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Italian gamer belonging to both the Nintendo fanbase and - to a lesser extent - the Sony and Xbox fanbases. Currently holding out for the Gameboy Advance's official VC debut on the 3DS eShop, as well as Super Smash Bros' long-overdue handheld debut on the Nintendo 3DS.

Wed 20th February, 2013

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AlexSora89 commented on Nintendo Download: 18th September (Europe):

As glad as I can be about being among the lucky souls who snagged the Smash Bros special demo, I have to point out the complete SSB is just about two weeks away, and there's still no sign of Kirby Fighters Deluxe.

About Theatrhythm, that's in my do-do list, but right now I'm saving my euros for Smash. Gonna get it later, maybe after the Hoenn remakes. And I can satiate my thirst for FF music with the first TFF game. I also have to point out that my next Indies Zero game won't be Curtain Call, either: I've set my sights on Ultimate NES Remix, if only for being the 3DS game in which Mario and the Ice Climbers will be featured together (sorry, fellow Smashers, but Sakurai pulled a Mewtwo on the Ice Climbers, as well as Wolf and Lucas).



AlexSora89 commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Brings Circ...:

Quoting a proverb from my homeland - Italy - "the man biting the dog is much more likely to make the news". As worried for my circle pad as I am, I've been enjoying the demo without any problems so far, and I guess the same can be said about the full game as well. The fact my Gamecube controller has endured Brawl and Melee before it might say a lot. As much as Smash might be tough on 3DSes, I'm pretty sure that's nothing that can't be prevented by being a wee bit careful.



AlexSora89 commented on The GameCube is 13 Years Old:

The GCN holds the honor of being my first Nintendo home console, and my second home console overall (the first one was Sony's well-known juggernaut). The game I got it with was Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, and while its lack of single races in single-player mode (something I perceive as even more of an issue in Mario Kart 7, where it outright makes no sense) left me unimpressed, when I got my first Smash Bros game - Melee - was when the magic truly began. I still own it as a side console to be used in the kitchen (the Wii inherited its legacy thanks to its retrocompatibility), which speaks volumes of the extent I've grown affected to it. As Tv Tropes puts it, it's "the little lunchbox that could.". All hail the Cube, guys!



AlexSora89 commented on Weirdness: Playing as Peach Online is Triggeri...:

Speaking of Germany, you reminded me of something I found out today. It seems someone in Germany has the European, complete version of the game ALREADY.
I'm not even kidding - use "smash bros" and "german" as keywords in Youtube's search bar, and make the filter show only the latest results.
I thought that after envying Japanese players, I would stop going green-eyed. I was painfully wrong.



AlexSora89 commented on Talking Point: The Super Smash Bros. 3DS Demo ...:

Nintendo should release demos for every major game, period. For three reasons:
1) Newbies. Newcomers to Nintendo consoles (or to console gaming in general) would feel a lot better without worrying about the dangers of buyer's remorse, and once they take the first bite out of a good Nintendo game, they'll make sure they have enough money to get the entire cake.
2) Nintendo always has surprises. Which is why no Nintendo fan should take anything for granted, in the good meaning of the sentence: before Super Mario 3D Land was released, gamers who never saw a trailer might well have rolled their eyes when they did as much as hear about a 3D Mario game with 2D Mario mechanics. Demos are safe (money-wise) ways of experiencing many different kinds of gameplay, which is why it's about time Nintendo clicked onto the fact demos have been, and still are, definitely a thing.
3) Even fans with an almost blind faith in Nintendo (like me, although skepticism finds its way as well when I'm waiting for a new game) need to ease their wait. And as much of a good thing the Super Smash Bros. special demo I just got was, I find it still came out too late. Better late than never, but getting it sooner wouldn't have hurt, either. The need to ease the wait for a new game is also the reason I wasn't impressed with the GBA Virtual Console games for 3DS Ambassador coming out after Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 - they would have helped a lot if they came out before the 3DS titles.



AlexSora89 commented on Weirdness: There Are Super Smash Bros. for Nin...:

I've been lucky enough to have been given this code by a friend of mine. I've been telling her I can't quite thank her enough for, like, an hour. Suffice to say, I stopped repeating "I still don't know how to thank you" ad nauseam once I started playing the game - don't get me wrong, it's obviously because it's so good I can't stop playing this little gem (and not because I take my thanks back, because--oh, scratch that, you get my point). If only it wasn't 3:30 AM here in Italy, I'd start playing again. I'm sleepy. Good night, fine fellow fans.



AlexSora89 commented on Demo for Super Smash Bros. 3DS Announced for N...:

Jeez, it's taking less for this demo to come out here than it did with Kirby Fighters Deluxe. The demo coming out later kind of justified the - ugh - limited number of uses, but still, Japan has already been enjoying the demo as well as the game itself now, so why the demo is coming out so late is beyond me, especially considering the little amount of text to be translated required.

Back to Kirby Triple Deluxe and regular Kirby Fighters for me, I guess. Bummer.



AlexSora89 commented on Standard 3DS Consoles Will Have Limited Online...:

I guess all the respect for us "ambassadors" got thrown out of the window. Just kidding - that already happened with the GBA Virtual Console being WiiU-only.

Oh, well, they want us to step it up, but the New 3DS is, in fact, a redesign, as far as I know. Nonetheless, I'll change my 3DS only when I feel the need to do so (and the battery might help in that regard).

Actually, I'm glad this series is finally making it to portable systems, so I'm not mad about this, if only a bit disappointed.



AlexSora89 commented on Review: Kirby Fighters Deluxe (3DS eShop):

Already said it, I'll say it again - no matter how good this beauty is, if it doesn't come out during the few coming pre-Smash weeks, then it won't have a reason to even be in my 3DS, especially considering the wait for the next Smash is what brought me to Kirby Triple Deluxe in the first place.



AlexSora89 commented on Talking Point: The Growing Role of The Treehou...:

I'm glad they're opening up so much. Before they did, all we knew about them was the fact they're the guys that kept this or that game in Japan only, although I reckon this is a really narrow-minded conclusion on my part.



AlexSora89 commented on North America is Getting the Limited Edition o...:

@ the staff (off-topic)
Speaking of "bummer", i was about to use a similar word but I remembered it's a swear word in British English; which reminded me of a question that is still... well, bugging me: why is "bloody" a swear word in the UK anyway? What's so bad about blood, aside from the fact it's not a good thing when it's not flowing in our veins?



AlexSora89 commented on Kirby Fighters Deluxe:

I'll be rude and say it right away - the only chance this game has to see my money is to arrive here in Europe before Super Smash Bros. Afterwards, it'll have missed the train. There are still three weeks to go.



AlexSora89 commented on Nintendo Treehouse Confirms 8 Hour Twitch Broa...:

[flails his arms around and bumps his shoulder on the wall]
[flails his arms around again and bumps his shoulder on the other wall]
[does the same with another wall]
[slams his forehead on the wall]
[breathes in] LONG!
[slams again]
[slams again]
[screaming in anguish] CCCCOOOOOOOME?!?!



AlexSora89 commented on Video: This New Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo...:

I wish I knew japanese. Is there a sub or something? What does that "kogekishte" (or whatever that is) that's repeated three times at the beginning (with Mario versus Bowser)?

I'd avoid these useless questions is the game was out already! Quoting Egoraptor: NNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGHHHHFFFFFFFFF!!!



AlexSora89 commented on Feature: The Benefits of a Portable Super Smas...:

The sheer irony of this article coming out while I actually was out, without username and password with me, is incredible.

I'll just reiterate what I said every other time: it's about time this series went portable, what with its sublime gameplay, encyclopedic trophy collection, and the like. The real shame is I was hoping for a "Super Smash Bros. Advance" back in the day, just to give you folks an idea of just how long I've been waiting. Nonetheless, what kept the series from debuting on the first DS is beyond me. Sure, there's the whole "lack of analog" thing, but I call bullroar on that, since Brawl had Wiimote-only controls and worked just fine.

Just a bit more than three weeks to go, Hallelujah!



AlexSora89 commented on Masahiro Sakurai Provides Another Look at Supe...:

As soon as I get the game, I'll spend my first half-hour in Training mode, and then Classic, Classic, Classic... until I unlock everyone. Then Stadium, All-Star, and Smash Run, until I get everything else. It's gonna be Smash against the CPU from then on.



AlexSora89 commented on NicoNico Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Br...:

At this point, all I hope for is just the presence of the newcomer trailers in the handheld version of the game, because I'm otherwise satisfied (without counting the fact that - if the leaks are true - the fourth Smash game seems to have pulled a Mewtwo on the Ice Climbers, which is a pity considering I love those two guys). Classic mode, tons of trophies, Mii Fighter online sharing, and much more. The handheld SSB has it all.



AlexSora89 commented on Nintendo Has Nothing to Say About Recent Smash...:

Also, DLC is needed if Ice Climbers aren't in the basic roster.
Scratch that, it's needed, period! DLC between versions would help SSB3DS get the characters that, by December, would also end up in SSBWiiU by default.
In other words: I predict that, after release, the 3DS version would get more characters as DLC, while the WiiU will have all of 'em on the disc itself.



AlexSora89 commented on Nintendo Has Nothing to Say About Recent Smash...:

I bring to your attention this article's image: Mario, Nintendo's mascot, punching Bowser in the groin.
One of the leaked characters is Bowser Junior.



AlexSora89 commented on Rumour: Unconfirmed Smash Bros. Footage Suppos...:

Wario is in, regardless of this leak. The Australian rating board mentioned a character showing his gluteal cleft and the presence of flatulence in the game. Add that to Waluigi and Ashley having the Wario symbol next to their names during the Smash Bros. Direct, and do the math.



AlexSora89 commented on Rumour: Unconfirmed Smash Bros. Footage Suppos...:

Didn't mean to sound rude, but that's what I've read elsewhere. Besides, an All-Star mode locked like that means the game tells players there is an an All-Star mode in the first place, which wasn't the case in Melee and Brawl (on the contrary, as is with characters and stage, the game doesn't tell you there's either this or that game mode until you unlock it).



AlexSora89 commented on Rumour: Unconfirmed Smash Bros. Footage Suppos...:

Sorry to burst your bubble, but apparently that pic has a lock on it because the version given to ESRB doesn't have All-Star Mode in it yet.

Also, the Smashboards thread is back up. In there, a user came up with a potentially funny caption for a Dr. Mario-based pic of the day (in which Dr. Mario is revealed to be an alt):
"Pic Of The Day. Mario may be a doctor now, but he still knows how to fix leaks!"



AlexSora89 commented on Rumour: Unconfirmed Smash Bros. Footage Suppos...:

More context: here's a Smashboards thread dedicated to both supporting the leak and tearing it apart...

And here's a look at the SSB series' infamous track record when it comes to rumors.

A synopsis about this particular leak:

{ On August 19, 2014, a user created a thread on 4chan's /v/ imageboard with a photo containing the character icons of all previous Smash characters and revealed newcomers, asking who people think will get cut. Later on, a different user created another thread, with the aforementioned user's photo, but modified with never-before-seen character icons on most of the unannounced veterans, including Dr. Mario, who was cut in Brawl, along with never before seen icons of new characters that haven't been announced, who were Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles, Bowser Jr. from the Super Mario franchise, Dark Pit from Kid Icarus: Uprising, and the Dog from Duck Hunt. In addition to this, there was a red X over the veterans without the icons, signifying they have been cut. These cut veterans were Squirtle, Ivysaur, Lucas, Wolf, the Ice Climbers, and Snake. Curiously, while Mewtwo did not have a new character icon, it had a ? over it instead of a red X, leaving its status unknown. Later in the thread, a second leaker, with the name of "Mother[expletive] Leaker", posted two new images, one showing a nearly full view of the Duck Hunt Dog's render, showing it will fight alongside a duck, and the other showing the character select screen containing all the characters implicated in the OP image. A third different leaker would then post five more images, which showed fuller renders of Shulk, Dr. Mario, and Bowser Jr. (which revealed him being inside his miniature Koopa Clown Car), a customisation menu where the player can select either the characters within the game or Miis, and a stage select screen, showing off many stages that have not been announced. After these images were posted in the thread, the "Mother[expletive] Leaker" would then post a list claiming the following characters to be DLC: Lucas, Wolf, the Ice Climbers, Snake, and the Chorus Men implicated by the Gematsu leaks. However, the leaker would later admit on Smashboards that he made the DLC list up to catch "copycat leaks" and "to have a little fun", but maintained his leaked images were completely real. After the 4chan thread was closed, a fourth leaker, with the name of MasterLinkX, posted three new images on GameFAQs, which depicted an ingame shot of a team battle with Shulk and Lucina against Ganondorf and Charizard on Yoshi's Island, and the result screen, depicting one of Shulk's victory poses, and a fuller and much clearer shot of Ganondorf's new render. The supposed source of the images is unknown, as the leakers never disclosed where exactly the images are supposedly from. However they are believed to come from footage that was sent to the ESRB for review in order to decide the game's rating, as P1's username in the images was "ESRB0083", and the lack of a gap between the top and bottom screen images shows they are not being displayed on an actual 3DS unit. Interestingly, these images are consistent with a prior prominent leak on Smashboards, known as the "Ninka/Vaanrose leak". Prior to E3 2014, a Smashboards user by the name of Ninka Kiwi posted that he knew a friend who was playtesting Smash 4, though he did not divulge any specific information, other than Mario and Charizard having new palette swaps, with Mario in particular having a new blue costume (which later turned out to be correct). Later on in July, Ninka would come forward with new information, which included the following; Lucas, Wolf, the Ice Climbers, and Snake being cut, while Shulk, Dr. Mario, Dark Pit, Bowser Jr. in the Koopa Clown Car (with all seven Koopalings as alts), and the Duck Hunt Dog being new characters. While being initially disbelieved and seen as too outlandish, a friend of Ninka who gave him the information, named Shun, contacted a Smashboard user by the name of Neo Zero, who revealed to him that he got the information he revealed to Ninka from his own friend, and revealed that his friend recreated and posted two of the new palettes on imgur, before E3 2014. While this was going on, an apparently completely independent source posted a leaked newcomer list on 4chan (containing Shulk, Chorus Men, Mewtwo, Ridley, Dixie Kong, Duck Hunt Dog, and Bowser Jr.), containing the two characters unique to the, at the time, completely disbelieved Ninka leak. In addition to this, a person in the Smash community known as Vaanrose, came forward to Neo Zero that he knew a friend who knew someone who worked at Nintendo of America's offices in Redmond, Washington, who disclosed to him that Robin, Bowser Jr., and the Duck Hunt Dog were playable. With the screenshot proof of prior knowledge of the new palettes, and these new independent sources backing up a completely disbelieved leak, the people involved publicised this additional information legitimising the leak in a thread on Smashboards. Since the screenshots were first posted, they have spread to several websites and been the subject of much debate. Many have claimed the images to be falsified, citing the questionable placement of characters such as Yoshi, Dr. Mario, Dark Pit, and Lucina on the character select screen, the lack of separation between returning and new stages on the stage select screen, the similarity of Shulk's face in his render to that of Little Mac in a previous screenshot (suggesting it was used as a base for a photoshopping attempt), and other similar inconsistencies. Those who believe the images to be genuine have pointed out the presence of obscure UI details consistent with those seen in the E3 demo (including a rare graphical glitch on the bottom screen character renders), the inability to source the renders used on the character select screen, the presence of details that were only very recently revealed at the time (such as Meta Knight's new render, which was less than a week old, and Brinstar, which had only been shown half a day prior), and the stage select icon for Tomodachi Life featuring an apartment design that was not present in any past screenshots but appeared at a different angle in an image from Famitsu magazine that came out the day after the leak. Despite heavy debate and analysis by both sides, no one has been able to definitively prove the images to be real or fake, leaving their legitimacy inconclusive as of now. A thread detailing the arguments against the leak, and their counters, is being maintained on Smashboards. Another point of debate is if the screenshots, if real, depict the entire playable character and stage roster. The seemingly strange placement of certain characters and stages, the conspicuous empty space on both, the lack of heavily implicated characters such as Mewtwo and the Chorus Men, the seeming over-saturation of past stages, and the question mark over Mewtwo in the original leak image lead many people to believe that there are more characters and stages that were not unlocked at the time the screenshots were taken. To compound the confusion, the leakers never stated if it was the full roster or not, with one of them, MasterLinkX, flatout stating on Smashboards that it was not, and the Smashboards mods investigating the leak being unable to come up with a conclusive answer. However, other observers who believe the leak have maintained that it is likely to be the final roster, citing that the character placement is sensible and complete looking, and that MasterLinkX cannot be trusted, as he refuses to give more information, while also having admitted that he attempted to sabotage his leaked images to create doubt in the leak and halt their spread (such as by photoshopping "disabled" in one of his screenshots to read as "disablad"). }

And, last but not least, more eye candy for all you spoiler hounds (because you wouldn't have scrolled the page all the way down if you weren't, now would you?) out there.

Shulk might still be a cool JRPG character, I guess. But yeah, I'm worried for the Ice Climbers now (due to the whole "DLC was just a joke" thing), so we're kind of on the same boat.



AlexSora89 commented on Rumour: Unconfirmed Smash Bros. Footage Suppos...:

Hopefully this particular leak (which I've been hoping NL would cover, by the way) will be proven false, because if it's true, then the Duck Hunt duo have officially stolen the Ice Climbers' character spot. And they're the only one characters left among those I wanted to return the most, alongside Ness and Wario (who, according to the leak, are both going to return).



AlexSora89 commented on Super Smash Bros. For 3DS Will Feature A Music...:

The Super Smash Channel (a fan Smash Bros.-based Youtube channel) did the same and posted a video about yesterday's Pic Of The Day only a few hours ago. Guess it has to do with how later than usual the POTD itself has been posted (with something like a two-hour delay).



AlexSora89 commented on Super Smash Bros. For 3DS Will Feature A Music...:

While turning Target Smash into an Angry Birds clone (Target Blast) got my eyes rolling, borrowing a concept from another game (Theatrhythm Final Fantasy this time) sounds pretty darn awesome. What with its amazing collection of awesome music from all over the Nintendo spectrum, this is yet another reason it's about damn time we got a portable iteration of the franchise.



AlexSora89 commented on Super Smash Bros. For 3DS To Feature More Trop...:

Bottom screen for trophy description! HA! Called it!
Especially since it sure as heck didn't hurt with the Journal entries in Kingdom Hearts 3D.

Nobody seems to have noticed something, though... doesn't the silhouette in the top-right corner of the Trophy Shop pic seem a bit familiar?
[plays the Snowman theme]