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Tue 26th Mar 2013

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ljb88 commented on Retail Company Rakuten Highlights the Wii U an...:

I was in GAME about thirty minutes ago, a young - middle aged man and his partner were walking around the shop, he walked up to mario 3d world, pointed at it and said to his partner "can you get this on the wii?" His partner said "no I don't think so," then while tapping the wii u next to the wii u games she said "I think that's for this." Then they both walked off talking about buying minecraft for "him," guessing him is their son. Thought I'd share the story with you all, that happened in a GAME store in the U.K, in a small to medium sized city. I have never seen a Wii u ad on U.K t.v, though i have read on nintendo life that they exist, i think Nintendo need to do more.



ljb88 commented on Ashes Cricket 2013 Spins Onto PC, Yet Remains ...:

a cricket game on the wii u has soooo much potential: imagine asynchronous local mulitiplayer, one person controls the bowling/fielding with the gamepad- giving them the element of total surprise, and the batting team uses either wii motion plus or a pro controller depending on their preference. It could be brilliant.



ljb88 commented on Here Are Some Lighter Moments from the Link Be...:

@Tobias95 Just a guess, but I think it's golf. i taught english in Japan for a while and often encountered Japanese people who were secretive about golfing and didn't like to be asked questions about how good they were etc. I Could be totally wrong though obviously (laughs).



ljb88 commented on Video: This Is Why CoD: Ghosts Is Best on Wii U:

personally I found the pointer controls pretty awful when I tried to black ops with them, reverted to a pro controller. Think this was backed up by my online experience, it's pretty easy to spot/ kill all those using the pointer controls.



ljb88 commented on Soapbox: The Wii Changed The Face of Gaming, B...:

@JuleyJules I believe there is a button you can press when you turn on your wii u to make it go straight to wii mode, not sure what it is though and i could be wrong altogether. Either way, going to wii mode from your wii u isn't really that big a deal is it?