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Tue 8th September, 2009

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millarrp commented on Nintendo Announces a Charming New Princess Pea...:

I already have the Zelda, Mario, and Luigi ones so for me it isn't appealing. However my girlfriend is planning to replace her pink one with this one.

Now if they offer matching nunchucks for the Mario and Luigi controllers I would be Interested in those



millarrp commented on Tyrone Rodriguez Continues to Lobby Nintendo t...:

From what I've seen of the game it doesn't appeal to me. At the same time I wouldn't object to having it on the Wii U or the 3DS. Maybe it's time for NoA to relax their stance on religion themed games in an attempt to expand their audience. It wouldn't be the first mature game released on a Nintendo system.



millarrp commented on Nintendo Download: 13th February (Europe):

I hope they offer the free Dr Mario for dr Luigi owners in NA.. I had it on the NES back in the day but never got around to getting the virtual console version.,.and I wouldn't object to a free game.



millarrp commented on Feature: Nintendo Games Our Readers Would Love...:

There are so many games/series I would like to see get a wii u-pdate, especially the virtual console... Even something like a Duck Hunt remake as a eStore offering I would buy without giving a 2nd thought (which I'm surprised they didn't do on the Wii when they introduced the Wii Zapper)



millarrp commented on Dr. Luigi announced for Wii U eShop:

Even though the price is a little steep I will probably get it sooner rather then later...too bad they're not offering an upgrade price for those that have the WiiWare Dr. Mario,