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Soapbox: Why Grand Theft Auto V Isn't For Me

Posted by Damien McFerran

Damien McFerran reminds us that other games are available

This week sees the release of Grand Theft Auto V on PS3 and 360 — but, alas, not the Wii U. But of course, you already knew that, because unless you've recently taken up residence beneath an exceptionally large rock, you'll have found it absolutely impossible to avoid hearing about Rockstar's next million-selling epic — it's everywhere you look, including some rather unexpected and unpleasant places.

Personally speaking, I've had a very on-off relationship with the Grand Theft Auto series. I found the PlayStation original enjoyable but flawed; it captured my attention for a time, but never enough to ensure that I actually finished it. I totally bypassed the London-based expansion pack and the second 32-bit outing, but was drawn in by the groundswell of hype which accompanied the arrival of the franchise on the PlayStation 2. Grand Theft Auto III was remarkable because it popularised the "sandbox" genre, giving you an entire world to explore and interact with in any way you saw fit. I'll admit now that I ploughed many hours into that title, occasionally completing missions to push the story forward but mainly driving around performing insane stunts and committing all kinds of mischief.

It's at this point that whatever affection I had for the series essentially ended. I ignored the two direct sequels — Vice City and San Andreas — not just because they struck me as being a little too similar to Grand Theft Auto III, but because I was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the subject matter. Grand Theft Auto IV was the straw that broke the camel's back — like everyone else, I picked it up in 2008 expecting big things, but the next day I had traded it in. I could appreciate the technical scope of the title, the sumptuous visuals, open-ended gameplay and involving story, but it simply wasn't a game I was ever going to enjoy. The focus on criminality disturbed me — it seemed wrong to be garnering any kind of enjoyment or entertainment from the questionable acts committed by Niko Bellic. Games rarely make me feel uncomfortable, but Grand Theft Auto IV did — and then some.

Despite the bombastic arrival of Grand Theft Auto V, my feelings towards the franchise haven't really changed. I guess that as a married father of three in his mid-30s I'm arguably not the game's target audience, but even so I fail to see how anyone can extract any genuine pleasure from extended torture sequences where you're expected to pull out someone's teeth and electrocute them to gain information, or feel anything but shame by visiting a virtual strip club. The latter point is particularly bothersome, especially when the industry is trying to accommodate female players as much as possible and avoid sexist and misogynistic themes in games.

Grand Theft Auto V simply doesn't resonate with me on any level, and I'm not the only one, either — former Rockstar producer Jeremy Pope has publicly stated that he'll never work on violent games again and that he was ashamed to admit to people he had worked on the series. It's also good to know that amid the flood of positive reviews, there are those brave enough to call the game out for what it truly is — GameSpot's Carolyn Petit may have awarded it 9/10, but she also branded it "politically muddled and profoundly misogynistic", adding that the game had little room for female characters outside of "strippers, prostitutes, long-suffering wives, humorless girlfriends and goofy, new-age feminists we’re meant to laugh at." Many within the industry may rally against sexism, but I fail to see how they can be comfortable with playing a title as shamelessly sexist as this.

As Nintendo fans, some of you may be joining me in my Grand Theft Auto V boycott this week — but not necessary through choice. Rockstar's game has skipped Nintendo's console — despite rumours that it would be coming — which means Wii U owners must look jealously on as the Grand Theft Auto juggernaut steamrolls onto rival platforms. There's no denying that the Wii U needs more games, and getting a title of Grand Theft Auto V's standing wouldn't have done the system's fortunes any harm. However, there's another open-world title looming on the horizon that is arguably much more worthy of your undivided attention: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD.

Our review of Nintendo's HD remaster goes live tonight at 11.01pm UK time / 6.01pm Eastern U.S., and having spent a considerable amount of time in the company of this game I can assure you that Link's ocean-going adventure is certain to make you forget about Grand Theft Auto V's release and its no-show on the Wii U. It's a game which taps into your sense of adventure and desire to explore, rather than pandering to your darker side and expecting you to perform heinous acts in the name of entertainment. While Rockstar's game will undoubtedly become a critical and commercial success — the review scores are already insanely high — it's not a game which would have felt particularly well-suited to a Nintendo console; the critical failure of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars on the DS is proof of that. On the other hand, Wind Waker provides a level of enjoyment which can be experienced and appreciated by everyone, irrespective of their age or gender.

What are your thoughts on Grand Theft Auto V? Were you hoping to see the game on the Wii U, or will you be playing it on another console? Perhaps you feel the same as Damien and can't stand the series, or maybe you've been a fan since day one and feel that video games shouldn't be confused with real life? Whatever your stance, make sure you post a comment to tell us — and the rest of the Nintendo Life readership — what you really think.

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MrGawain said:

I'd agree with that, I'm also mid-30's and not impressed with the violence or the seedier side of GTA. But then I thought Asssassin's Creed 3 was violent for the sake of it as well.

Wind Waker is far more... Me.



K1LLEGAL said:

There are virtual strip clubs in GTA V because there are strip clubs in real life. And there is no shame in visiting it in the game because it's a part of that game. I'm not far into the game yet but i'm sure there is a story mission of some sort that requires you to go to one. I mean I understand not playing it in front of your kids... just like I wouldn't play it in front of my parents.

This is where controversy over video games starts... with articles like this discussing the negatives of the game and calling them out as "sexist" or disgusting or whatever. The whole point of video games is escapism and fun. People need to stop getting so upset.



shingi_70 said:

Yo Damien by that logic we shouldn't enjoy the majority of popular media becuase its sexist right. I completely understand where your coming from but at the end of the day the Grand Theft Auto series is a Satire that takes story beats from popular crime media.

So if your going to complain about Strippers and new Age feminsts, than surely you have to be offended by the take on Apple, The Tea Party, and in general the lampooning of hollywood.

Also where ere the complainers that Heat which this game is taking most of its inspiration from had an all male crew.



andrewmated said:

I'm not the biggest fan of GTA, but I will admit V looks fun on a visceral, omg level (sorry for that.) I can understand, though that it's not for everyone, and I'm glad there are games like Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker (my not first but most cherished game in the series) that can give gamers of all ages and skill levels a chance to go on a grand adventure in a world that never ceases to amaze. Variety in the game industry is never a bad thing.



Rafie said:

While I can sympathize with you Damo on being a married man with 3 kids (I am too! Also I'm 31), I do happen to like the GTA series. I have put some time into GTA5 and while it's still violent, there are other aspects to this game that makes it different to it's predecessor's. The open world is all of the GTA games put together and some. Still, I understand your position and I respect it.

I just enjoy all different type of games. Not just violent ones.



Savino said:

Well... I am 35 and I am waiting to my download to finish to play as crazy mofo criminal! I cant see nothing wrong with it, since its pure fantasy!

And I struggle to see e diference in killing virtual creatures, like zelda, where you go slaugthering entire especies and killing virtual people...

I mean, they are just bytes on the screen changing only the coat!



Einherjar said:

Yesterday, i looked lkike a freaking alian when i bought Kingdom Hearts 1.5 instead of the hundrets upon hundrets of otherls all buying GTAV.
Sometimes, it really feels strange having a taste in games thats almost the polar opposite of what the "mainstream" likes.
Even the cashier automaticly asked me to hand over the money GTAV costs (55€) as soon as he saw the game case. He didnt even look at what exactly the game was anymore since virtually EVERYONE and their mother (since most customers were little brats) bought that game.
I never got into games like that. I rather be the hero then commiting virtual crimes. If i want to see crimes, i read the news...
EDIT: Please dont mind all the typos. Im totally burned out from work :/ My brain needs a little rest



bezerker99 said:

I own GTAIII, Vice City, and San Andreas. I even have their soundtracks because the music in these games simply is great and cannot be ignored.

I understand your issues with the violent themes in these games but, to me, it's no different from the violent, sexist garbage that emanates out of Hollywood on a consistent basis.

I had no urge to get GTAIV (not sure why) but GTA V is definitely on my WANT list. (I've already got Wind Waker mostly paid off and I'm looking forward to that too, but that game isn't going to make me forget that GTAV is out there just waiting for me to get my hands on).

Nice article, Damo! It's good to read an honest opinion.



SpaceCoyote said:

I can understand that. As a gamer in my 30s, with a family, my time to play games is constantly decreasing. When I do carve out time to buy and play a new game, I typically am in the mood for some more light-hearted affairs, reminiscent of the games I grew up with.

I have no problem with violent games, games where you play the criminal, shooting or any of that. After a while though, it just gets boring and uninteresting. I'll play the call of duty's and the resident evils, but I never got around to the GTA series after GTA2.

I think playing the "villain" is a great way to tell a story and create a world of fantasy. Connecting with the villain made shows like Sopranos and Breaking Bad popular.

GTA just never seemed like something I needed to rush out and buy. By the time the price drops or my schedule frees up, there's usually something else that interests me.



Mk_II said:

too violent for my taste. i like jumping on Koopa's and rescueing princesses



ACK said:

I'll be wreaking havoc in W101. With my kids watching and playing alongside me. Now that's a game.



rjejr said:

Damo, I think you spent too much time over at PS filling in for Sammy last week if you felt the need to write this piece now. NL almost never covers other stuff like this. No word on Puppeteer or hardly a mention of Madden 25 or Last of Us or Beyond 2 Souls. I don't see why you felt now was the right time to write a piece that instead of being called "Soapbox" should have been labeled "sour grapes".

BTW - I agree w/ you. just don't see why you felt the need to write it here. It would have been ok on PS.



K1LLEGAL said:

@Einherjar But it's not like it has to be one or the other... Last week I bought Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and then today I got both Grand Theft Auto 5 and, of all things, Mario Party DS.

Games are games.



Blast said:

GTA V is pretty impressive... The transition from cutscenes to gameplay is incredible. Its...just mindblowing. Its a shame it didn't come to Wii U.



Snkfiend said:

Sigh another Nintendo rant over GTA not coming to the Wii U guys if yall didn't know it didn't come to the PC either. Get ya'll lazy butts up and buy the game if you got other consoles.



Rafie said:

Amazing. Here I was thinking I was one of the oldest here. There are plenty of people my age and older. I guess I should have known that seeing how far Nintendo goes back.



Platypus101 said:

Like I say about driving games... If I want to drive fast and dodge cops, I'll jump on the freeway. If I want to torture, mug, and kill, I'll go outside for the day I like all the thirty-somethings on these posts saying things like "I'm a dad too! Blah blah blah" truth is that if one of your kids saw something you were doing while playing this game, and "play copied" any of the questionable scenes at school, you'd have a hefty bit of explaining to do. So as parents do you say, "all this is not right, daddy is really not a bad person, he just likes doing bad things, virtually..." I can see the confusion on their little faces now...



Damo said:

@Sony_70 You're missing one key point here - when you watch a movie like Heat, you're a passive viewer and not actually taking part in the on-screen violence. In GTA V, you're the one perpetrating the violence.

Therein lies the problem.



Damo said:

@rjejr This feature would have made little sense on PS - it's a piece about how Nintendo fans aren't missing out (in my opinion) because we have other experiences that are (again, in my opinion) superior.



WingedSnagret said:

Nice to see someone else share my disinterest in GTA. I roll my eyes every time I go on my YouTube subscription list right now because 90% of it is for GTA...



Sceptic said:

Liking a game is a matter of taste. To claim or even imply there is something objectively better about a lame regurgitation like Windwaker HD is just plain comical.

"More worthy of our undivided attention"? - Like we have a freaking choice.



WaveGhoul said:

The closest i'll ever get again to a Grand theft auto experience is retro city rampage. GTA is easily my most hated gaming franchise around. It's a filthy gettho sandbox of hookers(like Amanda Bynes) & excessive violence for the 14 year olds to play in. I need a little joy in my life, something whimsical and colorful. I choose you Wind Waker HD!

Besides, GTA doesn't support pointer controls for when you want to pop a thug in the back of the head. It's grand theft dated as far as controls go. snore.



gatorboi352 said:

I'm sorry, but: " ...because I was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the subject matter."

And then you go right out and purchase GTA4 anyways?



odd69 said:

Funny, i havent picked up a game in 2 weeks and GTA is the reason i will. Its a great series i say try it before you complain about it, it might be fun, or may not.I know i will be joining in on the fun, no one can take that from me



K1LLEGAL said:

@Damo That is quite a fanboy thing to do though. I appreciate that we all have our own tastes and opinions and yours may genuinely be that you're not missing out... but imagine writing an article like that for every game when it didn't come out on a system you own. People do that in comments sections all across the internet and they are all fanboys.

I literally don't understand why people think they can't enjoy both. It's the same with all console wars and arguments. Just play whatever you want and don't make a big deal about it. I think gamers are missing out on amazing experiences due to loyalty towards a company that only really wants their money.



SpaceKappa said:

Great article, Damo. It echoes my sentiments a bit towards the series as well.

I got wrapped up in the GTA IV hype but never finished it. It just made me feel icky. It got to the part where some character (I forget her name... Elizabeta or something) shot a TV show host and his cameraman in the head for no reason and just couldn't stomach any more. It didn't help that I got stuck on a driving mission, but hey, let's not split hairs.

I did enjoy goofing around in multiplayer with friends, but that was because we made it silly. In the game the characters you're hunting down and killing have dialogue, personalities and backstory. You're not shooting targets, you're murdering people. That's fine, I'm not saying the game shouldn't be made, it just didn't sit right with me. I don't celebrate murderers as heroes, even in a virtual space.

It might seem hypocritical of me, then, to be enjoying Saints Row The Third, which I just started this weekend. I think the big divider, though, is just how stupid and silly Saints Row is. It's a comic book. EVERYTHING is over the top. I mean, I just recruited a guy who speaks in auto-tune. Not to mention female characters are portrayed as every bit as capable as their male counterparts... I'm playing as a female boss and no one has even made mention of her being a woman.

It's funny how many people call GTA "satire" when its plot is incredibly serious. I don't think GTA's aim is to parody all these things we consume in the media, it's to put all of these "taboos" at the forefront and appeal to everyone's darker instincts.

I'd never say it shouldn't be made, but again, it's just not my bag.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

The only real problem I have with GTA are all the little kids who go insane over it and play it nonstop. While I'm twice their age and just enjoying me some Animal Crossing. And while I don't agree that games GTA are inspiring young ones to do illegal activity, I do believe there needs to be some guidance from the parents or any responsible adult figure when children are playing games like these. Too many parents these days are just buying their kids games like these without question, only to complain of the content within.



Platypus101 said:

@sony70 um... Heat was based on the real life experiences of a 1960's police officer that was chasing down a particular criminal (and his ring apparently)... 1960s itself was a misogynistic era, doubt the boys would have let a girl into the gang I understand what you're trying to say, but your reference is flawed...



Damo said:

@K1LLEGAL You're totally missing the point. I'm not a fanboy - I have both a PS3 and 360 and could go out right now and buy a copy of GTA V if I really wanted to.

My point with this piece is that even though GTA V is skipping the Wii U, there are richer and less morally corrupt experiences available on the console. This would be my stance even if GTA V was available on Wii U.



antonvaltaz said:

I'm 32, have two young kids and no desire to play something like GTA. One of the three main characters seems like a deeply unpleasant psycho, I have no desire to identify with someone like that...



GTWarrior77 said:

I'm not a fan of GTA at all. I'm also in my 30's (36) and I don't have time for pointless violence, sex and bad language in games. Apparently these games are for the "mature" crowd. Nothing mature about that in my opinion.
Another issue is the multitude of kids who will be playing this. I can appreciate the game from a technical perspective, but the moral issues I have with this game overrides everything else.
Unless I'm playing a racing simulator, I don't want my games to be realistic. As Waveboy mentioned earlier, I like my games to be whimsical and colorful.
And above all, I must be able to play a game with a clear conscience.



shingi_70 said:


and the problem is what? Should I not Play Bully because kids kill themselves over the subject Matter, or should I not play Red Dead redemption because most westerns have racist undertones.

Who cares if its morally bankrupt if you as a user can determine the difference between the reality and fantasy. In the same way I like to play games where I'm a plumber who jumps on turtles, I sometimes want to play as a hardened criminal who does a line of coke, robs a bank, than leads the entire los santos police for on a wild goose chase before having some buddies help take all of them out, while listening too Maeater by Hall and Oats. Than getting bored and playing some tennis.



Snkfiend said:

It's funny to me that Saint's Row 4 would be the better candidate but nobody argue for that to come for the console. And regardless it's opinions of what the player wants to buy not some thread tells you whats better.



K1LLEGAL said:

@Damo Okay, fair enough... I missed the point then.

"or maybe you [...] feel that video games shouldn't be confused with real life? Whatever your stance, make sure you post a comment to tell us"

Well here I am posting to tell you... video games shouldn't be confused with real life.



MJKOP said:

Last GTA game I played was Chinatown Wars, I couldn't get in to it at all. I still have it, always assumed I'd pick it up again, but I haven't yet. I did believe the early rumours it would come to Wii U & while I personally wouldn't have been picking it up, it would have been a very welcome addition to the system. Tell you what I did buy recently & I'm loving it, Rhythm Paradise!



Freelance said:

I am over 30 and I have never played a single GTA game. The series just never interested me, and it's not because of the stuff you can do in the game. I'm having fun playing other games right now, like Carnivores Dinosaur Hunter HD and Guild Wars 2.



Contrite said:

Meh, I don't get the extreme hype for GTA V. I played San Andreas a lot when I was younger, but It certainly doesn't draw my attention as much as it did back then. I still find the same parts of it fun, but not enough.

Basically, GTA is only entertaining to me in a few ways.
Mostly screwing around with the physics, and the occasional chain car explosion. Other than a small amount of that, nothing really grips me about these games anymore.



Smitherenez said:

I am 19 years old and I don't see the point of these games either. To me, all those 'modern games for adults' are not impacting my imagination. I can't really explain that feeling, but games like zelda are giving me the sense of going on an adventure. Assassins Creed and Batman Arkham also do this well, but games like GTA, CoD and BF and Watchdogs are just boring to me because of that.



eza said:

Personally I enjoy a bit of GTA as much as a bit of Animal Crossing. Depends on what I feel like at the time.

GTA has always been a PC game for me. So I'll wait for the PC port, but this time I won't buy it at release - GTA4 taught me that lesson!
PC GTA is best GTA - modability is the reason.

BTW: I really enjoyed GTA Chinatown Wars on the DS. It's the only GTA game I've ever completed. I thought it was really well-done, with its GTA4 mechanics in a GTA1/2 style.



NMH-TRI said:

I burned myself out on San Andreas when I was youner. I simply no longer have any desire to play out what GTA is about. I'm 29 and I'd rather play one of those @LordJumpMad "baby" games anyday of the week. .



Dazza said:

I'm with Damien on this one. I bought into all the GTA IV hype at the time and the game just did not sit right with me. I am a huge movie fan and can watch violent films with a complete sense of detachment, but in a videogame acting out these lewd or ultra-violent acts myself in a virtual world really unsettles me.

I'm far happier in the colourful happy worlds of Pikmin or Wind Waker myself. These are games which I can share with my kids before bedtime and play in the evening while my wife is in the room without feeling completely embarrassed. If people enjoy GTA5 then more power to them, but it's not my cup of tea and I am not ashamed to say it.



Quickman said:

@Damo Are you sure that you're willing to incur the wrath of not liking GTA?

But seriously, I agree with the article, GTA just doesn't do it for me at all, I find it quite an uncomfortable experience, especially as the visuals have become more and more realistic over time.

I've tried to like GTA as I've had many a friend tell me how amazing it is, but in all honestly I find it to be fairly boring and quite unnecessary. Good to see that I'm not on my own here..



flummerfelt said:

I'm only 21, but I haven't played a GTA game since the old top down view days of the earlier entries. It was kinda fun back then, but now...not so much. I find the hype for this game kind of funny, but I guess most people play this and black ops 2 nowadays. I honestly think the series now is a bit worthless, but I don't have to buy it so its whatever. I just think it's sad that this is the game that gets all the perfect reviews and hype when there are others that are way more deserving, in my opinion.




I dislike GTA due to the violence present in the game as well. It just doesn't feel right playing a game where you do all that terrible stuff. That being said, however, my friend gets the games and we often take turns playing and I have to say I have fun just driving around in cars and trying to perform tricks. Also driving ambulances and fire trucks were fun too.

Good, article Damien, I empathize with you exactly, brother.



Technosphile said:

I'm not even going to read this, and just say NintendoLife should sweep this piece under the rug ASAP because it looks pathetic.

If GTA V had a Wii U port, it would be GTA V week here, and you know it.



Franklin said:

I've never really enjoyed it that much.

I've had fun with them for a little, then have always got bored.



MegaWatts said:

@SpaceKappa Completely agree with you about Saints Row: The Third and I wouldn't say there's anything hypocritical about it really. Saints Row: The Third actually is satire, whereas GTA has satirical elements but otherwise tries to portray a nitty-gritty story in a rather realistic light.

I think the difference in main character is essentially what highlights this difference; in Saints Row you can go on a power fantasy trip as either a male or a female and your chosen gender has virtually no bearing on the story. Male or female, your character is feared/respected for being a hard donkey.

I personally don't see the appeal for GTA V myself. I will probably play it at some point to see for myself what it's like, but I don't get the obsession over elements like visiting a strip club or doing excessively cruel things. If those things were really fun from a gameplay perspective then perhaps I could see why people enjoy it, but more often than not they're incredibly rudimentary and are only there to provide a cheap thrill.

I wish more games would simply do away with the cheap Hollywood stories, the lame shock factor and gimmicks and just provide fun and challenging gameplay.



Ristar42 said:

Felt to me like it lost its way with GTA 4 in terms of how I enjoyed the series as a video game, it just didnt seem fun anymore, despite how I used to enjoy exploring the map and listening to music in Vice City and San Andreas.
I'm not hyped to buy the new game, but the world looks impressive and I might try it just for that (the missions were never the appeal, unlock the map and just waste time!). Hope they have custom soundtracks this time though.
Also, those dancing mini games in TBOGT, just yuk.



GiftedGimp said:

Wonder how many (now) GTA haters brought past GTA games and are only declairing thier hatred as its not on WiiU? It wasn't that long ago a lot of people where saying they wanted GTA on WiiU.
Morality in games isn't an issue for me, I'm in my late 30's with kids but at the end of the day games regardless of thier subject matter are a bit of escapism from reality, Just because I do something as a character in a game doesn't change my real life morals. Of course I wouldn't let my children play this. I have parental controls switched on on every device they use/have access to so they don't come across anything I think they shouldn't. Games have Age Ratings, and its upto the parents to ensure thier children are not playing/watching/listening to inappropiate content.



Quickman said:

@Damo Thanks for the article, I honestly thought that it was just me that didn't like this game.. I was starting to worry for a moment



bizcuthammer said:

I'm in my mid 20's, and i feel the exact same way as was described in this article. The GTA series is 1) not that fun to play once you get past the initial scope of the game 2) incredibly sexist and violent for no real purpose and 3) only popular because of its content and the way it's depicted as a 'mature' title. Its content, to me, has always been disturbing, and its plots have always been stupid and meaningless. I played Vice City, San Andreas and IV and i felt that aside from upgraded graphics and increased scope of the city, the games are all the same. I think CoD might have evolved more over time than GTA has since III.

I dont get uncomfortable with the content of most games when it comes to sexual themes and violence, but those things have to serve a higher purpose in gaming than just being over the top with violence and sex just to say you did it, which is how it feels in GTA. I dont like playing as a character i hate and dont want to root for, and GTA puts me in control of that kind of guy, who has zero redeeming qualities. The only fun i got out of GTA was drivinng/wrecking cars, which i can do in tons of other games like Burnout and NFS.



Boukman said:

@Damo Fair enough. I'm not a great fan either, but it's easy to see how this can be explained the wrong way.



shingi_70 said:

I was going to pull the Saint's Row Card but it wears its over the topness on its arm.



siavm said:

I understand what you are doing with this article but it comes off more like a Fox News article like the one against mass effect than a play happy games article. I love wind waker and will get it again since my last one on GameCube got messed up before I could beat it again. But I am getting gta. And you generalizing San Andreas because you did not play it is messed up to me. That game had a lot of fun things in it. What other game can you fly in a jet pack or and bike around Los Angeles to Las Vegas. And by now most have the systems to play this game on. And remember this is a game. It is not real. So if you feel bad when fake things happens what about real things? And just because you are in a part of your life where you can not play it don't make it seem like the ones of us who can are bad people. I am nice. But I have to see the world from all lights. That means from colorful games to red games. And I hope you do not watch breaking bad because that would also defeat your argument. Like I said I understand the reasons why this article is up but your opinion is more in the minority on this one.



Snkfiend said:

@Technosphile Sadly I agree with you man this is the straw when the community getting mad because GTA5 not on the Wii U and post all these comments but like I said on my last comment they didn't argue about Saints Row 4 which could be the better candidate for the Wii U.



K1LLEGAL said:

@Snkfiend Funnily enough, in the "Deep Silver won't bring it's games to Wii U" article, many people decided to comment saying "Saint's Row is ****", "Dead Island is ****" etc etc when they probably haven't even played the games.

Also @bizcuthammer are you serious? Cod has evolved more than GTA?

... really?



LAA said:

Ha ha, Nintendboys feeling left out and hiding with denial.
While I myself fell out of love for GTA IV and I wasnt even planning on getting GTA V (though I think I would have at this point), if my bro wasnt getting it and videos I've seen online on it changed my view on it, and after playing it, it definitely feels much better than GTA IV and more like the GTA's I enjoyed like GTA 3. Sort of a mix between GTA IV + 3 I feel.

Though yeah, I feel its sad Wii U isnt getting this game, there isnt really any reason I can think of why Wii U cant run GTA V technicually. I think Nintendo have just lost touch with hardcore gamers already, maybe even failed. Sure we have Bayonetta 2 and X on the way, which both look awesome, but they're missing out on these real AAA multi-platform big blockbusters. How can Nintendo NOT be getting GTA V despite being powerful enough to run it, they've just missed out big time, they're not in the world of today's gamers, they really have a lot to make up to me in my opinion.



Yosher said:

To be perfectly honest I'm getting sick and tired of GTA5 already and I haven't even played it. It's GTA5 this, GTA5 that, everywhere you look, and that while games are rarely even spoken of in my general area. Get the bleep out of here you bleeping game!



Quickman said:

@Swiket She took a real battering in the comments section, way over the line. People also got a petition going demanding that she should be fired from her job, the game received a 9/10.

"mature gamers", hey?



WiiLovePeace said:

I'm not getting GTA V due to the over-the-top violence & the torture scene you're forced to do, oh but mostly because of one of the characters... Um, the skinny old guy. Yeah, he's a complete & utter low life from the cut-scenes I've seen in trailers of him & he's 1/3 of the story I presume so I ain't playing it. Like really none of the characters seem interesting from their story trailers I've seen, unlike CJ from GTA: SA (my favourite GTA, I've played them all (except GTA V) & beaten most). It does seem a little hypocritical for me to have loved all the other GTA's I've played (minus GTA IV, I didn't play much of it but of what I did play it was suprisingly boring) but not want to play GTA V but I guess that's just because this latest GTA I think has taken it a bit too far. Sure I love the graphical power & the huge world but the story & characters seem lame/too violent for my liking.

But at the end of the day it's just a game, there's been worse in movies, TV & books I'm sure. Anyways back to Fire Emblem: Awakening & Etrian Odyssey IV, I go!



Ichiban said:

This article comes across as kind of desperate. Ive been playing GTA 5 since last night and Ive had more fun playing it in one night than I have playing my Wii U games all year. If it were on Wii U, most people here would be singing its praises, I guarantee it.



Sensei_Clive said:

Yes, I think I also like it more to pierce Ganon into the head to the brain... however i'm sure i'll enjoy GTAV so i'll get it once there's a pc version



Snkfiend said:

@K1LLEGAL LOL agreed I'm not console fanboy but this thread is obscene man just to make the fanbase more angry to say things like that, and that comment lol "COD has evolved over GTA?" Well I don't even want to comment that.



andreoni79 said:

Just got GTA 5 and I won't buy Zelda HD. Why? GTA 5 is a massive brand new game, Zelda Hd is just an hd port. That's it.




I'm sick of our crime-loving culture: Breaking Bad, Jay Z, the Departed, the Sopranos, even the God Father. I just can't for the life of me stomach it anymore.

I found it hilarious that people were praising Rock Star for recording "real gangsters" for voice work in GTAV. Saying stuff like, "they're doing it for the love of the game and they're trying to be authentic."

Well why not hire doctors to voice act doctors? Why not send a bunch of people with recording devices into crime-ridden neighborhoods to try and see if they can record the sound or gun fights, general violence, and other horrible things? Authenticity, right?

It's like..."YEAH! Let's take away work from the hardworking people in the industry who actually want a career, and let's pay a bunch of bums $50 under the table, so they can buy some crack, dope, booze, and maybe a hooker or two. AUTHENTICITY!"

Even though I own a 360 I won't be buying GTAV.



Emblem said:

Not a fan of the series and won't be.getting it but I don't think this article should be on this site.



jpcline004 said:

Excellent post, and I couldn't agree more - especially with this point:

"I fail to see how anyone [...] feel anything but shame by visiting a virtual strip club."

I honestly would love to play a AAA open-world game like this, but the lowest common denominator, let's-try-to-seem-cool-to-13-year-olds crap is a complete turn off.



LAA said:

@Meowgravy Yeah, ha ha, thats the sad thing. Theres such denial here a lot of times and hypocrisy.
All I can say is no wonder the Wii U doesnt get games like this a lot, all fans do is say every game sucks when it doesnt come to system.

@Yosher I do get you, but it shouldnt suprise you either. GTA is the kind of game EVERYONE plays, gamer or not. Same for COD and Fifa in my opinion. Only reason you notice it more is because its not JUST gamers talking about it, or "Typicial gamers" imo.



rjejr said:

@Damo - "This feature would have made little sense on PS"

um, you called this - "Why Grand Theft Auto V Isn't For Me" and then go on to talk about how the game is too realistic and or violent for your liking, it would have been PERFECT on PS, it would have been a nice piece showing that there are people out there who play video games who don't like violence, and those people who own a PS3 could pick up Puppeteer or Sly Cooper instead. It would combat the stereotype that all PS3 owners care about is violence and FPS. It just reads like sour grapes to me on here. Why not title it - "Games to play on Wii U since we don't get that "other" game" - and leave all the violent stuff out of it? You called it "soapbox" so you could rant about the violence but now you are saying it is a piece about Wii U alternatives? So you can understand my confusion.

Again, I agree w/ you. I was playing Toki Tori 2 + last night and I had to kill a bunch of birds, and I felt really bad doing it. Cartoon birds. But I'm not a violent guy. I haven't played Last of Us yet b/c of all the bloodshed even though I love the Uncharted series, LoU just looks way too violent. But nobody wrote about Last of Us on here and it was #1 and sold over 3 millions of copies and the Wii U didn't get it.

Well I'm obviously on the wrong side of this argument b/c only somebody named Killegal agrees w/ me, and that just can't be good. Though you did kind of tell technophile that you would have run this piece even if Wii U got GTAV, which sides w my argument that this should have run on PS. (Not to late, maybe after Sammy's I'm guessing glowing review.)

Anyway, thanks for the reply to me and everyone else, good to see you so involved w/ the thread.



simperingdonkey said:

so funny to see so many people come up with excuses because they have a console that doesn't have GTA V if you own two consoles like me the wii U only has two good games Pikmin 3 and the W101 thats it!! and whats coming out for the next few months donkey kong in December! Starting to hate mario games because its being milked for all its got and now the light is on luigi to save the day.... I'm just saving my WII U for smash bros. after that its sold...



Felioth said:

@Einherjar Same thing happened to me today... I went to my local store to buy Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX and it was flooded by people buying GTA V...

The funny thing is (actually is more sad that funny) that the 80% of the costumers where kids buying the game without their parents...



Sanquine said:

@Damo Superior? LOL ! The wii U has not a lot of games.. The last of us is for me beyond pikmin 3 but that is also an opinion. But better doesnt mean superior .. Superior sounds cocky. Even a writer can't love other game experiences.. Where is the love?



jayclayx said:

this game is just an amazin city simulator with tons od content, Nintendo should bring this game to the wii U but instead we got city lego undercover damn it!!!!!



Paintfrog said:

Agreed... I never owned the games, but I did play GTA III at a friends house when it first came out. I had fun driving around the cars and being chased by cops, but that's where my fun ended. It was just too violent for my tastes.



K1LLEGAL said:

@rjejr Haha in regards to my name, I was playing perfect dark zero at the time of choosing one and if you get 12 kills in a row it shouts KILLEGAL at you (That was before this site was called WiiWareWorld and was VC-Reviews... yes 7 years ago). So it stuck. Like I said today I picked up both GTA V and Mario Party DS and my most played game recently has been Animal Crossing. But sure okay my name says it all.

Guess I should have been called SquishyRainbowUnicorn or something instead to keep everyone happy.



Great_Gonzalez said:

My most anticipated game of this week is Harvest Moon a new beginning finally coming out in Europe on Friday.. oh this is about GTA I guess i'll move on..





Some people genuinely don't care about it. Some people remember how over-hyped GTAIV and can't help but see repeating patterns.

And why would you sell your Wii U after the next Smash comes out? Are you going to play it for a week or two and be done with it? Sounds like you misspent your money if you never intended to buy more games for Wii U or at least hold on to them.



eza said:

@simperingdonkey why not sell your Wii U now and buy one again when Smash Bros comes out? That way you won't lose as much money.
Unless you're planning on making your own unique Smash Bros Wii U bundle and selling it for LOADS of money?!



Doma said:

"there's another open-world title looming on the horizon that is arguably much more worthy of your undivided attention: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD."




AugustusOxy said:

God. I was enjoying this article till he threw in the Misogynist and sexist crap. Seriously? I can't believe we are even taking this crap serious in the states. I'm tired of hearing about it.



Swiket said:

@Cohort It doesn't help that she's transgender and every time she appears on a Gamespot video, all the comments are filled with "WTF IS THAT A MAN?? LOL." Some people are just gross.



Banker-Style said:

I've never played one,but I've always wished it'll come to a ninty console,thing is ninty gamers don't buy violent games.



sadsack777 said:

lol all I can say is sony xbox getting GTAV will go to hell,, Nintendo will see the heavens, gates



jayclayx said:

well I got this one on my ps3 and even with some haters here I can tell you the game is just blown mind my brain, this is much better than play lego city on the wii U.



bizcuthammer said:

I love the people commenting that this article was only written because GTAV isnt on WiiU... Did you guys even read the article?! Thats not what its about.



Quickman said:

@jpcline004 I could go out and buy it for 360 if I wanted it, doesn't make a difference to me. I even had Vice City for PS2 for FREE, but I gave it away.

Some people just don't like the game, I'd assume that Damien McFerran, isn't speaking for the rest of the NintendoLife staff as it's just his own opinion, not theirs, If GTA did become available for Wii U then it would get a good review here as someone else would probably be reviewing it.

Personally i'd like to see GTA V on Wii U as it would definitely boost sales, I still wouldn't buy it though.

Nintendo only have themselves to blame on that one.



WiiLovePeace said:

I agree with the others who said this article seems a bit wierd going up on NL but not on Pure Xbox or Push Square when the article itself was mostly just a rant on how much violence/bad-stuff there is in GTA V with a small mention for an alternative on a Nintendo console. This article belongs on websites which focus on the consoles this game is coming to, not on the one that it isn't.

... Unless you're trying to not go against Rockstar since they've got full page ads on the other two websites & you'd rather not piss off the people who pay you money, which makes sense.



simperingdonkey said:

@eza I don't wanna sell it so soon because to be honest I got hope that nintendo will make a 180 turn and come out with something AMAZINGLY GOOD! but so far... I've been only let down by the Wii U since launch while the 3ds is booming.. and a smash bros. bundle wii u doesn't sound bad at all



Shworange said:

Damien, I'm entirely in the same boat as you. I am 31. I'm married and have three small children. I had a remarkably similar discussion with a coworker yesterday. He was pumped for GTA5 and thought for sure that I would share in his enthusiasm. I categorically did not. I logged in around 20 hours with GTA4 and felt uneasy while playing it. It just did not fit who I was. It's like trying to maintain understanding for Walter White in Breaking Bad. I really just want to see the guy caught at this point. I of course may sound like "Grandpa Shworange" here, but what happened to playing games as an escape. In a world where the bad guys can and do win, it's nice to complete a game where good triumphs and a whole family can rally around. I just finished Super Metroid the other day. My kids would watch me explore the vast planet and would cheer after a boss' defeat. I've been watching my kids explore the world of Pikmin 3 and have been guiding them with helpful tips. It really is a great bonding experience.
While I would never advocate censorship, I will whole heatedly vote "no" with my wallet on this one and any further installment in the series. It may be fruitless, but it just goes against what I'm trying to teach my boys. The Wind Waker on the other hand will be snapped up day one.



elstif said:

@Savino The difference is that in most games there´s moral, you play as the good guy/s or hero and kill or punish the bad guys or evil. In GTA you are the bad guys.

I have played some of the older GTA games but I mostly enjoy the driving around while listening to music more than the lame missions and killing.

It´s a shame that most teenagers will jump to play this instead of other games that you are the hero and fight evil with your inteligence (solving puzzles like zelda). Then you have fun playing, you get a moral sense for the real life and you enhance your inteligence



Snkfiend said:

@sadsack777 Really over buying and playing a video game very "nice comment" man best statement on here you need a award or something but besides the point now its criminal to buy whatever you want and MS/Sony gamers are going to "Hell" over your fanboyism or you just delusional and your name states the truth you really are a sadsack.



banacheck said:


You're missing one key point here - when you watch a movie like Heat, you're a passive viewer and not actually taking part in the on-screen violence. In GTA V, you're the one perpetrating the violence.

Your not taking part in any violence when pushing buttons & pushing the twin sticks its nothing like real violence, Just like in Mario when your character is jumping on there heads, there is violence in nearly every video game, depending what the game is. To me when people bring up violence in video games, it's a cheap way of attacking that game in question, which so happens to be a high profile game. Far better than GTAIV, but i also liked GTAIV & every other GTA game thats been out. Why wasn't anything said about chiantown wars? because it was made for the DS, but has the same violence as any other game.



TimLatshaw said:

What gets me most about this article isn't anything that Damo said, but the fact there are so many commenters here in their 30s who are married with families. #foreveralone



andreoni79 said:

And when the WiiU won't have the next Fallout or the next Elder Scroll...
"There's another open-world title looming on the horizon that is arguably much more worthy of your undivided attention: Star Fox Adventure HD."



ljb88 said:

@Damo Sorry damo, I appreciate the article and it's always great to hear an honest opinion but I think that describing GTA as "a morally corrupt experience" is a big mistake. I think it implies a causal relationship between videogames and morality that I don't believe exists. To do this at a time when our medium is under threat of censorship is a bad idea in my opinion. Do you believe that governments should legislate against violence in video games? (genuine question by the way, really not trying to sound like a jerk).



Bass_X0 said:

Never played any of the series and don't care to. But would have loved to have seen the GBC version released on Virtual Console this week just to see peoples reactions here.



DualWielding said:

I don't care about grand theft Auto but I can't help think that if by some kind of miracle the game became a Nintnedo Exclusive lot of people here would instead be calling it the best thing eva!



bizcuthammer said:

Who even cares, anyway? People who dont like GTA have a right not to, same with people who do like it. Not everyone likes what you like, and thats not a bad thing, its just different. I personally dislike GTA, but i love Zelda, Mass Effect, Pokemon and Tomb Raider. I cant stand CoD or Elder Scrolls but i like to play Mario, Kingdom Hearts, Halo and Uncharted. There are different types of gamers who like different types of experiences. GTA lovers need to understand that their game doesnt appeal to everyone for many reasons, and that just because people dont like it doesnt make them a baby nintendo lover... I own all three consoles and play them all and play games in all types of genres from platformers, RPGs, FPSs, and Simulation games... And i dont like GTA for many reasons.

So GTA fans, get over yourselves and enjoy your new game instead of blasting people on the internet for having a different opinion. You have fun playing your new game, while i have fun playing mine (Wonderful 101, Rayman Legends and Madden 25), and lets stop bashing each other for having different opinions. This article is an opinion article by ONE writer for NL, and i'm sure even among NL writers there are varying opinions on this topic. Damien is entitled to his opinion, and so are you, but you shouldnt be blasting him for stating what he thinks.



Romeo said:

i love nintendo and i never really cared for the grand theft auto franchise, but this game looks great.

and it's a game... i hate these discussions about violence and sexism.. so boring and annoying

of course it can be enjoyable to run people over in a car, shoot them in the head or torture them...
it's a game, these things can be fun

and what's so horrible about prostitutes, tits, etc. in games?
"oh no! sexism" doesn't the "sexism"-screaming get old?

i don't need violence in my games, i really prefer zelda, pokemon.. or other great games.
i want great gameplay, characters, story, etc.

but i have no problems with violent games.. and if i play a game like GTA.. i expect violence, it was meant to be played that way
i dont need violence, but i hate censorship

and why do strip clubs in video games bother you? you say "sexism", but why do you even care? it's not like they're showing something absolutely outrageous.
these things happen in real life, and you call it "sexism", really?

you make it sound like sex/naked women is something bad, but in fact it's quite enjoyable lol...
and all this foul language, etc.?
guess what. it happens in real life too.

it's the same with killing in video games.. appearantly it's okay to torture and kill men, but when you run a woman over in your car.. everyone rages about it on the internet - whatever happened to equality?

but when they show breasts in a game, you only hear "protect the children"
it's so pathetic, protect them from what?

and if you can't feel pleasure from such fun and really enjoyable and in some aspects realistic games.. which don't really care for censorship, then im sorry, but you shouldn't feel the need to make a post about it
you shouldn't feel offended by such games.. if you don't like it, don't play it
as simple as that

it got nothing to do with sexism or whatever... breasts, prostitutes, torture, sex, robbery, violence, slavery, murder, sex acts, etc.
guess what - these things happen in real life too... and naked women should be the least of your concern



Rawk_Hawk said:

I don't like to play games where I have play criminal. I like games where I can play a hero and in a fantasy world.



thanos316 said:

wait.. hold up. what an article to write. if you don't like the game then don't purchase it for yourself or your child. i respect your opinion but if i want to get this game then i will. im not boycotting anything of the sort. you sound like a fanboy when you put a pic of link in your article. if you want to play the game then play it and have lots of fun with it. play what ever game you like its your choice, its your money and its your time.



K1LLEGAL said:

I wonder how some people here would have handled playing Dungeon Keeper... killing innocent Knights by crushing them with a boulder trap or poisoning them. Or murdering them with an army of beetles and flies...

Yea. Except it's just a game and no one died.



Axoloth said:

I never liked GTA until I bought GTA IV last fall. (I tried to, but the 3D-era games suffered from some unforgiving design flaws in the gameplay mechanics that made the games, on the PS2 at least, far more difficult than they're supposed to. But I digress) Anyway, after playing GTA IV, and getting a somewhat newbie intro to the finer gameplay points, I have been enjoying the whole series. I love the stories and the gameplay, however, I agree with most of what you're saying. It does feel rather corrupting, and there's lots of optional stuff I don't do because I find it uncomfortable. That said, I'm not mentally unstable nor an impressionable kid of 16 or younger, so I just enjoy it for what it is. And people can enjoy or not as much as they want. (I DO have a problem with letting the two aforementioned demographics play it though, but that's kinda hard to fully prevent.)

TL;DR: GTA is fun as hell and people have a right to enjoy it without being criticized, but the subject matter IS pretty horrible and people have a right to find it so without rabid GTA fans comparing them to some extremist, right-wing old guys who thinks video games are the source of all evil.



turnmebackwards said:

Ugh what a silly article fair enough you'd rather play Zelda then GTA. But don't make a massive deal about it. Just accept it's never coming to Wii U doubt the Wii U could even handle it hell the game could not even fit on the basic Wii U.

It's a landmark in gaming history I love Mario as much as the next guy but it's GTA time in the line light as mainstream or as popular a game it is just accept it.

Don't just all start patting yourself on the back "Like oh I only like saving princesses"



Unit_DTH said:

@Damo Well said! The desensitization that the GTA series has perpetuated is of concern, or at least should be, to anyone with any type of moral standing. I don't play these games because they aren't my cup of tea. I would rather not kill a virtual hooker, even if the character is "virtual", it still has that seedy and vile element to it. And the parents that stand in line with their underage child to buy this for them should probably reevaluate how good of a job they are doing with their kids raising. IMO I couldn't care less for the GTA series.



Yorumi said:

I've never liked the gross immorality in these games, and more so the promotion of it. It's not even really the violence it's the glorification of absolutely horrifically immoral people. I'm loving splintercell blacklist for example despite it being pretty violent in some areas. I can even take some anti-heros and any kind of flawed character, but it just don't like it when the goal of the game is to be the most decadent, immoral monster you can possibly be.



GraveLordXD said:

I'm in my 30s and I'm getting this today right after work but if I had to choose this or WWHD a game that I've already played and finished I would still choose Zelda I just think over all the gameplay just holds its value better and I don't have kids but if I did no way in hell would I let them play gta5
Sometimes I wish that rock star would tone it down some like do we really need to see two dogs getting it on on someone's front lawn? They make some impressive games I just think they go a Lil to overboard with things that are unnecessary like some rock stars that put on too much of a show instead of letting the music do the job



andreoni79 said:

BTW, don't forget that our beloved pikmins are just unaware slaves that we literally throw into battles just for our benefit!
Once the evil was rock music, than comics... now videogames.



SkywardLink98 said:

@Luigitornado but instead of trying to prove to the publishers that they should put it on Nintendo consoles, they say they won't buy it, ruining any hope of getting it on a Nintendo console.



Mahe said:

Yeah, zero interest on GTAV. Looking for something else interesting to play.



Unit_DTH said:

@Sceptic So, wait you don't have a choice?! You mean you are being forced to only play GTA V, or WWHD, but not both?! What kind of insidious person would make you choose against your own will?! Oh, that's right... yourself! Stop acting like he pointed a finger at you personally and accept this article for what it is... An opinion piece! If he doesn't like GTA, then that's his choice. If you don't like WWHD, then that is your choice. Stop being a whiner because his opinion runs contrary to your own!



Mommar said:

I was hoping it would come to the WiiU if only because it's high profile and that's good for the system. I found IV to be quite boring and the gameplay antiquated (largely playing exactly like GTA 3 from almost a decade earlier.) As for whining about the violence, that would mean Breaking Bad/Heat/etc... are all bad too. Yes, Damo mentioned passive versus active participation. If only I had my links from home (at work) there's plenty of studies showing no correlation between the two. Misogyny, well maybe. Are stories that involve misogynistic characters banned because they display misogyny. How would you ever analyze it if all forms of media were banned from showing it? The arguments seem... weak. I don't think the gameplay has improved any and is antiquated. Ironically I'll feel that same way about Wind Waker too, I'll probably wind up buying both (provided there's a steam sale for the PC version of V down the road sometime)



Fingeldor said:

@Damo I really couldn't agree with you more. To be honest, I think it's a byproduct of a culture becoming more and more desensitized to violence, corruption, theft and prostitution - indeed, many aspects of the darker nature of the human condition. More people should be concerned. What separates GTA from many other games (certainly not all) is its visceral approach to creating a life-like experience that doesn't do well to fictionalize and fantasize the world and events surrounding its characters. It is very much unlike, say, Zelda, Mario or many other Nintendo franchises that succeed well without putting the proverbial gun or kinfe in the player's hands and allowing them to shoot, stab and slaughter innocents. Who can deny the positioned 'cattle' of the virtual passerby that encourages player's to plunge into their darker spirit?

What troubles me further still is the apparent lack of responsibility in media creationists' hands. It took Stephen King only one episode to pull his book out of publication to realize he didn't want to be responsible for aiding any future violent event. Is a game worth one life? Or two? Or 10? Where do we draw the line and are we certain of all the consequences? I've never seen anything absolutely conclusive to argue either way. To me, as a parent, as a concerned citizen about guns, violence and irreverent positions on life, I, too, choose to avoid these games because I see absolutely no benefit, education or entertainment from those kind of engagements, virtual or otherwise.



Snkfiend said:

Can I comment again I respect the people on here that have they own opinions about not liking GTA series and I understand greatly about the younger children shouldn't play this type of game. But I don't agree with some of the comments about people are evil or using stereotypes that MS/Sony gamers are going to HELL because they all play FPS or like virtual killing and comments about what people shouldn't buy trash like this blah blah now that when you cross the line. Just opinion in titles is all and if you don't like it FINE move on and let people buy what they desire.



Captain_Balko said:

I completely agree with the article, I'm not interested in the GTA series at all. Frankly, I've never really been interested in playing a game as a criminal in the modern world. It simply isn't fun for me. I don't want to murder virtual police officers, I don't want to club virtual old ladies to death, and I don't want to go on virtual shooting sprees. I get that it's fun to play the villain sometimes, but the way GTA portrays things is far too realistic. I would rather spend my time finding fruit in Pikmin, leveling up my Pokemon, and, yes, sailing from island to island in LoZ:WWHD. I don't see the merit in running around a virtual world that looks similar to the real world as a virtual criminal murdering and killing just because you can. That's not an experience I'd like to have, and it provides the opposite of escapism for me - it makes me think about how awful and twisted the real world is, and that this virtual world is simply an exaggerated reflection of our world. I simply don't feel this way while exploring Hyrule or assorted regions from Pokemon.



banacheck said:

I don't like the Puppeteer because it's not my cup of tea, i would rather not cut off a virtual characters head with a pair of scissors, it's absolutely horrific, immoral people. Oh my and Mario jumping up and down on the characters head, glorification of violence a disgusting game, my god parents buy these horrific games for there children?



Chaoslink1 said:

I have GTA: Liberty City Stories, San Andreas, Chinatown Wars, Vice City Stories and I've played GTA IV. I personally love the series and I find it tons of fun to play because it's so open with many possibilities and exploration.
I'm not a big fan of most hardcore shooter type of games on the Playstion and Xbox consoles but I do have some love for GTA. I don't have a console to play GTA V on and I would love to get my hands on the game but at the same time I don't really care either since I love Nintendo more than anything and there are plenty of awesome games coming out that I can't wait to play.
I have to say I hate that most of my friends in school seem to only care about these kindof games and I almost never hear anyone talking about Mario, Zelda or those type of games. Hell, I even knew a guy who HATED any Japanese type game. I just think that these games are so overated and people should appreciate other games too for what they are and how fun they can be.
I do enjoy playing those games sometimes but it just doesn't do it for me quite as well as Nintendo and other Japanese companies such as Capcom, Namco etc.
Everyone today at school was talking about GTA V and some even went to midnight launch. I sure hope we can get a great midnight launch thing here in the Netherlands sometime for a Nintendo game :/
Super Smash Bros for WiiU and 3DS perhaps?



HeroOfCybertron said:

I agree with this article, I have zero interest in the GTA series and my most anticipated game this week is Wind Waker HD, I will be picking up the Wii U + Wind Waker bundle this Friday.



Gamer83 said:

I understand not liking GTA but to act like you're a superior person to somebody else because you don't play it and they do?



Snkfiend said:

@banacheck Agreed its about preference and I agree with some statements on here but it's off the wall for the rest because 2 months back half of the NL community was begging for Saint's Row 4 weird but that ended when deep silver stated that the Wii U wasn't getting the game and the hate started again.



Norik said:

I'm 18 years old, male, and live in a big city, and yet this game doesn't appeal to me at all. It's all just too realistic and bland. No mechanics to master, no real incentive to do what you do... It just doesn't stimulate my imagination in any way.

Nothing quite like the gallons of fanboy tears when the game doesn't get perfect scores though... can't wait for Yahtzee's review.



oreqano said:

My only problem with gta is its extreme popularity because its view ed as mature. when its anything but. It detracts the target audience away from other great experiences. Not just Nintendo games though. That being said I've always enjoyed gta from flying the dodo plane to wrecking havoc. It is a great sandbox experience. Violence is everywhere in games. While gta can be viewed as "more" violent, drawing the line here seems arbitrary.



PokeAl said:

Driving cars and bikes e.t.c. in video games in an open world is fantastic fun especially when it's done as well as in the GTA series. When I look at the forthcoming games on offer from Nintendo, I realise that I will have to buy a PS3 or Xbox at some point if I wan't a break from child orientated visuals. (with maybe a couple of exceptions) Having said that, if anyone can get me some balloon wallpaper for AC i'd be made up!

Yours sincerely
aged 42



WinterWarm said:

Well, it's a good thing there's a "substitute" if you will, for GTA V.

Anyway, I get it's not for some people (like COD), I haven't played any of the entries for GTA. But still, I can't help but wonder how much it would've helped sales.

Prettt surprising what the former producer said.



ikki5 said:

GTA is one of those games for me where I play, have some fun and then 2 weeks later don't pick it up for a year or two if not longer or at all.



ejamer said:

GTA is all about pushing boundaries - both technical and social. The series lost my interest and support somewhere after Vice City, but I can understand why others still like it.

The thing that bugs me is how gaming media approaches each release. The scores are consistently overblown and hype surrounding the games has grown to a ridiculous level.

This has two negative effects (IMO):

  • it means that kids who clearly aren't mature enough to understand and deal with complex negative themes seek out the game - and kids can almost always find a way to make things happen when they set their minds to it
  • non-gaming media picks up on the GTA hype train and it paints the overall hobby in a bad light.

Reviewer comments about rampant misogyny are disappointing. If Rockstar wants to do something truly impressive, they'd find a way to offer a good story with empowered, well-developed characters of both genders. Surely that wouldn't be so hard to do... right? Saying, "well it's GTA, what did you expect?" isn't a good excuse for pulling BS like this any longer in one of gaming's biggest tentpole releases of each generation.



Snkfiend said:

@Norik So a review would make you feel good but it doesn't nothing but further from the truth but the fact is that Yahtzee is well hated by the Nintendo audience.



Gamer83 said:


The writer. 'I'd rather not do this, I'd rather not do that, I'd feel ashamed doing this.' And the way it was written makes it seem like the people who do enjoy the series should be ashamed of themselves and that they're bad people. It's pathetic. I play GTA, I enjoy it, doesn't make me a bad person. I wouldn't dream about doing this stuff in real life, in video games that give me the choice I always take what seems to be the more 'moral' options and I'd probably do the same in GTA, but it doesn't offer you that choice. Just because myself and others are able to overlook that and still enjoy the game doesn't mean we're lesser people or contributing to societies ills and anybody who thinks like that needs to get the hell over themselves.



marck13 said:

I would have bought it. But seems the people from Rockstar didn't want my money.
If it will be released on the Wii U I will get it, if not: not.
And yes the game is sexist (also here no more to add than a ".").



TreesenHauser said:

I'm not sure how well GTA V would run on Wii U. Everyone that owns it keeps telling me the game requires an 8GB install before plunging into it, which is something that from my understanding is absolutely impossible on Wii U. Look at Splinter Cell, the game got high points from reviewers for how much better it looked on Wii U than PS3/360, then suddenly received criticism for long load times and image pop-in, suggesting that a Wii U install option would have helped the game's performance on the console. Assuming that's true (I personally don't know), I bet if GTA V released on Wii U it probably wouldn't run that great.

With that being said, I personally can't wait to try out GTA V, even though the author has good points, and I'll admit I'm still trying to catch up on GTA IV after all this time. It's a great game but I absolutely HATE the driving. Not sure if I'll be buying GTA V or Wonderful 101/Wind Waker HD when I get my paycheck, but either way any new game is a good investment if you're excited about it.



joyousneck said:

I don't think there is a problem with violence per se, just like there is not a problem with sex per se. GTA V, if what some reviewers are claiming is true, is being critical of what it portrays, so it could be actually saying something about american culture.
Yet problems are still present. I would assume that the biggest demographic for this game is young men, 10-23 or so (that's a guess), where, probably not incidentally, misogyny, racism, violent behavior, etc are extremely problematic. (Anyone familiar with high school, and even college, men would know that these problems are definitely prevalent). This game, while maybe being critical of materialism, also relies on materialism for it to be successful. Presumably the people buying the game do not buy it for the criticism (of themselves), but rather to have fun playing as if they are criminals, misogynist, etc.
The game perpetuates what it is supposedly being critical of, which is certainly a problem for a lot of pop culture products.

Another question is about the benefits/appeal of realistic graphics. I do not see the appeal of them. Since graphics is a large part of the medium, shouldn't the graphics be used as part of the critique? Making games realistic as possible means, possibly, we lose some of the critical aspects of the game. In other words, if graphics are such a large pat of games, one of the prime ways of displaying what the game makers are trying to say about the world (if they are trying to say something about the world), they should be used in creative ways, not just in an attempt to replicate reality. Art never wanted to replicate reality.



Psychomalone said:

@K1LLEGAL dungeon keeper was my favorite game on pc, way back when, I also played the original gta around the same time. However, as a pretty much exclusive Nintendo gamer for the last 20 yrs or so, I missed the early 3D versions of gta, and the Wii U is my first real HD gaming experience. I am a father in his 30's too, and like many of the commenters above, I simply don't have the time to game like I used to.
While it would be nice to see games of this magnitude on the Wii U, I don't feel aggrieved, cos I wouldn't buy it anyway.



cookiex said:

I like GTA, if only to mess around, blowing stuff up and get into vehicular brawls with the police. GTAIV is especially hilarious with it's botched physics. The missions I don't care for, but that goes for pretty much every open world game I play.

I always thought it was a successful franchise for the freedom it gave the player to do whatever they wanted, not because of what people call "fake maturity" or the claim that it promotes voilence or misogyny (which it may or may not do but that's not my point).



Senario said:

Oh good, I thought I was the only one. I do not see the appeal of GTA and I don't understand the popularity. Is it because of fake maturity of the content? Or something else? Either way Wind Waker is by far the better game hands down and unlike GTA it doesnt rely on copious amounts of realistic violence, drugs, and so on to creare a great and fun open world game.



TruenoGT said:

I'm in the same boat. Played a lot of 3 when it first came out (though didn't really do the missions, just drove around causing mayhem with friends), but the context of the game really turned me off after a while. Haven't really looked at the series since. I appreciate the freedom from censorship developers have in making these games, but their subject matter and style don't interest me at all. There's enough bad news and social ugliness in real life, I'd rather escape all this when playing a game.



Ryno said:

@Damo: Well said, I'm a father and a husband in my early 30's and I have no interest in this trash. I played San Andreas and that was enough Grand Theft Auto for me.



Fingeldor said:

@Gamer83 I would encourage you to read the opinion again. At no point did @Damo suggest those who like the game are aiding in society's ills, though that is a point worth exploring and discussing. Moreover, it's an opinion piece, not a review or consumer report. Nor is it particularly charging - certainly never dressing up the fans as 'bad people'. It is well-timed in light of the game's release and does well to speak to a segment of the gaming population that is undoubtedly surrounded by Grand Theft Auto media right now, particularly if you're not a fan.

Perhaps you feel ashamed? Certainly, if you don't take issue with the title, there would no reason to be upset since the article never suggests you shouldn't buy it, play it or otherwise. But you already know that. So, continue playing it and have a great time! Take solace in knowing so many other gamers out there agree with you and that a much larger percentage of the gaming population will be playing, too! No one thinks you're lesser. Some just casually disagree or like me, feel kind of dirty engaging it.



TourianTourist said:

I've never played GTA... probably because I never had any Playstation. And I'd rather play Saints Row IV, because that one looks really fun and crazy. I like how the game doesn't take itself serious.

But my money goes to the Zelda edition Wii U bundle with The Wind Waker HD. Really looking forward to getting and playing this.



theberrage said:

Of course the writer would sing a different tune if gta5 was released on Nintendo. Sounds like a case of the haves vs. have nots.



MeloMan said:

Art imitating life with splashes of "videogame-isms"... that's Grand Theft Auto. It was the Author's opinion, and I respect it, but in my opinion, the game will satisfy "someone", just like Call of Duty satisfies "someone", and Pokemon satisfies "someone". Play what you like, but I'm sure anyone could put down any genre/game/etc. with relatively sound reasoning. IMO, I find GTA a remarkable gaming feat and best sandbox escapism to date... some games are fluffy and cute, and GTA isn't, but that doesn't make it bad.



Sean_Aaron said:

Count me amongst those not a fan of this series. I enjoyed the first one on the Playstation as an OTT romp with an amusing soundtrack, but when they decided to start making it more "realistic" that was it. No interest in being a virtual gangster, thanks; Retro City Rampage is as close as I get and I have that on my Wii U!



DrMonk said:

I will eventually buy GTA V, but it is somewhat reluctantly. I realise it is a technical marvel and appreciate what it will undoubtably achieve in terms of narrative, but GTA IV let me down by not being very... well... fun. I join the boycott this week because it is not launching on my favourite system and because frankly I have better things to do right now, but if it is announced for Wii U I will preorder it and will probably get it over the holidays anyway to experience it.
I think it is good to explore issues around sex, culture and race in videogames, but agree that the GTA games have a habit of being particularly sexist. They clearly pander to the adolescent teenage boy in most men supposed to be far past that stage. It's not that this is wrong, but it would have been interesting to have one of the main characters be female or gay, now, wouldn't it?
FYI - I've played GTA III, Vice City, and IV, but more because I love videogames and so need to be across this juggernaut.



AlexSora89 said:

No comments by @Pachterkid yet? Now that's weird.

As for me, I can't stand the game anymore, not after the Italian Facebook gaming page "Le Assurdità Dei Videogames" (Gaming Absurdities) flooded itself with GTA V-related posts ("gaming in general", they said), forcing their "goodbye social life" meme. Eventually the captioned image was posted, with the text:
"Today GTAV came out, one day in advance, my social life is over XDXDXD !!1!11" - Bi..h please, mine will end on the twelfth of October

Read it all on the related post (provided it hasn't been edited out yet) on Tv Tropes, under "Memetic Mutation":



earthboundlink said:

Take GTA, put it in the year 20XX, replace the human characters with robots, make the main character Mega Man, and I'm in for the game. Otherwise, it just doesn't appeal to me. For my part, I was never a huge fan of the series even just from a core gameplay standpoint (I've never been really big on the sandbox-style), and the whole concept has become even more distasteful to me over time.



Discipledoctor said:

Articles like this are exactly why I read this site over all others. Thanks a ton for this article, I fully agree with it. I'm 18 and only a Junior in college, but man, I'm not about to play this kind of stuff. Maybe I'm a bit too in to my games or something, but this is about more than just pixels to me. I'd never pull the crap in real life that these characters do, so why would I enjoy playing it? It's like a show of what's in your heart.



Dr_Corndog said:

Not a big fan of GTA, either, for pretty much the same reasons. It's a pretty tasteless series.



AJWolfTill said:

My biggest problem with this series is that a huge proportion of the audience are waaay too young to have access to this series. The violence is ridiculous and always has been which would be fine if it wasn't one of the very biggest selling franchises.
It is a shame that the mysogeny is so prevalent though, there is a difference between exagerated sexuality and sleazy.



mamp said:

No offense, I can see why you don't like the game but why do you get a front page article to whine about a game you don't like, seems better suited for the forums. I thought it would be more IDK unbiased and focused more on Nintendo than on your own personal opinion. Personally I don't like Zelda and I doubt I would get a front page article to whine about how much I dislike it. Basically if you don't like it don't buy it, which is probably what I would be told if I went on my Zelda rant.
A lot of your points are debatable, let's not talk about sending out messages of sexism and misogyny when you play Zelda games to save the weak and pathetic FEMALE princess Zelda who apparently has great power yet somehow manages to get herself kidnapped by a MALE antagonist or somehow screwed over to the point where she relies on the brave MALE hero Link to come and save her (considering Link is basically a silent avatar I think Nintendo should have let you have the option to choose genders by now but you know the MAN has to be the one rescuing the WOMAN). Even this game shows just how bad our society is. I'd love to see kids not getting mixed messages about that.
I also don't get how a remake of an old game (which most of us have already played considering we're all Nintendo fans) is much more worthy of our attention than a new game? It's the same game with new graphics which according to Nintendo and a lot of fanboys, graphics don't matter so take that out of the equation and you just get some minor gameplay tweaks. You want to talk about open world gameplay I wish Zelda was as explorable as GTA and I wish you could do as much on Zelda as you could on GTA but you really can't or I would log in some serious hours on that game yeah we play for the story but our hundreds of hours logged into the game aren't on the story itself I'll tell you that much. Personally I'm not that crazy about the violence and sex but you know deep down it's a game also it has a rating so you know it's for the older crowd so if people are worried about their kids exposed to this game clearly they don't keep an eye on their kids. I think games like Bully and Read Dead are more my thing.
Anyways this was terrible I expected something a little more professional but instead it was just a biased article. Nope NVM it was more of a whiny rant about how you don't GTA than an actual article. Also good job sneaking in some promotion for Zelda and your review at the last moment.



ultraraichu said:

I remember the reason I got into GTA: vice city when it first came out (12 years old at the time) was because of the hype and mature contents. I think I plugged in over 90+ playtime. When I played GTA IV a year after release (21 years old) I only played 15 hours. Downloaded GTA III on my android tablet a year ago (24) and I think I played it for less then 7 hours

I can't help but feel that my drive for playing GTA was because I'm not "allowed" legally by society to play it yet somehow pressured by my environment to like it.



DerpSandwich said:

Same here, man. I feel like such an enormous and expertly-realized world would be incredibly fun to play around in, but all that junk just doesn't interest me. And I'm not prudish--I can take pretty much any amount of violence and whatnot if it's in good taste or just fun in its own senseless sort of way, but when you get into the gratuitous sexuality and things like torture you can count me out. The top-down games were awesome because they were just silly and fun, but when they went 3D it suddenly became all about killing hookers and purposefully pushing the boundaries of taste just for shock value.

I'd never get on anyone's case for liking the series, as everyone is allowed to like whatever they want, but yeah, it's just not a game for me. Maybe if they released a big sandbox game where you could also stop crime or do any number of other fun things I might be interested. But this is just too much.



Cia said:

So basically this is a debate between those who love senseless violence and those who don't.



Snkfiend said:

@Gamer83 Damn right Gamer83 It's called preference which some people don't understand on here and not picturing people as a stereotype that like these type of games because of the virtual violence or feel high and mighty because "I play Zelda and Mario".



Luffymcduck said:

I´ve played GTA´s starting from the first one, played some games between that (San Andreas, China Town Wars) and 4. Somehow I´ve liked Lego City Undercover more, hahaha.



rjejr said:

@K1LLEGAL - "VC-Reviews"

Yeah, I started here back in the Corbie Dillard VC days myself about 6 or 7 years ago. You wouldn't happen to know what happened to him would you, don't think I've seen his name in a long time?

"Guess I should have been called SquishyRainbowUnicorn or something instead to keep everyone happy."

I'm now glad Damo wrote this piece just so I could burst out laughing reading that line.

197 comments, well that explains it



-Crystalline- said:

I appreciate the sandbox aspect, but other than that I wholeheartedly agree with this man. It's a game that encourages criminal activity, and violent behavior. That's the only thing to it, really.

To make it worse, this decade's generation of gamers are all kids who're getting influenced by these titles and will pretty much grow up with them--unless their brains expand in mass and they move on to other, more proper games.



IxnayontheCK said:

Why is everyone giving him so much grief over this piece?? He's just stating his opinion. It's not a butt hurt because its not on Wii U article. I personally don't like GTA at all.



-Crystalline- said:

@Gamer83 Perhaps the statements that people who play these games are prone to commit crimes are a bit exaggerated, but the main topic, here, is the fact that there's absolutely no substance whatsoever to the GTA series, which is nothing short of the truth.



millarrp said:

I'm not going to bother with it unless it's deeply discounted. I've dabbled with the PC versions of GTA and it has never been able to hold my attention for very long



pixelman said:

Damo wrote:

I fail to see how anyone can extract any genuine pleasure from extended torture sequences where you're expected to pull out someone's teeth and electrocute them to gain information, or feel anything but shame by visiting a virtual strip club.

Didn't read the whole article, but I actually agree here with Damo for once. It's disgusting that this series is so popular. I gave Chinatown Wars a brief chance just to see what all the fuss was about, but I dropped it quick. In what warped universe would I want to help the bad guy commit crimes?

It's a seriously messed up series, and it's one of the very, very few that I honestly wish would die out.



jtgillia said:

Agree 100 percent. The little I've experiencedfrom this series offended my sensibilities and I refuse to support a company that only produces irresposible trash.



kereke12 said:

I can't play it because I don't have any money, plus it's kind of annoying seeing IGN, KOTAKU, GAMESPOT, REV3GAMES, MACHINIMA, all talk about it. It kind of makes sad that I can't play it especially GTA ONLINE but I guess Im not the only one not playing it.



unrandomsam said:

I don't want to play GTAV - I might when it gets a PC port and it is dirt cheap.

(Which I think it will rockstar usually releases it on PC last probably they will do a PS4/XBONE port and put it on if they don't I don't want it enough to care).

I don't have any problem with it existing though. (And I don't think games should be targeted at everybody. Any mode other than the default ends up being poorly implemented).

I would play one from the point of view of Al Qaeda.

First level crash planes into WTC.

Then get tortured by the CIA escape kill them then the rest of the game starts with lots of religious overtones and messages from Allah etc.

(I don't really understand. Perhaps I game could help.)

Don't mind stuff with Anti Heroes. (Or even stuff with people who are truly evil).



Snkfiend said:

@John-San3 Ok but you just read his post about his opinion and you still have to post a "fact from the truth" damn dude let the man have his game ok and play what you like without this struggle.



pixelman said:

@Snkfiend Oh I know there's no chance in hell that it'll die, but I still wish it would. It glorifies and engages players in [virtual] depravity, and I believe that to be wrong.

(and by "die," I mean that I wish no one would buy it, and it's sad that people do.)



ricklongo said:

I gotta admit, I'd probably be getting GTA V if it was on the Wii U. That said, some of my feelings are definitely echoed in this article. Much like some people say they've "outgrown" Nintendo games, I feel like, as I approach my thirties, games that rely on disturbingly violent mechanics appeal less and less to me.

I've been playing GTA ever since the first iteration came to the PC in the nineties, and even so I've never finished a title in the franchise. Usually I'll try to do missions for a while, then find one that's just too grating to complete (like the box-lifting vehicle in GTA San Andreas) and give up altogether. In that regard, I feel like they're inherently flawed games in that they don't really incentive the players to see them through the end.

And as much as roaming the virtual city comitting crimes can be fun, it appears much less so now than when I was a teenager.

The intersting thing is: my favorite Wii U game so far is Lego City Undercover - which is the same kind of game, except it replaces the violence with wit, charming cheese and movie references. That definitely appeals a lot more to me.



MrGawain said:

200 or so posts later... beyond Damien's opinion (which he's allowed to have whatever your own opinion is), I find really interesting about this debate:

1: How many people have an account on this website yet don't actually own a Nintendo product or actually like Nintendo. (Not all the GTA supporters, but I'm guessing a whole bunch of 'em).

2: People hate when anyone has an opinion that doesn't follow the herd.

3: People get really defensive when a video game they play receives a negative comment in a Month of 99.99999% positive blanket coverage. They take it personally. IT'S A VIDEO GAME!!! STOP TREATING IT LIKE A RELIGIOUS TEXT!!!

Also I think it's a very different matter of the type of killing bad guys in Zelda to torturing people in GTA. It's like saying Lord of the Rings is just as bad as Scarface.



Snkfiend said:

@pixelman Look man it will be a cold day in hell if GTA died but it isn't your opinion man. You don't have to buy it, just ignore the series, and act like it doesn't exist easy.



gameboy1975 said:


Or my friend, it could be that some of us just really don't care about the game or see all the hype concerning it? I don't know why not liking this game gets you weird looks or labeled a hater. I've never really liked the series & found it to be boring & (Imo so don't kill me for it) gimmicky garbage after a while. Take away all the risque material & cliched Hollywood, Breaking Bad or whatever mimicry & the game is not nowhere near as relevant or hyped. And i am almost sure that it wouldn't get by on it's own other merits. Especially since we all know that it wasn't until 3 that it became more than a littke cared about cult classic so to speak (which some fans believe were decent or better in their own right).

Outside of the evolutionary sandbox setting,(as I was already used to seeing open worlds a gen prior, albeit not as "organic", alive or whatever) there just wasn't much that left me impressed. That's not to say that I will act as if those that enjoy it shouldn't; because I believe that choice is king. And really though, some may just want the game on the system just to see their preferred system do better. I believe that the writer even mentions how it damn sure wouldn't hurt it's fortunes. That is 1 of the reasons that I wouldn't care if it landed on the U. To give those guys a choice.

Really though, before the hate card is so carelessly pulled you really need to remember that like me, a lot of us here have an option to play this game if we so choose. Between my brother, a close family friend & myself there's at least 3 systems that we can play it on & even a great gaming PC for that or anything else in the forseeable future. It's funny how quickly we forget just how many multi console owners & PC gamers there are when we get miffed at someone else opinions, wish to to push an agenda, or whatever. I've been able to play every iteration of the game my friend. So far from jealous or being a hater. There's just some that gasp doesn't think that it's all that or are just that into her heh heh. It's almost scary & disturbing how you're not even allowed to dislike, hell even hate if you want (***t, it's a free country) this game or many of the other overhyped games anywhere else, yet when people do the same to certain other titles, mascots or a gem like The Wonderful 101 (as it may not be their kind of game, it looks stupid or whatever) nobody bats an eye or hurls accusations of hate or jealousy or any other thing in between. Eh...



Cia said:

The more you've seen violence and grief in real life, the less crap like this appeals. It's such a pity that Rockstar's programmers have such technical talent- with slightly less nihilistic atmosphere, this could've been a superior title.



Shambo said:

I liked the series untill San Andreas and 4 tried too hard to be impossible to bypass. I didn't even have to try. I did try them, for a few hours each, so it's not just biased me disliking what I don't want to like.
San Andreas was a mess. Auto-aiming, "homiez 'n da hood" stuff (very funny though, gotta give 'em that), training, eating, tuning... 4 was better, but the controls were far from good, cars handled as if the road was made of ice, and IF they steered, the camera stayed so far behind that half of the time I rammed into another car that I should've seen, but couldn't.
I have a ps3 so I could play this, but frankly, I don't really care anymore. Maybe later, a used copy... But then again, I don't really like ps3 anymore. If it were on Wii U, chances were better, I'd get it this weekend or so...



FineLerv said:

I stopped playing the last GTA after about an hour and never looked back. That also received a perfect score on a competitor's site so I don't have the highest hopes for the latest iteration. I did enjoy Red Dead Redemption, though, despite it's largely over-looked flaws.



Caryslan said:

While I have no interest in GTA V itself , I will say this much. I am the kinda guy who loved Duke Nukem Forever when I played it and got some cheap laughs out of the humor in the game.

I think people forget that Video Games are supposed to be an escape from real life, and take the content too seriously. So what if there are strip clubs and hookers in the game? Does every game have to be pastel colors and rainbows?

I love Mario games, but I can still play something like Duke Nukem and get a laugh out of it. I enjoy playing God of War and something like Star Fox.

I guess my point is this, what is the big deal? So what if people want to blow off steam by pretending they are a criminal or hang out in a virtual strip club? How it is any worse than a fishing game in Hyrule or playing a crazy items match in Smash Bros?

This is one of the key reasons why video games will never be viewed as a source of entertainment that needs to be shown respect on the level of TV Shows and Movies. People still get up in arms about sex, nudity, strip clubs, and cheap sex jokes. Content that appears in Movies and TV all the time.

People were offended by Duke's one-liners in Forever but have they been watching the last few seasons of Family Guy? That crosses the boundaries more than Duke Nukem ever did.

And this is my point, video games need to be viewed under the same light as other forms of media. That's why we have rating systems on the boxes. Calling out a game for having Strip Clubs when TV Shows and Movies show the same thing is pointless and reinforces the notion to lawmakers that the Video Game Industry is out of control and they need to be reigned in.

I'm just so tired of this debate. Not liking a game for its content is one thing, but to say a game is wrong for having a strip club or having a torture scene is pointless in the end when Family Guy and 24 are on the air and being sold on DVD.



Peach64 said:

I think it's this kind of attitude that's holding our hobby back. I'm not saying you should play GTA if it's not your thing, but I think getting on a moral high horse is a bit ridiculous. So many critically acclaimed movies and books deal with horrible situations none of us would want to see anyone go through in real life, but that's the thing... they're not real life. Most gamers that hate on GTA seem to think that anyone playing it must identity with the characters, but you don't see film and book reviewers looking down on anyone that enjoys works that explore much, MUCH darker material than GTA.



pixelman said:

Just wanted to point something out real quick: film/television and video games are very different beasts. It's one thing to watch Walter White murder innocent people on TV, but it'd be quite another thing to actively engage in helping him to commit murder in a video game.



retro_player_22 said:

Though I like the GTA series and had already bought and play GTA IV, I can honestly say it's not as great as most reviewers say it was, same will apply to GTA V too but the game series is enjoyable for what it is, an open world action game series.



Einherjar said:

@Felioth Thankfully, that isnt possible around here, since there were many known cases of seued shops because of that, most of them dont dare to sell games without an ID check.
The (even bigger) Problem ? The average IQ of parents over here is (most of the time) on par with our temperature, and were nearing winter -.- So, if their child begs and threatens enought, they buy it anyways, mostly without caring what it actually is.
I interviewed some parets for our local school newspaper back in the day, and most of them thought that the rating system was about the required level of reading and understanding skills -.-
Parents dont care what their children consume these days most of the time and it sadly shows in the player base of these titles.
Most of the time, you have a complete target audience switch, in that games targeted at younger kids (say, pokemon) get cherished by older gamers and games targeted at them (CoD, GTA and the likes) gets played by teens and downwards.
But to be fair, games in general are the smaller problem in the big picture. One of our biggest electronics stores puts porn right next to child movies and series DVD / BluRay. When you talk to them about it, they say that they cant change it because "the higher ups in god knows where wanted it that way"
So, violent games arent THE problem, its one of many, but certainly the most popular among young people it seems.



Sceptic said:

@MrGawain: I think your wrong. It's rather that a significant portion of WiiU owners call bullpoopiedoodledoggieloviepoopsiedoos when they see it. As has been pointed out countless times here, this article would not exist if GTAV had been released on WiiU as well. It's like being stuck on an island with no food and writing about how great it is you're not gaining weight.

As for real violence/video game violence correlation, I think it's safe to say that if the psych/soc professionals can't figure it out, this board can't either. Let's just leave it at that.

And finally, I'd just like to say I'm still ROFL from this:



WaveGhoul said:


When i play GTA I get plunked into a gloomy state of depression, to the point where i have to be tied down to a chair and be force fed the entire first season of care bears.



ricklongo said:

@Peach64 I do agree with you about the "moral high horse" thing, but, like Damo said, this sort of story is a fundamentally different experience in a game, where you're actively comitting criminal deeds rather than passively watching.

But yes, of course, everyone should strive to get the kind of game experience they enjoy. It's just that things like GTA have been less and less appealing to me over the years (and this is coming from a guy who absolutely adores the anti-heroes in TV series such as Sopranos, The Wire, and Breaking Bad, which I guess serves to further drive home the point about the fundamental difference in experiences).



WaveGhoul said:

If i were given GTV for the Wii U, i'd use it as fire food to Cook some NintenSmores over it, so i can feed my nutcase honey Amanda Bynes.



Dogpigfish said:

Most of the positive hype are fake blogs, paid for by rockstar. It's the ACDC effect, if you over advertise they will buy. Don't fall for it. It's a shame garbage like GTA has so many buyers. Try to keep your soul people.



jayclayx said:

lot of nintendo fanboys here as expected, god we are not in a church or something, I like my 3ds and love nintendo games but many opinions here makes me feel sick, this game is brilliant not because the violence and sex content on it but because how the game is able to reflect the today society in many countries specially in the US. If you talk poopsiecacadoggiedoodleloviepoops about this game cause it goes against your moral so I suggest you keep playin what you enjoy. Gta V its just a fun game.



LavaTwilight said:

I really don't see the point of this article. Unless you're getting paid for it. Then brilliant! If not, you could have put your time to better use. GTA V isn't for me either. I played 3 and felt it was just too violent, encouraged lawless behaviour and the type of person I was emulating was not the type of person I would want to ever associate with in any kind of way. Why would I then waste my time playing it? People are hyped over it because it's a big sequel to a very popular franchise. I'm not and although I love talking about computer games I switch off whenever anyone mentions GTA V. In fact, this is the most I've said about it ever.



unrandomsam said:

@Mk_II Cannot have the princess rescuing either it is sexist and not empowering towards women. Has to be rescuing a prince by a female to be ok with the feminists. (Japan is really sexist - never seen a female Nintendo Japan representative).



Moonhillwat said:

What I love about the GTA games is not the controversial story modes, but the free roaming. I love driving around while listening to the music and radio shows.



soundcircus said:

I'm 37 so quite the old knacker. I enjoyed the first GTA back in the day on the PS1 and even bought the London expansion disc.
However since then whenever I've played it on the PS2, 360, PSP and even China Town on the DS, I've just never been able to get in to it fully, and so would always have more fun just driving around running over people and being silly.

The BBC did an article on GTA recently, and show an old interview that there so called Tech expert did with the Rockstar guys back in 1996 I believe...

(I've no idea if Nintendolife have already picked this up)



unrandomsam said:

@banacheck What I don't like is the way in the past people said playing video games is bad for kids but now that girls are doing it somehow its good for them to do it. (Either its is good or bad but it doesn't change depending on who is doing it). People don't complain about stuff like All Star Cheerleader not being suitable for male children either.



whatisyourforte said:

In no way was this comment appropriate. Please be more careful while posting hete. Should we see further examples of you ignoring our Community Rules and insulting people in this manner, you may wind up banned from posting altogether. This is your warning — TBD



element187 said:

"Grand Theft Auto V simply doesn't resonate with me on any level"

I felt the same way since Vice City. I was in my early 20's when that was released, I thought of it as the best game ever. But fast forward - after playing GTA IV, I realized I outgrew the series. I found it childish and immature... and because of it I have zero drive or desire to even play GTA V on my PS3.

I bet all the teenagers and 20 somethings here will probably throw popcorn and boo your article/opinion, but as a fellow married 30 something gamer, I agree with your article 100% ... in fact most games that go for over the top violence just to check a box do not interest me in the least bit anymore. I outgrew it... I'm really really hoping Watch Dogs doesn't go overboard with it, otherwise I'll have a hard time enjoying it.

Funny, back when I was in my 20's, loving ultra-violent video games on PC/OG xbox, I was calling the gamecube a kiddie console, etc... Now in my 30's I consider Sony and Microsoft's consoles "kiddie consoles" because I find the vast majority of these AAA games too immature and childish.



element187 said:

@whatisyourforte Some people just outgrow the childish and immature drivel when they reach their 30's.. You look young, so I would expect you to say something childish and immature... the perfect candidate for playing GTA V.



unrandomsam said:

@ferthepoet I agree if it was a Nintendo exclusive people here would change their tune. It was the same for DLC until Nintendo did it (Just as badly as everyone else except in the case of Super Luigi U).



mihimarcelo said:

GTA It is a cool game with a great story, but I'm too busy with Monster Hunter on WiiU and Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate on PS3 to start Playing another game. Maybe next year.



ParSnake said:

@Einherjar Something similar happened to me too! Cave Story 3D came out the same day as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and the guy working there said I was the only one to buy something other than COD that day.



SetupDisk said:

I'm 33 and of course I find the grand theft auto series to be childish.

A far more interesting project would have been a sequel to Red Dead Redemption. It had a great mix of serious story, funny moments, action and consequences. Also it had pure craziness in the undead Add On. As a matter of fact I got Saint's Row IV for my PS3 today because the series embraces that it is ridiculous and not "realistic".

To me GTA is dead and Saint's Row is the future. It's a major disappointment that Deep Silver isn't making games for Wii U but as with anything it the system starts selling they will change their tune.

Games like the Wonderful 101 embrace that it is a video game to the core, I find games that do that to be more pleasing in most cases. That's why I don't play most shooters but I love Borderlands.



Snkfiend said:

@element187 So your statement that no one shouldn't buy GTA5 because it's "childish" really.......Damn it's just a game dude and to personally state stereotype garbage like this is childish because it's he/she preference of what they play not what you see people as childish and violent. So everybody suppose to play Nintendo games and "feel mature" because you demand it on your posts or other people that calls Nintendo systems "kiddy" consoles and you blow up on the WHOLE Sony/MS communities dude just understand this I PLAY what I want childish or no and I'm enjoy Nintendo games too now have a good day.



Xaltheron said:

So according to some of the comments here anyone who doesn't like GTA is obviously a Nintendo fanboy? Or it could be... y'know, we just don't like those kinda games, regardless of what console they're on.

Look at Chinatown Wars on DS, despite getting good reviews, it was considered a flop. Fact is, a lot of Nintendo fans simply aren't into that type of thing, certain genres sell better on certain consoles. We would think the same about GTA V whether it was on Wii U or not.



Zael said:

I'm not a fan of gta5 or gta but I admit that it sells millions of copies and if a console loses a title like this it means that the console has a problem.
If 30 mln of people buy a ps3 ps4 or xbox expecially for gta and if your console hasnt gta then it means your console loses 30 milions of potential buyers
I can say that nintendo games like zelda or metroid are way better, but this doesn't mean that a console can miss one of the most important multiplatform of current gen.
The wii u will lose also final fantasy 15
Now i'm playing d&d, the conversion is good for the arcade mode but the online has some problem.
It seems that third parties works bad on the wii u, they are not interested in wii u.
We have to begin to accept that the wii u is a console that is good only for nintendo games and first party.



antonvaltaz said:

Well, I thought some of the comments here were pretty narrow, immature and ignorant, but then I just made the mistake at looking at some of the comments on the IGN review that Damo linked to. Urgh. Truly depressing.



element187 said:

@GiftedGimp Most of us have multiple consoles/PC... I can go buy it right now if I want to, but there is zero desire to play games like this anymore...

After playing ultra violent video games for a few decades, i decided I'm done with it... what is wrong with that?



GoldenBanana said:

I don´t understand why so many people get so upset with Damo stating his opinion (its their website, they have the right to express what they think). Whatsmore, it´s disturbing how aggressive people get on their responses against Damo. His thoughts are noble and sincere and are quite impossible to deny them.

It´s undeniable that GTA games became extremely violent games full of evil nonsense and its biggest flaw to me, it´s I think its biggest attraction: its undeniable closeness to reality (its "real" graphics, its hollywood-esque chars, its ambients similar to mayor cities).

I live in a highly violent and tormented society, where you can get shot in the head for just 2 dollars. I´m south-american and I´m from Montevideo (it´s a city), Uruguay (it´s a country). To me, all those cursing things that happen on these games so many people love to fantasize being a gansta and play so much, are crude reality here. It´s disgusting to take the role of such disgusting characters that hurt so much society. You would understand it more if it was a part of your reality. You cannot imagine what it could be to have true terror to walk the streets of your own neighbourhood, or to just go to work driving a bus or a taxi. You know what happens to those "kickdonkey ultraviolent dudes" in my country ? They get shot in the head by the supermarket owner defending his life or his family or his customers. You know what happens to rapers, and killers in jail ? They get ultraviolence for what they´ve done, and from their own prisonmates. We have to draw a line here, there´s an idiot among you for example that put murder and blowjobs at the same level?? WTF?? blowjobs are beautiful, best if they are earned free from the love of your own girlfriend. How can murder be great or cool?. Those are truly evil things to do (rape, torturing and murder), even for those prisonmates that maybe, had succumbed to robbery for a money need or personal problems (maybe with drugs, chemicals ruling your mind trying to make you forget your poopiedoodoocacadoggiepoopsiedoodle reality).
I understand some kinds of violence can be in some way fun like killing beasts in a game. I also understand that you can get all Buddah and say: "I can play ultraviolent games, hurt virtual women, torture them, then rob them their money from their misery job, and after that say it was "fun" (or whatever stupid senseless ape comment about it) and then state "but I can tell difference from reality". Oh ! How elevated minds we happen to have here ! How mental you are ! How godly intellectual ! Come here and live with me for a while, THIS is reality. There´s nothing more real than reality itself. I urge you to go to a sociably rotten place, a place truly disturbing of your city or country. Or if cannot find one, come to the south, it´s a heartripping reality in so many places around here, and I´ll guarantee you all brave kickdonkey lads, your donkey hair WILL stand up !

GTA never appealed to me, I reject it and I think it is related to the social environment I live with and all those things that are cancer to society. When I play a game, I search fantasy, I search something that doesn´t exist, I love to watch art and graphics far from real in games. If I want to watch ultra high definition "real" stuff, or I want to love, drive, or hit a ball, I just live (no need escaping to parallel "real" realities). That´s one of the things I love about Nintendo, they know how to make something truly fun without having to evoke that collective twisted mind of the youngsters in believing that being a kickdonkey gansta is fun. I pity you all who play those games, and don´t think I´m saint as Pope Francis (I don´t even believe in God). I believe in living, loving, learning, making mistakes, getting up, trying to be happy and make others happy. Nintendo games go with that.

Loud clapping to Damo who had the balls to drag this topic down to earth and state his noble toughts. To me, Rockstar sucks. They truly do in making profit that way, and in a way so disturbingly well accepted among so many people in the world.
Watch the profanity, please — TBD



whatisyourforte said:

@element187 i play games of all kinds. i'm a collector. this article just comes off as someone who has to go against the norm just for the sake of doing so (or because they're butthurt that WiiU can't get any GTAV-caliber titles). I am not the hugest GTA fan by any means (never have finished a single GTA game), but I can certainly respect the fact that the new one is one of the best games ever made. Period. It will hold a place in gaming history (whether you like it or not), and as a collector, it's a no-brainer for me to purchase it. I plan on also getting Wind Waker HD, but to put that in the same ballpark as GTAV is pretty fanboyish to me. Let's celebrate good games in general, and not this "don't pay attention to that game getting amazing reviews for those other platforms, we have an HD remake coming in three days" attitude. I love games of all types, for all platforms, etc.



MikeLove said:


It's actually kind of sad. The guy sounds very insecure with himself and feels that he can/should no longer enjoy things he used to because he is now 'mature' and 'too old to enjoy that stuff'.

I say as long as you aren't hurting anyone else, do and enjoy whatever you want to do, no matter what other people may say or think about it. If someone here said that they were a brony (which several users appear to be, based on their avatars) I would say 'its not for me, but do whatever you want'. I wouldn't act pompous or insecure about it and try to put them down for their beliefs while trying to make myself feel superior.

So what, people like to play GTA 5? People like to listen to Justin Beiber too. Is it really worth the effort/thought to rant about why YOU don't personally enjoy those things and to put down other people who do?



ElDelEl said:

Oh for crying out loud, what a bunch of sanctimonious drivel. It's one thing to personally detest a game, but this sort of moral-high-groundery on a website read largely by adults is just condescending BS. Who do you think you are, Damien, to climb this literal "Soapbox" and throw words like "shame" around at those of us who dare to enjoy games like GTA, while at the same time describing those who criticize the game as "brave"? I find it hard to believe that you could re-read your own article without blushing at its over-reactionary pomposity. Do you really think that adults who play this game are unable to distinguish (morally, emotionally, or literally) between an escapist videogame they're playing and the real-life versions of the activities in that game? It's one thing to write about parental concerns with games like this, that's perfectly understandable. But this article is an adult-written, adult-read piece that has nearly as much overwrought finger-wagging as a Georgia revival meeting! In short, please take the escalator down from your high horse next time you have an impulse to write such silliness.



tovare said:

The guys on the picture could have been scary to meet in a dark alley, but now they're all home playing GTA and having some harmless fun.



Shadowkiller97 said:

@mamp I would like to disagree about your points on Zelda. In Ocarina of Time, I would point to Sheik, who is actually Zelda in disguise doing a ton of the work for Link. Furthermore, 5 out of the 7 all powerful sages are women (Saria, Ruto, Impa, Nabooru, and Zelda) and it is they who actually defeat Gannon. Speaking of Nabooru, she is the leader of an all-female group of theives who in the game stands against custom and tries to take down Gannondorf as their prohphesized leader. Also, in Ocarina of Time, the world is created by three goddesses, not gods, Din, Nayru, Farore.

In Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, Zelda actually wields the Light Bow and actively participates in defeating the villain.

In Wind Waker, you meet Tetra who is a captain on a pirate ship. In fact, most of the game is about Link trying to save his baby sister, not the princess.

In Twilight Princess, one of the main characters is Midna who is accompanying you on your quest the entire time. She, in my opinion, is the epitomy of heroism because even after being defeated and deformed, she continues to fight against the evil that is plaguing her realm. At no point in the entire game was a princess (Zelda/Midna) kidnapped. You actually save children who were kidnapped in this game.

In Skyward Sword, Zelda is an avatar of the goddess Hylia. She is revered by all the creatures in the game. Furthermore, Impa plays a very strong role. It is she who guides and protects Zelda through her journey. It is also she who guards and protects Zelda for countless years while she slumbered.

In Ocarina of Time and in the Oracle games, Twinrova is one of the villains and is a set of female twins. In Oracle of Ages, the villain is Veran who is a female as well.

Finally, in just about every game where Link has a guide traveling with him telling him what to do, the guide is female. Navi, Midna, Zelda, and Fi, all play huge roles in their respective games.

I do not believe having the main playable character be male only promotes sexism or misogyny. I think it is for the whole package (dialogue, jokes, events, and other portrayals) that reviewers have raised the point about GTA V. Yours was not a fair comparison.



Jazzer94 said:

Gotta say Wind Waker is up in my top 3 Zelda titles but imo GTA 5 is a better game even though there not very comparable.



Spleetal said:

This is my first grand theft auto game so well se how well it goes, Im mainly interested in all the stuff to do rather than the actual storyline and playing online in a huge open world with friends will be awesome



whatisyourforte said:

oh and to the people that think GTA is "childish" or "immature" many games do you know on Nintendo systems that attack issues such as America's torturing of detainees after 9/11? How many games do you play that successfully recreate a satirical look of modern America, with its superficiality, shallowness, and obsession with material items? Exactly.



whatisyourforte said:

Please leave the trans-phobic insults at the door while posting here at the Nlife Network. In no way was this comment warranted or appropriate. — TBD



Snkfiend said:

@ActionMan I agree but the guy has a number of issues over hating the Sony/MS communities regardless what he/she plays and always uses the FPS stereotype card calling people "dudebro" and everybody that has a PS/MS system plays only FPS. WTF does dudebro even means LOL. I'm just playing what I enjoy that is all and I don't need to get offended because I PLAY on Sony/MS systems and some "childish" titles.



banacheck said:

If this is the comment your talking about:

banacheck said:
I don't like the Puppeteer because it's not my cup of tea, i would rather not cut off a virtual characters head with a pair of scissors, it's absolutely horrific, immoral people. Oh my and Mario jumping up and down on the characters head, glorification of violence a disgusting game, my god parents buy these horrific games for there children?

I was taking the piss out of most of these comments.



MikeLove said:


Have you not played Zelda? The popular series featuring a transgendered hero? Or Super Mario, featuring a unionized labourer? Or Kirby, featuring a pink ball of fluff?

Nintendo has been tackling major societal issues for a long time.
Please watch the slurs, you're pushing the line of decency — TBD



MikeLove said:


Ya, and I've also seen him call the Xbox and Sony consoles 'the twins'.

There is some sort of resentment and anger in him in regards to video games. It's quite sad really.



garywood said:

I'd definitely go for Zelda over GTA any day. But there's a bit of desperation to this article, that's for sure "Don't play this new iteration of a hugely popular franchise, play this nintendo remake instead.". Lol, sorry but I'm not buying a Wii U just for bloom lighting.
And the sexist suggestions are just ridiculous. It's a game about criminals for god's sake. Are there plenty of strong women with admirable roles in the criminal classes then? And also, if you're gonna license yourself to pass judgement on the ideas in a game, it's a bit worrying to criticise the role of women but say nothing of the fact that you get to murder thousands of people. A rather worrying set of priorities.
(btw I think you meant commercial failure of chinatown wars, not critical failure)



Zael said:

we have to start to consider the wii u as a console designed only for nintendo games.
Portings are bad, see batman, ninja gaiden, resident evil, all with frame rate problems and long loading times
I see problems also in d&d
The fact is that gta5 would be very expansive to convert on wii u and the result would be not good as for ps3 xbox. And there is also the problem of the hd
gta 5 needs to be installed on xbox 360 to run well, but wii u can't install games
At the moment only first party games and nintendo games runs good and I think that only this types of games will reach a good quality in terms of frame rate etc on wii u
So we have to consider the wii u as a nintendo only console
Moreover, in the future, when games will come out on ps4 x1, it is clear thatt 3d parties will not convert games , also for the specs gap,
The result is that in the future wii u won't have 3d parties games and conversions anymore.
we'll see one game a month
This is very sad but is the reality, we have to accept that nintendo wii u can't be a new snes or a nes of this times
Nintendo has its restricted politics
Wants to sell only its games but this means also don't sell consoles and lose customers
I think that in the long term this politic will damage nintendo



briwipdx said:

videogames are a personal experience for everyone. is this extreme violence portrayed in this game not just a sign 'o the times, or symptoms of our current mass-shooting culture? if u wanna snort drugs and hump hookers all while killing people and avoiding the cops, do it. as Bruce Lee said, "what you habitually think is what you ultimately become." ...or something like that. we all have our own versions of escapism, if hookers and hot rides is your version of it, who am i to say otherwise. personally the article has a certain resonance with me, i will forever choose Zelda, Mario and the like over such "mature" experiences. to each their own, birds of a feather flock together.



Gunnerholic said:

Sounds like sour grapes. I'll take good games where I can find them. Of course the game is overhyped but it is still an enjoyable title.



Senario said:

@whatisyourforte Majora's mask has themes of stubborn government in the face of adversity and facts. Alien abductions that leave a family of farmers broken. An old man who refuses to grow up while his dad wishes him to be responsible. A young couple that will never reunite with the girl having kids on the way. A rivalry between farms where one actively tries to sabotage the other. A man who has turned into a monster while his daughter is left alone. A butler who misses his son since he left home and likely is dead. The group think of butchering an individual due to panic. And so on.



Snkfiend said:

@ActionMan Agreed man months back the NL community was "petitioning" the game to come to the Wii U but Rockstar says no and now the game is out the hate and anger of jealously are among us. See how fast the community can change in a heartbeat.



TimoteiWest said:

This was never going to be a popular opinion, and I applaud the stones displayed in posting it. I agree with some of the points and completely understand why you would feel that way. A lot of the comments on here are a little disappointing.

With that said, my copy arrived this morning... not that I'll get a chance to play it until Friday due to work commitments, but I'm going to play it for the computer game it is, rather than a chance to act out some sinister desires.

It becomes rather difficult to explain why the random acts of violence become entertaining after a time, but its likely to be down the fact that despite all the attempts at realism in there, Grand Theft Auto does not feel realistic. The presence of such exaggerated personalities and impossible stunts prevents it falling into the same abyss Manhunt toppled into.

Oh, and I will also playing Wind Waker to -death-.



unrandomsam said:

To be fair I would probably buy a Metal Slug type game where you are the legitimate Syrian special forces fighting against the Western Supported rebels.
(Even if the weapon upgrades were chemical weapons and such.)



mamp said:

@Shadowkiller97 All I see is that you pointed out supporting characters, you make it sound like I'm saying females don't exist in Zelda, they do exists but there role is very minor and frankly not all that important at least not compared to Link. Also yeah Zelda was sheik and in about 1 minute after finding out that it's Zelda she gets kidnapped same thing with Tetra. In WW he's trying to save his sister hence a guy trying to save another weak defenseless girl. Point is all these "lead female characters" just play support to Link how about some of these "leading females" get their own game where they're playable or maybe have a female link which will most likely never happen. I mean since it's just another reincarnation and we're starting over with new versions of these characters why can't there be a female version of Link, is there a reason why this can't happen?



Paperchema said:

Am I the only one that thinks the gaming press always overlooks the flaws of every Rockstar game? I LOVE Chinatown Wars, but I seriously cannot understand all that hype and love for the GTA games.



Senario said:

@Snkfiend I am pretty sure an old post did not represent the whole community since the ones here who don't care for the game would have ignored the post. You cannot make quick generations like that for the whole group.



rmeyer said:

The problem is sandbox games are pretty rampant right now. I don't see Gta 5 being as popular as 4 since people are starting to get burnt out of this style of game I sure am



Snkfiend said:

@Senario Well senario you have your opinions and I have mine and I have the "RIGHT" for my opinion of whatever post this is because I play both games GTA and Zelda and I don't need to feel offended on a post over feeling i'm the devil for buying GTA and not you not liking the game.



MikeLove said:


I think even if there are some flaws in their games, the sheer effort they put into creating the worlds they present and the technical boundaries they push overshadow those minor complaints. This goes for both the GTA and Red Dead series. They are masters of open world games, and nobody even comes close.



PorridgeParlour said:

Completely agree with the article. I hate GTA because of the material that it feeds people. I'm not going to get into if it molds the minds of children and young adults but it is obvious that what you do in the game is completely immoral. And rediculous.

One of the reasons I love Nintendo is because they don't make games like this.



potomas said:

Been playing GTA 5 for past 2 days,and it really is shaping up to be one of the best games ever made.As someone else says windwaker is not even in same ballpark.I will be buying windwaker,but this article just seems strange if GTA had been out on Wii u Nintendo life would have been 10/10ing it.



Fingeldor said:

@Snkfiend Why can't it be both? I, for one, would support and welcome GTA on the Wii U. It might help support the console and increase sales. That's good for Nintendo and their fans. However, I would remain uninterested in playing the game, just as I am uninterested in playing COD, regardless of which platform it exists on. Unless you can point out specifically who has changed their opinion about wanting to play purely based on some jealousy that it didn't arrive on Wii U, it's speculation at best. You can't throw everyone under the bus because you think the community are now turncoats against Rockstar for not bringing their game to Wii U.



Snkfiend said:

@Senario I don't argue I just feel like this post was made for an argument rather a debate. I respect that people don't like the series and I don't give a damn what i'm stating is people using the other systems as stereotypes for thinking people only like violent stuff like this and that's all they play that's loads of bull.



hYdeks said:

GTA 5 isnt a biggie for me either, Wii u not getting it might be bad, but not the worse thing The market for a game like that on Wii U probably isnt there, anyways



Pachterkid said:

Interesting article. The backlash of comments that Gamespot's Carolyn Petit has received both on their site and YouTube is really disheartening. If you like the game than one person's review score really shouldn't bother you, but apparently lots of people don't feel that way.

That being said, if GTA V were coming out on Wii U the editors of this site would no doubt be praising it up and down and lavishing 10s on it like it's nobody's business.

And calling Wind Waker an open-world game is a joke. It's a Zelda game, with an over world map like every other Zelda game, and that map happens to be an ocean. That's not an open-world. It's a Zelda-map, just like the field in Ocarina of Time. Saying that you'd rather play a port of a 10 year old game instead of a brand-new triple A title like GTA V is nonsense. I get that GTA is not aimed at the Nintendo crowd, but you can't say that the release of GTA V even compares to the release of Wind Waker HD.



unrandomsam said:

Rockstar banned (Via Microsoft) some people who got the game early (Not through their own error but that of a retailer).

That is totally not acceptable for any reason.



Snkfiend said:

@Fingeldor I wasn't the one that didn't want GTA on the Wii U. So don't blame me for throwing everybody from this wonderful community under the bus, this community always states they hate on any game 3rd party wise that either get canceled or just wont come to the U. So they put themselves in this position their opinion not mine which they will only buy 1st party titles/indie so why is i'm the bad guy. I'm a member more than anybody but I entitled to not defend no community if it has anger issues or hate.



Shadowkiller97 said:

@mamp Would it really have changed that much if he was trying to save his baby brother? In that case, I point to Twilight Princess again where you save kidnapped children. The one that repeatedly gets kidnapped is, in fact, a boy.

Your comment about Shiek and Tetra is confusing. Are you trying to say that changing into a dress makes her weak and defenseless? The fact that Sheik or Tetra get abducted after being revealed as Zelda has nothing to do with the fact that she is a woman and everything to do with the fact that Gannondorf covets her power, the Triforce of Wisdom. In Ocarina of Time, it is not when she reveals herself as Zelda that she gets kidnapped, but when she reveals the Triforce of Wisdom. If Gannondorf had known that Link held the Triforce of Courage, I am sure he would just as easily have been kidnapped himself.

And lastly, my point in listing the characters (who I disagree as supporting) was to counter your argument that stated just because the playable character is male the entire game is sending out a message of sexism and misogyny.While I do not see a problem with Link being a female in a future game, I do not see the need for it to happen. In fact, I think that, indirectly though it may be, the Zelda series as is has some of the strongest female roles in all of gaming.



SkywardLink98 said:

@Cohort Well, while plenty of blame goes to Nintendo, articles like this make it only worse. If you guys want the game on the Wii U, tell devs. Don't use reverse psychology, it doesn't work with companies lol



MikeLove said:


The same goes for all the Nintendo fans ripping on the female reviewer at IGN who dared to give The Wonderful 101 a 7.5 or whatever it was.

Comments saying she wasn't smart enough to figure out the controls, girls can't review games properly, etc.

Idiotic comments aren't just made by Sony/Xbox fans, but by gamers across all systems.



Icefreak45 said:

I personally am not picking up the game, I couldn't legally buy it if I wanted to anyways XD, but that doesn't mean I think the game is bad or that the people who made it shouldn't get credit for what they have created. They have created a HUGE open world experience for people to play in. Yes the story line, strip clubs, and violence are extreme and will leave a bad taste in some people's mouth. I get it. However, the point is not for you to relish and enjoy these experiences. The game is, if you do a little research, a critic on the American experience and obviously it does a good job at it. Do I want it? No, but don't put down the people who worked tirelessly to develop it and give it to the masses who do want to play it.
All that aside LoZ: Wind Waker does indeed look amazing :3



SomeBitTripFan said:

Just from reading the title from this article, I knew it was nothing more than an inflammatory article. While I agree with the issue of morality in GTA, I rolled my eyes as soon as you started mentioning Wind Waker as a "better game". WW is fun, but to say we aren't missing out pure subjectivity. You yourself admitted you haven't played the game, so how can you possibly compare one to another. Please, instead of setting fire to an already burning building, discuss your concerns regarding the morality of the game. You'll lose one viewer if you keep this up.



element187 said:

@Snkfiend Where did I say people shouldn't enjoy a product they purchased? I gave my opinion of drivel, I never said you couldn't enjoy the drivel, but I refuse to say its a good game because its not. its boring. But thats what an opinion is. You seem young so you probably have learned this, but there is going to be many times in your life where people are going to say they dont like what you like, and you are going to have to accept that not everyone likes what you like..

You people defending GTA's honor against people who say they don't like your game.. It really makes you seem really insecure about your choice in gaming that you have show up on a White Horse to defend GTA from people who are simply stating the game is childish and immature, which it is, because why? Are you afraid someone might have a different opinion than you?



Fingeldor said:

@Snkfiend Whenever you say 'they', you include everyone in the community. I'm irreverent about Rockstar bringing Grand Theft Auto to Wii U since I'm not interested in playing it. Personally, I neither boycott it or support it. I said I would only support its release on the console to help inject sales and support for the Wii U. My position and possibly many others remain unchanged.

Moreover, I'm unconvinced the community at Nintendo Life have banded together against Grand Theft Auto purely based on its exclusion from the Nintendo console. To insinuate that seems more like an assumption and not necessarily anything based on fact. Would this article exist if it had been released on Wii U? It's hard to tell. Regardless, those who feel it's an enjoyable game should use their time to enjoy it and not worry about the affairs or opinions of others who don't share theirs.



Senario said:

@Pachterkid You confuse open world with sandbox gaming. The great sea in WW is absolutely open world as there is a whole world you can explore with many islands and secrets available. Sandbox refers to being able to choose what you want to do either with a multitude of quest lines or open ended gameplay like minecraft.



KryptoKrunch said:

I think a lot of people here are misunderstanding. This has NOTHING to do with the game not on Wii U.That's why most gamers own multiple gaming platforms so they can experience different types of games/series etc..

Damo isn't the first person I've seen that feels the way he does about the GTA series.



SetupDisk said:

Oh I don't think it was clear when I mentioned that GTA was childish, I wasn't agreeing with the moral high ground aspect of the article. I find some very immoral stuff to be great fun, in reality not just video games. I just recognize that it is childish and don't get all defensive over it.



Quickman said:

@SkywardLink98 I'd say all the blame was on Nintendo for putting Rockstar North off in the first place, not a lot to do with this site or people on here, all fans moan and complain, It's not like Rockstar North are getting anything as bad as death threats or anything like that from people on here now is it?

Also "you guys" how does that include me? Personally I'm not bothered about no GTA on a Nintendo system, would be good for Nintendo but I'm really not surprised by this situation.

Like I said before if I really wanted it then I could buy it on another platform. When I say that I "don't like the game", there's no subliminal message hidden in there, I just don't like GTA games and it's good to see that a few others feel the same way as I was beginning to think that I was the only one...



element187 said:

@ActionMan And where in my post did you gather that nonsense? As people get older they don't find things as entertaining as they used to.

When I was 7 I thought fart jokes were all the rage... not so much by 13.... In my 20's, beating up virtual hookers might have been fun, but its no longer fun in my 30's. I bought GTA IV on my ps3 because of the hype, but I didn't have any fun. Its a hook for teenagers and young adults, but kind of a bore to most over the age of 30.

I would classify Nintendo has having far more mature content than there is on my PS3/x360.... Fire Emblem for example is far more mature than GTA...

Again, why are you getting upset because someone doesn't like a game that you do? Do you really feel that insecure that you must defend Rockstar's honor?

Take a look at NeoGAF, its 90% Sony and last 10% is "I hate everything Nintendo" .... but do you see me jumping on my account to defend Nintendo's honor? I'm not insecure about my choice in gaming. I find beating up hookers childish, you might like that. I have far more fun with the puzzles in Zelda than I will from shooting people and stealing cars. Fire Emblem challenges me like a game of chess that no game on the either of the dudebro boxes can compete with.



MikeLove said:

On Wii-U Daily there is a poll asking whether or not you would buy GTA V on the Wii-U if it was released, and out of the 1800 votes, 1400 have said 'yes' and another 200 said 'maybe'.

Sounds like there is a market for this game on Nintendo consoles.



tom_q said:

I will be getting the game in the next few days as I know it is all my friends will be talking about. I have no problem with sex, violence or drugs but I prefer my games to either be in the future, the past or in some sort of fantasy world, I get enough of the horrible real world when I leave my house.



Senario said:

@SetupDisk It is immature in the sense that the game uses criminal activity and themes to portray itself as mature when real maturity is anything but that.



MikeLove said:


If you find beating up hookers 'childish', I cringe at thinking what kind of life you had while growing up

My childish activities were catching toads and scribbling in colouring books.



MikeLove said:


Many people in the comments are posting how they hate the game and have no interest in it, so I just posted those poll results to show they are only a vocal minority. The vast majority of gamers are looking forward to this game and don't feel the same way.



URAmk2 said:

if GTA 5 was on wii u this person would be singing it's praise. this is one of the most pitiful articles around.



MikeLove said:


Using that logic, would you then say that The Lion King is a mature movie, while something like The Godfather is childish because it glorifies violence and bad language?



element187 said:

Oh no, someone doesn't like a franchise I like, i must reply to tell them they are wrong!!!



element187 said:

@URAmk2 Can you back up your assertion with links/sources/citations?

Damien owns 2 systems that has GTA V available to it..... SOOOOoooo you look like the fool here.



Quickman said:

@ActionMan But many many people on here have also posted that they would buy it or have bought it on another system, a few people have said that they don't like it (including ONE member of the NL staff). That really doesn't indicate to me that there isn't a market for the game on Wii U...



element187 said:

@Fingeldor But Rockstar needs these white knights to ride in on their horses to defend their honor, because if 100% of gamers don't like Grand Theft Auto, it would cause a rift in the space time continuum, so of course they have to come here and tell people they are wrong for not liking this game.



Guybrush_Threepwood said:

I know this is a Nintendo fansite. But this is the most ridiculous article I ever read on a videogaming website. It's even worse journalism than IGN. Bashing GTA V and praising the port of a ten year old Zelda game in the same article is just lame. Sorry, I'm not buying it.

PS: I played every Grand Theft Auto AND Legend of Zelda game so far ("A Link to the Past" is my second favourite game of all time).



DarkLloyd said:

seriously we dont need a superior opinion attitude that trash for the lack of better term others saying there are better games like its a fact again an opinion you are neither right or wrong so #dealwithit



Ben_Rage_V2 said:

It's about time someone had the stomach to say it. I feel exactly the same way. I couldn't finish GTA IV, because I didn't get any enjoyment whatsoever from being a criminal. Robbing the bank and then murdering police officers in order to escape is just not fun for me at all. I am going to be skipping GTA V, and I do not feel like I am missing a thing. Animal Crossing New Leaf is my new favorite game of all time, and I will be happily enjoying my peaceful utopia. I do not hate violent games, I just do not like being a villain. Give me the option to be an undercover cop, then I will revisit a GTA game.



Senario said:

@ActionMan The lion king is a mature movie because of it's underlying themes. It is essentially Hamlet but presented in a different way. You still have themes of betrayal and isolation. That said do not argue thar people would buy a game if it was given support on their system of choice as everybody loves the game. That is a highly flawed argument as nobody would turn down support and would support the game if only to make sure support keeps coming. Also it still is a generalization since people who don't care for the game wouldn't be out for blood in a poll of all places.



Boxmonkey said:

Is this article supposed to make us forget that we own a system that no one supports with the AAA games. I'm fed up with missing out in games like GTA because Nintendo can't pull in the big publishers.



Jaz007 said:

You bilieve that something in a game can be wrong to have in game, and that makes you someone who thinks they are superior? Wow, just wow. I beileve all the sex in GTA is wrong, I think all the sex in any form of entertianment is flat out wrong. I don't think I'm a better person than you because of it. I think it's a bit too violent as well. Let's not forget the swearing either. I'm not offended by running over innocents or being a criminal in the game, I care about the action, not who the action is done do. I think GTA5 looks amazing and would buy it in an instant if it they could just cut out all the bad stuff in the game.



WanderingPB said:

This was a very thought provoking read especially knowing that the topic itself was gonna create such a controversy of a already controversial game…no pun intended.

I respect ur opinion Damo and glad u decided to share it.

The last GTA i played was San Andreas and after i beat the game…well that's it i jus felt bored and didnt really want to play it anymore…or the franchise, but that was my choice.

I like to play games to escape reality and have fun regardless if its Mario, COD, GTA, or currenty WONDERFUL 101 but its the choice of the player which is what makes the gaming industry so great there's so many choices…

Not choices about what games to play but what games to buy and support.

My son and I are currently playing Wonderful 101 and Megaman X…and i also believe that when the time comes and he's old enough to play a GTA game he'll understand why i stopped playing that game and make the choice for himself.

Again great article thanks for writing it



Snkfiend said:

@element187 Man you is delusional you still don't understand nothing I told you and still state the same garbage. I've been reading your BS all the past month like a broken record did I ever defend GTA hell no but I do play the title. What I said is that you been under the other (MS/Sony) gamers back using personal stereotypical hateful BS lines calling somebody dudebro/dudebrobox over playing FPS or stating every Sony/MS gamers plays only grey/brown shooters and now calling GTA and the people "childish" as well keep saying that 90% of the communities "Hates Nintendo" that was the bottom line for me I'm sorry but I play the other consoles and I have no time to keep reading BS like this on here. But you still stating your "opinions" well I have NO fear in this body to state my opinions which in fact most of your drivel is 100% Grade A BS. I know the community has this stress right now but don't blame the other console owners for what they like.



HappyHappyist said:

tl;dr : GTA isn't the same, play some Nintendo!

GameSpot's Carolyn Petit may have awarded it 9/10, but she also branded it "politically muddled and profoundly misogynistic", adding that the game had little room for female characters outside of "strippers, prostitutes, long-suffering wives, humorless girlfriends and goofy, new-age feminists we’re meant to laugh at." Many within the industry may rally against sexism, but I fail to see how they can be comfortable with playing a title as shamelessly sexist as this.

now i haven't played a GTA game yet, so don't take my word for gospel or whatever, but here's what i understand about the topic. ahem, i think that GTAV might not be as sexist as we make it. as long as prostitutes and hookers and people like that exist, women are still going to be portrayed like that. as for girlfriends and feminists, i'll fold.
like i said, i haven't played a GTA game before, i'm just going off of my own knowledge. if i'm wrong about anything, please let me know.



Fingeldor said:

@element187 I don't get it. I'm always proud to like the games others don't. Why do they care what others think? I suppose if a rift in the time space continuum is a factor, we'd better convert and start beating those virtual hookers!



MikeLove said:


Rockstar doesn't need white knights. They just released what will undoubtedly be the biggest game of the year based both on its eventual financial earnings and critical acclaim.

No need to act all self-righteous over your obvious hate towards the game. The personal insults towards those who enjoy it (who number in the tens of millions) are unwarranted and come across as 'childish'....something you seem to be arguing against.

In b4 'dude bro', 'immature', 'the twins', 'brown shooters', etc....



Mr_G said:

I am the biggest nintendo fan boy but i was at the midnight launch for GTA5 and it one of the best games ever. Your article comes across and shallow and lame. It feels like you just have a bitterness in your mouth because it will never be on a nintendo platform cause nintendo doesnt know how to secure 3rd party support! You trying to convince us that a 10 year old remake of a game will do instead of GTA5 is a joke who are you kidding?
Why not ban RE4 for its extreme violence or conker's bad fur day for it gross out humor? those were all nintendo exclusives!



Veloster said:

Tell your little opinionated story to Link; whilst I drive my customised off-road 'Mini' up a gargantuan cliff, then headshot a Stag.
Don't just starting bad mouthing an extremely popular game, just so you can feel good about yourself when someone agrees with you.

20 minutes into the game and I was ecstatic with it. Car customising, wildlife hugging and much better sound, graphics and physics.
And, as a massive Zelda fan, I can tell you that (IMO), only Ocarina of Time comes close to the enjoyment this game brings.

Maybe Rockstar should change the rating to 18-25.
Oh, and Hydra.



ArcanaXVI said:

While everyone else is busy playing GTA V (or not), I'll be merrily skipping about in The Wonderful 101. Pity its release will inevitably be overshadowed. Maybe I'll look into the GTA franchise eventually. With enough convincing.



ultraraichu said:

I feel this article can still exist even if GTA V was on the WiiU. It's just that some people's comment would switch from "you're just jealous/ riding white horse" themes to "you're the reason nintendo don't get these types of games/ riding high white horse".

I just feel that people responses are geared less towards what they themselves think about GTA and more towards what others think about it



unrandomsam said:

@Senario I think you are right. (I liked Duke Nukem 3D when it came out but stopped liking that sort of thing long before I could legally drink).



dereq said:

Game developers do not give two poopsiedoodlledoggiecacapoops about what people on message boards post about their games. If you really believe that is why this game is skipping WiiU, I disagree with you.
Watch the insults and profanity plz — TBD



ScorpionMG said:

saw a part and got bored of it, i dont get why there's so much hype for it...
Better off with WW and Wii party U



PFunk007 said:

I picked up a copy of the game this morning at GameStop, came home, saw this article, and then went back and returned it. I've never played a GTA game (never had a PS1/PS2) and thought this would be a good time to jump into the series, but something about GTA just makes me feel uncomfortable. I don't mind violence in video games, but I feel like GTA goes beyond that.

I'm much more excited for Wind Waker HD in 2 weeks. As for my open-world cravings, there's always Watch Dogs, Arkham Origins, and Assassin's Creed later this year.



unrandomsam said:

@TheOneHacker I dunno - the US and UK choose to make prostitution seedy (And with it comes the bad stuff). If they cared about stopping women being exploited so much they would be more like Germany in how they deal with it.



JelloVert said:

I've never liked the GTA series. The most recent one I played was GTA IV when it released. I started the game with high hopes (mostly because most of my friends were praising it), but got bored of it 3 hours in.
I just never understood the praise GTA gets. I mean, sure, the older ones were surprising for their time. Sandbox games were rare, and GTA was pretty much the only series where you could just run around.
The problem, to me at least, is that most developers go towards sandbox style games because they know it will get praised, even if it has mediocre at best gameplay. The market is just becoming a huge dumpster filled with sandbox games, and I feel like that's what makes the genre lose its charm.
There is also the fact that most sandbox game have nearly identical game play. Sure, the map is big, but why does it need to be so big when your options are mostly limited to driving and shooting?
People say you can do ''anything you want'', but that isn't true in a way. You can do anything the game permits you to do. You're always limited to what the game has, and I get bored pretty easily after driving through the same giant map for the second time.
I guess I'll never be able to enjoy those games. Not because of the way they portray women, and not because they're violent. I just find sandbox games plain boring.



Nintygek said:

I would love to see GTAV on WiiU. But no problem, come november WATCH_DOGS on WiiU. Already pre-orderd it 1,5 months ago.
That along with all the Nintendo WiiU exclusives will make my holiday season a blast



unrandomsam said:

People (Who have the ability to do something about it) are ok with GTA because it fits in with their agenda.

They wouldn't be ok with something like :

Virtua Terrorist (Re enactment of the great terrorist successes of the past).
Virtua Paedophile (Dating Sim).

(Regardless of whether something is tasteless or not I think it should be legal.)

Even Nintendo has different standards for Japan (Who are more reasonable about most things) than here - we didn't get Ai Cho Aniki for example.



Araknie said:

@Sony_70 The point is, that it was a satire but GTAIV and V have a totally serious tone and all the classic jokes of the series have completely vanished.

Now you can see all the sexism, violence and, now, even drug dealing/assumption of them in a bright light. It use to be a satire but now they're dead serious about it and that puts the light on all the realistic and disturbing aspects that before, because they were exaggerated and over satiric, were soaked down.

Why a game that is over-realistic, shocking, violent and sexists is a good game?
If MadWorld was unacceptable, why this is?

Confront GTAV with Vice City, you don't even what you're talking about.
I started the IV on PC but i didn't finish it, i stopped when they made a big deal about a serious thing like losing your house, and all wedding material, in a fire. Then they got a new house in, like, 1 hour, and Roman was already forgiven and he never stops being a loving problem. There i stopped.

GTA it's not what it used to be, you should play the real deals and stop deciding by reviews. Isn't suspicios that you get like 10 news a day on every site for GTAV?

When people will use their mind?
Watch the profanity, please — TBD



LztheQuack said:

Also, saying these things happen in real life does NOT justify them being in a video game. Them happening in real life also does not justify their existence in the first place.



PFunk007 said:

@URAmk2 Haha I just read my comment and it does sound pretty ridiculous. It is true though, I just felt weirdly guilty for buying it.



edhe said:

All I know is that my local GAME was literally clogged with people buying GTA 4.

Nintendo would have done well to get in on this.

Unfortunately, an HD remake of a 10 year old game, in my humble opinion, does not make up for missing a blockbuster like this. Sorry.



JebbyDeringer said:

I've played all the GTA's and I can understand where you are coming from. Vice City was the peak for me, it was a great game and it was the least serious of the bunch. The other games (especially post Vice City) are a bit too dark and gritty. GTA IV was initially fun but was a let down after a short time, I didn't even make it half-way through. I don't mind violence but I don't like it when it's completely senseless and targeted at 14 year old boys who have yet to have any life experiences. I also despise sexism in games. I don't think the developers take their game really seriously but the presentation doesn't show that. I'd like to try it but am in no rush.



SkywardLink98 said:

@dereq Nintendo is the major factor behind why it's not coming. But, instead of maybe starting a petition, or anything really, we get articles like these. Now, you've (meaning the people who argue about why they wouldn't but it even if it was on Wii U) proven it won't sell.



Goginho said:

lol so many comments

Oh well..I'm a have my two cents worth of say. I loved GTA back in the day, but surprisingly I grew out of it, which I never though would happen even if it was on the Wii U, it actually wouldn't even be at the top of my list as a must-get game tbh.




AJ_Lethal said:

Never thought I had to register to falcon kick the OP (and several people) off his moral high horse like Trevor did to that cow in GTA5 in that .gif, but well...

Yes, I understand some of you have kids and you don't want to screw em up by letting you watch/play M-rated games with your kids . Yeah, I might understand you might not find the GTA series entretaining for w/e reason. No biggies in that case.

No, you can't go all white knight on GTA (that's why the series is popular, mind you) and makes you look like FOX News with legs (which is embarassing). No you can't use "think of the children" excuse because that will imply you're a bad parent (the ratings are there for a reason). No, you can't label all who enjoy the series "childish and immature" because that's a strawman argument. No, you can't say "it will make people go on mass shootings" or anything, because it isn't.

Also, do you know about the concept of "anti-hero" (present from San Andreas onwards)? I mean, I didn't enjoy much playing as Claude or Tommy in missions (mainly because they are the "least" bad guys), but I could sympathize with CJ or Niko (which showed to be half-decent human beings, the latter being gradually broke as the story ran on). Oh and did you know that any of the endings of IV are mostly depressing (ain't spoiling that)?

IMO a mature story is not about blood sex, drugs or violence. No, a mature story makes you sit back and think (GTAIV, for example, is a deconstruction of the American Dream). Neither sex, blood or violence (the latter one up to an extent) is an indicator of the story tone (Mother 3, for example).

Damn it, guys. get it together. You're embarassing me not just as Nintendo fan, but as a gamer as well.



Razalom said:

Well disliked GTA4 big time but I am enjoying 5 and I wish it had come to the WiiU. I am 47 with 5 kids and love the Wii U as well.



AllCreation said:

I had the last one and so I Am going to skip this one. Not because of the violence. That's not really an issue for me. It Never was but misogyny and misogynistic themes make me a little uncomfortable. These games DO NOT highlight those issues satirically but to a larger degree seem to promote them. The fact of the matter is that their portrayal is all too real. Satire requires there be humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule but a scenario where you can pull into an alley a pay a hooker for a quickie has none of those. This is an act that you can perform as leisurely as playing a mini game or fishing in a "Normal" title. It isn't a plot device or gaming mechanic; Its just something sexist that you can do to kill time or show off to your friends that aren't familiar with the series. Its also one of the more popular abilities in the games and a selling point for some, so I'm sure that at the very least GTA V hasn't omitted this "activity."



JaxonH said:

GTA5 isn't my type of game either. To me, GTA is a game for teenagers. I don't find it entertaining beyond the first hour or so, and I too find the content rather disturbing. It doesn't sit right with my Christian conscience, so it's even harder to enjoy while I'm constantly feeling uncomfortable playing it. Which is why I don't play it, and which is why I couldn't care less if it came to Wii U.

Sure it would have garnered attention in the short term, but if parents saw this game on the Wii U, they might question whether Sony/MS consoles really do have more violent games (which is the accepted wisdom, true or not). They might think, "Well, looks like the disturbing, violent games are even on Nintendo consoles now, might as well just get a Playstation for little Jimmy"



Sleepingmudkip said:

Im waiting for it to come to PC so i can buy it with my mom not bad its just she very tight on what i can and can not buy.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@Ben_Rage_V2 You may enjoy Sleeping Dogs then. You play an undercover cop trying to infiltrate the Triad while doing immoral things to convince them you're on their side. Each mission has Police Points you can earn (even during a Triad mission) depending on the number of innocents you injure/kill and property damage you've caused.

Personally, I enjoy the Saints Row series more than GTA. It's just so much more over the top. Also, being able to create my own character is definitely a plus.



warlordovblood said:

The hate for those of us that really don't like These kind of games is ridiculous. I honestly have grown out if these games and don't find them entertaining anymore. now i personally find the content in these games uninteresting and disrespectful to my wife. (if you don't it's all cool, calm down lol) I enjoyed the article and am glad to hear there are others that feel the same way.



AlexSora89 said:

I knew you'd come here, as I said in a comment above yours; however, I could never predict I'd agree with you, this time around.
@Damo here meant "it's cool, everyone, we have good games ourselves despite the lack of GTAV" - but that doesn't automatically mean GTAV is a bad game all of a sudden. It's sad that another third party game gives Nintendo home consoles the middle finger, but that's it.



DarkKirby said:

I have long shed my skins as a "Nintendo fan". I don't side with a company, I side with decisions made and products sold. I love Pokemon, I love Zelda, I don't necessarily side with all decisions made by Nintendo in regards to those franchises.

Everyone is welcome to their opinion, not everything needs to be, or is supposed to be, enjoyable for everyone, but I think the concept that a game where the goal is to be a successful criminal is "disturbing" is fairly, no, incredibly silly. It's on the lines of people who think violent video games is a major factor to making people violent in real life. The game is a work of fiction, nobody is being hurt when people die and sell their bodies for money in this fictional world.

That said, while I appreciate the technical wonder that is the open world's games design, and exploring and chasing chaos is fun for a time, I've always found Grand Theft Auto stories to be boring. After the novelty of the huge world has waned, the cover and shoot combat system is actually pretty linear and simple. It's the same throughout the entire game, and it never changes.

While it is often the goal of GTA to try to remain fairly realistic despite the video game elements, I prefer games with less realism and more fantasy, as long as willing suspension of disbelief is not broken.



nWoElite said:

You completely missed the boat with GTA:Vice City and San Andreas.

In VC the soundtrack, if nothing else, was what you played the game for. I spent hours just driving around and listening to the music, which came from a lot of 80's popular artists. The storyline was pretty good as well.
San andreas was another favorite BECAUSE of the subject matter. An AA lead (finally)? The L.A. Riots? Crooked Cops? A Hip-Hop soundtrack feaaturing Eazy-E? SOLD!

I'm a little dissappointed that Big N didn't get in on GTA this time. Opening night sales went through the roof I'm sure.

I'm a N fan for life, but if they plan on maintaining a strong foothold in the home console battle, game like these they CAN'T turn away. It's time for N to grow with a majority of its market.



Snkfiend said:

@Ernest_The_Crab Your whole comment about Sleeping Dogs is a contradiction you do not get "Each mission has Police Points you can earn (even during a Triad mission) depending on the number of innocents you injure/kill and property damage you've caused is BS" You get Police Points for doing undercover POLICE MISSIONS and arresting criminals selling drugs and and Triad Points for doing undercover TRIAD MISSIONS doing jobs for the Sun On Yee even if you killed innocents the police would be on your ass in a heartbeat so you never played the game before have you?



Captain_Gonru said:

@MagicEmperor Lol. Thank you. It took 385 posts, but I got to yours, and cracked up.
As to the topic at hand; first, everyone breathe. You've all said some things you probably would like to take back, but you can't. This is the Internet, and the Internet is forever. Sorry.
Second, let's all agree that not every game is for everyone. This not only applies to age, but to taste. I'm not into FPSs, whether they're Call of Duty or Pokemon Snap. I prefer a third person perspective, but that's me.
Third, and probably most importantly, is this factoid. We cannot look at the inevitable massive sales numbers and conclude that gamers support sexism and violence. But, we can't ignore what sells, either. Though, Mario still usually sits at or near the top of most sales charts, too. So that's something, too.
In conclusion, relax. We aren't all the same. Tha's why they make chocolate AND vanilla.



tanookisuit said:

I could care less about the criminality of it as it's a release of sorts. I like you did a little time on GTA1 or 2, but not much to get into it deep as it was thin on its own and boring over time. GTA3 had me roped and I played it to hell, Vice City too thanks to the Miami Vice motif, but I got soured on it after. SA was just ghetto trash and some overkill aspects into fitness, food and other unnecessary stupidity. GTA4 ended my cares not only in it, but sandbox on the whole. It just wanted to be too big forcing a GTA meets the Sims, meets annoying whiny cell phone tag garbage along with an hours long trainer stealing my gear and harassing me to death. Icing being I could get hit the face by a pedestrian in front of a cop, it was ok, I swung back, they'd gun me down which just finished it right then and there. I cant' stand sandbox games anymore of that variety, they're played out, overblown and entirely unoriginal adding more baggage by the release.



AllCreation said:

@DarkKirby so lets say as DLC they put in a racist mission ... Would you welcome that scenario?? If misogynistic and sexist themes that degrade women are acceptable then racist themes should be welcome as well right? women aren't any more or less important than minorities are they?
Leave the graphic examples at home please — TBD



The_Fox said:

Racial slurs, pointless insults and general nastiness. What a delightful group of users that has invaded the comments section.

Anyway, play the games you like and avoid the others. Articles like this serve little purpose other than intentionally riling people up on both sides.



AllCreation said:

@DarkKirby I'm not picking on you... That was for anyone who thinks that promoting misogyny to Any degree is acceptable. Being in a video game does not negate the real world connotations of the characters actions and behaviors. The backlash of angry people in general would NOT view taking offense to the themes in the aforementioned scenario as "Incredibly Silly" just as we as Women, Fathers, Brothers, Lovers, or Loved Ones should not have scruples taking offense to the games current themes.



accc said:

I always seem to get caught up in the hype whenever a new GTA game is coming out, but I never end up playing them for very long. The gameplay is just too boring. The driving and shooting elements don't control particularly well and make the missions play very poorly, the open ended design just makes the game feel dull, and the games have poor framerates (even on a PC with monster specs, at least for GTA4),



Cranky said:

A very good read. I have as many responsibilities as the next man but I have never questioned my ethics or morals while playing a computer game. I guess I should consider myself lucky. GTA's violence has always been a step too far for some people, on the other side there are those that will refuse to even experience some Nintendo titles because they consider them too childish.



warvad said:

I find it funny that a website has the audacity to berate GTA for being "misogynistic" and "sexist" when there are 20 articles on the main page - and not one authored by a female.



MeWario said:

I really want GTA on Wii-U At least Wind Waker HD is a great consolation prize



PuzzleMaster7 said:

@Damo You clearly failed to mention why GTA V wasn't arriving on Nintendo consoles. It's obviously becuse Nintendo already has its own version.




SetupDisk said:

I could could go buy GTA V for my PS3 right now but I have no desire despite it's popularity. I am a huge Nintendo fan but I don't like Pokemon despite everyone I know with a DS or 3DS playing the games.

RDR is one of my all time favorite games. I just don't like GTA. Lots of people do though, they must be doing something right, it just doesn't work for me.

The "Hate it cause it's not on Nintendo" argument just doesn't make sense. I agree 100%.

As for another poster mocking the site because it's praising a 10 year old remake of Zelda, good for you, that is a popular game that you don't like that a lot of people do. Sounds kinda familiar.



gregrout said:

I'm not buying the morality of it all. Almost all video games contain violence. Link slaying an enemy with a sword doesn't exclude it as being violent. Nintendo isn't immune to projecting females as hapless damsels in need of rescuing or hollow fashion titles where Barbies "need" designers or makeup artists. You can try to mask the neglect the Wii-U is getting when it comes to adult content, but it doesn't alter the fact that a remake of a previous game Zelda game with upgraded graphics is a nostalgic pre-teen / teenage title for most adults. Nintendo has earned itself a reputation as a kiddie platform and no amount of sour grapes is going to change that.



LztheQuack said:

@gregrout I hardly consider slashing a monster with a sword to be on the same level as shooting or ramming your car into a police officer.



Ralizah said:

Won't be picking this up until it is ported to the PC. My 360 barely had any hard drive space left as it is.



sleepinglion said:

Nice article, and I'm in. I have no problems with the franchise or the folks who love to play it, it's just not for me. Like the reviewer I got to an age where celebrating the life of criminals just didn't appeal to me. I don't find it glamorous or fun no matter how pretty the titles look. I like it in my movies, I just don't seek it out much in gaming. Not sure why folks have to get so angry about this... really, this is a load of comments... some franchises just aren't for all and some of us stand back in confusion as the world seems to go nuts for the next GTA, iPhone, etc. We all have tastes, it's totally okay.



superturtleman said:

I agree with you 100%. I personally have no desire to participate in any kind of violent crime even in a virtual world. Also, media like GTA appears to make women nothing more than objects to be used however one pleases.



Usagi-san said:

GTA isn't for me either, It just doesn't interest me. I don't think I've played any of the recent games, although I do recall a top down GTA game years ago that I played very passingly. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

Wind waker is awesome though and that's an objective fact



DarkKirby said:


I don't know why you think I thought you were picking on me. I didn't flag your picture, nor did I see what it was, the mods here are apparently pretty active.

I am 100% free speech and anti censorship, so obviously I disagree with controlling content in media to remain politically correct. I believe in equal rights for everyone (mind you, that's not the same as forced equality), so no, I am not for racism or sexism. However, I have nothing against these subjects being used in media, favorable or negatively. No matter how much I disagree with something, I would never ask for it to be censored. Everyone has the right to free expression.

You seem to have not played any GTA games, as racism and sexism are already a heavy part of it, as well as the stereotypes associated with those subjects. It's not "what if a DLC were added", it's already in there.



Subie98 said:

Im 30 and married, if I had kids or not id still want gta5. I am a proud gun owner and have a ccw and my wife carries as well. However we are not violent people, we're good, nice people. I love my Nintendo games and Sony systems. I appreciate a wide range of games. It was a bummer to know it wasn't coming to Nintendo. Ill have to pick it up on PlayStation like I have all the rest. I personally think this "im married and have kids" argument is weak. Its just based off personal tastes. I do agree parents shouldn't be letting their young children be playing fps and and super violent games like gta.



Onett said:

@Damo My sentiments exactly. GTA V is blatantly stale filth. My primary concern is the effect it will have on the younger demographic after they've been subjected to it.



moomoo said:

I don't quite get the author on this one. It's fine to not be into GTA V. But where did the Wind Waker thing come from? If you wanted to replay Wind Waker, you could just do it on the Gamecube. I don't see why it needed to be brought up.



Emaan said:

~scrolls through entire comment section~


nothing like a great soapbox to bring the community together <3



astarisborn94 said:

It's fine that Grand Theft Auto isn't for you. I'm not too interested in the franchise either. I can also understand that you have kids and how this impacts your view on the franchise.

But remember that Grand Theft Auto is just a game. Players have the choice to enjoy it and if they like it, good for them. If you don't like it, just don't let your kids play it or at least make them wait until they're seventeen. The game is marketed towards adults anyway, so it shouldn't be an issue that such a game is made as long as the people buying it are aware that simulating what's in the game is dangerous.

Also, saying that a remake is more worthy of a gamer's attention than a new game is just bad journalism. Grand Theft Auto V was a huge missed opportunity for the Wii U no matter how you look at it. Had the game actually came out for the platform and sold extremely well, it would have proven that third-parties can do well on the Wii U and it would significantly reduce the number of games that miss out on the Wii U. The console will be continued to be seen as a joke by a large portion of the gaming community and I don't think this holiday lineup is going to save the console from overall mediocrity. A LoZ remake only reinforce the stereotype that the Wii U is only for first-party Nintendo games along with you saying that it's not "suited" on Nintendo consoles.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@Snkfiend I'm guessing you never realized it then. YOU DO get Police XP (aka points) from doing missions for the Triad...straight from the wiki:

Wei will have to take on police cases and must avoid both property damage and civilian casualties during missions. On missions, the player starts with their potential Police XP reward completely filled. If they commit crimes, such as theft, damaging property or killing civilians, they will receive less Police XP at the end of the mission.

Here's the link too:

Please do your research before accusing someone and being rude as well. I could understand though if you've done poorly at avoiding civilian casualties and damages, and wound up with 0 Police XP at the end of a mission, that's a perfectly fine means of playing the game as well. That still does not excuse your poor attitude.



moomoo said:

@Onett ...but it's not new. There's a good chance that most of the people on this site have already played it all the way through.
I mean, there's other games that could have been mentioned instead of Wind Waker. Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Rayman Legends; it just seems weird to mention a game that came out 10 years ago of all games is all.



Sam_Loser2 said:

At 21 I've played a bit of GTA and even enjoyed it a fair amount, especially the DS iteration. However I definitely agree with your inhibitions of the games. The limited power of the DS didn't give as many opportunities for truly egregious acts, which may be part of the reason I enjoyed that entry the most, but I still felt like I had to turn my moral compass off at several points in the game.



DarkLloyd said:

im starting to think articles like this shouldnt be allowed if its attempting to make others feel bad about liking game like gta i mean god forbid they do right?



gregrout said:

@ScroogeMcLz As I stated before you're comparing two forms of violence here, the kind you see in kid's games and adult content. It's no different than the movie industry. If you tell me GTA is inappropriate for a younger audience, we'd both be in agreement. If you told me it upsets some people's values, I'd agree with you. Telling people not to fret over GTA5 because we have a remake of a Zelda game is ridiculous. I can understand Nintendo's grave concern especially considering the PS3 and Xbox360 are outselling the Wii-U. Surely, GTA5 is going to exacerbate their dilemma. But drawing some sort of moral higher ground on two violent titles designed for very different audiences is over the top. I could take your example of Link swinging a sword killing monsters, and play that same scenario out in Sesame Street. "Hey it's just Bert stabbing Elmo with a sword!" probably won't fly too well with parents. It's all about the intended audience.



andrea987 said:

"...taps into your sense of adventure and desire to explore, rather than pandering to your darker side and expecting you to perform heinous acts in the name of entertainment." I cried. Of joy. Damien, you're now my #1 VG journalist. Bravo.



AllCreation said:

@DarkKirby What? The protagonist in majority of the GTA games are minorities what racist themes are you talking about? And I actually posted that second comment before the moderators edited my initial post.. but since they did I'll give you a less graphic abridged version which basically asked if you would welcome DLC that Highlights a Protagonist who is Supremacist and has missions that involve committing violent acts against Black People... And then I went on to ask if you think women are any more or less important than Black People? (I used the term Black People rather than Minorities because I'm Black.. I don't know why the moderators would find That term offensive)



Zodiak13 said:

Wow always thought i was in like a 1% minority on this subject. Hate GTA and everything it stands for. Then again almost everything that is cool in pop culture is absolute rubbish to me. Hate facebook, smart phones, reality tv and mma. Boy I'm a man out of his era. Wish I was older in the 80's, I would have fit in better then .

P.S. Yes I know I sound meiserly.



MAB said:

The perfect troll article for the 'other' gamers... I agree, GTA lost the good factor after 3 & Vice City.

Watch the insults please — TBD



speedyboris said:

I've never quite gotten into the 3D GTA games. It was fun eluding the police for as long as possible, and I did like how the games felt like a big world, but I was never good at the missions so I never got very far in the games.

The best part of the games are the fake radio stations, especially VCPR. There was some hilarious stuff in there.



odd69 said:

Wow this debate is the greatest i have seen in a while. I agree with so many points.But i think im still going to give it a whirl.It is just a game after all. Maybe Im just numb perhaps to voilence, i see it everyday in my real life and its in my video games, Television and even into my music. Not to much sugar coating in my life.

I agree completely.



scrubbyscum999 said:

Never was into being a criminal so I don't really get GTA. I don't even like mafia movies and stuff to be honest. I don't want to be reminded of real world villains when I play a game. I like creepy stuff though like Castlevania and Darkstalkers, that kind of thing always fascinated me.



Royalblues said:

The game is a huge hit. Biggest anticipated release since who knows what other game. Yet you say you don't care about it for bull crap reasons, while it is plainly obvious that you, being a devout nintendo fanboy, can't stand anything at all being released on other consoles. Get over yourself.
You are a 30 something man. You know, or at least should know that the game isn't for kids. The game is a social commentary on the cultures in America.
Also, being a man, you should have such things called common sense, and discretion. Why would you even think of playing this game in the presence of your kids.
This whole blog is bull crap. Here guys, go play a ten year old zelda game (who's overworld sucks, I might add) instead of this awesome game because this awesome game isn't on a nintendo console.
Blah blah blah.



jayclayx said:

@Royalblues Amen to that pal, this is exaclty what I mean when I say that haters on this game must be fanboyism just because is not made by Nintendo and the fact the wii U DO need this kind of games for a healthy and diverse game lineup, again if you think playing gta goes against your moral then yeah you should keep playing pokemon in your lifetime, I mean c-mon its just a game, killing turtles in a mario doesnt make a turtle killer in the real life.



iKhan said:

I've never read an article I agree with so much. I just can't bring myself to play games in which you kill lots of people. I much prefer my games to treat death with a lot of care and sensitivity, ergo my love for JRPGs, which usually take death as a theme. GTA is the epitome of this violence, where you not only kill people, but you also gain enjoyment from raping and torturing others as well. I respect that other people like it, but it really does bother me that so many people eat up something that I find so morally objectionable.



iKhan said:

@Royalblues He never said the game is bad. He said it's not for him. He just has different moral standards than a lot of people do, and the idea of committing horrible crimes in a game for fun doesn't sound right to him. He's not saying the game is bad or going into denial, he just has different tastes.

And have you ever considered that he shares his tastes with a lot of Nintendo fans? A lot of Nintendo fans love Nintendo because of its family friendly titles, so they naturally wouldn't be a fan of GTA. It's not that they are in denial telling themselves that they wouldn't want it even if it was on Wii U, it's that they genuinely don't like that type of game.

And I agree with that. I scoffed at the PS4 and XBOX One lineups. Not a single JPRG. Knack, Zoo Tycoon, and maybe Killer Instinct (because I have a soft spot for Fighting games) are the only games that really appealed to me. And it's not just Nintendo this stuff applies to, right now I'm looking into a PS3 in order to play Ni No Kuni, but I was very upset to see that the PS3 wasn't bundled with any game I was interested in.



PuzzleMaster7 said:

Sometimes, I wonder how frustrating it must be to be an editor with a differing opinion on a particular subject, especially on a site that is dedicated to one main priority.
Just remember this folks: "One man's trash is another man's treasure."



GN004Nadleeh said:

its so easy to convince yourself something is bad when you can't have it. gta v was downloaded to my ps3 last night and it is a very good game and wind waker hd will never be that good. and before you fanboys say i should't be here know this, i own a wii u, now you might think you will play it all day every day but what really happens is you get it home wait 2 hours for it to update then beat mario in 2 days and it collects dust while the other systems get the games.



MAB said:

Watch Dogs will be much better because it doesn't require me to have a weird fascination towards homo erotic torture porn



OptometristLime said:

A lot of users spending a lot of time, just to expose themselves; it's embarassing.

Putting aside the cynical claims of 'inciting the fan base', the author (and some commenters) have articulated just how relevant this piece actually is. And I would argue that the interest it has generated, in the form of comments, equates to pure validation.
@Damo has put his hand on the pulse of Nintendo gaming, and charted where it often times can diverge from the (gaming) mainstream.



Tasuki said:

I can't help but feel this article was just a shameless plug for Windwaker HD. Am I the only one that thinks that?



Senario said:

@Royalblues The amount of rage here...I'm pretty sure more under 18 people play GTA than over 18. That said, is it so hard to believe somebody has a different opinion than you and doesn't particularly care for the game? I tell YOU to get over yourself. Just because a game sells well doesn't mean that everybody will like it. I enjoy the Wonderful 101 but I know it probably won't sell all that well because the west is obsessed with dark/bland color pallets and hates any game that strays from the norm.

Also, Wind Waker was a clear 10/10 back in it's day. What game were you playing? And before you accuse me of fanboyism. I have played a previous game in the GTA series and it has failed to keep my attention for more than ten minutes. I honestly think that people who like GTA and are so mad (dare I say, butthurt?) over a different opinion is very much an example of Plato's Allegory of the Cave. If you say something that is not the general consensus even though it may be completely justified people will ostracize you and just straight up want you dead or close to it because you expressed an unpopular opinion. He doesn't care for GTA, and he is totally justified in expressing that opinion. You guys however are not justified in hating him and anything else with regards to what he likes, it is different in the fact that you are being reactionary to his comments due to your anger and he is just stating a plain OPINION. Which is clearly shared by at least a few other people.

Edit: I wonder how much the staff of Nintendo life are reading the comments. Some people here straight up don't seem like they should be on a Nintendo themed site, it is becoming like IGN. I've never seen the community this bad and it seriously makes me consider if I want to keep looking at Nintendo related news here since it just fills up with anti Nintendo haters.



Peach64 said:

@senario It's ironic people are accusing commenters of not respecting other's opinions, when that's exactly what this article is doing. People aren't annoyed that he doesn't like the game, it's the attitude that there's no place for this in gaming. As I said in my comment before, you'd never see such a ridiculous attitude in literature or film media. This game isn't even on any Nintendo systems, so why is the article even here? It was written to get EXACTLY this kind of response, so the staff, particularly whoever gets the benefit of the advertising money is probably loving the reaction.



Damo said:

@astarisborn94 "Also, saying that a remake is more worthy of a gamer's attention than a new game is just bad journalism."

Kinda like saying Citizen Kane is better than Grown Ups 2?



Senario said:

@Peach64 Re-read it, nowhere in it does he outright disrespect the people who like the game. The closest thing that he said to that nature is that "As Nintendo fans, some of you may be joining me in my Grand Theft Auto V boycott this week — but not necessary through choice" NOT NECESSARY.

Other than that all he states are HIS OPINIONS and HIS EXPERIENCES with the game. I don't think people should be annoyed at him for that reason as he provides personal reasons why he doesn't like the game and is not trying to convince others that "You should not buy this game". He doesn't like the game? Great? Preference is a thing and he isn't replying to anybody specific with this article so it really is just his opinion. It is not him taking an article/opinion, replying to it and saying it is trash to disregard another's opinion. This is exactly what a lot of the commenters here are doing. He is stating his own thoughts and experiences with a few quotes from some game reviews which were overall positive but had clear and reasonable gripes about the story and content.

And even if the article was written for clicks and ad revenue why do people not just STOP REPLYING HERE.



Damo said:

@Peach64 As has already been mentioned (several times, in fact) movies and videos games are completely different. With films, you're observing the actions of the characters - you're not implicitly involved and are not held responsible for the acts they commit. People watch movies about crime and murder because usually, the person performing those acts gets what is coming to them at the end.

With games, you're not the casual observer - in a game such as GTA V, you're the one pulling the guy's teeth out, running over the police officer, shooting the bystander, etc...

Two totally different mediums.



onlyaman said:

I couldn't agree more. I would love to play a game with the scope and ambition of GTAV, but not when the goal is to murder, cheat, torture, and steal. Hell, I don't even play the Assassins Creed games or the new Tomb Raider. Exploring big environments sounds really appealing to me.... stabbing people in the throat- not so much.

Well said, Damien. Well said.



Tasuki said:

@Damo: I understand where you are coming from and your its nice that you stated why GTA games are not for you rather then just saying I don't like them cause they are GTA, but I don't quite understand the reasoning for pulling in Windwaker HD.



banacheck said:

You see the problem with the article is if the author finds the content in GTA uncomfortable, surely other games just released would of gave that same uncomfortable feeling. but yet the author didn't have the need to write an article on the other released game despite at the time the game being banned in Australia. I also find it odd how one author finds GTA fine for a Nintendo platform while pointing out its adult content, and also knowing adults play games. while the other author acts likes adults don't play games, which for some odd reason asks for a boycott for a game thats not on a Nintendo platform, maybe he should ask for a boycott on Chinatown Wars here on out seeing it deals with the same adult themes, and is also a GTA game, which is on a Nintendo platform.

At the end of the day, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars truly is one the best titles to ever grace the Nintendo DS. Despite the fact that it took on an old-style graphical approach and introduced alien concepts, the transition of the series to Nintendo’s handheld has been a smooth one – the end result being a fantastic adult game that is not worth missing. Trust us, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars will be the biggest third-party title to grace the Nintendo DS this year. 9/10

Read the comments from the same Nintendo fanbase which go on to contradict themselves after reading the same comments here, thay are a joke.

I just find it odd a banned game didn't get the same treatment, surely a banned game contains more explicit content than the game which hasn't be banned in a country, maybe thats because GTA is more of a high profile game which i'll add again didn't get banned. Or is it in reality to gain controversy to gain website hits knowing how popular the game is, myself i think so.



seronja said:

well everibody has their own opinion... I'M LOVING GTA5!! best game of this gen and best game of the decade for me!



marck13 said:

Who thinks this might happen as well when the new Zelda U title comes out:

Again, I would buy the game if it ever comes out for the Wii U.
Sad is, that there really are people who get troubled in staying in line with real society life. A game like GTA is these days might do not much good to those people. Still, I´d be the last person who speaks up for censorship in any kind. The responsibility is up to us, parents, brothers, sisters, etc. not on more and more laws.

blabla.. this could go on an on ;D



banacheck said:

Oh and i cannot wait to see the review or comments on Bayonetta2 which is a Wii U exclusive i might add, with plenty of ways to torture & murder your victims, very family friendly i might add. I would like to see if this gets the same boycott treatment from the author.



Williaint said:

I've played every GTA, never owned it. Okay, I haven't played 5 (yet). Every time I've played, It's just been " Hey look at the cars I can steal! Haha, I just ran that guy over!" I'm intrigued with this great landscape, GTA V is offering.
Now, I don't have a problem with the game, I have a problem with people who "preach-to-the-choir", kids who play because others play. I think the worst, however, is the simple reviews from general media (also trying to hang off the coattails of GTA V's popularity): claiming that "Because it's so expensive, it's better" and "Because it's so popular, it's better" Or "I've heard there is over 70 hours, on the main story!".
This title would be good for Wii U. From all the videos I've watched, it looks like it was made for the G-Pad (It might even take less time to finish ).
Unless you want to make the game more popular to the general public ("casual crowd"), I don't think boycotting is a good idea.

If anything is going for controversy, it would be series itself.

Also, to all these Windwaker HD Nay-sayers: there are more than just "HD". If you haven't played it, it was lost (stolen) or sold... That's off topic, though...



Aerona said:

"Who needs GTA5 when you can play an enhanced port of a ten year old game!?"



tripunktoj said:

I've tried this games (including the new) I agree with everything Damien wrote. I understand he also states clearly that's only his view, so whats the problem?



Damo said:

@Tasuki Because Wind Waker is the next big Wii U exclusive to launch after the release of GTA V on other consoles.



CaPPa said:

GTA V really pushes the boundries of bad taste, at the start the N word was used about 10 times in about 2 minutes and apparently some of the missions get very depraved (haven't got that far yet). That doesn't bother me too much (although I think it is generally an easy way to secure a teenage/twenties following without needing much substance) but I've never really been engrossed by the recent GTA offerings. For me they fall short on characters and story; I found other sandbox games like The Godfather and Scarface much more entertaining because of that even if they weren't as large or technically impressive.

Now GTA V is a very pretty game with a huge city and a virtual wealth of activities to do outside of the main story (golf, skydiving, theme park rides, cars, planes etc). The sheer scope and scale of it all is enough reason to play it.

But despite all the hoopla and hubbub surrounding GTA V, I'm actually having more fun with The Wonderful 101.



shokwave2 said:

@K1LLEGAL I totally agree. I'm a huge Nintendo fan, but also own a PS3 and Xbox360 for those games that aren't available on Nintendo systems. Games are now considered art. Just because a games violent or contains drug references doesn't mean it's bad. What about all the films and magazines that show sex, drugs and violence? Zelda is a violent game, the only difference is one is set in a fantasy world with unrealistic graphics and the other (GTA) is rendered with realistic visuals. If you can't tell the difference between real life and a video game, you shouldn't be playing games, yet alone reviewing them or writing whingey articles.

I think this is more of a jealousy thing, as no one has cried about the DS game Chinatown Wars, which contains the usual GTA traits. I'm a father of 3 kids, and the 2 eldest (10 & 8, both girls) play GTA games regulary for fun. They both know about swear words and violence, and that games are not real and anything done or said in the game are not to be tried or repeated in the real world. And before anyone cries "bad parenting", both are top of their class and the eldest top of her school. And both are pretty good gamers for their age.

Get over the fanboy whinging and enjoy all games on all systems.



elstif said:

Funny thing, last night at exacly 22:00 there was a GTAV ad on TV, I guess they are not allowed to be earlier than that becuase of the PEGI 18
Anybody wondered how many underage will be playing this?

A lot of people say how nice is the game beacuse of the freedom and the realistic graphics. But there only freedom to break the law.

I understand the appeal of going virtual to do some of the things you´ll never do in real life like, "hey I´ll steal that car and drive over the owner afterwards", or lets shoot that peasant on the head, why not? I didnt like his/her face. OK 5 minutes fun is over and now what?
It bugs me that so many people (specially underage) will spend hours and hours playing this type of game.
"After work I like to go home and use my free time to play dealing drugs and killing people"

GTAV = Crime simulator



nik1470 said:

GTA's important role in gamings history has been to push the boundaries of game design and taste and it does both exceptionally well. This is both its strength and weakness and while its as well written as any top US TV show I buy GTA just to mess around in an open world environment.

Another thing it does really well is poke fun at pop culture and stereotypes in a very tongue and cheek way. I think this is the reason for the weak female characters. Its a double edged sword because one day we will be moaning that games are to dumbed down to appeal to the masses.

The "fun" part of GTA is using the tools the give you as a gamer creatively. I will finish the story but thats not where the golden moments will be for me.

I'm a family man in my thirty's and will happily be enjoying both GTA and Wind Waker over the coming months.



Nico_D said:

Besides the violence, the most off-putting thing about Rockstar games is the occasionally piss-poor storytelling. I actually drove 30 km to the nearest town to get my hands on a cheap copy of GTA IV. I was wowed for a day, then poored the next 20 or whatever it took me finish the game. And I finished solely on a principle.

Violence is a poor and a bit too easy solution to a plot. How about blackmail? A con? But yeah, those should really be thought out and planned carefully - but a torture scene can be written in few minutes. And it's ballsy! (No, it's not.)

GTA IV went on and on, the plot vaporized just like Red Dead Redemption's trip to Mexico and after that, the multilple endings. Or just like L.A. Noire's (yes, they only produced it) amateurish decision to change protagonist on the last leg of the game. From which writing guide that idea came from?

A bigger map and more violent approach doesn't make game interesting to me. I know I would be again wowed by GTA V's map and would gladly drive around for a while but then the boredom would come just like in Far Cry 3 and Assassin's Creed 3. And many other open-world game.

An excellent article, it's nice to hear something else than the praise Rockstar is getting. This restores some of the credibility of the console review sites, so thank you for that.



Kit said:

Yawn! How lame!!! GTA has been my most favourite game franchise since the glory days of GTA III... Vice City was awesome, San Andreas was epic. GTA IV the was the mutts nutz!!! I've played them all through twice and would do it all again.. why? Because they're so good and no more violent many other games I could mention. GTA was THE reason we upgraded our PeeCees - the only thing I don't like about GTA V is that it's not out on the PeeCee yet. Until then go crawl under yer shell m8.



Guybrush_Threepwood said:

@Damo: How should a triple A best selling game like GTA V not being well-suited to a Nintendo console? Why has every game to be family friendly? I love most Mario and Zelda games because those are really great videogames and not because those games are family friendly. I couldn't care less. I just want to play the best games (first and third party) on my Nintendo consoles. Why should I care if a videogame is violent or unsuited for children when it's a really good game that I want to play. Parents can always activate parental controls to protect their children for playing unsuited games on Wii U.



Shiryu said:

It's simple math for me: Had they put the game on Wii U, id buy it. It's the only home console I got and it's the only home console I ever want in the foreseeable future. No Wii U and no PC version means no money from me. It's not like they needed it anyway.



Lunapplebloom said:

This must be the most comments I've ever seen for an article...

Just going to throw my own thoughts in here. I'm 22, and I've never cared for the series to be honest. No, I have not played a game in the series, and I probably never will. The reason I can safely say I will never like it is for the content it has in it. Strippers, f-bombs, and horrificly detailed violence are all turn offs for me. All it's showing off is moral depravity at it's worst, and I can never get behind something like that. Same goes for any other form of entertainment which portrays such immoral works of a character in a glorified status, such as books, and films.

I'm a Nintendo fan at heart, but that doesn't mean I don't own other systems, with my PS3 and PSP serving as complimentary systems to my Nintendo consoles and handhelds. I could go and get this game now, but I'd never feel right with it. Besides, I have many other games to take up my time.

If anyone else wants this game, that's their business. I'm not knocking anyone for wanting to get it, I just can't go for something like this myself is all.

@Jaz007 Totally with you there. I feel alot more games would be great times if most of content you mentioned was axed. I'll never figure out why it's felt to be so necessary to include such things.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Never really been crazy about GTA myself. Don't get me wrong, they're great games and I enjoy the satire of American culture, I just don't get dragged into the hype like so many others.

The only thing that bothers me about this article is I find it a bit unfair and hypacritical to only say negative things about the series while also praising one of Nintendo's own games. Many Nintendo fans on and off this site, including me mind you, will tell you not to judge a book by its cover and talk about how theres more to Nintendo's games than their bright, colorful exteriors, but for some reason the same doesn't hold true for games like GTA.

Just because you don't like something doesn't mean its boring, childish, or immature, nor are those who enjoy it. Theres room for games of all types to exsist, even on the same platform. No need to act like your above it all and bemoan people for their taste in anything, all it does is make you sound like a snob.



Grubdog said:

Who cares, play something else. The mere existence of this article is embarrassing.

I suppose we'll see an article about why Mario isn't for me on the Sony site now. Right? If you truly cared about other games, you wouldn't be talking about GTAV.



Boxmonkey said:

It's missing out on games like this and the last of us! That make me hate being a nintendo owner. Next gen I'm just going to buy nintendo when zelda is released not a minute before.



Rafie said:

Wow look at the comment section go! Damo knew this would stir up some traffic. LOL Well played....



Kirk said:

The GTA games are just far too negative for me.

I worked on both GTA IV (well I'm certainly credited as working on The Ballad of Gay Tony) and GTA V, for a time, and I don't actually like them that much.

They're just about everything that's wrong with today's society.

That wouldn't be so bad if there was some kind of hope, redemption or just anything positive in there but there really isn't.

It's just all so Machiavellian and unfortunately it's sort of reflective of a lot of the attitudes and thinking of many of the people at Rockstar North and particularly the higher up people.

Nah, I just like video games that are actually about play, fun, joy, escapism, fantasy. Like the majority of video games used to be and that even includes all the ones with guns and explosions etc because at least you were always the good guy defeating the bad guys.

GTA is a reflection of everything I don't like about modern society and I really don't like to escape into that world, play in that world and become just like those kinds of people for tens-hundred of hours.

So; not for me.

Still, it really should have been on Wii U and the lack of basically the biggest third party title in the industry, along with so many more of the big AAA third party titles, is exactly why the Wii U is failing among anyone but hardcore Nintendo fans and a few casuals still floating around video games after the Wii.

Note: I'm not saying they are badly made games because they are not.



MAB said:

COD: Ghosts will be out soon so everyone will put GTA on the shelf to get back into some good old greeny/grey FPS multiplayer action



MAB said:

@Snkfiend Exactomondo compadre... So R★ just wasted 4 years of their lives just to be upstaged by EA & Activision yet again



Quickman said:

It's interesting that GTA "marks" are using the word "embarrassing" quite a lot in the comments and saying things like "this is what gives gamers a bad name". But in actual fact, if you look at the fallout from the Gamestop GTA V review, the word "embarrassing" doesn't even start to cover what went on there...

...and of course this "reaction" to the Gamespot GTA V review came from those so called "responsible", "mature" gamers... Marvelous!!!



CoffeeWithGames said:

I have no desire to play the game, as I see it continuing down a road of immaturity rated as "Mature". I am married, with children, but I never really enjoyed the immaturity aspect in games like this.

I am currently playing through the Wii U's GTA though, that being LEGO City Undercover and am having a blast with the game. I also enjoyed the original Mercenaries when it released.

They say too much of a good thing can be a bad thing though, and I think often times with games like GTA, the developers/writers should remember that, and then some.

If too much of a good thing is a bad thing, then what is too much of a bad thing?



crazycrazydave said:

While I'm not a huge fan of the Grand Theft Auto series, I will point out that substituting Wind Waker for an open world game like GTA is not a good idea. One of the most disappointing aspects of Wind Waker for me was how little there was on most of the islands in the game. I'm pretty sure 6 of the 35 islands of the game is just a rock with a 20 Rupee treasure chest on it. If Wind Waker had lots of stuff on these islands that you could access relatively early in the game, it would be much higher in my favourite Zelda games. It sticks far too closely to the formula introduced by Ocarina of Time and it suffers as a result. I was hoping that the HD edition would add more to some of these barren islands but it doesn't seem that way according to what I've read about it so far.



iKhan said:

The problem arises in the fact that it IS a game, and that people are getting enjoyment out of simulating horrible things. Lets take an extreme hypothetical. Lets say there was a game where you played as a terrorist organization, and you had to nuke different cities and commit acts of terror. Does that sort of game sound okay to you? I doubt it.

Nearly all combat-based games involve taking enjoyment out of some sort of violence, even Nintendo games feature you killing poor animals and monsters. The place people differ is where you draw that line for something that just shouldn't be simulated for fun.



SKTTR said:

I can understand all the kids hyping up GTA. They're the same as I was back in the 90ies, wanting over-the-top games such as Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct, Doom, Duke Nukem, GTA1, and even Leisure Suit Larry.

GTA throws all of this into one (once again), is the next break-all-rules game. Its legacy and amazing graphics and music are beloved standards now - but with an even bigger open world to explore freely it's a revolution for sandbox games in the eyes of many. It's a definite systemseller!

That said GTAIV had the most horrible main character I ever played as, he totally killed the series at that point imo. And GTAV doesn't seem to be the next Vice City or San Andreas either, as I'm personally disappointed by the intro, the first hours, the lack of that lighthearted sunshine gangster atmosphere VC and SA were famous for. It takes itself too serious. (it's possible I haven't played enough.)

Still I'm interested in the game for one reason: Flying Lotus' radio station FlyLo FM. Love that guy. I would buy a WiiU version just for that, but a GTAV port looks hopeless atm. Guess my bro has to record FlyLo FM for me.... Good, enough sadness. I have enough other games to play.



Ferret said:

Great Soap box.

The game is rated R18+ here in Australia which means it's restricted. Irresponsible parents can actually be charged for giving and letting their kids play this game. The sad thing is that kids will be exposed to this sadistic game. It's not satire. Their game is exactly the sort of thing that they are satirising.



Rafie said:

@MadAussieBloke This time around, I doubt if COD: Ghosts makes as much as GTAV. There is literally so much to do in this game. I mean you can even go to marriage counseling, kayaking, horse back riding, etc. That's not even 5% of what you can do. It's a reason why this is already being proclaimed as Game Of The Year on any platform. Sorry, but this was certainly no waste.

@SKTTR Flying Lotus is the ISH!!! LOL I love that guy. His beats are just ridiculous. I remember when Adult Swim use to play the mess out of his music before a show. Him and J Dilla!



BossBattles said:

The majority of females do not get into gaming and they also have an active disdain for them. The industry doesnt need to pander to them.
Does Oprah's network pander to men because they feel "left out"?


Not everything needs to be totally balanced between the genders at all times.
I can enjoy animal crossing and GTAV in the same day, because i love gaming and I'm not afraid of digital violence.



HeatBombastic said:

@Einherjar Kingdom Hearts is mainstream, it's just not as big as GTA.

My situation is much "worse" than you. I dislike Kingdom Hearts and I never played GTA. Whoop-de-doo.



BossBattles said:

GTA is satire....ever seen a great film with violence in it?

Ever vote for a president that has a kill list and starts illegal wars?

Support the cops in their agenda to put non-violent criminals in violent jails?

Lets not be TOTAL hypocrites if we can help it.



HeatBombastic said:

@iKhan IKhan, you're getting this all wrong. You not only shouldn't draw the line for others when it comes to fictional media, you can't. It's impossible and an unworthy cause of your time.

The gaming community knows the difference between reality and fiction. Which includes game developers. As we all know, the possibilities of murder you commit inside GTA are about as realistic as the cheesy action movies you see from hollywood.

Ethnics are individual, there's nothing you can do to change that.

Oh yeah, a game about a terrorist organization using nukes? That could be an educational experience to understand what it's like to be on the other side of the story. Or someone could use it as a miserable propaganda game to show you how horrible our enemies are; just to show you what the "right" thing is.



HeatBombastic said:

@Kirk You say GTA is about everything "wrong" in today's society.

Then you say GTA is about everything you don't like in modern society.

Do you don't like it because it's wrong, or is it wrong because you don't like it?

I hope this counts as philosophy.



iKhan said:

I what I meant is each person has their own individual line beyond which they don't think playing a game is ethical any more. For myself and the author of this article, GTA is obviously beyond that line, but for a lot of people it's obviously not



Kirk said:


I don't like the game not because it reflects our modern far too Machiavellian society but because it basically forces anyone that plays it into becoming like that kind of person and only that kind of person while they are playing in that world.

The game world is a reflection of all that's bad in our modern society and the game makes being like that the whole and entire goal of the experience which just doesn't sit right with me.

You simply cannot play the likes of GTA IV and presumably now GTA V and walk away thinking anything good, positive, happy, redeeming actually took place in the time you were playing it. Certainly not in any of the parts where the designers are guiding your experience though the missions and story.

If there was at least even the choice of not being a complete and utter ... to everyone and everything around you in these games, some way of at least allowing people to bring out the good in them despite all the bad, then I wouldn't have an issue in the slightest.

In the story mode it basically glorifies and encourages complete and utter ... in every single pixel and line of code without even offering the player at least the choice of doing and being otherwise (I'm exaggerating but you get the point).

I just can't walk away from a game like that feeling good. In fact; when I stopped playing GTA IV, after a 50 hour stint I went through as part of my preparation for a job at Rockstar, I actually felt slightly depressed at what I'd just experienced and the utter grimness of it all.

That really isn't the emotional response playing a video game is supposed create in my opinion.

Watch the profanity please, even self-censoring that word is not cool — TBD



HeatBombastic said:

@Kirk Not necessarily. Ever heard the story about the teacher who bought his young 8-year old GTA? He used GTA as a driving simulator and taught him how to follow traffic lights.

And no, they didn't go around murdering random people aimlessly after driving practice.



Kirk said:


Yes but that's ONLY the case if you actually ignore the entire mission/story and multi-player elements of the game in the first place.

It's like buying a racing game only to paint decal images on the cars.

I'm not saying you can't just mess around in the sanbox. In fact that's what I tended to do when I played the games previously because I never really liked the story/mission elements, for the very reasons I mentioned above. It's actually a great sanbox. The sandbox however doesn't exist in a vacuum. The sandbox is the only bit where the developers don't/can't dictate how you play as it were and it's the only way that playing this game isn't exactly like what I'm saying. Every single bit they do dictate is nothing more than totally grim ultimately and that's what I pretty much despise.

You as a person can be good, happy and fun, and you can even play in the sanbox like that but the entire core and soul of these GTA games is nothing but the exact opposite of that and having worked on it and with the people making it I can see exactly why; because it is at it's core a reflection of those people and the way they think and indeed act (mainly the higher-up guys).

To me; these GTA games, while technical marvels and accomplished in so many ways, are everything I hate about certain trends in modern gaming.



DarkKirby said:


I repeat what I said before, I am 100% free speech and anti censorship, so I disagree with controlling content in media to remain politically correct. So if you were to ask me if I would welcome a "DLC that Highlights a Protagonist who is Supremacist and has missions that involve committing violent acts against Black People", the answer would be that I would be indifferent about it existing. If you were to ask if I would be interested in purchasing it, I would say the context of the plot of the DLC sounds boring, unless there is more to the story than just that, or unique mechanics.

When I was referring to racism and sexism in GTA, I was referring to the fact that it was there. I really don't care what race the protagonist is, or if they are racist, such subjects used correctly can make a story and game better, or worse, as any subject can, depending on how they are used. However, I would like to point out it is not as if certain races are more or less prone to racism or more forgivable for it, someone who is black who is racist, for example, is equally as wrong as someone who is white who is racist. So the race of the protagonist is pretty irrelevant when it comes to if they are racist, or if there is racism in their environment.

I said before again, I believe in equal rights, so no, I don't especially favor certain races over sexes or vice versa.

But again, I have no issue with these subjects being used in media, favorably or negatively (or neither, as the case may be), because I am for 100% for free speech and anti censorship. I know the difference between real life and fiction, and if there are people who don't, the problem is those people need to be educated on the difference, not that the media that includes subjects people disagree with exists. If you were to take all forms of fiction and treat it as promotion of things in real life because "nobody can tell the difference", then PETA's claim that Mario supports the skinning of animals because of the power up suits and Pokemon supports forcing animals to fight for sport are solid and true.

Even if the purpose of the media in question was actually to promote behavior I disagree with in real life however, I would still not want it censored, because I am for free speech and against censorship. I'll say again, the solution is not the censor what you disagree with, but to educate people on right and wrong, and why.

If you want to play a fantastic game that features racism from the protagonists, I suggest Binary Domain. Although as many stories do, they get around common controversy by having the target of their racism "non humans". The true discussion is about where the beliefs about equality start and end, prejudice is more than just about biology.

This is the Japanese cover because I think it looks cooler than the localized ones.



Sausimo said:

Couldn't read all of the comments, but obviously a good soapbox topic to pick based on the 500+ responses, Damo. I can sum up my feelings on GTA (and just about a majority of the AAA multiplatform titles nowadays) pretty succinctly.

I played them when when I was a teen, a bit in early college, but by the time wife + kids came around, it was time to grow out of them and into more family friendly affairs.

Games are meant to be played together, and I wouldn't feel comfortable with titles like GTA for the article listed reasons. Especially not when there are plenty of other equally entertaining options out there that keep things more accessible. Though I don't condemn games like GTA, strokes for different folks.



kokirii said:

Great article. I'm not quite as old (late 20's) and don't have as many kids (just had my first less than a year ago), but I have been thinking more and more about what it means to take pleasure in certain kinds of entertainment, and what kind of environment my games foster in my home.

Although my child is very young, I am a high school teacher and my students know that I have an interest in video games. Not too long ago I had an experience that really saddened me. When three freshmen (14 years old!) asked me whether I planned to get a PS4 or Xbox One, I said I wasn't sure which one I'd get, but that I was really excited about the Wind Waker: HD Wii U console that's coming out. They hadn't even heard of it, and then continued on to talk about getting GTA V. When I asked them if their parents really didn't mind them playing that, they said that pretty much all of their games are rated M and giggled about things they'd seen/done in Far Cry 3, the Saints Row series, GTA, etc. Very sad, and if we don't think this kind of mind-numbing indulgence in violent, sexual, misogynistic, etc. themes has any affect on young minds, we are kidding ourselves.



Twilight_Crow said:

I like violence, oh yes I do, but I don't like being forced to do violence. If I buy a game like... mmm Ninja Gaiden 3 for example, I know what I'm getting myself into, the kind of violence I like. But after seeing the reviews of every GTA, I know that it has violence that I don't find fun AND GTA IV and V seemed more forceful with you to perform it to advance in the game, bleh. When I first played a GTA in a friends house (not sure what version it was) I just drive around running over people, and then shooting the police, it was fun for a bit, it was what a sand box game about crime was supposed to be imo, but it was not that great, the games have nothing for me, even those crime stories are meh to me. Also, I don't like shooters and I don't like realism (no matter if it is violent or not)... Which basically means I don't like any AAA game coming out lately now that I think about it heh, but I'm watching a lets's play of Last of Us, you will never see me doing that for GTA.



AllCreation said:


Well first the easiest thing to speak on is your assertion that all races are equally racist.. you're actually wrong there. While all racist acts should be punished equally with no regard to race certain races ARE certainly more prone to racism and in any case it is the minority that is most likely to be oppressed.

Secondly .. "Even though I think content in fictional media is irrelevant to real life, even when real life issues are discussed, even if the purpose of the media was to promote behavior I disagree with, I would still not want it censored, because I am for free speech and against censorship" So Just to be clear your Philosophy then is that when it comes to Video Games or rather media in general absolutely NO theme is Inappropriate? Misogyny, Racism, Bestiality, Child Pornography and/or Molestation, School Shootings, Incest, and good ole Full Frontal... Is your opinion honest and truly mean to say that not only should those things should NOT be considered taboo but it is completely okay to Promote these behaviors because "content in fictional media is irrelevant to real life" Oh right and "because (you) are for free speech and against censorship"

Well Here is another scenario for you a like GTA has strip club .. the club has a bathroom.. in the bathroom the stall door say "for a good time call Jon Doe" but then under that YOUR phone number appears.. and... lets include your address too... and just for the heck of it lets throw in your SSN and Banking information.... But even in that case.. Its not real right? Its just bits of code, pixels and sprites "irrelevant to real life" But with more and more of your personal information being displayed to the public eventually the issue would have to warrant action on your part... Although Nintendo, Sony or MS could do it easily, Of course, no video game has ever done this but My point is simply to say that art imitates life and these games do in fact have the potential to effect the real world. The GTA Series on several occasions had such real world effects. They were sued and forced to remove racist content from San Andreas. The game was also removed from some store shelves when it was discovered that a hack exists that allowed players to fully control the protagonist during a sexual encounter. They were also again forced to remove content from their game...

you wrote "I know the difference between real life and fiction, and if there are people who don't, the problem is those people need to be educated on the difference, not that the media that includes subjects people disagree with exists." But GTA 3 was specifically stated by murders to have played a key role in their decisions to commit murder in at least 5 cases in 2003 alone. We don't have the resources to educate or convince every weak willed, impressionable, and/or homicidal (Not to mention those with medical and mental conditions like asperger's syndrome) individual the difference between right and wrong but we can do our best to avoid giving him/her a loaded gun. If censorship could have prevented even one of those five individuals from gaining access to the game or experiencing the violent themes therein resulting in even one less Murder then wouldn't you agree that the censorship was warranted? I mean when you actually have people admitting the game is the reason the committed murder the issue then is not to say that the murder or the media is at fault but to consider the victim and take steps to avoid future calamity.

you wrote "I really don't care what race the protagonist is, or if they are racist, such subjects used correctly can make a story and game better" That has been one of the key factors of my argument here from the beginning. GTA does not use the subjects correctly. Unlike Binary Domain The don't camouflage the issue or highlight it satirically... They Glorify it and boast its inclusion as a selling point.

Also I'd be remiss if i didn't say that I dressed up as a wolf for Halloween last year. My costume was to No extent made of Wolf... Mario fights mushrooms and turtles. There is nothing to suggest he hunts, kills and skins any creature to create his special suit. He literally gets these abilities from feathers, hats, acorns and flowers (or as a gift from toad now an then) not as an award for defeating an enemy.. a game like monster would have been a much better example.... An while I'm on the Topic .. While many Pokemon are based on animals, Pokemon literally stands for pocket monsters... monsters not animals... they are very careful not to refer to them as animals... and there are several Pokemon based on inanimate objects.. For example. a Balloon, a Chandelier, or even an Ice-cream Cone.



HeatBombastic said:

@kokirii The parents have decided that those freshmen do know the difference between fiction and reality, and are mature enough to play it.

I think you're mostly just complaining about those kids ignoring Wind Waker HD.



HeatBombastic said:

@Kirk This is where I call you out some more Kirk. You just called the makers of GTA corrupt since they're personality wipes off into the game.

You know what's funny? GTA makes millions of people happy, professional reviewers say it's a good game, and it's fun. But GTA forces you to not be a good, fun, and happy type of player.



HeatBombastic said:


Just watch that, and let Penn & Teller show you what. Be warned, if you hate swearing whatsoever, I don't suggest you watching this.

In the case you won't watch the video, I'll say something from it; violent video games itself don't make kids into killers. Violent video games are a regular household item for minors, while a few murderers have played GTA, so have millions of other kids.



kokirii said:


"I think you're mostly just complaining about those kids ignoring Wind Waker HD."

No, that's not the case.

My guess is that the parents don't actually know the extent of what is in a game like GTA V. If they actually know that their kids are laughing giddily about shooting innocent people, torturing someone so horribly that professional game reviewers have stated that they could barely play through it, watching strippers and screwing prostitutes in the backs of cars, and don't care because of an overstated and philosophically immature difference between doing these things in the context "art/fiction" and "reality," or the suggestion(and the fact that anyone would suggest this is laughable! I'm guessing you've never taught high school) that any fourteen year-olds are "mature" enough for it, then I guess I really am approaching this from a starkly different philosophical perspective.



AllCreation said:

@HeatBombastic Exactly how many murders is an exceptionable number to warrant action in your opinion? do we really need to see "millions of other kids." committing murder before we admit that there might be a problem. Like I said before our responsibility in that regard isn't to the "millions of other kids" that play through the game without committing murder or the "few murderers" that have played the game... its to the victims and the potential victims of those murderers and in that regard even one is far to many.



DarkKirby said:


As I have watched, and posted, that video myself, I am assuming you have not watched the video @HeatBombastic posted. Here it is again.

You realize by assuming someone is likely racist because of their race is being racist right? You are judging someone by their race, something they they could not choose, rather than who the person is or how they act. That is equal to someone assuming a black person is likely a criminal without knowing them. There are solid statistics to back up that stereotype at least, racism polls are based on opinion and vary heavily.

I repeat my statement, I am 100% free speech and anti censorship. You are obviously not for free speech and pro censorship, as you wish to censor things you disagree with.

Spreading someone's private information without permission is not the same as wanting media censored of subjects you disagree with.

Crimes happen for multiple reasons. To blame video games as the main cause is foolish. Watch the video above that @HeatBombastic posted.

And when I said, "such subjects used correctly" in reference to racism in a game or other form of media, I meant make the game and story better, not fall on line with widely held beliefs. Any subject, used correctly, can make a story better, that is, if you don't find certain subjects offensive by default.

I enjoy Chappelle's Show, Tosh.0, and South Park, for example, and many would consider those shows highly offensive, but are those shows racist? They don't hold any race, or sex, above another, everyone is made fun of near equally. South Park, more than anything, makes fun of common, often current, idiocy in society.

Censorship only breeds ignorance. Rather then letting people make informed decisions with all available information, censorship hides information to control what people know and think.

I don't know if you have actually played Binary Domain, but I repeat what I said before about its plot, "The true discussion is about where the beliefs about equality start and end, prejudice is more than just about biology." That's not to say the game is some moral lesson , or that is all there is to the story, it's just part of its complex sci-fi plot.



MarioFan1985 said:

I also want to say that Grand Teft Auto is one of the most dispicable video games ever created, but yet it's popular. I've been around video games all of my life and yes I've heard and even played games with high depictions of violence. But, what I really hate about GTA is the fact that it glorifies criminal activities (something that this country is trying feverishly to quell since it was it's own country in the 1700's). I really have to say about to the gamers today is "where is your conscience?" GTA has been in the news before wen several gamers played it and decided to do the game for real, and got into a lot of trouble because of it. Plus, this is in the wake of recent gun-related violence that this country experienced, I believe this country has had enough violence and criminal activities, I don't know about you modern gamers, but I personally have had enough. What's next, are we going to see a game where you play as Adolf Hitler and conquer the world, or as Arabic terrorists and get to shoot and kill US Soldiers? I think there's something very, very wrong in the modern video game industry.



AllCreation said:

@AllCreation @DarkKirby As far as race goes, my comment is a matter of statistical fact... If there are more Black People in prison is it racist to say that there are more Black People in prison? Racist Polls maybe biased BUT racist acts committed, reported and documented are another issue in that regard there are in fact "solid statistics to back up that" comment.

"You realize by assuming someone is likely racist because of their race is being racist right? You are judging someone by their race, something they they could not choose, rather than who the person is or how they act" What you're doing here with race is the opposite of what you're doing media violence. You're taking the whole of the race and viewing it from an individual stand point. I never said or implied that a specific person from a specific race was more or less likely to do anything. I also never implied that every single child or person that plays violent video games would have a violent reaction. This is more or less the point you've been making and what Penn and Taylor were highlighting as well (although they went to some pretty unrelated extremes and seemed to focus more on the the gamers potential to commit a school shooting.) You said "Crimes happen for multiple reasons. To blame video games as the main cause is foolish." And I completely agree.. to an extent.

BUT my argument IS to focus on the individual, or rather the few as apposed to the many because when you have people like "Joshua and William Buckner, aged 14 and 16, respectively, who used a rifle to fire at vehicles on Interstate 40 in Tennessee, killing a 45-year-old man and wounding a 19-year-old woman" with no motive or reason other than that they "were inspired by Grand Theft Auto" you can't deny that Grand Theft Auto Might have had a bit of a roll to play. In that case the two boys specifically admitted that GTA was the reason and it was the same with Devin Moore and Dustin Lynch, two different children from two different murders.) So to that end, I quote myself and say "Exactly how many murders is an exceptionable number to warrant action in your opinion? do we really need to see "millions of other kids." committing murder before we admit that there might be a problem. Like I said before our responsibility in that regard isn't to the "millions of other kids" that play through the game without committing murder or the "few murderers" that have played the game... its to the victims and the potential victims of those murderers and in that regard even one is far to many."

Lastly.. you said "And when I said, "such subjects used correctly" in reference to racism in a game or other form of media, I meant make the game and story better, not fall on line with widely held beliefs. Any subject, used correctly, can make a story better, that is, if you don't find certain subjects offensive by default." In the case of GTA making the game and story better and using its device satirically are one in the same. That was the point of my comment. Satire must include some degree of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule. Chappelle's Show, Tosh.0, and South Park all very obviously cater to at least one of those devices. In various ways GTA falls short of those examples and fails to use its racist, misogynistic, violent etc themes "correctly". The vast majority of them do nothing to benefit the story or make the game better as they have been reduced to leisure activities outside of the scope of the main game... and implemented with the single purpose of attracting people who like video game sex and violence and for no other reason.

Perhaps it is fair to say that to a certain degree censorship can promote Ignorance... But Perpetuating violence promotes Violence and Murder. Also censorship is merely the restricting of material deemed inappropriate for a specific audience. The material in and of itself could promote Ignorance and/or of course Violence and Murder. Its kind of a two way street in that regard but I'm sure if anyone were asked to make an informed decision (emphasis on the word informed) they would choose possible ignorance over the prospect of becoming a potential murder victim.



AyatollaofRock said:

There's some confused arguments here re the morality of GTA.

Does Breaking Bad promote cooking meth, drug dealing etc? No those are just a context for themes they are exploring. Turn on the nightly news you'll see things that make you uncomfortable.

GTA explores the criminal underworld and explores the darkness of it all. Of course its sleazy and immoral but I don't think that makes it less valid a setting to explore. Like I said watch the news. The world has a dark underbelly.

The complaints about sexism aren't much more than feminist soap boxing. Its either present in context of the story or as satire. Satire is something that GTA does quite well, as each game makes fun of prevailing aspects of culture.

I actually enjoy GTA as a sum of its parts. The depth of the world, the sand box and also the story, and the satire.



EverythingAmiibo said:

Just gotta add: Yesterday at my shinty practice I heard a couple of 7-8 year olds talking about how "She wouldn't do what I loving told her too" and the other one replys "You should've just held the gun up to her head and forced her too!" and then they laugh. Yeah, I rest my case.



DilMan33 said:

I am not offended by GTA or find it particularly shocking. I just find it silly and immature!

There has to be justification for the violence portrayed in video games. What justification is there in using street girls and then murdering them by running them over?! If this is sort of game that appeals to that kind of gamer; then you can count me firmly out!

Something like Watch Dogs is far more sophisticated.



sdelfin said:

Interesting responses in the comments. While Nintendolife is primarily Nintendo stuff, it's not limited to just that and as GTA is a cultural phenomenon at the moment, it seems fair to cover it here. I generally agree with what you've written Damien. First, I find it rather odd that people point to games like GTA as "escapism." I don't understand why people would want to escape to something so dark and violent for the sake of violence. As an early commenter said, they'd like to escape with something lighthearted. It's an interesting time right now in entertainment. There are a lot of main or major characters in media that are bad people and yet we are supposed to and made to like them. Story telling and drama seem to matter more than motivation. I remember when I played through the first Knights of the Old Republic game. Playing through that game as a dark-side character was immensely difficult for me because I was making decisions inconsistent with my own character. While I was still having fun playing the game, I didn't feel good when I would stop. That's my own experience and I don't assume it's the same for everyone. Also, I've never enjoyed the sandbox game. I find they tend to load up on content for the sake of content and give so much freedom that I quickly lose interest in the actual point of the game. GTA's thing has always been to massively increase the size of the game. The current one is huge along with its budget. I wonder if increasing the size of either for a potential part six would be worth it or if part five is the peak for the property.

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