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Tue 17th Apr 2012

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Firejonie commented on Club Nintendo Rewards Updated for January:

Not getting Mario's Cement Factory, I'm pretty sure it's already in one of the Game & Watch Gallery games out on the eShop now. (or when G&WG3 releases on the VC). Already have F-Zero, and no interest for Spin Six or 1080.



Firejonie commented on Two Mega Man Titles Get a Two Day eShop Discou...:

Picked up MMX, played Wily's Revenge once and really didn't like it. I already have MMX on the MMX Collection. But Miiverse and some better controls (Wii U gamepad has a more SNES game suitable layout) made it worth the cheap $2.



Firejonie commented on Nintendo Disables Swapnote's SpotPass Service ...:

It's just pathetic that Nintendo has to pander to irresponsible parents and just shut down the whole service. They could have had so many other options to fix this.

Also, why are they disabling the special developer notes they send out? What's the point of that?



Firejonie commented on Rayman Legends Lands With A Thud At Japanese R...:

Shame to see that it sold poorly, even worse that the 2nd best selling Wii U game only shifts over 1,000 units. Not too surprising, it'll probably sell more after some price drops. Similar to how Origins sold, at least over here that is.



Firejonie commented on Doodle Jump Is Making The Journey To Nintendo DS:

I'd get it if it was $1 or $2 on the eShop. But this is just robbery priced. iPhone games don't need console releases, but judging by Angry Birds Trilogy's sales, people will eat it up for some reason. Imo this is ruining the industry.



Firejonie commented on Toys "R" Us Confirms Exclusive Range of Skylan...:

I'm tempted to pick these up, the gold and blue match really good. I'm trying to stop spending so much on Skylanders as of late, but Swap Force is probably going to restart my collecting addiction. Especially with the swap figures. Also, I find it weird that an old Spyro's Adventure figure is going to become an exclusive.



Firejonie commented on Club Nintendo Rewards are Updated for October:

Maybe Thruspace, since I'm pretty sure Ketzal's Corridors (which I have) is its spiritual successor. Not interested in Solitare. Already got Mario Kart previously on CN, and got Zelda through the Ambassador program.



Firejonie commented on StreetPass Relay Issues Reported in North America:

I've tried getting relay hits from two McDonalds' and a Starbucks. None of them provided any Relay passes for me. And I stayed at all of them for about 5 minutes each. Oh well, at least I got my Nintendo Zone items for New Leaf.