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Tue 7th April, 2009

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Kifa commented on Yoshi, Sheik, and Zero Suit Samus Confirmed as...:

My, Zero Suit Samus looks horrible... Why can't they model her in a more realistic fashion? :/ Really now, do we absolutely need her breasts to be so large? sigh I would never consider that a "fan service", because it seems that with each iteration her designs and character deviates more and more from what real fans love in her. I really hope that next Metroid game does away with that style...



Kifa commented on Game Boy Classic Donkey Kong Land Is Coming To...:

Okay, now I'm interested. I still have the original cartridge locked up with other GB games and consoles in a solid box, but playing DKL on a backlit screen? I'm all for that! And really there seems to be no reason not to release it outside of Japan, unless some weird licensing is in play... O.o



Kifa commented on Swords & Soldiers HD Catapulting Its Way Onto ...:

How is this a HD remake exactly? The game was released on PS3 and X360, both versions running at HD resolution, so I am 99% positive that we'll just get the X360 port with Gamepad support. Still - that's good, because I no longer have my PS3 and I'd love to play this again. Well, as long as the price is adeqate...



Kifa commented on Game Boy Advance Games On The Wii U Virtual Co...:

Playing the games "as they were" does not mean stripping the underlying emulator of every single additional function it could have. That's one thing. Second is - you probably wouldn't need to configure every single one of them, just make the emulator perfectly simulate the GameLink behaviour. Timing could be an issue, but not unsolvable. And they wouldn't need to set up any big server clusters for it - Wii U's could host their own games.

How would you rather play GBA games on your phone is beyond me. I never learned to play games on a touchscreen - buttons are the only way to play games requiring precision inputs and I dare you to show me any kind of touchscreen control that matches them.

And how about just focusing on making small, new games instead of just shoving every possible retro game on the eShop in hopes that somebody will buy out of nostalgia? How about being PREPARED to sustain a console on the market in the first place? Nintendo screwed things up, and in my eyes as a long time gamer (it will be like 24 years now since I've started) it only drags them below.

Also: Wii has 64MB of RAM, not GB. Typing failure on my part. :P



Kifa commented on Game Boy Advance Games On The Wii U Virtual Co...:

@Luneth 1) True, they required additional copies, so what? Wii U is perfectly capable of simply running two emulators side by side for something as simple as GBA. Online play is not stupid beyond belief - there is a thing called "tunelling", and it's being done for years now almost everywhere. Finally - with a good emulator setup it would be possible to output one game on the TV, and the second on the bloody gamepad the Wii U has but uses for nothing.

2) GBA is completely different from SNES in terms of hardware, and as for games I've seen plenty of both world not to draw a definitive conclusion like that.

3) And how are we to blame exactly? We bought the console in it's early days, we never asked for what Nintendo gave us to "compensate", so stop your whining on the subject that you simply missed out (because that's how it looks for me).

4) Filling the space is NEVER the solution.

5) That is actually very true. There will NEVER be any major Pokemon games on GBA VC, for reasons obvious to anyone who has minimal understanding on how this brand works.

6) I suppose so, but the thing is with other games which are not turn-based strategies. And those are in majority.



Kifa commented on Advance Wars Bringing the Battle to the Wii U ...:

@Yorumi 3DS is nowhere near as powerful as the Wii, because it's just not possible. From the specs we know it has a dual core ARM-11 CPU with clocks around 266-333 mhz, connected with 128MB of FCRAM (96MB for games). Wii has a 733 mhz PowerPC processor and 64GB of GDDR3 RAM. There is a Grand Canyon separating those two machines in terms of performance, also in GPU department (though it's difficult to directly compare a fixed-pipeline Flipper with half-programmable PICA200, so I'm not diving into it). Bottom line is - it would not be possible to accurately emulate GBA on this kind of hardware. And keep in mind - GBA is far more powerful than NES was.

@Olaf-symbiote I can't link you any sources, because all of them are linked to 3DS hacking community, and that would be against Nintendolife rules.

Aside from that - it's just obvious for anyone with minimal knowledge of how those devices work. All DS consoles have full GBA hardware inside, because it's used as the secondary processor in that console and without it no DS games would work. At all, and yes, even DSi has it. To run DS games, all 3DS consoles must have full DS hardware inside. So for Ambassador games Nintendo simply took the already existing DS sandboxing and tricked it to think that it has just ran a GBA game from Slot 2. That's the reason the games run without any additional functionality, and that 3DS wireless communications shut down when you run them. Also when you quit, just like with DS games, a full reboot into native 3DS mode occurs, as opposed to just closing the emulator.

Also as I've said earlier - 3DS is not powerful enough to emulate GBA in software. This is really the only way those games would work, but still it makes more sense than releasing them on the Wii U. But now I'm really repeating myself...



Kifa commented on Advance Wars Bringing the Battle to the Wii U ...:

@Yorumi Except the Ambassador GBA games on 3DS are NOT emulated. They are runing on the metal (that is on pure hardware, which every DS has) in DS mode and I'm pretty sure they can't be emulated because of insufficient power.

It would STILL, however, make more sense for them to be on 3DS in that form than releasing them on Wii U.



Kifa commented on Advance Wars Bringing the Battle to the Wii U ...:

Yes, great, awesome. Except not. Who ever needs GBA games on home console Wii U is? It's not even portable, and when I'm at home I have at my disposal options for far better games that I can't play on the go. Why is the GBA VC not on 3DS, where it would work best? Really, Virtual Console as a whole is not the reason I've bought Wii U in the first place and if that's all Nintendo can give us, then I will seriously consider calling it quits by the end of this year (and yes, Mario Kart and Brawl are not quite enough).

Don't get me wrong, I love Advance Wars and I played the heck out of it back in the day I had my silver GBA Micro (best handheld EVER), but this is just... sad... And with rumors of DS games on Wii U I'd say the system is on terminal life support. Because that's just how it looks.



Kifa commented on Nintendo Confirms Presentations and Games for ...:

There must be something wrong with me, because as much as I am all for first- and second-party games for Wii U, very few indie ones really seem attractive to me. Of the games mentioned on the list only Armillo seems like something actually worth playing... But I guess it's just me, and I'm too mainstream... ;P



Kifa commented on Exclusive: Shin'en Multimedia Bringing Art of ...:

Next thing we know Fast Racing Neo is a HD-upgraded direct port of Fast from Wii Ware, only sold at twice the price. Seriously Shin'En, all that teasing, secrecy and we get THIS?! And you needed to write a new engine for it (bragged about that a few times as I recall)? Fantastic, another thing off my "to buy list" (I have AoB on Wii, and can buy Fast there as well)...

@thehappyjack - in almost every game physics are calculated at a greater rate than graphics. It's a matter of precision - you can't accurately track quickly moving objects at only 30 samples a second. You need at least 60, and 120 is preferable. Most engines use even greater resolution, so 240 is not an unheard of number. Bottom line - it will only reduce the jitter in collisions and hopefully elliminate spontaneous object flinching.



Kifa commented on Renegade Kid's New 3DS FPS Is Moon Chronicles:

I must say that I'm disappointed. I have the original game and personally see absolutely no reason to buy this remake, especially not in the seasonal form and for the price asked.

Sorry Renegade Kid, you have to try harder to get my money. ;)



Kifa commented on Retro Could Work On Miyamoto-Led Project In Th...:

@McHaggis Well, "Other M" fills up the definitione of 2,5D game pretty well IMO, and I wouldn't want another game made like that. It just feels a waste to create a restricted world when the console itself allows for something much more complex.



Kifa commented on A Third-Party "Secret Developer" Gives an Insi...:

@ULTRA-64 Oh, that. I forgot that this game was on Wii U. And if it is Darksiders 2 and former Vigil employee, then all I can say is: lame excuses. I have both Darksiders games on PC (which is a fairly powerful machine I might add) and both games are glitchy, slow, unstable and looking just plain horrible at times. No wonder they couldn't get Wii U right if they couldn't even write proper PC port with all the superfulous horsepower those have... ;)



Kifa commented on A Third-Party "Secret Developer" Gives an Insi...:

@element187 But ME3 had no cuts in graphics and game logic, it only lacked in terms of DLC. Heck, it even looked better than on PS3, so it's most certainly NOT this. I bet on Treyarch because how BLOPS2 underperforms in terms of framerate, but still... If it's not them, I can't think of any other dev/title...



Kifa commented on A Third-Party "Secret Developer" Gives an Insi...:

It seems that Nintendo got carried a little bit too far with their "gameplay first, hardware second" philosophy. Making a quiet, energy efficient and relatively cheap to manufacture system is one thing, but giving the developers something to work with is another. Still - I thinkt the Wii U is far from a flop, and more like a slight of hand...

@MrGawain - I'd bet a penny on Treyarch... ;P



Kifa commented on Game of the Year: Nintendo Life's Staff Awards...:

I second @Jazzer94 and @Anclation - Steam World Dig and The Wonderful 101 deserve to at least be on the list. How does Rayman Legends get into top 2 Wii U games of the year and TW101 does not? Heck, even Pikmin 3 is not really all that good - it's just a HD bump of Pikmin 2 to be honest, and why does it get so much praise is beyond me...



Kifa commented on Super Mario 3D World Struggles Against PS4 Tit...:

Why would anyone want to play Knack instead of SM3DW is beyond me, though this does not change the fact that the news are not good for Wii U. Seems we are looking at a Gamecube situation all over again...



Kifa commented on The YouTube Wii U App Update is Now Live:

I've just tested it and it seems that they finally sorted out the framerate issues - videos are now as smooth as on my Nexus 7, which is good. The interface is still poor though...



Kifa commented on FAST Racing NEO To Feature 'Hyper Real Graphics':

Seeing is believing, though I wonder - if Shin'En is capable of pushing Wii U to do such thing, that would mean the console has in fact a lot of horsepower hidden inside. That, in turn, means that X360 and (to a lesser extent) PS3 ports should run nicely with not all that much additional programming effort. And yet, they don't (in most cases). Seems that most of the companies don't even bother to look up the SDK manuals...

Anyway - I'm waiting for some screenshots and/or gameplay videos. And please, let this game run in 60 frames per second and NOT pull another NFS on us... :|



Kifa commented on SteamWorld Dig Creators to Make "Huge Announce...:

I'd not touch the HD remake with a long stick. I mean - what's the point of releasing the same game over and over again with just updated graphics?

To add some negativity to the response mix: I'd say it's about a mobile/tablet port. ;]



Kifa commented on Nintendo Download: 21st November (Europe):

Well, I guess I will check out both Sonic demos, no reason not to. The "Misadventures..." seems fun, but otherwise I believe I won't sped any cash on eShop, unluess EDGE is good (and I can't rule out the fact that it is)... :)



Kifa commented on Performance of Batman: Arkham Origins Wii U Ve...:

@jayclayx Yes, from what little technical data about Wii U's CPU we know, it is far weaker than the X360 CPU, or the Cell chip used in PS3. Basically it's just three tweaked Wii processors stuck together with clocks boosted two times and some additional cache. That's it. Wii U's GPU, on the other hand, seems at least three to four times more powerful than that used in X360 or PS3, but I think that was a very poor design decision by Nintendo. That way it's very difficult to utilise the full potential of the GPU, because the CPU can't feed it data quickly enough. And if we try to compensate with GPGPU functions (which requires a lot of additional coding) we eat up graphics resources anyway, so it's somewhat a vicious cycle.

Then again - we have Nintendo and Shin'En games keeping a smooth 60 FPS at 720p with some pretty intense action on both screens sometimes, so... I don't know what to think. But it certainly wouln't hurt anyone if Wii U had a little bit mor power CPU-side...



Kifa commented on Nintendo Stock Value Rises After Buying Stake ...:

Nintendo and smartphone/tablet market? No, no, NO! As @erv already said, it's probably something about online videos, not mobile games. As for using a tablet for second screen - give me physical buttons and then we'll talk. I personally consider touch controls horrible and suitable only for very specific and simple tasks...



Kifa commented on Feature: Why Nintendo Isn't Popular in Poland:

@Dave24 It's not hard to find a WiiU? Really? Because I've visited every single electronics store in Lublin over the past year to see if any carried Wii U's (I bought mine over Internet, but it never hurts to do some reconnisance, does it?) and guess what? None of them did, does or is planning to do. And Lublin is a regional capital (some people here might not know that).

Maybe in Warsaw, sure, but not anywhere else I've seen Nintendo hardware on the shelf. Not only that, I can't find a single piece of software in any of the stores here.

As for "not growing up with Nintendo" - I think he meant the generation of gamers that is most active right now. People aged 15-20 (a wild guess that's the correct range here) don't remember Pegasus at all...



Kifa commented on Feature: Why Nintendo Isn't Popular in Poland:

@ikki5 Well I live in Lublin actually, and I know at least 20 PS3 users, a few PSP and DS/DSi owners and three 3DS gamers (there's at least 5 more according to local 3DS tracking page, but never actually managed to SPass them, so...). At the last Deadly Serious Convention (polish community of Nintendo fans, broadly speaking) we had over one hundred 3DS users from accross the country, most of which were not even from our forums. And XBox 360 is massively popular among people I know.

Also there are huge banners for Playstation 3 and 4 in at least one big electronics store here. In Warsaw I noticed that in many places in just under two days of staying there (for the said convention). So I say - the people you know must be living under a rock or in a cave or something, and are not really representative of anything. :) Poland plays videogames, far more than you think, though I admit that PC gaming is prelevant here and I'm guilty of that pleasure myself. ;)

Also to the author - one sentence, mentioning martial law, is a bit misleading as my friend pointed out. That happened in 1981 to 1983, a decade earlier and Poland was still a communist state back then.



Kifa commented on Feature: Why Nintendo Isn't Popular in Poland:

I probably couldn't add anything to the above even if I tried. The situation of Nintendo here in Poland is a combination of negligence, adverse market conditions and local gamer mentality. Though I must say that a few of my friends are slowly becoming convinced that Nintendo is the way to go (despite the difficulties) when they are shown some unique games both 3DS and Wii U have to offer. And Pokemon, you can't forget that. :P

It just leaves me wondering - why Nintendo was never able to do what I've been doing with at least little success: convince people that gigabytes, teraflops and BluRay aren't everything?



Kifa commented on Review: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's C...:

I'm still getting that on PC. Higher resolution, DirectX 11 effects, 60 fps and mouse controls (which I've always preferred to analogue sticks in first person games), plust it will only cost me 4 Euros. I just can't justify paying the full retail price just for Gamepad integration...

Great review though, and it seems that Wii U finally got a solid port.



Kifa commented on If Nintendo Did Make A Smartphone, We'd Want I...:

Honestly? Those look terribly tacky - like GameBoys with oversized and deformed screens. I'd never use a phone looking like that... :| And those microscopic buttons, my gosh, I imagine how difficult it would be to reliably operate them. No... Just no...



Kifa commented on Nintendo Japan Confirms an End to Wii Production:

This is the right move for Nintendo. Backward compatibility with Gamecube is no longer an important factor for sales, and Wii U can handle all Wii games equally well to original hardware (I think, I've never tested this thoroughly as I still have my Wii hooked up). Removing Wii from the market will strenghten the new system's position and eliminate confusion.

That said, Wii is the console that de facto pulled me into console gaming, and as such will be always fondly remembered. And I still have a few titles that I want to play on the system, so it's certainly not retiring from duty any time soon. ;)



Kifa commented on Nintendo Download: 17th October (Europe):

Urban Champion? Really? Of all the NES games this one? Great...
Considering Sonic though (preferably retail), but unless I see a demo or a very convincing review I'm not touching it.



Kifa commented on Zelda: Wind Waker HD Release Triggers 685% Inc...:

And even after Wii U started selling good we will still be getting dirty ports without DLC and sub-par graphics just because it's a Nintendo system. And all Nintendo systems absolutely need to be treated like garbage by third party... That's that for your daily pesimism portion... :P



Kifa commented on If You Liked the Latest Super Mario 3D World T...:

Funny thing is - there are still people whining that this is not a "true" Mario game and that we need Galaxy 3 instead. I... uh... really don't understand where is that coming from.

Still this is a 100% day-one disc purchase for me. As much as I preferred to skip Old Reskinned Bros U, the thought of a brand new 3D Mario just gets me excited! :D



Kifa commented on Nintendo of America Selling Wii Remote Rapid C...:

@BATRA There are replacements with larger capacity from third parties available for months now. If one really needs one is debatable (I never managed to discharge my Gamepad during one session, for example), but they are available. And what even would you use the second Gamepad for? There are no games built for that and there won't be for long time since now, maybe never even.

For me this cradle makes little to no sense. First - I wouldn't be able to keep my Wii Motion Plus attached (I have two such remotes), and second - there is a power supply requiring a socket, which means that for all remotes to be always charged I'd need three spare sockets. Thanks, but no thanks - I'll stick to my Energizer Ni-MH rechargeables...



Kifa commented on Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut Final...:

I have considered this game, but in the end I will buy it on Wii U only if:
a) There will be no "upgrade" option for existing PC version owners (I happen to have both the game and the add-on on my Steam), and
b) Wii U version will be graphically on par with PC version (max detail and DX11 features that is)
The latter will probably not happen and it will look significantly worse, not to mention lower framerates. So I'm probably not supporting Wii U with this title anymore - if it were an exclusive, then it might have been another story...



Kifa commented on SEGA Unleashes a Plethora of Sonic Lost World ...:

For the small file size the 3DS edition looks remarkably good - that probably can be attributed to clever usage of tiled, paletted and compressed textures thanks to modern GPU the handheld has (note that "modern" does not always mean "powerful"). Both look excellent and I still probably pass both of them - I was always too slow for Sonic. ;P



Kifa commented on Video: Epic Launch Trailer Shows Off The Legen...:

I am somehow still not sold on this game... It's possibly the general art style that puts me off, same as it did with Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. I just wish that there were more Zelda games in TP or SS style... :|



Kifa commented on Shin'en: If Developers Can't Make Great Lookin...:

@Ernest_The_Crab I have not got it confused, just made a thought shortcut. Sorry for that. :P

Assets have nothing to do with framebuffer. Look on the PC - you don't have separate stuff for every resolution possible. You can render everything in any resolution you like without special preparation. Nintendo said, if I'm not mistaken, that they use 720p because it is far easier to attain 60 fps at this resolution. It may be just as you say - that they lack in experience - but certainly has nothing to do with the assets themselves.

And I am pretty sure I've read somewhere that Mario Kart 8 will run at 720p too, but can't find it now...



Kifa commented on Shin'en: If Developers Can't Make Great Lookin...:

@Pod There isn't a single Nintendo game out there running at 1080p and 60fps. Heck, not a single one of them actually renders at 1080p - they already said numerous times that they output at 720p. The image is just stretched then to match the set screen resolution. Even the Wii U menu renders in 720p, at least that is what my personal investigation shows, based on pixel size measurement.

As for the console freezes - I had about three in Zombi U, and two in eShop during video playback. The latter was exactly the same as freezes of Nintendo Channel back on Wii, so I'm guessing that someone is making the same mistake over and over again. But honestly - my PS3 froze on me exactly as often, so nothing new for me here...

And I think we just need to wait for what Shin'En has in store - once Jett Rocket 2 is out in glorious 3D and 60fps at the same time (which was once said to be impossible on 3DS), whey can shift resources to the two mysterious Wii U projects. Remember - JR had stuff going on on screen unseen in any other Wii game, so I'm slowly preparing to have my mind blown... ;)



Kifa commented on Panzer Dragoon Creator Yukio Futatsugi Wants T...:

It's funny how everyone has "good relationship" with Nintendo, and yet so many are reluctant to actually do anything about it. I understand that there are reasons behind it, more or less, but can't we just talk openly and straight up say that "we will not support Nintendo unless they sell us 10+ millions of systems to make games for"?