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I play on Wii U and sometimes Steam. My user ID is the same on both of those as on here.

Mon 28th January, 2013

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TreesenHauser commented on Review: Conception II: Children of the Seven S...:

I was sorta skeptical about this game. After reading a few average-scored reviews (like on Game Informer) and seeing it's a dating sim as well as a dungeon crawler, I wasn't sure if I'd like it. Then I downloaded the demo and gave it a fair chance. Now, I have a save file stored on my 2DS and I'm looking forward to getting a copy sometime later. Definitely worth trying at least the demo if you're skeptical about it.



TreesenHauser commented on You Can Grab a 2DS and Pokémon X for $100 at ...:

Makes me wish I waited another couple weeks to get my 2DS and Pokemon Y. Bought both of them separately (granted it was mostly trade-in credit). Despite that, I think this is an incredible deal. If you don't own either a 3DS or 2DS this bundle's a great way to get started! Don't be intimidated by its design, I'm almost 27 and this is one of the most comfortable handhelds I've ever played!



TreesenHauser commented on Nintendo Download: 10th April (North America):

@SunnyShores There's also Child of Light, Shovel Knight, A World of Keflings, The Fall, NES Remix 2, and a lot more on the way. I like to look at all the content that's on the way too, along with what's currently out there. What I've learned from Wii U, when it comes to new consoles there will always be times where you'll have to be patient if you want games for it. But with your tone, it sounds like you wouldn't be interested in any new content all because it looks too similar to you. And that's okay too, but don't complain later that there's "nothing" for Wii U, even though there's plenty and then some.

Though I do apologize for my previous comment, realized I accidentally blurted out a few 3DS titles because you asked "when was the last time Nintendo released a new game?" So I simply was telling you that they've got plenty of new games.



TreesenHauser commented on Nintendo Download: 10th April (North America):

@SunnyShores Well last week, we got a new baseball game with a fremium model. Weeks before that we got a new Donkey Kong Country game. A new Kirby is on the way May 2nd, with a new Mario Kart on May 30th, Tomodachi Life June 6th, and Smash Bros. coming to 3DS sometime during the summer. I'm sure there's stuff I'm missing too. So it's much more than an expensive "emulator."



TreesenHauser commented on Super Smash Bros. Hitting 3DS This Summer, Wii...:

@AJ_Lethal That's what I've been saying! I think this is gonna be a good strategy for Nintendo. Releasing Smash Bros. for Wii U in time for Christmas will not only allow for more polish and all that good stuff, but it'll give Nintendo a solid advantage for the Holiday season. Nearly every so-called "hardcore" gamer I know keeps saying they're waiting until this is out to get a Wii U. Assuming there are many more like them, Nintendo's gonna sell Wii U consoles like hotcakes this winter. Maybe not in Wii-like proportions, but nonetheless.

I think so many people are complaining because as always, any time there's a Nintendo Direct the hardcore Nintendo fan will raise his or her expectations too high and wind up disappointed. I saw this release coming, in fact I was pleasantly surprised to hear the 3DS version was coming sooner. I can't wait for it now!



TreesenHauser commented on Super Smash Bros. Hitting 3DS This Summer, Wii...:

@Chomposaur Yes, let's completely ditch a game that's getting nearer and nearer to completion because some people aren't happy with the delay in release. That makes so much sense! end sarcasm

@SneakyStyle Well do you think that maybe--just, maybe--the developers are putting 110% into the console release of Smash Bros., hence the longer wait? I can see why everyone's bummed about the wait, but come on. It's not like they're pushing it back into late 2015 or anything like that. They could release it in the summer along with the 3DS version, but then you'd all complain about it having the same problems as Brawl had. It'll be worth the wait, the lot of you need to quit whining.



TreesenHauser commented on Feature: What We Want to See in Nintendo's Sup...:

They've already confirmed on Twitter that a launch window will be given today, so I'm not holding out on an actual release date. I'd like to see basically everything NL has already outlined here happen though. Some more characters, an actual name, and perhaps information about the single-player experience of it all would be great.



TreesenHauser commented on Auditions Open for Pokémon Championship Comme...:

I'll be putting together an audition myself... all I need is someone with a video camera or smartphone that's willing to help me out.

EDIT: Just made an arrangement with a friend of mine to help out. I'll have my audition sent in by Monday or Tuesday.



TreesenHauser commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Major Wii U Retail T...:

Great article! And I completely agree with this. There should be more demos made available, especially on the Wii U eShop. While the demos that are out are terrific, Nintendo could really have something going for them if they put more demos out on the eShop, especially of their own games.

For instance, I really enjoyed ZombiU, but I bought it literally an entire week before a demo was made available for it. That demo should have been available DAY ONE, and I wish I had sampled it first. And it's embarrassing that the few third-party games that do make it on Wii U, have demos available on other platforms besides Wii U. Lego Marvel, Lego Movie, even download-only titles like Giana Sisters. Those all have PS3 demos but they're absent on Wii U. I know it's up to publishers/developers of those games to make it happen, but come on!

Luckily, DKCTF doesn't really need a demo because it's a terrific game and all, but I understand the need for first-party games to have demos as well.

EDIT: I meant to mention this before; friends of mine are surprised that the eShop doesn't have more demos out by now, considering the fact that Wii U's been out over a year. One of them looks at it as a bad sign for the console as a whole.