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NMH-TRI commented on Hyrule Warriors Is Zelda Meets Dynasty Warrior...:

People are ridiculous. "Yes everyone! These are the graphics you'll see in the final game!" If you believe that, you're dense. Compare X's graphics between trailer #1 and trailer #2, and that's a massive open world game with ginormous creatures.

Don't write this off because of the graphics in this trailer. Write it off if you hate hack n slash and aren't giddy at the idea of Link in beast mode. Scratch that. Even then, you don't know what the final overall gameplay product will offer, so reserve judgement.



NMH-TRI commented on Nintendo Titles Fail to Infiltrate the UK All-...:

Your convo could've been a lot more informative
Friend: So, you think I should buy a Wii U?

Me: It has Mario, ZombiU, Pikmin 3, Zelda WW, Monster Hunter

Friend: Cool, cool... what about Killzone or Halo? Does it have anything like that?

Me: Metroid hasn't been announced for it, so nothing exclusive yet. It does have Deus Ex: DC and COD.

Friend: What about Forza or Gran Turismo? Something like that?

Me:Need For Speed Most Wanted U...Mario Kart, Sonic Racing Transfomed, the last two aren't "realistic" racers though. Project C.A.R.S. will be released on it along with 90s Arcade Racer

Friend: But I can still play the latest FIFA on it, right?

Me: Not a Wii U version, but it's a backwards compatible system so you could get the Wii version, but something like that would be better for PS4 or X1 for graphics/gameplay

Friend: Oh well, I'll probably buy one for my girlfriend anyway, so she can play some RPGs...

Me: There are currently 2 RPGs announced for the Wii U, not one...X looks fantastic and the other is a crossover of two great RPG franchises

Friend: So, why did you buy a Wii U again?

Me: Because it has great games both released and announced, off tv play, and is backwards compatible which opens up the entire Wii library

Not that I think you should be selling Wii U's, rather Nintendo should, but downplaying it is what's sad. Your friend was interested and you Cblocked and misinformed.



NMH-TRI commented on Rumour: Sony Running Campaign To Push Potentia...:

@Caryslan I enjoy entertaining conspiracy theories though. Too many people write things off because of lack of solid proof. People are capable of anything. Large groups of people are capable of much more. Goal driven organizations can sink to dirty tactics because many times, the end CAN justify the means (so long as the means aren't illegal or the means are illegal yet impossible to prove as such.)

I don't honestly think that ALL employees at a store would "personally" try to damage another company, but let's face it, haters and fanboys are not limited to internet forums. Advertising in such a way that it degrades your competitions' position is not uncommon. Politicians do it all the time out in the open. Business's are a little more subtle I'm sure (I don't watch tv anymore, so I don't know what tone ads are taking currently).

I don't know how demo stations work at these places, but Nintendo in the Best Buy and Gamestop that I frequent are stuck in low visibility areas where MS/Sony are easily high visibility. I'm sure it's selling power of each that dictates, but don't these companies also pay for stores to set up demo areas. I would guess Nintendo is being "cheap" (which isn't far fetched).

You're right about the mobile section. It has almost 1/4 of the real estate in my local GS and nothing each individual product has plenty of room to "breathe".



NMH-TRI commented on Rumour: Sony Running Campaign To Push Potentia...:

@Dogpigfish My local Gamestop does the same thing. Last time I was in there, there was a display of pre orders right in front of the Wii U demo station and said demo station was in a corner to the right of the entrance. Probably the lowest visibility area when walking into that store. Is it Gamestop as a whole? Is it that Gamestop unknowingly employs a large number of younger people that personally want Nintendo to die so they can get their titles on another platform? Is it lack of space and Nintendo just loses out (not a lack of space at my Gamestop though that's for sure...)? Does Nintendo not pay to get the prime real estate? Who knows



NMH-TRI commented on Assassin's Creed IV DLC Looks Set to Sail Past...:

@Einherjar Agreed. Most people don't think about this rationally. Many people have been brainwashed into believing that DLC is an excellent addition. In SOME cases it is, but it shows just how gullible people are when they get excited about pre-planned, pre-made, or on disc DLC.

"Ooh!! DLC!! That's extra content!! I'm excited!!" No, you really shouldn't be. 3hr quest, a few extra missions, and the ability to customize your ship? All for the low price of an extra $20? No thanks...

People keep buying this crap in droves and it'll show the bigger devs that it's too easy to take consumers for a ride. Expansions are normally worth it. Some DLC is okay. Seriously though, this is getting ridiculous.

Either way it doesn't really matter to me. ACIII was borefest. This isn't even on my list of "maybe's" right now.



NMH-TRI commented on Ubisoft Explains Wii U Watch_Dogs Visuals as "...:

I'm disappointed about Ubi's comments regarding the Gamepad. Seems like a missed opportunity. Though Batman did have off tv play AND Gamepad specific features. One or the other though, not both at the same time.

Oh well. Even if they just did map/inventory and off tv play, I'm okay. I often hear people complain when more than that isn't done. Not having to pause. Open map at all times gives you better orientation. Off tv play. C'mon, these things alone significantly enhance the experience. Watch Dogs will be mine.



NMH-TRI commented on US Retailer Lists Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon F...:


Haha, because the vocal minority on a website is a good representation of the gaming population? Okay...

RE: Revelations sold six digits for 360 and PS3, 3DS doubling the sales of the next highest platform. Wii U version is sitting above Injustice, Ninja Gaiden, Need for Speed, Splinter Cell, and Wonderful 101. With those combined (minus 3DS) it seems that roughly 1/2 million MORE people purchased it. I guess nobody is enjoying it, huh? Do you care about how good a game is or would you rather cry about it being a commercial "failure"? It's nonsense. If a game fails after a port or on release, that's the publisher/developers problem.

Port from 3DS or not, who are you to say what people do or don't enjoy? Nobody. Are commenters on IGN, NeoGaf, Gamefaqs, or Nintendolife the voice of gamers? To even imply that by using what you perceive as an "outcry" on a website is ridiculous.



NMH-TRI commented on US Retailer Lists Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon F...:

@ActionMan If it's priced right, I'd pick this up. Recycled or not, I've not played the 3DS version and would be happier with a Wii U one. If they start releasing the same games on 3DS/WiiU respectively, I see no issue with it. People enjoyed the "recycled" RE:Revelations. You do realize that some people have a Wii U and not a 3DS right? You do realize that not everyone with a 3DS has purchased Dark Moon right?

Why does it matter to you if it seems like a desperate move anyway? A good game is a good game, regardless of the intentions, state of a company, or its console sales. Are you concerned with games or business decisions?



NMH-TRI commented on Talking Point: The Steam Gaming Machines Are A...:

I guess I don't know enough about the Steam boxes to care. My laptop runs every PC purchase I make through steam no problem. HDMI cable to TV. USB KB and Mouse to play from the couch while using my big screen as the monitor. Seems I've had a steam box for a long time...



NMH-TRI commented on Reaction: Nintendo Reminds Us of the Wii's Glo...:

I'm pretty excited for the Wii Sports Club. I'm also one of those so called "hardcore" gamers. Nintendo just does certain things that can appeal to all ages and skill levels. I'm ready to tear it up on Golf and Tennis. I may pick up bowling too. I'll just have to see how the online experience is presented with the others.



NMH-TRI commented on Nintendo Treehouse Staff Reveal The Process Be...:


There are 2 inputs for W101. Drawing on the screen or using the Right Analog stick (recommended). Watch Saur tear it up on Youtube. Or Caleb on IGN W101 commentary vids. The controls really aren't broken. I downloaded it at 1 am EST on the 15th. The only problem I have with the controls are the same problems I have when first playing a new fighter. It takes practice and muscle memory (which is a good thing).

I would say that they are easy to learn, hard to master. In a game like this, you should NEVER be able to pick it up and be a pro right off the bat. Ultimately though, it's all down to personal preference. If you found it frustrating, you found it frustrating. My opinion is obviously the opposite.



NMH-TRI commented on Nintendo Treehouse Staff Reveal The Process Be...:


Xseed picked up publishing duties to release it stateside, but I don't think they did anything to "localize" it to NA. It's not like there would be any significant barriers between UK/US anyway.

I remember reading that the NA release is the same as the other English translations, so I don't think they changed any voicework. The accents are definitely there, so I think that was the case. After playing Last Story and Xenoblade, it really is hard to imagine the characters any other way.



NMH-TRI commented on Nintendo Treehouse Staff Reveal The Process Be...:


I agree with you. Definitely can't please everybody. i.e. Bayonetta 2 as a Wii U exclusive or no Bayonetta 2 at all...and people complain. Seriously?

I gotta hand it to Xseed for taking the reigns for certain games. I had a lot of fun with Arc Rise Fantasia and Last Story.

Personally, if it's between no localization and an eShop only version, give me eShop and let the senseless cry about why they didn't do more with a game that may only sell 100,000 in the west.



NMH-TRI commented on Nintendo Treehouse Staff Reveal The Process Be...:

As long as they don't drop the ball on future RPGs being localized, I'll be okay. I understand them trying to match wording to lip movements, but I personally don't care. Out of sync wording to lip movement didn't stop me from enjoying Godzilla, haha (so there's probably a "special" type of game where that would be beneficial).

If they don't think a localization will be a success sales wise, slap subtitles on, throw it on the eShop, and keep those respective fans happy...



NMH-TRI commented on Dan Adelman - Nintendo is "Very Much Aware" of...:


That's the site! After you have 500 points find the link for "get activation code" and it'll give you a code to redeem on eShop. From there, go to "Enter download code" on the eShop's front page. The codes always use zeroes and never Oh's.

I hope you've also linked to a Club Nintendo account. You can get games from there for different amounts of "coins". StarTropics II is one of their rewards right now.



NMH-TRI commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Over the weekend: Wii U - Batman: Arkham City (finishing Harley's Revenge), MH3U, Pikmin 3
3DS - Shin Megami Tensei IV, Fire Emblem, Kid Icarus, Castlevania, and RE:Revelations.

I like to mix it up.

Come Sunday though, all of my gaming time will be dedicated to Wonderful 101.



NMH-TRI commented on Video: The Wind Waker HD's New Features Are Sh...:


Both are valid, but I'm also leaning towards NOA incompetence. Either they don't understand the US market at all or the US market is just too far gone and already swept away in the grit, blood, and FPS of it all. Nintendo makes systems for all, but they don't always market that. They cover every genre, but don't always market that. I really hope to see ads pushed for everything outside of their staples. Their staples will sell with minimal ads. Expose the rest. There better be a hell of an awesome campaign for X.

UK Nintendo has been doing a lot of things right lately, imo. Good on ya.



NMH-TRI commented on Talking Point: With Calls for Nintendo to Foll...:


If budget's not an issue I hear ya on owning everything. Definitely not my case though I personally use a moderately priced laptop for PC gaming.and have had no issues with running this gen's games. I will upgrade next gen. I agree with @Senario in that I feel that there's too much gaming overlap with any other combo other than Nintendo/PC. Ultimately one decides on whose exclusives entice them more though. For me, I feel Nintendo gives me a greater quantity and quality of games that I simply cannot play on my PC. I did the same with the Wii.

I'm biding my time until the midlife of X1 and PS4 to see which is more to my tastes (whichever has a better RPG selection probably), but I'm having trouble swimming through my current collection of DS/3DS/Wii/WiiU/Steam titles as it is.



NMH-TRI commented on Talking Point: With Calls for Nintendo to Foll...:


Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed Mass Effect, Fallout, Elder Scrolls (which are the 3 big WRPGs that come to mind for me). I think you're absolutely right though. I think every division can learn from one another rather than sticking to a formula. If I recall, Aonuma was looking at WRPGs for inspiration in Zelda and Miyamota got a VIP peek at Titanfall (which makes me wonder if Miyamoto's IP is a crazy colorful FPS).



NMH-TRI commented on Talking Point: With Calls for Nintendo to Foll...:

I've said before elsewhere that I believe that the Wii U should try and recreate SNES magic. Start filling it with creative RPGs. Grid based, turn based, action or otherwise. SMTxFE and X are a great start...should I ever hear some more info on SMTxFE. Fire Emblem, Shin Megami separately are grand and I can only hope this crossover kills. Advance Wars on Wii U. Console Pokemon.

Should Sega, Platinum, Atlus, Nintendo and whoever else decide to Unite up, things would be swell.



NMH-TRI commented on Talking Point: With Calls for Nintendo to Foll...:


1 million points to you. Very insightful. It's sad, but gaming is being westernized...ugh. FPS over saturation and the interest in war/military conflict gaming (whether it be space, realistic, past, future etc) is destroying "games" because it's slowly becoming the primary interest and buzzwords are gently convincing consumers to take it. More people talk smack, yell, and curse while playing these games than sit their enjoying the experience with a smile on there face. 4 player 3D World at the Best Buy event did that for me. I played with a kid, a teen, and another adult. Every single one of us was smiling and/or laughing while playing. It was about the enjoyment rather than the competition. I didn't tell anyone they would be ****** while their little ***** had to watch. We just had fun.

Most US gamers blamed NOA for not knowing what we wanted regarding Xenoblade, Last Story, Pandora's Tower (props to NOE on fieldin Xenoblade), but they might've just thought there was a lack of interest in the JRPG over here. Since when is there a division in RPG type anyway? WRPG kills for Sony/MS w/ a few exceptions for JRPGs. I think there's still a massive western audience that wants eastern games. I like western and eastern games, but it seems that the majority toss cash to western published/western style games while Japanese ones suffer. There are some media outlets that may be in bed with giants trying to rid their creative competition. Call conspiracy theory if you want, but it's no different than a major news outlet being primarily "left" or "right" here in the states.

Should Nintendo ever die and gaming became only Sports, FPS's, and other annually updated games...with an occasional random genre, I'll divert my gaming money into golf and just live on the classics.

Why don't you have a blog? Checked your profile and thought some of this was familiar. I've seen it before. Great thoughts. Keep em coming.



NMH-TRI commented on Talking Point: With Calls for Nintendo to Foll...:


I'm right there with you about the future iterations. I'm sure Nintendo is already at work designing their next console. They've restructured to put their portable/console divisions closer. This could just be for ease of game porting, sharing of ideas/techniques, etc, but I doubt it. I'm eager to see what comes next because I think it'll be something great (though many will still throw words like "gimmick" around) and because Xbox1 and PS4 are in for long lifecycles, I believe Nintendo will turn heads.

The portable will be the controller. Console games will stream within an area to portable. Portable can be played on tv and on the go. The only thing Nintendo needs to iron out is online so it can do wifi streaming. I don't think the tablet/gamepad was a one off.

Console/portable in box. Portable can't play console games without owning a console, but any portable can act as a controller. Ah well, I can dream...



NMH-TRI commented on Round Table: Let's Talk About the 2DS and Wii ...:


Seriously?! Brain Training is a game that did take off. Same with Brain Training and Nintendogs. Just because neither of us care about that game, does noes it make it irrelevant....

It's also a game that the medical community has as a strong rehab arm. My view, is that Nintendo has GREAT diversity!. I don't see anyone with a rational thought in their head, denying this...



NMH-TRI commented on Round Table: Let's Talk About the 2DS and Wii ...:

@james_squared ZombiU scared the Sh!t outta me quite a few times. The sound was scary and there were times that I didn't want to continue playing (not for lack of fun).

I'm working through survivor mode right now and the frustration level is right there with the underwater level on TMNT (I feel for anybody that understands that hell).



NMH-TRI commented on Round Table: Let's Talk About the 2DS and Wii ...:

@Peach64 You may be underestimating the "easily influenced consumer". If they market it right, it'll sell. Wii U Play will sell with the control (same as the last).

Honestly, there are too many variables that go into whether or not something will be bought. I predict...Wii U Play, Wii Fit U, and holiday Wii U sales...will kill.



NMH-TRI commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Just grabbed Kid Icarus, so I'll be enjoying that. Earthbound gets bedtime play. Pikmin 3. Fire Emblem. SMT IV. I have plenty to keep me on my couch this weekend.

Also just picked up Okami and Crystal Bearers for cheap so I'm going to try those out this weekend.



NMH-TRI commented on Nintendo 2DS is Actually Made With Just One Sc...:

I honestly like it If I didn't already have a clamshell 3DS, I'd probably rock this. Oddly enough, my portable 3DS only comes with me on the plane or if I'm trading driving duties on a road trip. I have a backpack along in both of those places, so "portability" is a non-issue for me.



NMH-TRI commented on TNT Racers: Nitro Machines Edition Screeching ...:

@luminalace A simple racer replacement for the NES (other than micro machines, which was awesomes). Something that simulates that Christmas racetrack that the family builds and throws cars around....If you can replace that, I will co'sign all of your comments and sign all of your petitions...



NMH-TRI commented on Talking Point: Wii U and Third-Party Inconsist...:

@Marshi Agreed. I read through the comments of the Splinter Cell interview and shook my head. More people were crying about no offline co-op than were focusing on everything else that Splinter Cell Wii U will have vs the other versions. With everyone sharpshooting the bad and being so quick to raise torches, why would 3rd parties support that. Only a few level headed commenters and the editor looked at the whole picture, everyone else zeroed and started whining.



NMH-TRI commented on Talking Point: Wii U and Third-Party Inconsist...:

I have a laptop powerful enough to play all current games for PC (not on ultra, but big whoop). I don't need a second system to satisfy what my laptop already does. Steam, Wii U, and 3DS is much more than enough for me. I'm not the type of person that needs the "newest pair of Nikes". I don't have enough time or money that I could buy and enjoy all of the worthwhile games for all 3 of the above mentioned. The Wii U will have great 3rd party exclusives like the Wii before it to complement all of its quality 1st party games.

With what's being offered on my owned systems, there is simply no need. I personally think that it's irresponsible to buy every major title that comes out across all systems to simply not be able to play them until much later. Honestly, who has the time? A trustfund baby with no job and no other hobbies? The people I know that buy up what they want, sacrifice jumping into the next game while leaving past purchases unfinished. I'm still working through SMT 4. Still working through FE. I plan on getting Pikmin 3 down the road, but not until my time with the games I have is up. By then, W101 will be released and I'll probably get that first. Steam/WiiU/3DS for the win.