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Kifa commented on Poor Odds of The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth ...:

I guess that some people simply have no idea how to code a game properly. Like seriously, what is there in BoI that requires so much raw power? Amount of bullets and moving objects? I've seen more in SNES shmups way back in the 90's, and they even had scrolling backgrounds to boot. And don't even get me started on NEO Geo library... I think that Tyrone was simply afraid to say that they will not port the DLC because the sales of the game were bad, because I can't imagine any developer saying such nonsense and being able to sleep at night. :/

@AVahne It is roughly similar, but not quite. Wii U's CPU has different approach to computing, requiring less brute force approach and more code branching to be efficient, and the eDRAM in Nintendo's console does not have the additional 128 stream processors for Z-buffering, alpha and AA - that has to be done by the GPU, which is in turn more powerful. Transplanting directly does not work well, as we've seen with CoD Black Ops 2, but then again - how badly is BoI coded if it can't run properly compared to CoD?



Kifa commented on Minecraft Game Engine Will Be Ported To Wii U ...:

@kensredemption It's the exact opposite to what you are saying. The environments are built in Minecraft, but the game runs on Telltales own engine. It would make absolutely no sense to run Minecraft engine just to render the terrain. Based on the same logic you presented, I could say that 3DStudio is ported to Wii U, because assets for, let's say, Mass Effect 3 were built using that. You mistake creation of assets and using the same engine - shifting assets over is not porting!



Kifa commented on Minecraft Game Engine Will Be Ported To Wii U ...:

I see that @spikain and @SheepyTina alrady said what I meant to - they never said that they are porting the engine, and nothing here is any proof that they do. It would be great to do some research before posting a "hype article"... ;/

Other than that - I believe Minecraft has long lost it's relevance on Wii U. If anyone was interested, they played it already on their laptop, tablet, smartphone or other console they own. And considering how it is written in Java - porting it to Wii U would be nigh impossible without rewriting it all from scratch. I don't think it's happening. Ever.



Kifa commented on Exclusive: Project CARS "Simply Too Much For W...:

@shigulicious I must admit that I am guilty of troll feeding - guess it's just natural for some of us to react to nonsense and try to combat it with reason. Resistance is futile, though.

What is more worrying is that such stances, blaming consumers instead of creators, are getting more and more widespread. I don't know where this might be coming from, but I hope it does not become a standard for any gaming-related discussions...



Kifa commented on Exclusive: Project CARS "Simply Too Much For W...:

@MrGawain That depends on if we take smaller indie devs into account. Let's assume that we do not and focus just on the "bigger" third-parties. I'd say that NFS: Most Wanted is a great third-party game I have on my Wii U, and that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is quite a nice (if not lazy) port on that system. But otherwise I have most third party stuff on my gaming PC so... Yeah.

With indies taken into consideration I believe we could go on quite longer.



Kifa commented on Exclusive: Project CARS "Simply Too Much For W...:

@Quorthon Uhm. In which part of my post did I suggest any kind of comparison between third party games and Nintendo published/made ones? Because I don't believe I ever did that. And that would be actually pointless, because as you said yourself - there is a ton of poor quality first-party games on all Nintendo systems, and that is a fact that nobody can deny. I also never said a word about cherry-picking anything. I just pointed out that people don't like being lied to, and that was the case with C.A.R.S.

As for the games you have mentioned... Well, Arkham City suffers from really, really poor performance on Wii U, and I'd not call that a high quality 3rd party game (I'm talking quality, not ratings, mind you). Need For Speed Most Wanted is actually the best console rendition of this game, but suffered from almost zero advertising (nothing on eShop, Nintendo-related sites etc.) and even EA seemed to omit this edition in many press releases (Criterion spoke about that a while ago). Deus Ex is also an excellent example, but it simply released too late - by the time Director's Cut edition was out, I'd say everybody interested already played the game, and the rest simply didn't care. Mass Effect 3 presents another issue - how can you expect a third part of trilogy to sell well on a platform that has no previous parts available, plus when it has no DLC support? Nobody in their right mind would buy ME3 for Wii U knowing that they won't be able to expand the game. I won't touch Tekken and Ninja Gaiden because I'm just talking about games I have personal experience with. And I have a few third-party games on my Wii U, but as a multi-platform user and a PC gamer, I often choose the latter because I go where performance and support is best.

That's all. I don't know how I am a "fanboy" (how can I be one when having multiple consoles from multiple companies and a gaming PC to boot, all of which is used?), nor why you have decided to insult me. I never wanted C.A.R.S, because that's not the kind of game I'd play, but the developer's attitude is not something I can look over.



Kifa commented on Exclusive: Project CARS "Simply Too Much For W...:

@Quorthon I'd like to remind you, that we were fed stories about Wii U version "looking fantastic" and "running great" for months back in 2014, before it all went silent suddenly. It's not about Wii U being what it is, it's about simple, flat-out lies that the developer spewed in hopes of gaining publicity it seems. Most people are angry just because of that - lies and false promises. Nothing else.

Aside from that, as a person who does understand how games are developed, I must say that I am baffled by your claim that third parties are just hurting themselves putting games on Wii U. Why is that? Because of poor quality stuff that gets developed? That's not Wii U's fault and I'm sure you know that. Many independent developers actually profited from Wii U despite low install base. And look at PS4 and XBO - both are far more powerful than Wii U and even there most companies fail to deliver a product that is playable. Because Witcher 3 running at 20-30 fps is certainly not. It's not about hardware, it's about attitude. And poor sales of anything 3rd party on Wii U are a result of poor quality of almost anything third party and apparently - of Nintendo gamers having quality standards.



Kifa commented on If Nintendo Did Decide To Make A Smartphone, W...:

I find it simply ugly. And can someone explain to me why "Battery" module is interchangeable with "Memory" and "Camera"? Because from the outset this seems absolutely nonsensical... Also Android... Yuck! ;/



Kifa commented on Nintendo 3DS NFC Reader Pre-Orders Begin to Po...:

@ekreig Erm, that's the IR transciever, how else would you connect that thing to your 3DS? :/

More on subject - I'm reluctant to upgrade my release-bought Aqua Blue 3DS to any N3DS model because there is no reason to do so really. Absolutely none. I also doubt if I pick this thing up - amiibo is largely a miss for me and I don't really see a reason to use them on the go either...



Kifa commented on Work in Progress Video Fires Up Shigeru Miyamo...:

Uhm... But... What? Let me just slap Miyamoto's name onto a random plaque and fasten it to a random chair in a random conference hall so we could ALL get excited! sigh There really is nothing to write about, is there? :/



Kifa commented on Monochroma For Wii U Scrapped Due To Technical...:

We see quite a few independent projects scrapped on Wii U due to "performance issues". And most of those are frankly quite simple 2D action/adventure games that should be able to run even on hardware of GameCube class easily. I'm guessing most of those developers are really poor programmers, or they are using readily available engines like Unity in a poor manner. This is really sad, because all the power of PS4 and XBO is wasted on poor development, and not used to enchance gameplay. Shame.

@SetupDisk XBox One has actually a more powerful CPU than PS4. It lacks a bit in terms of raw GPU power but not all that much. I'd say that both of those versions would run the same.



Kifa commented on Nintendo's E3 Focus to Reportedly be on Wii U ...:

Well, I think it was pretty much obvious that there would be no NX appearance this year. Mobile games are also never part of E3, so all that's left are Nintendo's existing platforms. What worries me is that they might focus too much on stuff that is already out. Aside from "Devil's Third" and possibly that new StarFox game I really can't think of much else new to show. Maybe that secret project Next Level Games is working on, but otherwise I wouldn't expect much, sadly, not in terms of higher profile releases.

@Grumblevolcano Yeah, but that "new" DLC will be two months old by the time E3 starts. Not exactly a good reason to show us MK8 again, unless they release something actually new in Los Angeles...



Kifa commented on Video: Here Is The Trailer For The Delayed Wii...:

The art style is interesting, I might check it out unless it's also on PC (in which case I'll probably test it there due to better framerate and resolution), but the trailer is not done well. It's not about what it shows, but about the audio - music is far to loud and "aggressive", it gets in the way of listening to the narrator. This is always off-putting for me, but hey - that's just random rant. ;]



Kifa commented on WayForward is Flipping the Tables With a Migh...:

Nothing that can come close to Smash Bros Theme #2 (the white one) in terms of overall aesthetic. Still I imagine that many people will like that, so why not grab a little cash while the art team has some downtime?



Kifa commented on Poll: With Races Won and Cups Collected, How D...:

I simply love "Wild Forest", "Ribbon Road" and "Big Blue" tracks, and "Baby Park" is a cute little chunk of 'shroom insanity if you know what I mean. Other courses... I don't know, nothing special to me, with "Cheese Land" being an exception - it's probably the most frustrating track in any Mario Kart game I have ever played. 200cc is probably not my cup of tea, and new characters are kind of meh.

All that said - I wonder if we'll see more DLC like that in the future?



Kifa commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Paid-DLC Details Emerge...:

I guess there's no escaping the reality and even on Nintendo platforms we'll now have stuff like that. I rarely buy DLC for any game, and this is a prime example of additional content I'd never get UNLESS I was a huge, huge fan of a game. In fact I did only ONCE... For Mass Effect 2... Anyway, those things don't look like they are in any way needed to enjoy Xenoblade Chronicles X, so skipping them would be the logical thing to do.



Kifa commented on Review: Bubble Gum Popper (Wii U eShop):

And I'll say this looks like 99% of mobile poop infesting Google Play, iTunes and probably all other services like that. It would be a waste of money there, and to think that this was released on a home console - a device that is inherently supposed to deliver us quality entertainment - is actually pretty scary. Here's to hoping that gamers will vote with their wallets AND brains, and not support this game. Ever.



Kifa commented on The Mechs of Xenoblade Chronicles X Are Named ...:

The word sounded right in my head until I came accross the comment that explained it's meaning (not a native speaker, and I admittedly never heart it before). I don't know... Sound is right, but I feel that they could have named them in a number of different ways that would also be right, but without the unintended awkward/comical element. Still - much better for western audiences than "Dolls", that was just awkward IMHO.



Kifa commented on Video: New Xenoblade Chronicles X Video Goes B...:

I like the trailer, though I will still say that character face design is horrific - even in first Xenoblade they were less "anime nonsense" and more realistic, or at least more western in design. Oh well - head gear will be enabled at all times... ;P



Kifa commented on Gallery: Feast Your Eyes On FullBlast, An Old ...:

It's a mobile port, nothing special. Design is generic, backgrounds tend to get in the way of spotting threats from what is visible on screenshots. I think I'll stick to classics in terms of this genre.



Kifa commented on Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures on 3DS is "Al...:

I'd much rather have it on my 3DS than Wii U - games like that are better when you can take them everywhere with you, and though I never really planned on picking up the home console version, I might take a look at this if the price is right.



Kifa commented on Hacked Passcodes Leaked For 3DS eShop Microtra...:

Well, the whole system leaning on having all the codes already stored in local game database is simply broken. They have online connectivity in game, they should tie it all to their servers. Things like that wouldn't happen then. Personally I don't think I'll punch them in though - Nintendo might want to issue a patch that could, for example, block anyone who used those from accessing game's online features, and that does not sit right with me. ;]



Kifa commented on ​New FAST Racing Neo Footage is Set to be Re...:

Shin'En is just 3 people, at least as far as I remember, so no wonder it takes time for them to release anything. With Nano Assault done for PS4 they can focus on FAST, though as @Mandalore said, it wouldn't be surprising if the game got released on both platforms at the same time.



Kifa commented on Unity on New Nintendo 3DS Will Utilise Latest ...:

@CrimSkies97 How exactly three cores of simple ARM11 at 266 mhz are "stronger" than a PPC750 core at 730 mhz? Even not counting any vector units the stationary CPU trumps the ARM. Not sure about the GPU (because there's frankly no data about it to analyze), but even so - I don't know what are you building your assumptions on, and no games so far support what you said.



Kifa commented on Unity on New Nintendo 3DS Will Utilise Latest ...:

It could potentially boost the amount of games ported over, because the engine is familiar to a lot of developers, but still - New 3DS is not a powerful machine, it's even slower than the Wii, so I doubt that porting anything over will be that easy. Still - anything that makes the console more appealing to developers should be welcome. :]



Kifa commented on Guide: Improve Your Wii U's External Hard Driv...:

Most powered external hard drives do not enter sleep unless Wii U is entirely powered off, so that option does not affect them. The only ones that would seem to benefit from disabling this would be a) low-power 3,5" drives in powered enclosures (because those automatically park themselves after a short period of inactivity) and/or b) all 2,5" drives in powered and unpowered enclosures, because they all tend to park themselves to save power. Also this would not apply at all to SSD's and USB flash drives.

That said - disabling sleep state is potentially beneficial to the HDD lifespan. Wear from continous operation is a much smaller problem compared to wear from constantly spinning the platters up and down. I honestly don't know why isn't sleep mode disabled by default?

Also - don't expect that option to improve framerates. Outside of the situation when the HDD spun down and Wii U is waiting for it to restart and give data, this has no effect on anything whatsoever. ;]



Kifa commented on Guitar Hero Live Won't Work With Your Old Gear...:

Well, it was kind of obvious to everybody using their brain that old DLCs and instruments won't work - the gameplay bits alone showed that the mechanics are quite a bit different than previously. It would be impossible to just plug the existing content into that, and porting it all again is probably not possible due to licensing and/or financial constraints.

As a side note - I will not get this game. Something about that live-action presentation is creepy, up to the point of being borderline horryfying to me. Thanks but no thanks...



Kifa commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Use Downloadable D...:

@liveswired Well thank you for stating the obvious. I am just wondering why the data could not be copied of the disc since they are there already. It's not related to being or not being able to stream from two sources at once.

@Sir_JBizzle That would actually make sense, at least logically. Still other systems have no trouble doing that (both PS4 and XB One install games to their hard drives), so it would mean that Nintendo simply designed their system poorly. Also - some Wii U games create extra data, for which you have to have a sort of template to copy over. Because I really doubt that Wii U requires devs to create all such structures manually inside the code, that would be ridiculous. O.o



Kifa commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Use Downloadable D...:

@rsanchez1 I don't think that is possible yet, not with Flash anyway. Maybe with large mask roms, but that would still be far more expensive than producing optical discs. Look at the prices of reasonably fast thumb drives - they sometimes approach the price of game itself. Releasing everything on large capacity cartridges while maintaining profitability and prices is just not possible in the nearest future.



Kifa commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Use Downloadable D...:

@Ryno Emm. Those data packs duplicate the data that is already on the disc. that is the point. The game wouldn't run at all if they werent. So my question is - if those files are already there (because they have to), why not just copy them over to HDD instead of downloading?



Kifa commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Use Downloadable D...:

One has to wonder - why not make an option to just copy the data off the disc? Partial installations are a thing since approximately late middle ages, and it would probably be faster than downloading all this, considering how slow Nintendo's network infrastructure can be at times.



Kifa commented on Analyst Thinks Nintendo Is Already Winding Dow...:

So Xenoblade, Splatoon, Devil's Third and StarFox are signs of "winding the console down"? Okay, then all those remasters released on PS4 and XBO must be the sign of that too. Seriously - this looks like a move to stop Nintendo shares from gaining value any more so that someone can make profit.

Until I see NX with my own eyes I am not declaring Wii U dead. Full stop.



Kifa commented on Minecraft Tribute Cube Creator 3D Shows Off It...:

@geekdadfr Of course I am. Point being? I can't imagine anybody not owning any other platform that Minecraft is on. Even the computer you use to write comments here on Nintendolife can run it, so why do we need the same game on another platform? How would that be beneficial to anybody?



Kifa commented on Digital Foundry Puts Splatoon's 60fps Promise ...:

Shame that again there is no AA employed - I wonder if a simple FXAA solution would hurt performance much? Anyway - seeing how games on PS4 and XBOne often cant even maintain 30 frames per second (Bloodborne, Tomb Raider on XBO, even Alien Isolation) it's good to hear that Nintendo is still putting gaming comfort before anything else.

I will certainly get the Inkling amiibo bundle when it releases. ;]



Kifa commented on Review: Dot Arcade (Wii U eShop):

Hmm... This actually has enough personality for me to consider getting it, should they ever bring it to Europe that is. Quite an interesting release... O_o



Kifa commented on Two Tribes’ Toki Tori Remake is Coming to th...:

I always thought this belonged more on 3DS than it did on the Wii U, but nevertheless it's a fun game that made me want to snap my Gamepad in half out of frustration a few times. Still haven't completed it, and I don't think I'll be double-dipping here.



Kifa commented on Review: PENTAPUZZLE (Wii U eShop):

Another mobile-quality game released on a home console for some unconcievable reason. Stuff like this makes eShop look bad, and while I think that opening the platform up to almost everyone is a good idea in itself, Nintendo should also excert more control over quality of titles put up for sale. I agree with @zool here - this is not something that belongs on a home console at all. Where is that Nintendo Seal of Quality when you need it...?



Kifa commented on Review: Super Destronaut (Wii U eShop):

I must admit that when I first saw this game in one of the indie reels earlier this year I dismissed it as a cheap cash-in on Invaders formula. Reading the review did little to prove otherwise, and though it is surely functional and probalby author's first ever attempt at a Wii U game, I think I'll skip it for sure should it ever appear in EU eShop. Games like this belong on a handheld or a smart device, not on a home console...



Kifa commented on The Legend of Zelda for Wii U No Longer Set fo...:

I guess we all saw it coming - from what they've shown us last year the game looked like some thing that just begun to take shape. I wager that they actually started any development on it well into 2014, which would make it impossible to launch it in 2015. Keep in mind how long it took for Xenoblade Chronicles X to release, and that is being made by a team far more experienced in open world games than Nintendo is.

Lack of any appearance at E3 is disappointing though. After one and a half (provided I'm right, that is) year in development you'd think they had something to show us. They might have not figured out the specifics for open world Legend of Zelda game yet, and that is why they are holding back... Still - they have Xenoblade (why is it not a "big release", @MasterBlaster?), Devil's Third and StarFox. Splatoon is looking very strong too, and I'm really hoping that something actually new pops up during E3. It has to.

Also - doubtful if they will drag this on waiting for NX. I'm still convinced that it will be handheld system, and keep in mind that they are going to announce it on E3 2016, which means it won't get released until 2017, just as was the case with 3DS. Wii U needs that Zelda game badly and they know it.