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Thu 19th May, 2011

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Ichiban commented on Nintendo NX Might Be The First Social VR Platf...:

Well it does go with Reggie's statement regarding VR being an isolated experience or whatever. Social AR games could be interesting......for a while lol
Im not big on these ideas myself, i just want a couch & a controller!



Ichiban commented on Editorial: Super Smash Bros. Should be Integra...:

Overatted series! Smash Wii U was even more disappointing than Brawl (which at least had the pretty sweet Subspace Embassy single player mode)
I hate to be negative, but I've had this damn game shoved down my throat for the last few years so I'm going to speak my mind!!
The next Smash will probably be a free to play game where you pay for individual characters. Mwhahahaha!!



Ichiban commented on Talking Point: Wii U Gamers Have Been Treated ...:

I've been playing Nintendo consoles since the NES, & a few great games aside, the Wii U is easily the worst. Like I said there are a few great games, but nothing new or innovative (despite what fanbots will try to say) but it could have been so much more. Nintendo used to be they're about sucking their thumbs & only taking names which are Mario.
Come out guns a blazing with your new console ffs, enough with the weak console launches!!! (3DS/Wii U)



Ichiban commented on The Famicom is 32 Years Old Today:

@LinkSword I do the same on Super Mario 3D World, when you have to blow into the mic lol screaming into the gamepad never gets old!
I've always wanted a Famicom, I really like the cartridges (compared to the big bulky ones the rest of the world got) Plus there were a few exclusive games which I wouldn't mind trying out.



Ichiban commented on Video: Check Out an Extensive History of Super...:

I watched this recently & thought it was great. An interesting look at the reason we got the Super Mario Bros 2 we did & not the Japanese version. It goes into good detail too, very interesting facts in here. Excellent video Norm!



Ichiban commented on Weirdness: Revenge is a Dish Best Sold on eBay...:

I lost a box full of NES carts thanks to a similar situation. All my faves too, both Zelda games, Ducktakes, Castlevania 3, Mega Man 4, etc. I was fuming at the time, but life goes on & I've since realised its not worth getting worked up over. Its only videogames, not worth losing your sanity over.



Ichiban commented on Nintendo of America Confirms Plans to Bring De...:

All that matters is that Devil's Third has gotten more exposure. Everyone is talking about it & its on your mind. This will no doubt net the game a few more sales.
Any publicity is still publicity. And you guys are eating it up.
So, well played I say.



Ichiban commented on Hands On: Blast Ball Brings Crude Button Mashi...:

I enjoyed Other M, i had a ball laughing my ass off at the ultra cheesy, over the top cutscenes!
This is just pure ass though, and its good to see so many Nintendo fans speak out about, rather than defending it to their grave (although i do see a couple!)



Ichiban commented on Blast Ball is Actually the Tutorial in Metroid...:

I've watched some gameplay vids of this on GameXplain, and it looks boring as hell.
Also, people expressing disappointment in something is not the same as being an entitled crybaby (or whatever nonsense you guys are on about) People are actually expressing their disappointment in a fair, rational manner here. Perhaps if you weren't Nintendo yes-men you could see that.



Ichiban commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Asks for Fan Trust With Metro...:

The thing is.......first impressions are everything. Just ask Microsoft.
And don't you dare compare the beauty that is Wind Waker to that........thing you claim to be Metroid. Not doing yourself any favours there.