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Fri 22nd Jan 2010

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nothankyou commented on Pachter: Without Third Party Support Nintendo ...:

I had (and am having) fun with the Wii and I'll have fun with my Wii U. I don't really care much for generic EA/Ubisoft games at all. The 3DS has already outsold the Gamecube in total sales, so I really don't think Nintendo will slow down sales-wise any time soon regardless of EA/Ubisoft shovelware.
However, it would be nice if Nintendo went back to a traditional console for the next generation. A more standard controller/console could likely boost sales and support.
Also, the Wii U is less than a year old! The 3DS had a slow start too, ya know.



nothankyou commented on Poll: Which Wii U E3 Game Has Impressed You th...:

Smash Bros. looks cool (Mega Man, Village Man, Wii Fit WoMan), but Monolith Soft's new title looks AMAZING. If they can do everything right that they did wrong in Xenoblade (which I love) then I'll get a Wii U without a second's thought.



nothankyou commented on Feature: 3DS - A Report Card Ahead of Its Bigg...:

The 3DS is doing a lot better than I expected. While I don't really like Awakening, RE Revelations, Luigi's Mansion 2, SSFIV 3D, Mario Kart 7 and a plethora of quality eShop titles are certainly keeping me busy. Also, it may be a personal point, but I love the easy to use MP3 player. I haven't touched my iPod since I got my 3DS, now that I think about it.



nothankyou commented on Talking Point: Fire Emblem: Awakening - The Bi...:

Plain and simple: Hard is 99.9% impossible on classic if you want to keep all your characters. I appreciate a challenge, but when I have to reset my game every 5 turns because of a critical hit or re-enforcements, it's just not worth it. I'm probably just going to play Normal with Classic.



nothankyou commented on Feature: Series Reboots That Have Divided Gamers:

Metroid: Other M is a very shaky subject, and I can see why people hate and love it. I personally love the gameplay; it's very similar to Fusion it terms of progression (which I like), and the combat can be fast paced and fun, as well more involved than previous entries. However, the story is... shaky. Everybody who's played the game knows what I'm saying when I say "Varia Suit" or "The Ridley scene". But overall, I liked it. The story is at least O.K. for the most part, and the gameplay takes the Metroid formula into 2.5-D territory very well. So I can see why people hate it, but it isn't even close to series-destroying territory.