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Ristar42 commented on Feature: Five Reasons To Choose Wii U This Hol...:

Not for me this year, maybe when a proper Zelda arrives, or a new Metroid. I held off buying a HD console for years but I prefer the PS3 as is now to the Wii U.
With other next gen systems, maybe PS4 once Arkham Knight and Bloodborne arrive, if they look good, I played a lot of Dark Souls. The lack of backward compatibility is a bit annoying there though, as Id need the two consoles set up...
Nintendo's account system for digital games is also really in need of improvment in my opinion, as is the VC (which was a major draw for me with the original Wii).



Ristar42 commented on Soapbox: Sonic, It's Time to Talk:

Sonic could have been amazing on the Saturn. If a 2D game had been made, it would have stood the test of time way better than a lot of early polygon games from that era have.
Yet, everyone wanted 3D polygon games (or so we were told), and Sonic was not the only series to suffer in that transition.
In a sense I guess Sonic Team realised the limitations of a 3D Sonic on the Saturn and gave us Nights and Burning Rangers instead.

When Sonic did go 3D on the Dreamcast the game was visually impressive for the time, but felt like a first attempt.
The problem is, SEGA don’t seem to build upon and refine what works in each new game into the next, but introduce new gameplay mechanics which often create new problems (I saw a recent video from Jim Sterling where he summarised this pretty well I think).
Sonic 4 was an exception, I think episode 2 was a real improvement over the original in graphics and physics and showed promise, but they promptly abandoned it right there.



Ristar42 commented on Review: Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U):

Yep, they cant recapture what made the original great. 4 Episode 2 was moving towards the right direction for me, refine that further SEGA, and make Shenmue 3, or get Alex Kidd out of retirement!
I was playing Sonic Adventure on my PS3 last night, for Dreamcast nostalgia, and to be honest that game is seriously glitchy. Its kind of fun to see how much you can break the game though, like getting characters into stages they are not supposed to visit.



Ristar42 commented on Feature: The Wii U is Two Years Old, But How's...:

Still not a console for me, it misses too many multi platform games and I dont have an interest in Smash Bros or the other exclusives.
I think the account system could also be better, I can play PS1 games I buy on my PS3 and both PSPs that I own, but with the VC there is nothing like that.
As a mainly retro gamer with a 3DS, those type of things would add value to the system for me.
Im not really convinced with the other next gen consoles either though as yet, at least the Wii U has backward compatibility.



Ristar42 commented on Video: Early Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric Footage...:

Is there a 3D Sonic where you wont fall through the floor at some point ..?
Perhaps Sonic Jam, you had to really try to glitch out of the map in the mini 'Sonic World' included there!
Though, glitching out of a map is hardly rare in modern games.
As a fan since 91, I think 4 episode 2 was on the right track, its a shame the didnt improve things more and move to episode 3. I quite liked Lost World on 3DS, Generations on 3DS was also a bit under-rated I think, bad frame rate but pretty solid gameplay.



Ristar42 commented on The Man Behind Sega's Wonder Boy Series Hates ...:

Ive never played the first Wonderboy game in the arcade, but I do find the NES game's Mario to be a bit 'slipply'... I know most wont agree, but I prefer Super Mario Land, maybe as I played it so much when it came out.
Wonderboy 2 and 3 the Dragons Trap were great games on the Master System, its a shame the series is no more, and that Wii Ware Wonderboy game was pretty bad.



Ristar42 commented on I'll Take Zelda And Mario Over Sharing Call Of...:

Even with the Nintendo exclusives, I still prefer the range of games available on the PS3 at the moment, and I don't even play Call of Duty or GTA!
Alien Isolation is a good example, as its a game I recently enjoyed, again no Wii U version.
I think Nintendo need to strive to have both, the PS4 will have games like Bloodborne and then also multi-platform titles like the next Arkham game.



Ristar42 commented on SEGA Confirms Second Batch of 3D Classics for ...:

I'd get all but the Fantasy Zones, never really enjoyed those games. Great to see the arcade version of Thunder Blade, as I dont think its seen a past SEGA AGES release.
How about the arcade versions of Turbo OutRun or Golden Axe 2, Turbo OutRun was woeful on the Megadrive and Golden Axe 2 good, but a very different game.



Ristar42 commented on Video: Sanzaru Games Discusses Sonic Boom: Sha...:

He's changed a lot since '91... but then who hasn't!
I found Generations and Lost World on 3DS to be mostly good fun, this seems to mix it up a bit too much though, with all the characters.
Sonic 4 Episode 2 was pretty good and improved a lot on the first, I'd like to see them make part 3...
For me, nothing will ever match the impact of the first game though, it impressed me in regards to 16-bit gaming as Mario 64 would for 3D platformers a few years later.



Ristar42 commented on Video: Here Are Some Fun Facts About The Might...:

What a great console, I skipped to the Gamecube after the Dreamcast.
Star Wars Rouge Leader sold me the console and I still have my copy of Twilight Princess which was the last game I bought new, great game and I still think better than the Wii version.
I also liked the action replay for playing imports (which ran at 60hz and were therefore often superior to the PAL version).
Some US games (like Burnout 2) also supported an edtv component mode, which is not supported on the PAL Gamecube hardware.
However, this can be activated on a PAL Wii with a component cable, if the action replay is used in Gamecube mode (if you can find one that works, earlier versions of the gamecube action replay were blocked by various Wii system updates).



Ristar42 commented on Official Nintendo Magazine Announces Closure i...:

The old days of print mags were cool, Zzap!, Sega Force, Sega Power, Mean Machines, Total... I stopped buying mags in the 32 bit era when I moved to the Saturn, but returned when 'Retro Gamer' was published here in the UK, which I have from issue 1, and I still buy in print every month.

I suppose the circulation must have dropped very low, seems odd though as I thought an official mag is a good way to promote stuff.



Ristar42 commented on Want Bayonetta 2 On PS4 And Xbox One? You Migh...:

I guess if some fans want this game that much, and nothing else on the Wii U appeals, it is an expensive outlay for one title. I was annoyed when Outrun 2 skipped the Gamecube and I had to buy an Xbox.
Still, there it is, want the game buy the console. Im happy with PS3 and retro collection at the moment, next gen can wait!



Ristar42 commented on Nintendo Confirms Development of Games That Wi...:

Reminds me if SEGA had actually made that stand alone 32X console, with its slightly upgraded Megadrive games... just kidding!
I guess here though, the same games will work (mostly), but support dual analogue on the newer system, and maybe some slight performance improvement.
I think its another option, if my 3DS broke I'd maybe get one.
As an upgrade, it doesnt impress me as much as the original DS Lite, which I bought after one shop demo, even though I had the original DS.



Ristar42 commented on LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham DLC Season Pass i...:

This type of DLC would seem a means of getting more money from an initial purchase, plus making some money on second hand sales.
It's odd though, does 'porting' DLC to Wii U cost more than they could make with potential sales, as I can only think the motivation is profit, and not to annoy Wii U owners... yet they may end up with an 'incomplete' version, even if they would like to purchase the content.



Ristar42 commented on Super Street Fighter II: Turbo Revival Is Drag...:

What an odd choice, I had this for GBA and it was quite good for a portable version, at the time (although I'd rather play the arcade version of Hyper Fighting on PSP as it had six buttons, and I never liked Super as much). On Wii U though, why?



Ristar42 commented on Talking Point: A History of the Sexualisation ...:

I think more 'sexualised' in a bland comic book way. The design makes an iconic character very generic, and in way I think they could do much more visually with her character minus the suit, to create a more distinct identity.
Having said that, Smash Bros isnt really a game about deep themes, or exploring characters...



Ristar42 commented on Sega Announces Chopper Action Title Thunder Bl...:

Wow, great to see these SEGA classics which were never given justice with their home ports.
I wish they would also put them on home consoles, I'd like to see other arcade games like Golden Axe 2, Turbo Outrun and OutRunners. Or later ones like SEGA Rally, Daytona USA 2 and Scud Race.



Ristar42 commented on Capcom Is Remastering The GameCube Resident Ev...:

Weirdly, Im replaying 1 & 2 at the moment as the first 3 are on sale on PSN for £7.99. Also, finally started playing 6, which so far, is better than I was expecting. To be honest dont think Ill bother with this though, the remake doesnt have the b movie nostaliga of the early games for me, and I still own the Gamecube version.
No Wii U version is unlike Capcom, they must think it would not be worth the cost, against the profit I guess...



Ristar42 commented on Nintendo Download: 31st July (Europe):

@Starwolf_UK Quite right, if its bordered then forcing it into 60Hz should make the game run properly, unless it has some weird extra region protection that locks out 60Hz on a PAL system.
Some Megadrive games do that, a PAL version of Streets of Rage 2 will only allow you to play the cart at 60Hz if you swap the console region to Japan, then you get the Japanese title screen, but it plays a lot better!



Ristar42 commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Master System:

Great system, while my C64 sounded better, the Master System meant no loading and great colourful graphics!
I still have my Master System 2, tend to play the games on my Modded Megadive with a powerbase converter, as they are better in 60Hz with a SCART output.
I still buy games for this, bought Double Dragon and Renegade recently, great 8-bit versions, and much cheaper to collect for now than at the time.
I never owned an NES, so my 8-bit console nostalgia is for this system.
@Damo, I never heard that tune, think I was reading Zzap! or SEGA Force at the time, but it sounds so early 90s...



Ristar42 commented on Review: Another World - 20th Anniversary Editi...:

I think this is going to be cross buy on PSN (so says Push Square), would have been good if Wii U / 3DS version was. I'll finally get to play Another World anyway, its one I'd always meant to get on the Megadrive but never got around to.



Ristar42 commented on Ubisoft Reconfirms Watch Dogs For Fall 2014 Re...:

I'm playing on PS3 as not ready to invest in expensive new hardware...

I'm enjoying the city and its distractions so much, I've hardly progressed the story, so I cant comment too much on that.
The 'extreem' screen tearing and frame rate compaints on PS3 are an overstatement in my opinion, Amazing Spiderman screen tearing was far worst and very distracting, and the frame rate here appears smoother and more consistent than Black Flag.

There are some problems with white light saturating the screen indoors in some scences as described, the sound balance is inconsistent and the water looks quite flat.

The game still manages to have great atmosphere though, so Wii U version should be good, for those waiting to play. As I had no interest in GTA5, this game seems a good alternative in the open world model.



Ristar42 commented on Nintendo Download: 5th June (Europe):

Tekken Tag 2 is on sale on PSN too at the moment, for £5.49 - its a big file size though!
I'm waiting on the next run of SEGA classics, bring on Afterburner and Outrun!



Ristar42 commented on Nintendo Announces The GameCube Controller Ada...:

I remeber the the old days when I could plug my Atari 2600 joystick into my C64, or a Megadrive pad into either... I kind of agree Wii U options are getting a bit messy, I really doubt this will result in GC VC, even if it did, be one game every six months knowing Nintendo...



Ristar42 commented on Nintendo's Plan for "Redefining the Definition...:

I just want them to make good console with decent 3rd party game support and great modern Nintendo games... PS4 seems to be selling well without needing something like the gamepad, so I think a lot of people still want games consoles.
If they added a proper account system, expanded the VC and got more 3rd party games back, I'd probably buy a Wii U.
I guess this would sound a bit dry though, as its pitched to shareholders, not gamers!



Ristar42 commented on Video: We Put The Pedal To The Metal In Sega's...:

The car sprite is not accurate, but I expected they would be concerned about a possible liscence issue with Ferrari. Shenmue 2 and Yu Suzuki Gameworks versions on Dreamcast have the alternative car too.

Orignal Xbox Outrun 2 version has the correct car, but its a basic version.
Megadrive version was ok at the time, but weirdly only featured the 'Japan' track layout...

The Japanese Saturn version remains the best version and supports the analogue controller and steering wheel, but since Outrun is my favourite game ever since I played the arcade back in the 80s, I'll be getting this as soon as its released, looks great!



Ristar42 commented on 3D OutRun Given a Release Date and Details for...:

Is that screen shot from the 3DS version? I Guessed right if so, they went with an alternative car sprite, no prancing horse or potential issue with a Ferrari license.
Not that it matters for gameplay, and Ill be getting this as soon as released, but the Saturn remains the most acurate arcade port!



Ristar42 commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Saturn:

@Damo That’s cool, you must've had good access to games! I had one tv which accepted SCART, and what a difference when I saw the improved picture quality.

I 2nd the 'Console Passion' recommendation by the way, got a switchless modded Megadrive 2 from that site with RGB output, its still working years later.

For those in London, there is also Retro Game Base who have an actual shop, I've only bought games there but I think they do retro mods too.



Ristar42 commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Saturn:

@Damo The Saturn shiped with a SCART cable in the UK and the output looked so much clearer than the output on the PAL N64, which is murky at best.
Saturn also had 3 great PAL optimised releases with Virtua Fighter 2, Sega Rally and Virtua Cop having their speed corrected and running full screen.



Ristar42 commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Saturn:

@Kirk I still put Sega Rally up there as one of the best racing games ever, Japan got Sega Rally plus which added analogue support which I play to this day!

I collect Saturn games and a modded console is probably the best option, with multi region and 50/60Hz switch. So many good games were left in Japan, its a console you need to read up on to see the best of.

Nice to see Soukyugurentai in the main picture, one game that doesnt get mentioned much and I wish had a translation is Dungeon Master Nexus...Used to play the original on my friends Atari ST .



Ristar42 commented on Nintendo Australia Confirms Game Boy Advance W...:

I find it quite odd to take issue with genuine and well founded complaints from other long term fans. They just want better services from a company they have invested a lot of their money and time engaging with.

I'm not very technical, but I doubt putting GBA on 3DS is impossible, it would just take time and investment to implement, which I suppose they have made a decision against at present. Certainly I think its a missed oppertunity for cross buy.



Ristar42 commented on Nintendo Australia Confirms Game Boy Advance W...:

I think Nintendo need to grow the Wii U audience, improve their services so more people want to buy their console with better incentives for multi platform ownership (like cross buy, which as someone mentioned in another thread, GBA would be a good opportunity to implement).



Ristar42 commented on Game Boy Advance Games On The Wii U Virtual Co...:

Hmm, I already have a gamecube and a gameboy player, no additional incentive here to buy a Wii U. Beyond multiplayer, cross buy and accounts are what I think Nintendo really need.

Ive got a feeling that existing fans dont mind the current set up, but I think those elements would add value to their digital services, maybe drawing in some of the 3DS owners with an incentive to own both systems.



Ristar42 commented on OutRun Confirmed As The Next 3D Classic Racing...:

Well, this is only my favourite ever videogame.

The Japanese Saturn stand alone release is the best version as of now.
The SEGA AGES US and PAL Saturn versions have a bug with the car becoming stuck in an uphill animation if you take the left route from the first stage.
I'm sure M2 will add overseas and Japan track versions.
My question is, will we have the correct car sprite, the Ferrari has not been seen since the version unlocakable in the Xbox release of OutRun 2, a game which had an offical liscence. Dreamcast versions have the stand in car...



Ristar42 commented on Latest Assassin's Creed Announcement Continues...:

@electrolite77 Well made points, I recall people actually defending poorly converted 50Hz games when the Wii VC launched (even by some who I think had perhaps never experienced the PAL versions).

I honestly think the 60Hz VC was a response to Mii Verse complaints that Nintendo could no longer avoid.

With Assassin's Creed, 4 was the first I'd played and I got bored before the end, I don’t think it’s a series I'll return to for the moment, though annoying for Wii U owners who do enjoy it.



Ristar42 commented on Shenmue 3 Could Happen Via A Kickstarter Campa...:

Certainty it could be done, it doesn’t need to be the same scale of production as the earlier games (which were in development since the Saturn), just to advance the story as I want to know what happens next, its sometime since I finished the second game on the Dreamcast.

I'm sure Yu Suzuki knows where he wants the story to go, he just needs to share it with the fans, somehow! I'd put money down, he is a video game legend.



Ristar42 commented on Yoshi's New Island Makes UK Chart Début in 12...:

I think Yoshi may be a bit of a cash grab game, not saying it’s bad as I've not played it, but it looks very derivative of its prequels and a few have suggested the quality is lessened.
I want to play Dark Souls 2, but I'm still (slowly!) working my way through the first one...



Ristar42 commented on Nintendo Comes Up Empty at BAFTA Awards:

@Peek-a-boo Also agree Last of Us was a game deserving of its recognition, Left Behind also impressed me.

While awards may help publicise a title, I dont put much faith in them, taste is a subjective thing, I found Skyward Sword so dull it took me nearly a year to complete it, while I really enjoyed Twilight Princess...

As an aside, I think Nintendo characters may hold less retro nostagia in the UK then perhaps they do in the US, the Master System was pretty big here in addition to the C64, The Spectrum and various other 8-bit mircos.



Ristar42 commented on Nintendo Comes Up Empty at BAFTA Awards:

I think The Last of Us was an outstanding game, while it may have areas that could be improved, I think it was one of the best integrations of Cinematic and videogame elements I've seen within a big mainstream title, and I started gaming with the Atari 2600... As for Nintendo not winning anything, I dont hold award ceremonies as a general measure of quality anyway.



Ristar42 commented on Retro City Rampage: DX Hits The 3DS eShop This...:

I bought the game on PS3 and while I can appreciate the work that went in, and I enjoyed the nostalgic 80 references that recall my childhood pop-culture memories, I just found the actual game not that much fun to play.



Ristar42 commented on Soapbox: A Monster Hunter Obsession, and Why t...:

I just could not get into Monster Hunter on the Wii, I'm currently playing Dark Souls on PS3 though, and its much more my kind of game. The world in Monster Hunter just felt much more like a backdrop, than something I was able to actually explore.