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Fri 3rd Apr 2009

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Darel18 commented on Rumour: Nintendo NX Won't Be As Powerful As Pl...:

We really don't need a console to be a copy of a PS4 with the name "Nintendo" on it, what we need is:

  • A better interface that let's you share stuff (like quick message, invitations) with your friends without closing your game. And that your friend can join your game in simple manners
  • online gameplay stability
  • a console's power that stops the "Game on Nintendo's system is delayed/cancelled due to the console's power". For this, you don't need a console with the PS4 power (See NGC-PS2 comparison to understand this)

If the NX won't do this, then it should be called: " New" Wii U, as the "New" Nintendo 3DS, because it will be the same -.-

Nintendo, just launch a console with "expansion pack" (like you did in N64) and when you need more power after a while, sell us that piece of hardware.



Darel18 commented on Masahiro Sakurai Confirms That Recent Super Sm...:

I just want more of those videos introducing the characters!!!

Man... The one introducing Palutena (where Pit fights Link) is one of the best videos I've seen :')
Why aren't you making a TV series of Smash Bros. Nintendo? Whyyyy!!?



Darel18 commented on Satoru Iwata Didn't Apologise For Nintendo's E...:

Rating this year's E3 Presentations (for my taste):
1. Microsoft
2. Sakurai's Direct (Sunday)
3. Sony
4. Nintendo
5. EA
5.1 Ubisoft

I haven't saw SquareEnix so I can't rate it.

I own a 360, Wii U and 3DS FE edition.

From that Digital event I'll buy for sure:
Star Fox, need to see with own hands if this game will finally be better than Star Fox 64
Xeno X
Yoshi Wolly
FE: Fate

And will keep an eye on FExSMT since it's pretty early to decide on that have based on what I've saw.

(Yes, I won't buy Mario Maker, it's cool, will sell crazy units, just not my type of game)



Darel18 commented on Nintendo's E3 Focus to Reportedly be on Wii U ...:

How come no one really wishes to see a successor of Excitebike 64...? I really miss that game, even if they just put it on eShop with online :')

Now to reality:
What I really want to see on this E3 for Nintendo platforms: Mario Galaxy style game, Metroid (both 2D and 3D since they were confirmed last year), Project Cars, the Yoshi game. Fire emblem, Bravely Second and Advance Wars 🙌

It would be nice to see the new Club Nintendo but I'm not sure if it's too early. And of course, the QOL thing.



Darel18 commented on Nintendo Outlines 2015 Software Plans, Star Fo...:

Really, the funny thing here is that Nintendo will have the best line up of games at E3 and they won't even show Zelda... I'm not saying this as a fan-boy but because of Mario Maker, Star Fox, Bravely Second and the two Metroids.

Wondering if they will finally talk about the QOL, since I still have no idea of what that is.



Darel18 commented on Sakurai Explains Reasoning Behind Removal Of I...:

@Kyloctopus I thought the exact same thing... They could come in a DLC for Wii U and the New 3DS, but that it's just a kick in the nuts to us, their fans. So probably Sakurai won't allow it.

And I think the 3DS can handle Ice Climbers just fine, in a match like ICs VS Mario.
I'm guessing that what they couldn't manage was a 4 players Ice Climbers... That's like 8 players on the 3DS, so they just let him out.



Darel18 commented on Rumour: Unconfirmed Smash Bros. Footage Suppos...:

Smash Team's reunion:

-Sakurai: I want to know how the love this huge leak happened?

-X Person: No one knows who did it... But we all agree on blaming one person....

-Sakurai: who is this person!?

-Everyone: (look at Namco's representative)

The End



Darel18 commented on Microsoft's Ken Lobb: Metroid Prime Wouldn't H...:

@Ony I have Metroid Prime and didn't like that much, felt like going from a good game (in my case, Metroid Fusion) to a normal one (like going from DK:C to DK 64).
When I saw Other: M, I knew that was what I was waiting for. But hey, that's me



Darel18 commented on VGX Award Ceremony To Include New Footage of a...:

Games I'm 100% sure he WON'T present:
Zelda Wii U (Aounuma already said it: Next E3)
F-Zero (sadly, no one is working on this. It's true.)
Smash Bros. (at least something not impressive)
Mario Kart 8 (same as Smash Bros.)
Metroid (Retro is with Donkey Kong right now... remember that it was delayed?)
The new project of Miyamoto (he finished Pikmin 3 several months ago and Super Mario 3D wasn't his personal project)

Although Reggie is not stupid, he must know that this event is important and he must likely need to show some WOW stuff... or else <_<
Maybe he will show more of Kirby's gameplay, I think that hasn't been released yet or was it? :s
Project X maybe, The Fire Emblem crossover (since we only know the title). Bayonetta 2 it could be but I really don't see the point? (that game doesn't need advertising). As Ibrahim said,it could be the other Sonic.



Darel18 commented on Super Mario 3D World Sells 57% of Its Initial ...:

I told you guys, this Cat-Mario is not what people are waiting for (not saying that the game sucks). Sadly, neither Bayonetta 2. Wii U will raise their hardware sales when Mario Kart 8 is released, only then Nintendo will have a strong community base to sell their games and have stronger third-party support.

Same thing happened with the 3DS and, as Reggie acknowledge, is happening with the Wii U.

I'll buy my Wii U after MK 8, then I'll buy the games I'm interested in, like Bayonetta 2, Wonderful 101, Donkey Kong Tropical and maybe Zombie U, for now.



Darel18 commented on Nintendo Confirms That Miiverse on 3DS Won't A...:

Just to be clear, the 3DS miiverse will be the same as the one on the internet? (just login with your account and watch other people's posts?) Or will you be able to post on public threads?

I don't have a Wii U so I'm really not sure what you can do with Miiverse over there.

Another thing, will the 3DS Miiverse community be able to see the Wii U games topics?



Darel18 commented on Nintendo Disables Swapnote's SpotPass Service ...:

@Kerolamo Well... let's hope Miiverse's release isn't long enough DDD because Miiverse would have ended swapnote anyway.
Now you should only use Swapnote to send streetpass note, in other words, a more complete way to say Hi to someone that you will probably never see again



Darel18 commented on Ubisoft: Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag's Team...:

@rjejr I think it's a system to avoid spamming/multiple post by one person.

On topic:
I'll pass, got the first two on my x360 and it's enough for me to say this game sucks (for me). It's even worse than playing gta... ._.
I'll just wait for watch dogs to see if they did something better than those two games or if this genre is definitely not for me.



Darel18 commented on Extended Nintendo Network and Miiverse Mainten...:

Chill-out guys... they're just stacking up more servers... because they will release an online-multiplayer demo for Smash 3DS on Tuesday!!!! YESS (lol)

It's probably nothing , maybe it's related to miiverse, if they're trying to make one linked community (WiiU-3DS), as we all hope for.



Darel18 commented on Poll: Would You Buy Grand Theft Auto V On Wii U?:

No, it's just not my kind of game.
I tried two GTA games in the past got easily bored, I just find so repetitive that I wouldn't buy it on Wii U, not even on my X360, it's like playing Assassin's Creed 1, then 2, then 3... o.O (I own 2 and I'm done with that saga).
That's why I'm giving one last chance to this genre (GTA style) with Watch Dogs.



Darel18 commented on River City Ransom: Underground Dev Wants To Br...:

There have been a lot of "remake" of Double Dragon and all, except for the one on GBA from Atlus, were pure extremely crap...
That's why I don't have many hopes with these "series revival". I think there was a remake of River City at the same time of Double Dragon on GBA... Don't know if was good though.

Oh... Battletoads, how much I miss you :''(



Darel18 commented on Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies ...:

I can't access the eshop from my country, which sucks, will have to change region and buy it at a higher price... <_<

Also, probably on November, since my money is on Pokemon X only

Where's my 3DS miiverse? :@



Darel18 commented on Nintendo and Capcom to Announce Upcoming Colla...:

@WinterWarm Oh don't hey me wrong bro... I was waiting for the last Mega Man from Inafune... But we all know what happen and couldn't see his last work with the blue hero. It's just that this collaboration isn't what we are waiting for.

It's like the special announcement we were waiting from platinum games at their Wonderful direct and it was only info of the demo



Darel18 commented on Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies Storms to the To...:

I hope that too... that way we may see more Phoenix Wright action in the future !
I will fully support this franchise

I wonder if, like Resident Evil: Revelations (3DS), this game will allow you to switch the voice acting to japanese



Darel18 commented on Miiverse Update Adds Tags to Posts:

@CAM290 So September huh... Well one more month of SSF4 and MK7 on my 3DS as usual ;D . Thanks for that info

@Trikeboy what?

Nintendo should be announcing a Direct soon too promote this... and it should be one big community not some weird Miiverse for home consoles and other for handhelds