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Thu 19th May, 2011

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Ichiban commented on Feature: What We Want to See in the November N...:

Please, no more Smash. Too much over exposure on that one, which has actually killed my hype (happened with Arkham City too back in 2011).
Its time for a Wii U price drop though. And Project Zero 5 needs to leave Japan.
Cmon lets go!!



Ichiban commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U European Release D...:

Smart smart move Nintendo.
If theres one game which can go toe to toe with the so called big boys, this is it. Get Smash in there, show em all who's boss.
This really is great, november was lookingto suck ass with its yearly updates of AssCreed, Cod, Halo remakes, etc zzzzzzzz. How people dont get sick of the same crap baffles me. (Dragon Age, LBP 3 excluded)
Now theres gonna be a big new release, one fans are truly waiting for. Stick it to em guys



Ichiban commented on Video: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Opening Cin...:

Nope! not looking, i want this to be fresh when i play the game for the very first time.
Resist the urge people, imagine how much better it will be when you can press start and begin the game after the opening scene. Its the little things....



Ichiban commented on Poll: Buying Bayonetta 2 - eShop Convenience o...:

I picked up my special edition pre order from eb yesterday 30 mins after the store opened. The store had a few copies, but according to the shop keeper, the store on the other side of town had completely sold out.



Ichiban commented on Feature: Five 'New Things' We Want in Super Sm...:

Voice chat is a no brainer for me, thats if mummy and daddy Nintendo let us (which i highly doubt!)
At this point in time, Nintendo fans are the only ones who are excited about DLC........lets see how long that lasts;)



Ichiban commented on Feature: Bayonetta - Creating Gaming's Combati...:

Buy the IP Nintendo, for the love of god. Getting this as a Wii U exclusive was the smartest thing you've done in years. We really need games such as this to balance out the Fisher Price fluff Nintendo seem to be all about these days.



Ichiban commented on Super Smash Bros. Fans Teased Further by New M...:

You really don't want us to discover anything on our own do you Sakurai? not a fan of it I must admit, i prefer the Nintendo of old. They wouldn't say bugger all about their games, and let players discover it all themselves. Its almost insulting these days: revealing EVERY detail about their games before release, dumbing down of difficulty to the point that replay value suffers, and the naming of consoles/games as if the audience are a bunch of brainless morons ('new' 3DS, Super Smash Bros for Wii U because we're so stupid we might try shoving a Wii U disc into a 3DS)
Excuse my rant guys, but stay tuned for a 'new' rant in the coming weeks!!



Ichiban commented on Nintendo 64x64: Perfect Dark:

Damn i miss these kinds of games:( its almost hard to believe there was a time when Nintendo had the number 1 console fps. PD was so awesome, to this day I'm baffled as to why modern fps games dont use the multiple objective per level set up Goldeneye and PD did so well. Its actually a reason I find so many fps games quite hollow these days, Timesplitters did come close though but lacked the charm.
Its a shame Nintendo doesnt seem to want anything like this anymore (too many old men running the ship) and that a Nintendo shooter these days involved the hamburglar's children spraying paint all over each other:/
Im gonna go lay down now...



Ichiban commented on Nintendo 64x64: GoldenEye 007:

This game blew everyones mind apart back in the day. It was a phenomenon. The N64 era, where Nintendo truly kicked ass and took names (and all those names werent Mario either!)



Ichiban commented on Want Bayonetta 2 On PS4 And Xbox One? You Migh...:

Its a known fact that rabbid fanboys dont like Nintendo having good exclusives.
Its usually "Nintendo sucks, kiddie rubbish, blah blah, etc" Then the second Nintendo gets a nice exclusive such as this "Wah wah, port it to my system of choice wah wah this is an outrage wah wah wah!"