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Thu 19th May, 2011

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Ichiban commented on Legendary Actor and Comedian Robin Williams Ha...:

This.....this is almost too much to handle. Just read this after waking up (niteshift) and it hit me like a ton of bricks.
I cant believe it. Robin is one of the people who i thought would be with us forever. I have such great memories watching his movies like Hook as a kid. Rest in peace good friend, youve earned a good rest. The world just wont be the same without the magic you brought to it



Ichiban commented on Sega Once Again Targets 3DS As Its Most Lucrat...:

I'll be getting Bayonetta 2, and possibly Sonic Boom on Wii U.
But man, I'd love to see a megadrive disney classics collection. Quackshot, the illusion games, etc. Or even better, a best of Saturn compilation disc, like the megadrive one. Ah im dreaming....



Ichiban commented on Captain Toad Won't Be Tracking Treasure In Eur...:

I wont lie, I'm well and truly steamed about this. The only games i'll be buying for Wii U this year now are Hyrule Warriors & Bayonetta 2. Useless bunch of people. Excuse my language but I'm not impressed one bit



Ichiban commented on Hands On: Bewitching Bayonetta 2 Brings Action...:

Its weird to think that Nintendo's biggest releases this silly season are all beat em ups! Such a welcome change from the usual holiday line up of platformers from Nintendo I must say. I'll be picking this up for sure.



Ichiban commented on Video: Shovel Knight Release Trailer Delivers ...:

this looks freakin fantastic!! It looks like a proper NES game, not some indie "tribute" junk. You can tell alot of love and effort when into this. It has style too, which isn't something I see much these days. I'll be downloading this from the eshop the day it comes on sale here. Well done guys!!