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Fri 28th August, 2009

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ThomasBW84 commented on Talking Point: The Legend of Zelda on Wii U Ma...:

@King_Stannis Erm, ok...

Anyhoo, it'll be interesting to see what else is coming to the Wii U that we don't know about; as I said in the article, Captain Toad was shown at E3 last year and arrived in 2014, and like many others I suspect a Direct is very close. There'll still be surprises, so that's exciting.

In any case I've aimed to be balanced. I thought Zelda would have been a big play for Nintendo in the Holiday season, but now it'll have to focus its Wii U marketing efforts elsewhere. It'll be interesting!



ThomasBW84 commented on Poll: Vote For Your Ten Must-Play Games On Nin...:

@Curly_Brace Ah, I see what's happening. The votes are tallying correctly, but it's counting each check box as a single vote even when part of a group. In other words, even if half of everyone votes for one of the Zelda games, for example, the percentage it's showing is much lower because of the way it's calculating it.

Don't worry though, in the back-end I have precise numbers, so can pick out the top 10 with no hassle :)



ThomasBW84 commented on Poll: Vote For Your Ten Must-Play Games On Nin...:

@Wouwter I'm mainly referring to the comments about eShop games, which I tried to explain in the article, but a number of people commented without seeing / reading what I've written. We actually did things this way to support the eShop down the road with its own focus, so the intention was the opposite of disregarding download games.

I'll be counting votes for those that were missed, of course, annoyed with myself that I missed Rhythm Thief!



ThomasBW84 commented on Poll: Vote For Your Ten Must-Play Games On Nin...:

I'll count the various comments for Rhythm Thief / Code of Princess / Style Savvy / Zero Escape as votes. It was never going to cover everything unfortunately, but I'll be sure to include them when the 10 is taken.

@RupeeClock - It'll be there when we do an eShop equivalent in June, it's just down to interpretations!

@Wouwter - Initially I was doing 50 with 40 retail and 10 eShop, but that didn't seem fair. Then I remembered the eShop didn't launch until June 2011, and this is really to celebrate the 4th Anniversary of the 3DS. Not arbitrary, ironically it was a call we made to try and give the eShop its full due when it turns four, with its own hefty list.

It's funny that in trying to accommodate the eShop for its own day in the sun, I'm getting flamed!



ThomasBW84 commented on Review: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (New Nintendo ...:

@TimeGuy "Considering how rare and expensive the home console original can be in some regions, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D is a fantastic option. It delivers a technical marvel in producing this sizeable experience on a portable, with only minor detail lost visually, a framerate comparable to that on Wii - always sufficient for gameplay, albeit with some drops - and some nice stereoscopic 3D to enjoy."

I think after four years of 3DS most games qualify as having decent 3DS, but I did confirm this has stereoscopic 3D. It frustrates me when games are 2D only, so I normally have a line in there to acknowledge its presence :)



ThomasBW84 commented on Review: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (New Nintendo ...:

@Spoony_Tech I'm pretty sure I said somewhere (might have been in a feature, not the review) that I'd LOVE Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on Wii U.

They are rather different though. In MH4U you can jump on and do a quest or two in less than half an hour, whereas Xenoblade is rather different. As I've said, you can dip in to try and tackle some sub-quests etc, but I think its natural home is on the TV.

Not a criticism of the port though, which is excellent. As an individual option this New 3DS one is great, and I did ultimately give it the same score as I gave the Wii original.



ThomasBW84 commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Heading For a Period of ...:

@Geonjaha Not what I'm saying at all :)

I'm saying we should see where it goes and make decisions on our individual relationships with Nintendo depending on what happens. I'll be giving it a whirl anyway.

If you don't want to give it that chance though, that's your prerogative!



ThomasBW84 commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Heading For a Period of ...:

Some good debate here, I think with this now being a reality we are at least - as fans - beyond the stage of will they/won't they.

As I've said a few times, I think there'll be a few bumps, possibly big ones, and definitely mistakes. How the overall strategy progresses will be the key thing.

Great to read the debate in the comments though, so thanks everyone :)



ThomasBW84 commented on Talking Point: New Nintendo 3DS, Operation Fac...:

@MoonKnight7 Yeah, to be honest, if I'm not tagged I don't often see it. I do read comments when I can, but I don't often have the chance.

@Bazly - At the appropriate times we covered campaigns such as Operation Rainfall, drop region locking etc. When I look at the petitions and FaceplaceNA hashtag it's all about the New 3DS for NA. And, as I've said many, many times, I agree with them and feel sympathy for the cause. I find the decision from NoA a bit baffling, but the purpose of this article was to at least try and address the logic and reasoning that's driven this decision from Nintendo's end. No-one has to agree with it, but I'm just giving that perspective.

A strength of the FaceplaceNA campaign is that it's focused. I've seen small numbers saying "make it about region locking too" etc, but that's a terrible idea IMO. If you want a campaign to work, keep it focused and pick battles.

Personally, and I'm not having a go at you, I really think you're misunderstanding the point of this article. It's not an outright opinion piece of me just saying what I think, it's an editorial that, in this case, is trying to make sense of a noisy situation.



ThomasBW84 commented on Talking Point: New Nintendo 3DS, Operation Fac...:

@Bazly You asked for a response, so fine. What exactly I'm supposed to add in the first section on fan perspectives is beyond me. The argument and goals for the campaign are simple (which is actually a strength for it) - bring the New Nintendo 3DS to North America.

As always, things are more complicated when you start talking about shipping issues, business decisions etc. I'm merely pointing out factors that aren't always obvious, and that takes a bit more space.

Just because one section has more words than the other, doesn't mean I'm 'favouring' it. I don't appreciate the claim it's 'lazy' when, actually, it's the opposite. There's detail and focus beyond saying 'this is bad, boo', which was the whole point, to share some information for the sake of context.

As someone else has pointed out above, I repeatedly share sympathy and agreement with the NA campaign, and have agreed with its sentiment in multiple editorials (also linked in the article.) So I fundamentally disagree with your comment.

Is that a legitimate enough response?



ThomasBW84 commented on Eiji Aonuma Explains Why Tingle is Such a Pecu...:

@NorthLightSuplx Articles about Tingle? ;)

I think I know what you're referring to, and I also think you're just referencing the end of this article, but I'm only going on the clues you gave me! I said we'd keep posting articles on topics as we saw fit, but that if I felt it necessary I wouldn't always have comments open. This is nowhere near troublesome enough for comments to be closed.



ThomasBW84 commented on Review: Kirby and the Rainbow Curse (Wii U):

@Shirma_Akayaku No plans to change our scoring policy at the moment, we're happy with it :)

I can't talk about 'ever', but certainly while I'm editor I'll be fighting to stick with our current system, especially as Nintendo systems aren't grappling with early-access etc at the moment. From a Nintendo Life perspective, as far as I'm concerned, it ain't broke.

But yeah, the topic is Jon's review :) I for one will buy this whenever the heck Nintendo of Europe deems us worthy of having it over here.



ThomasBW84 commented on Nintendo of America's Damon Baker Explains the...:

I disagree that there's a problem with the tone of his 3DS answer, but naturally it's fair to disagree with the logic. We complain when Nintendo gives PR style answers with no actual sense of expression, so at least there's an honest reaction. It's certainly not a negative reaction, just an acknowledgement that some would be unhappy and they knew that would happen.

If you hammer people for honest reactions, you forfeit the right to complain when they close shop.



ThomasBW84 commented on Launch of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask N...:

@hypercoyote I think you're exaggerating a little, but that's fine, I appreciate your point. I've been highlighting this with amiibo and recent limited editions (the GameCube adapter was another thing) because I feel there's a trend of Nintendo currently providing less stock than in the past. As I've suggested in an editorial I think this could be part of general cost-cutting, getting inventories down and ensuring they don't grow - in other words, only make what you can sell.

So I think the issue's been exaggerated in recent times because of that, plus retailers being slow to implement limits on purchasing numbers.

But yeah, it's been nearly a month since my last eBay article for this game, I can't imagine many more of these now that the New 3DS is in the wild.



ThomasBW84 commented on Review: IRONFALL Invasion (3DS eShop):

I'll probably download the campaign out of curiosity, so the option to leave the multiplayer is welcome, for me!

7 does mean 'good' after all ;) The free trial option at least opens up the chance to see whether it pushes your buttons, though.



ThomasBW84 commented on Guide: How to Complete a System Transfer from ...:

@Fuz After it had done it's thing and the old 3DS was effectively wiped, I followed the New 3DS instructions while it moved my DSiWare. When it was finished I turned it off and shifted my SD content to the PC, then moved it from PC to the microSDHC. Luckily it seemed to work, as I guess enough formatting had been done. When I had moved everything and turned the New 3DS it was all fine.

So try finishing up and then transferring the SD data. I hope it works for you.



ThomasBW84 commented on Guide: How to Transfer from a 3DS to a New Nin...:

@H_Hunter I've updated that section. If you do have a micro-SD card in your old 3DS (it never occurred to me anyone would, the internet's always handy for that) then you answer No at the appropriate time. The process is actually a bit easier then, as there's less messing about and copying of files.

When I chose No by accident, though, I had a bit of a sweat on before I managed to salvage the situation :)



ThomasBW84 commented on Guide: How to Transfer from a 3DS to a New Nin...:

@deKay I believe at the point you do this (after the transfer process already has done its thing and completed the main phase) the initialisation has already been done (at least that seemed to be the case for us). I think that's the whole point of what it's doing once you've selected the PC transfer option.

Happy to know what step's missing though :)



ThomasBW84 commented on Review: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3DS):

@Grumblevolcano It may have still been a 9, albeit a less convincing 9 (if that makes sense). As I say in the review I used both systems for this, and while there is an improvement on the new hardware, it's by no means a massive difference, certainly not notable enough that it should put people off that aren't upgrading.