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Welcome to the wonderful Veloster family. Katie, my lovely wife, her hair, Wobbuffet and his kid Wynaut. We're just a typical family give or take.

Fri 2nd August, 2013

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Veloster commented on Month Of Kong: The Making Of Diddy Kong Racing:

This was one of those great childhood games. I remember when we used to play this on split-screen, my fellow racers couldn't quite get to grips with the hovercraft, so they used to hate it when I used it and was so much faster! :D



Veloster commented on Soapbox: Why Grand Theft Auto V Isn't For Me:

Tell your little opinionated story to Link; whilst I drive my customised off-road 'Mini' up a gargantuan cliff, then headshot a Stag. ;)
Don't just starting bad mouthing an extremely popular game, just so you can feel good about yourself when someone agrees with you.

20 minutes into the game and I was ecstatic with it. Car customising, wildlife hugging and much better sound, graphics and physics.
And, as a massive Zelda fan, I can tell you that (IMO), only Ocarina of Time comes close to the enjoyment this game brings.

Maybe Rockstar should change the rating to 18-25. :)
Oh, and Hydra.



Veloster commented on Eiji Aonuma Advises Adventurers to Hoard Rupee...:

They haven't sold anything that doesn't perish?

What about the slingshot in Twilight Princess? :)

Wouldn't it be good if we could use the in-game rupees on stuff outside of the game?
Or even swap them for play coins?



Veloster commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Decided to give the Ocarina of Time 3D Master Quest a go. It was good to play the game again, expect with everything, quite literally, flipped on its head. A few puzzling puzzles later, and I'm about to enter Ganons Castle.

Well, either that - or listen to Navi constantly telling me I have to "rescue the princess!!"
"Hey, Hey, Listen!, Hey!, Listen!, we have to rescue the princess from Ganondorf!"

"Oh, Fiiiine!!, wait until i finish hitting these chickens".



Veloster commented on Feature: Some Early Miiverse Favourites From A...:

I don't even like Pokemon, but YEAH! Lol.

These pictures are amazing, I feel like I could draw these (let me finish), but when it comes to using colours, shades and bringing these pictures 'to life' - that's where these guys stand apart. :)



Veloster commented on Prima Games Releasing Collector's Edition Guid...:

The book is only £18?
Well kudos then for finally offering something like this for a 'normal' price.

I know Wind Waker back to front, so wont be buying it myself; but it is fairly priced and does look pretty good. :)



Veloster commented on Nintendo Opens Legal Proceedings Against HackY...:

I actually at one point thought that those 'flashcards' and R4s were alright to use (never actually owned one though).
It's only now that I'm a bit older, that I realise these things badly affect the games' compan(ies).

I'd rather see £40 go towards Nintendo, who never fail to please me, than give a few quid to these thieves. ;)



Veloster commented on Ocarina of Time Speedrunner Explains How To Be...:

Whilst I am very impressed by this; I do have to wonder:

What's the point?

You miss out on doing all the epic things OoT is packed full of(: )

  • Dark Link
  • Volvagia
  • Koume and Kotake (Twinrova)
  • BigOcto
  • Deadhands
  • Iron Knuckles
  • Bongo Bongo
  • ...........
  • ...........
  • ...........

Does seen kinda pointless overall, but of course that's my opinion............



Veloster commented on Boy Credits Mario Kart After Taking Control of...:

Instead of over hyping video games regarding this story; instead can i just say: Well down Gryffin, you done something incredible - most others would just panic in your situation, but you took control and saved your grandmother and brothers' lives.