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Male, 30, Bahamas

Fri 11th Oct 2013

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Jimonfire commented on Satoru Iwata Highlights a Strengthening Worldw...:

I'm a very proud 3DS owner, i am stuck between fire emblem and monster hunter, it is consuming my life!

The Wii U will for sure bounce back up. I f you do a holiday comparison against the ps4 and xbone, the wii u price and game line up are incredible, can't forget to mention all Wii games can be played on it!, They need to do some serious advertising. With that they will for sure go FTW.. They should also advertise the incredible games coming up in 2014!



Jimonfire commented on Assassin's Creed IV DLC Looks Set to Sail Past...:

I'm still buying it. That said, i really don't understand the strategies these devs are using. They all complain about their games will not sell well on the Wii u... Watered down versions of the game wont help that!!

Another example is call of duty ghost about "Clans - where players can now join a Clan with friends regardless of whether they play on Xbox, PlayStation or Windows PC, and level-up their Clan to earn exclusive unlocks and multiplayer XP bonuses." ... What about Wii U???

Also Batman Arkham Origins will not spport online gameplay only on Wii U...