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Gressil commented on The Legend of Zelda (Tentative Title):

Lol this game better not suck as much as Skyward Sword. Nintendo had better pull their heads out their asses. Console Zeldas have been trash since after Windwaker.



Gressil commented on Bravely Default Producer Inspired by 90210 and...:

This game is an utter masterpiece. Anyone with a 3DS and wanderlust needn't doubt this statement: You need this game.

As far as the inspiration goes... people who are judging it are gravely mistaken. It merely gives the game an enjoyable air and it's easy to understand everyones' plight. It all goes well and nothing feels gimmicky. And if you dislike the characters for any odd reason the complexity of the combat system and job system will swallow your qualms because you'll be too busy crunching numbers.



Gressil commented on Bravely Default:

This is a short review of the first few hours of Bravely Default. Played on Normal with 100% encounter rate (Standard encounter rate).

Much like the demo, you have Agnès, Edea, Ringabel, and Tiz. Initially Tiz is the only character you have. Agnès is found at a great chasm where a cataclysm occurred. This event is what ignites the story. Through a spot of odd luck and due to an odd book Ringabel is compelled to tag along with Tiz and Agnès. 

They pick up Edea and the party is complete. They share a common goal that is well established and the game has utterly minimal hand holding, an engaging character palette, fantastic jobs, and a lush environment that makes you feel like you're walking around in fine art. 

This broad range of party options that you'll end up picking to the bone analytically to find the best possible mixture of damage and durability is an utterly colossal task when every angle is perfected. Potency of your characters is determined by a myriad of things. The first usual being armor, the other being their Job, and their Alternate Job (listed as Job Command in game), and Support Abilities. 

You start with 1 Job, an empty Job Command slot, 1 Support Ability slot, and you go from there. After you complete a portion of the storyline that involves one of four Crystals you receive an additional Support Ability slot. So we can deduce from this that there is at least a maximum of four Support Ability slots like in the demo. 

The Support Abilities in the game are received in entirely different orders than in the demo. There are also more Support Abilities than the demo, of course. 

The classes I've run into so far are Freelancer, Monk, White Mage, Black Mage, Knight, Thief, Merchant, Spell Fencer, and Time Mage. My party is currently Edea as a Knight, Tiz as a Spell Fencer, Ringabel as a Time Mage, and Agnès as White Mage. The White Mage Job on Agnès is my highest ranking job, with her being a level 7 White Mage with 399/600 Job Points toward 8, her character level is 23. The healer is the only job I have kept consistent in the group and it has always been Agnès.

Edea has the highest base Strength in the game. Two handed builds are her bread and butter. 

Tiz is honestly a hard character to place. He is more of a jack of all trades than any character. He was my Knight a lot in the demo, and Edea was my Valkyrie. He has been my Thief and Monk a great deal so far in the game. His stats are all pretty high, but not outstandingly high like Edea's base strength. 

Ringabel possesses the highest base intellect in the game along with Agnès (but that is irrelevant because Agnès is your healer), the highest agility by a drastic amount, and can essentially fill any role that is favoring of Int. or Agi. with prowess.

Agnès is your White Mage. She has the highest base Mind in the game. Just keep her at White Mage and you win. You can swap her Job Commands from Black Magic (Black Mage Job Command) to Miscellany (Freelancer Job Command) depending on the encounter. Just slap a shield on her and she'll be a durable, reliable healer.

There is also a side project of rebuilding a damaged city. There's a variety of shops that you repair. This goes slowly and takes hours, real time. It is done in the background by units you gain through street pass and other things. You can buy these items at the trader.

Anyway, hope this helped and was easy to follow.



Gressil commented on Capcom Claims Its New Panta Rhei Game Engine C...:

Alright Capcom time to wake up, engineer games with VOIP on 3DS, and really bare down on generating more games close to MH3U and RE: Revelations (Each 3DS) quality. The greatest downfall of Revelations was no VOIP.



Gressil commented on Review: Rage Of The Gladiator (3DS eShop):

I haven't played it through 100% yet, but a 9/10 seems solid. Good visuals, fun mechanics, good learning curve. Challenging as well.

If you have the extra money and this game even remotely piques your interest, I recommend this game.



Gressil commented on Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is Half Price in Eur...:


It's very geared toward multi player. You have to enjoy grinding materials and farming resources a bit too. The game loses much of its luster in solo play for some people. I own both versions and I really enjoy it. Plenty of weapons to work on getting good with, a nice bit of a challenge. And on a large TV with HDMI crisp display the game looks good in my opinion. This game was developed for the Wii, after all, and it is merely an enhanced port. But the community is there, and a lot of people are nice that play it. When you hunt a Barrioth with some dudes and its thrashing around it's a lot of fun to be a monster hunter.



Gressil commented on Junichi Masuda Confirms That the Pokémon X & ...:


Well obviously other consoles lack 3d built in. All of them do haha. And I understood what you meant. And I see your point about the game having a fair bit of hype and no 3D on overworld. But odds are it would utterly cripple the game. I mean they are jamming a TON of data into this game. 3 dimensional models of all the pokemon and an entirely overhauled graphics system with more to do than any other pokemon game before. We'll also have the pokemon bank in due time and potentially a myriad of other things. They may have been left with the option of cutting out a lot of what they found essential to have 3d on overworld, and they opted out of a 3d overworld. But obviously this is all speculation. Plausible as any of it may or may not be. Odds are, they would love to have made it 3d but I bet it would have generated a game they would not have been pleased with. I would never compromise content for a 3d effect that people may or may not turn off at all times.



Gressil commented on Junichi Masuda Confirms That the Pokémon X & ...:


"I don't think there are any critically acclaimed 3DS game that is not in 3D... That being said, yes, the 3D is always optional, but not having the option for such a huge portion of such a big name game is what has people upset.
I'll still get it and love it... but will be disappointed nonetheless"

I meant other console games, older games. PC games. Would you rather it be sluggish or it run perfectly and it be 3d when it is coolest?



Gressil commented on Junichi Masuda Confirms That the Pokémon X & ...:

I've made it 23 years without 3d overworlds. Golden Sun wouldn't be much improved with 3d overworld view. 3d doesn't make or break a game. Some of the most critically acclaimed games lack it. If the lack of a 3d overworld bothers anyone, they need to reevaluate their priorities. Performance > 3d for fun



Gressil commented on Rage Of The Gladiator:

Looks solid... shame no multiplayer.

Update: 9/23/13

Game is quite well made. I'm enjoying it more than any other eShop game so far aside from Virtual Console.



Gressil commented on If Fans Speak Up, Majora's Mask 3DS Might Happen:

bump! - sign it fans.
also, @tendoboy1984, sounds like you were possibly too young. I know i've gone back to some of the older games that are naturally very difficult and I can now beat them (though the games I have had to do that for are few and far between). The formula of Majora's Mask was based around the lives of the small town of Termina, not Hyrule; it is a doomed town that has lost its way and cast out the gods if memory serves. The game takes Link's "Hero of Time" title from OoT and since MM is basically a direct sequel, they let Link actually bend time to his will. You can slow it down, speed it up, and reset everything. It's not some game where none of the characters ever matter, or some game where your actions have literally no consequence. Everything you do with them helps you complete the game and help all the people in Bomber's Book. Plus, a warp system, a forge system for an amazing blade, and a load of masks that generate a different response from every person. Finally, like you said, it's difficult. So, are you man enough? Big and bad enough?
IMHO MM is total win.



Gressil commented on Ocarina of Time 3D is a Smoother Experience th...:

I just started playing the original again, it's so much fun. I remember beating this game with my father, and us playing it launch night. This game was such a neat adventure, always loved it. I'm so ready to play this game.
The music of this game has always amazed me, I whistle with each Ocarina note even to this day. Every single note seems to be brilliant and fantastic in my opinion.



Gressil commented on Two Beautiful Minutes of Zelda: Ocarina of Tim...:

This has gone unsaid for too long! They changed the mirror shield! Pretty sure it's because of legal or other legit reasons, still... makes me sad. the great fairies' eyebrows are what got me. fuzzy as the devil



Gressil commented on Customise Your Skills in Resident Evil: The Me...:

Complete agreement, Agito, if they add DLC it will just add another neat little perk for us to enjoy. They've already gunned it and given this a lot of legitimate effort, so why not DLC?
Who else thinks using Skype to communicate while playing Co Op sounds clever?



Gressil commented on Customise Your Skills in Resident Evil: The Me...:

Having beat a handful of the games (plan on completing the series), Capcom is really not slacking on their handheld endeavors. If I said these four videos didn't make me geek out, drool all over, and dream of playing this for hours online, I'd be a horrible liar.
Leon is also scrawny. When I compare him to Chris... well, there's no comparison. He was solid for RE4 and I respect him as a protagonist, but Chris is a very evolved character. He has an in depth story, a sister, deep relationships with Jill, Albert and the entire storyline, and he took care of Sheva's nooby butt.
If memory serves, he also founded BSAA. Can you say BOSS?

Off topic: Imagine if Ubisoft had tried at all with Splinter Cell: 3D and Asphalt 3D. It could be this beautiful.... sad day.



Gressil commented on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D:

I think the things im most excited about for this game are: the bottles will no longer appear to be bags, and the first ocarina won't resemble some kind of bodily organ.

Anyone know WHY The water temple was considered broken, and why it was redone for 3ds edition? I never had any real issues with that temple, made a man outta you.



Gressil commented on Features: Re-Examining Zelda: Twilight Princess:

I personally wish I could get back my time playing this game. Simple things like no magic meter, no new spells, a strange top item you use to pointlessly bounce about, very little tunic swapping, and zero difficulty are among the few reasons I feel this game was not at all near par for me. If I remember correctly, all the bosses died in like 3 hits. Am I totally wrong, or?



Gressil commented on Review: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 3D (3DS):

I agree with vampyren, I have this game and is more fun for me than Street Fighter and Asphalt. I even loved the DS Chaos Theory, beat it like 10 times. If you are a major nintendo and splinter cell fan, snag this. I also have zero trouble with the controls or camera, the only thing you can't do without some fancy thumbwork in the game is run and jump, but this isn't Conviction, it's Chaos Theory. Still the old school SC for the most part. It has the same feel as the console games and can definitely offer an opportunity worthwhile.



Gressil commented on Come On In for Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D's Int...:

browsing over this thread. and i agree, the graphics COULD have been better... but i doubt it's what they wanted. It looks just like the original instruction book art, it's how they wanted the game to look initially, in my humble opinion. we're not playing final fantasy 13, we're playing zelda.