer/play PSN purchases on the PS4 will be a difficult sell.

The fact that they are already announcing games like Watch Dogs will ship on PS3 AND PS4 shows that Sony have learned nothing from the previous generation transition.



BJQ1972 commented on Wii U Need for Speed: Most Wanted Based on Sup...:

I still remember Burnout 2 very fondly on the GameCube. Criterion are an excellent developer.

It was a shame that their owners pulled them away from developing for Nintendo consoles. Nice to see that they have once again made the extra effort with a port to a Nintendo system.



BJQ1972 commented on GPU Images Reveal Wii U Graphical Power:

How many developers have gone under because of the costs of development for HD consoles? How many will go under because those costs will increase even more for the Next Gen consoles. Microsoft and Sony seem, to me, to be racing headlong into another major crash of the gaming market.



BJQ1972 commented on Trine 2: Director's Cut Update Now Live In Europe:

@JAPBOO from Joe Kane, who produces a range of TV Calibration discs gamma is defined as:-

Gamma The light output of a CRT is not linear with respect to the voltage input. This non-linearity follows an exponential function that is known as gamma. The camera has the inverse gamma of the CRT so that the resulting stage light input to CRT light output transfer will be somewhat linear, given the restrictions of the video system.

For CRT read HDTV - it's an old definition.

Clear now? It more or less boils down to if gamma is incorrect images may look too dark, or washed out.



BJQ1972 commented on Nintendo Reveals Plans For Wii U Virtual Console:

It looks to me like you are just paying the difference between the price of the Wii and WiiU versions to add the extra functionality, or you can choose to keep the Wii versions.

I have over 240 VC and WiiWare games, and look forward to giving Nintendo even more money. I'm upset that it looks like TG-16 games will never be transferred over to Wii U.



BJQ1972 commented on Platinum Games' Hideki Kamiya: Bayonetta eShop...:

Already got Bayonetta on 360, and Vanquish on PS3, so probably wouldn't buy again, but I love Platinum Games so never say never. Looking forward to Anarchy Reigns next week, and Metal Gear Revengeance next month.



BJQ1972 commented on Review: Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion ...:

I thought the demo was fine apart from having to stop every 5 seconds to trace round a picture with my stylus. It interrupted the flow of the game, and how the game designers couldn't see that is a mystery to me.