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gameboy1975 commented on Watch Dogs Will be the Only "Mature" Ubisoft G...:


Come on dude, you know the answer to that question you posed at the end there is a resounding no. Outside of your Rayman example, just look at Splinter Cell (which apparently sold like $#1% EVERYWHERE. And considering that the Wii U audience were the ones to get shafted the most with that title, why aren't they calling out PS & MS gamers for that flop on their systems? Ones that they catered to, gave all the DLC, timely patches & have a robust userbase.

And to be fair, it's not ust Ubi that come up with this bull$#!%. There's companies like Capcom who focus the lion's share of their development on Sony & MS and have had more than their fair share of flops & hits to their bottomline. DMC, Bionic Commando,Lost Planet & others surely weren't Nintendo fans fault, but that didn't seem to stop them. Hell Zak & Wiki which looked like a "kiddy" point & click game with limited budget I beieve pulled in darn near a million copies. That in itself is a small victory for them you would think.

And what about Square who have been grumbling of finances? They also focus most of their CONSOLE efforts on the other 2. So surely those games like Tomb Raider & FF either tanking or not meeting expectations surely cannot be thrown at the feet of Wii U fans. Though titles like Kingdom Hearts & Final Fantasy seem like games that are tailored to the Wii U audience or would plug a hole which may yield good returns for them.

THQ is another. Focused on the other platforms, pulled support from Nintendo & it's fans, talked ish about Nintendo yet they're defunct, Ip's stripped from them, not relevant (at least at the moment) & Nintendo & it's base are still moving. All without having to feeling the burden(s) of pity or remorse for them & their predicament considering that they had done the same to Nintendo & it's fans when they were semi-important.

The facts of the matter is that Nintendo gamers get all the blame, crap & broken promises thrown their way, late/buggy/glitch filled hand me down afterthoughts of ports & whatever else thrown their way that they wouldn't DARE impose on the other bases (who's money or affinity they clearly think is superior or appreciate more). And yet when games flounder on the other fanbase's system they don't bat an eye. No, instead they just keep plugging away & happily sucking the dangles of the other bases as to not enrage them. And NEVER talking down to them as they seem to do Nintendo fans. Double standards if I've ever seen them.

And speaking of double standards, it's always funny (in a looking at monkeys behind glass act up sort of way) how some will jump on Nintendo players for not wanting to support these guys for their practices & apathetic tone towards them, but will empathize,sympathize or flat out ignore & not call out other bases when they do similar things & attitudes. They don't get a game or DLC at the same time as others? Boycotts, threats of harm etc are cool & not as demonized. Nintendo goes out of it's way to get an exclusive? It's wrong, downplayed, anarchy & disparaging comments ensue. Sometimes this happen with some of the same folks here who knock Nintendo fans & quick to belittle them over such actions.

To sum it up, people know Nintendo has flaws. I for one hate who the advertisement (or lack thereof) of The Wonderful 101 was handled as I feel that the title deserved so much more just off the top of my head as an example. However, there's absolutely NO shortage of opinion pieces, stories, videos or whatever pointing out Nintendo's faults. That's been a point of emphasis for well over a decade. This is about Ubisoft today though. The same guys who have screwed up with not just Nintendo payers, but PC, female gamer & others as well over the years. So instead of coming to whiteknight these dudes & milk their dangler because it's a chance to knock Nintendo fans, look at it as unbiasedly as we do when we see Sony & MS frown upon the practices of a Capcom or EA. Then mayne we can talk.

P.s. Sorry it got long winded. I barely post & maybe it just flowed



gameboy1975 commented on Talking Point: New Ideas, Not New IPs, Are The...:


The thimg is though is that you can say the EXACT same thing about almost every game & franchise out there. From Mario to Infamous. COD follows that mold. Battlefied, Uncharted, Donkey Kong, you name it.

Guess that it's time to stop gaming for you my friend; because there can seems to be not much new going on regardless where you go to play. Especially when you take into account the bigger franchises. Maybe tortoid64 should consider the vacation option as well.



gameboy1975 commented on Nintendo Needs To Cut Wii U Cost To Capitalise...:


Well to be fair, maybe some of the sales from Rayman suffered due to the self imposed delay of a pretty much finished product for the Wii U. I know that they lost 2 copies from me because of it. And no, not because of the slight that Wii U owners had to endure, but rather because someone else wanted my money & released titles. And heck, it was at a time where EVERYONE may have benefited much more.

The userbase for Nintendo may have gotten a needed boost aong with the library given the barren state at the time. Ubi may have gotten potentially more revenue along with the potential payment of goodwill down the line from Wii U owners (some of which may be more likely to support you in futre years from recognizing previous efforts). And of course the Wii U fans who would have had a quality title to play in a much less crowded & trying time.

And again, while it wasn't exactly my stance or take on it, you really can't (or maybe we shouldn't) discredit or discount those that felt betrayed (or simply let down) by the Rayman fiasco to say F them (Ubi) as they seemingly did the Wii U fans. They may have very well been ready to put their money where their mouth was. Especialy seeing as out of all the platforms (and with a meager userbase) that it still did admirably DESPITE the "slap" in the face from the company.

Just some things to think about.



gameboy1975 commented on The Wonderful 101 Saving Wallets on Wii U eShop:

To each thier own as they say, but for a beat em up, hack & slash kind of game, I think that it has more length, replay ability & definitely a steeper difficulty than some of these so called AAA blockbusters out here. Especially since it's not artificially inflated with hours of cutscenes with run on dialogue etc.



gameboy1975 commented on Watch_Dogs Wii U 2014 Release a "Possibility",...:

I kinda agree with element. From what I have seen of it thus far, it's not that marvelous graphically. Definitely don't see a need to buy a new machine for Watchdogs. The device that we are using to discuss the title at this very moment is probably adequate enough.

On the topic though, I was mildly interested at first, but really the shafting that is being given to those that wanted to experience it on Wii U is getting a little bothersome. I may just say fark the game altogether & give my hard earned $$$ to someone who seems to actually want it & respect me a bit more as a potential consumer. That or spend it on something else that entertains or intrigues me. However, I am not that stubborn that if they live up to their word that I would not give it a go on the Wii U if it turns out nicely, utilizes the gamepad well & still pique's the interest.



gameboy1975 commented on Ubisoft's Updated Line-Up Still Includes Watch...:

No Binary, they will probably just troll or insult the fanbase for whatever reason (there's an example of that already) , pretend that they never said anything or just find something else to complain or troll about. On topic though, that's good to hear for the Wii U fans looking forward to this game. Not sure how interested I am in this particular title, but if it pans out well I may just look into it. I do hope that Wii U fans reward Ubisoft for their dedication & efforts though instead of just clamoring for 3rd party support without showing these devs some support themselves. Now the time & a chance to step up to the plate folks!!



gameboy1975 commented on A Third-Party "Secret Developer" Gives an Insi...:


And I bet that you're wrong as heck with your over generalizations & woefully inaccurate statements. Considering that almost all my games are 3rd party, I alone pretty much prove the fallacy & frankly foolish ASSumptions that you made. And we all know what they say about those don't we amigo?



gameboy1975 commented on Sega Has No Plans To Bring Alien: Isolation To...:

Man Sega, that is a title from you guys that I may have actually been interested in. It is a shame really; especially since you've screwed Nintendo gamers over woth the other Alien game fiasco. Well, screw me o er & I'll return the favor. So I will get the game used (if at all) or rent it so as to make sure that you don't see a dime of my money. And that Sonic game that was going to recieve a purchase as a gift (and that I contemplated trying out for myself since it looked sort of decent & I was willing to show some love) will stay on the shelf.



gameboy1975 commented on Nintendo Dominates Festive Hardware Charts in ...:


Well to be fair to the Xbox1, Dead Rising3 has waaaay more going on than a Need For Speed game ever will. On topic though, good news for the WiiU. Hopefully the trend continues so those that can't afford (or even want) another system can perhaps get more of their needs met in one place. Plus it's an awesome & unique system that deserves to do better.



gameboy1975 commented on Wii U Hardware Sales Take a Significant Leap i...:

That's good to hear for them. I really just hope that they can continue the momentum so that I can keep getting the games, systems & experiences that they provide. Get some decent 3rd party & all that jazz as well. On a semi related note, it's kinda funny how seemingly decent news such as this hasn't been regurgitated as swiftly (or at all even) by some of these sites as it does when it's seen as not so flattering. That garbage N4g site actually comes to mind. Perhaps 1 of the worst on the net.



gameboy1975 commented on Digital Foundry Heaps Praise on Super Mario 3D...:


Preach it brotha. Because many of these folks that try & act like this whole doom & gloom crap hasn't been laid at Nintendo's doorstep even when they were doing extremely well( or most things right at least at the time) are kidding themselves. It was there WAY before the GC homie. Thus the reason so many are mostly tired of the ish I would say. Criticism is 1 thing, but hearing the same drivel, hate & other crap for almost 2 decades is just tiresome & lame.



gameboy1975 commented on Former Sony Developer Feels The Wii U "Won't S...:


Well see, that's "the rub" or whatever the phrase is dude. Just as a lot of the consistently ( & coincidentally always) here for the doom & gloom sensationalist crap like to inform any Nintendo fans here that enjoy the system or don't care to be bummed out and/or are happy & secure with & in their purchase that their being naive or have their heads "in the sand" (it's always so cute when some take the time to traverse the internet looking for those pics etc as if that tired & overused cliche is still piping hot fresh) need t realize that they are doing the same in regards to all the freaking negativity that has been around since the 64. And yes in some cases, albeit admittedly on a smaller scale earlier.

So, what was the excuse then? Like when the 64 was the stronger hardware? You know, since specs are all of a sudden important. Especially now to the Sony zealots. Or how about the GC (that's suddenly looked at so fondly now in plenty of forums that I've visited) which was also better spec wise & gave way to awesome (& fresh mind you) titles like Eternal Darkness, Luigi's Mansion & others? And then there was the Wii, which was supposed to be a sacrificial lamb in so many ways & went on to become a runaway success.

One thing that they have in common outside of being made by Nintendisks that they were all followed by the donaysayersaywrs. So you would think that after several generations of this that some are just tired & burnt out on the negativity. Or are the only things that fans & the rest here allowed to say they are burnt out on (without condescending/ridiculing remarks, dumb @$$ uninspired gifs & the like) are the franchises & systems that they foolishly convince themselves to enjoy. All while minding their own business, spending their money on what they like while letting live.



gameboy1975 commented on Video: This Is Why CoD: Ghosts Is Best on Wii U:


Not douchey at all, but still doesn't change the fact that you took away from their comment what you wanted. While he/she could've elaborated more, you could have assumed less since no distinction was made.

Hell, I have no real interest in the game & yet I was informed enough to know that the lead designer at Guerilla Games just not too long ago said that the sp part would be 30 fps & multi 60. So 1 could more safely assume if they so chose that that's what they were referring to. Just like if they had specifically said that the ENTIRE game was 30 seconds we could politely tell them how wrong they are as well.

And again, I done know how much has changed in that little bit of time since we read the interview from the lead designer, but for quite a while it repeatedly stated 30 for sp 60 for multi. Eh, at the end of the day, that's a discussion for another forum for another day. Could not care less either way, but happy blasting to those that will or do.



gameboy1975 commented on Video: This Is Why CoD: Ghosts Is Best on Wii U:

well to be fair dude, he/she may not have been specific, but I wouldn't say that they were uninformed; because it's been cited multiple times that the single player is indeed 30 fps where the multi is what's 60. So unless we can point to wherr they pointed out that particular fact, we shouldn't be so quick to jump the gun to label them uninformed my friend.



gameboy1975 commented on Soapbox: Why Grand Theft Auto V Isn't For Me:


Or my friend, it could be that some of us just really don't care about the game or see all the hype concerning it? I don't know why not liking this game gets you weird looks or labeled a hater. I've never really liked the series & found it to be boring & (Imo so don't kill me for it) gimmicky garbage after a while. Take away all the risque material & cliched Hollywood, Breaking Bad or whatever mimicry & the game is not nowhere near as relevant or hyped. And i am almost sure that it wouldn't get by on it's own other merits. Especially since we all know that it wasn't until 3 that it became more than a littke cared about cult classic so to speak (which some fans believe were decent or better in their own right).

Outside of the evolutionary sandbox setting,(as I was already used to seeing open worlds a gen prior, albeit not as "organic", alive or whatever) there just wasn't much that left me impressed. That's not to say that I will act as if those that enjoy it shouldn't; because I believe that choice is king. And really though, some may just want the game on the system just to see their preferred system do better. I believe that the writer even mentions how it damn sure wouldn't hurt it's fortunes. That is 1 of the reasons that I wouldn't care if it landed on the U. To give those guys a choice.

Really though, before the hate card is so carelessly pulled you really need to remember that like me, a lot of us here have an option to play this game if we so choose. Between my brother, a close family friend & myself there's at least 3 systems that we can play it on & even a great gaming PC for that or anything else in the forseeable future. It's funny how quickly we forget just how many multi console owners & PC gamers there are when we get miffed at someone else opinions, wish to to push an agenda, or whatever. I've been able to play every iteration of the game my friend. So far from jealous or being a hater. There's just some that gasp doesn't think that it's all that or are just that into her heh heh. It's almost scary & disturbing how you're not even allowed to dislike, hell even hate if you want (***t, it's a free country) this game or many of the other overhyped games anywhere else, yet when people do the same to certain other titles, mascots or a gem like The Wonderful 101 (as it may not be their kind of game, it looks stupid or whatever) nobody bats an eye or hurls accusations of hate or jealousy or any other thing in between. Eh...



gameboy1975 commented on Atari Founder Nolan Bushnell Claims Nintendo "...:


Well to be fair, what I find maddening yet oh so funny so many times is how some out here only go back as far as 10 years or so to try & make a point about embracing HD gaming. Oh wait, I forget that it's only been close to that time ago that other companies were using that as a buzzword & selling point to get folks to buy into their system ha ha.

I mean, we do know that HD gaming (and HD in general) has been going on way before certain companies had to tell you that it existed & was the bees knees that you needed in your life, right? Funny that nobody seemed to care before then. Anyway, while he has his opinion & outlook ( which should stll be considered) at the moment data seems to suggest otherwise.

Like someone commented on earlier, it is just expanding IMO which can be a good thing for all gamers. Thise who catch the fevertheyry can move on to deeper fare with the various options available via handhelds. That could be their gateway that brings them into the gaming fold. And if not, the more lite fare is there to serve it's purpose for thosd just wanting to scratch the momentary itch.

And then it also is their for the young, smaller, & up & coming devs to maybe have a space to hone their skills before stepping up or making their money carving out their own little niche. In any case, there's options available. And from what I hear (especially on vg boards such as these) that's supposed to always be a good thing.



gameboy1975 commented on Rayman Legends Sells More Copies In The UK On ...:


Yeah, that sucks as far as Splinter Cell goes. I really don't know how bad it is doing to be honest; especially when I hear that a lot of the digital buys go undetected for a bit. To be fair to the userbase though, there's been plenty of reports of the bugs in the game and the knowledge that it's missing features & essentially gimped in some ways...yet they're still expected to kick out 60 bucks.

So yeah, the sales may not be up to par, but that also seems to be the case in some ways concerning the product. Hell, I wanted the title bad as I have not played a SC since the gen before last. However, I am personally waiting for the supposed patches that are coming (like the ones that I hear are already promptly done for the other systems) and kinks to be worked out before I part with my dough. That $$$ can be better served elsewhere or on another title until they make me a priority as they do fans of (their) games on other platforms. Plain & simple UBISOFT as games are NOT a necessity.



gameboy1975 commented on Rayman Legends Sells More Copies In The UK On ...:

All over the net where i have read this news, i notice that the usual naysayers & others downplaying it only wanna look at it 1 way it seems. Nevermind that yeah the u version may not be light years ahead in sales, but given the install base & the fact that they may have missed even more wii u sales with the delay is also very valid. I can tell you that they personally lost 2 sales of the game from yours truly.

And it is nothing about being bitter, but rather that now there's other titles that have leap frogged it or have my interest. They could have filled that lull, grab some of these sales , and still sold it to the other fans; that instead of competing with more intruiging softawre & angering or losing the interest of other potential buyers. So you can say what you want, but there's also other ways to look at it if we're going to spin things.



gameboy1975 commented on Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Reportedly Sells Less Than 200...:


I couldn't agree with what you said any more. Many people out there fail to realize (in their quest to make some generalized stereotypical point) that although they use familiar characters they're often shaking things up with new ways to play & different game play mechanics all together.



gameboy1975 commented on Capcom Confirms 37.3% Drop in Profits in Secon...:

Well to be fair, it really shouldn't be much news to Nintendo fans as they (Capcom) have not given them much for quite a few years to begin with. Hopefully it won't somehow be made their fault, but I wouldn't be surprised if they said that it was ha ha.



gameboy1975 commented on Talking Point: Pikmin 3 Shows the First Shoots...:

Well to be fair, I see people overreacting about a ton of this stuff as well. Like with every piece of negative info or Patcher prediction. Funny how when there's data CLEARLY showing a correlation between the release of a title & a spike in systems sold, it's to be overlooked & downplayed almost immediately. Yet when vague comments are made by any retailers pointing out less than stellar sales it is gospel.

And really, I also think that most people have a flawed idea of what constitutes a "system seller"; because even if only 2 people purchase a system for ANY game, that in itself would indeed make that game a system seller Whether you expect more units moved or care for that title or not is irrelevant in that situation. If a system is purchased becauss someone wanted to play that game, then it has indeed served it's purpose as a system seller.



gameboy1975 commented on Ubisoft - Splinter Cell: Blacklist A "Great Fi...:


My sentiments exactly dude. I so get tired of Nintendo "fanboys" always crying & getting butthurt over devs not wanting to bring titles to their system, yet they don't support the devs that actually try to bring quality content to them & the system! As you pointed out in the case of Pikmin; it's Nintendo's IP, which means it's going NOWHERE! And as we all know, Nintendo will make their $$$ from it as their games are notorious for keeping the same price point for pretty much the duration.

Ubisoft (& others) on the other hand don't have that luxury. And they running a business will have to do what's best for them if the support isnt there. Now I have defended people for the feeling of being taken for granted & treated as "lesser" customers in the past. However, there comes a time as well when you're a bit more unbiased where I see where these companies are talking about & what they are going through.

And really, it just gets kind of tiresome to hear Nintendo fans cry & complain when no one wants to support their favorite system whe you're overlooking the quality efforts given to the system for (Nintendo) games that aren't going anywhere. Really, I can honestly see why some of these devs are like put up or shut up. And as much I enjoy Nintendo & their games, if you think that they can survive with just their talent & efforts alone, then...well I don't know what to tell you actually.



gameboy1975 commented on Nintendo Not Focusing Too Much On What Other C...:

Never came close to dropping it in those instances bud. Not even once. Maybe you are just a little clumsy? It has falle. Out of my hand about as much as any other controller in my life. On another note though, maybe you are just plain doing it wrong sir? Because I have doing much more than playing Mario on it. Especially since I don't even own Mario for it. Well lookie there, it does do more than play Mario & the other canned responses regarding Nintendo games.



gameboy1975 commented on NBA 2K14 Won't Be Slam Dunking On Wii U:

Well this kinda blows as my little ones that I purchased last years edition for won't get a chance to get next years since they're being not-nice people. At the end of the day though, eff it & eff them too. As i said before, someone else will get that money. There is no excuse not to have the game on the platform as they already had it up on the system. And ANY sales that you get from a title that isn't even pushing the hardware a little is a gain. The assets are most likely from the 360 with very little optimization I am almost certain.

Again, it only even pisses me off a little because my peeps are being cheated out of the game & I know that he will want it. Ah well, next man up. It's only toys we are talking about here.



gameboy1975 commented on Oh Snap, Now Rayman Legends Is Coming To PS Vi...:

And by no means do I want my previous post to be taken as an anti Ubisoft. Merely 1 that, as a consumer I want (and wholeheartedly DESERVE) to be just as fair & seemingly important as those who play on other consoles. And that treating another base as 2nd class is not the way to go. Again, it may not be much in the grand scheme, but 2 sales is still 2 sales. And who knows how many others may feel slighte? That or just don't care any damn more & will spend with someone else.

With that said, if you're still looking forward to the game or a fan of RayMan, by all means support the devs hard work. And remember, Ubi are STILL giving the Wii U plenty of love! And with some of their heavg hitters like AC4, Watch Dogs & Splinter Cell. So don't be some of these fans who will cut off their nose to spite their face as that could & possibly evenfually WILL leave you with nothing!



gameboy1975 commented on Oh Snap, Now Rayman Legends Is Coming To PS Vi...:

Damn if that isn't another kick in the nuts of those Nintendo fans looking forward to this game. Theyv certainly treated their Wii U base pretty poorly regarding this game. I for damn sure won't be buying the game now. And it's solely to do with their reluctance to get the game out sooner & deciding to make a certain fanbase wait. I have never really been into RayMan, but my nephew LOVED the demo.

However, after so much time passing he seems to have lost interest. So needless to say that coin be better served elsewhere (or even on another ttle. deus Ex maybe). It may not seem as significant in the long run, but they would maybe have had 2 sales from me instead of 1; as he was hyped for it & my interest was piqued when I played the musical level on the demo. Now if I even touch the game it is going to be bargain bin or used. Especially announcing a perhaps enhanced port on a system that's doing just as poorly (or worse) that you gave first rights to. Hell, if I get a Vita I may just play it there as it won't cost 60 plus bucks & will probably end up in a bargain bin much quicker!



gameboy1975 commented on Media Outlets List Call of Duty: Ghosts for Wii U:

Why do some folks only worry about business sense when it comes to Nintendo consoles? I mean, unless you you are like the president or ceo for Activision orhp have an extremely high amount of stocks that could affect your longterm financial future, then why would it (or should it) matter so much to you? You rarely see this sentiment or double standard displayed so prominently or vehemently concerning the other 2. Who also by the way have had their fair share of failures.



gameboy1975 commented on WWE 2K14 Set To Skip Wii U:

Really sucks for fans of the wrestling games (like my nephew) and ultimately the library of the Wii U, but really no big loss to me. Let's be real here, ever since AKI stopped making them the wrestinggames have been ****ty as all get out. Actually, the last one that I purchased was WRESTLEMANIA something on GC. And the last that I played wasn't much better. Ah well, I may have purchased itif only for my nephew who still loves wrestling, but now that's 1 that I simply won't even have to consider. Like I say, they're only games man. Toys if you will. That's money that can go somewhere else. Or better yet to a dev who may need or want it.



gameboy1975 commented on WWE 2K14 Set To Skip Wii U:

Really sucks for fans of the wrestling games (like my nephew) and ultimately the library of the Wii U, but really no big loss to me. Let's be real here, ever since AKI stopped making them the wrestinggames have been ****ty as all get out. Actually, the last one that I purchased was WRESTLEMANIA something on GC. And the last that I played wasn't much better. Ah well, I may have purchased itif only for my nephew who still loves wrestling, but now that's 1 that I simply won't even have to consider. Like I say, they're only games man. Toys if you will. That's money that can go somewhere else. Or better yet to a dev who may need or want it.



gameboy1975 commented on Peter Molyneux: If I were Nintendo, I'd Put Ma...:

What I always find funny is that there's always folks here who claim that they don't care where the games are played or whateveALWAYS make mention of Nintendo putting their games any & everywhere, but they never make mention of Sony or MS doing exactly the same. It would surely make these arguments a lot more credible if we heard the same sound reasoning being displayed for all. Especially since it is a situation with these tablets & cellphones that can & probably will affect them all in a similar manner.



gameboy1975 commented on Skullgirls Wii U eShop Release "Unlikely" Unti...:

So if I am not impressed by or like the game I am some angry fanboy or hater? Come on man. It just never seemed that interesting to me. Well not interesting enough for me to care about it coming to a home console. Really, at the end of the day it is only games. They don't want to bring it over, fine. That's their choice. That's money that THEY don't make. And like someone aforementioned,the 3DS could've been a potential target. With it's momentum, the e-shop presence & install base, that may have a been an environment where both parties could pitentially benefit. You get to expose your game to another audience of potential buyers with a decent install base, perhaps nabbing some followers. And Nintendo users get a new game to try & maybe enjoy.

The funny thing is that while I don't think much ofthe game or what i have seen of it previously, if they had actually put it out for the system I may have wound up purchasing it as it looks like something that my sis would ask me about. Or even my fiancé who plays games every now & then. The female leads would've dragged them in which in turn may have gotten my money spent on it. Or perhaps I may have purchased it when I was bored as hell & had some throw away cash? How about someone who's on (or been on) the fence that impulse buys? One of those previously given examples is why I have Trine for real. And in all reality, that seems like a much more expensive venture than a 2D fighter to bring over, but whatever works.

And who knows how many others there are out of the 4 million or so Wii U owners with similar thinking, positioning etc.. Ah well, it's good to know that they made the decision for us not to worry about it. And if there's 1 thing that I absolutely CAN guarantee is that if they dont want to grab the Nintendo fanbases money that another dev wants it & will. And yeah,I get bummed every now & then about missing a title or 2. Any gamer has or will at some point, but this surely isn 1 of those instances ha ha.



gameboy1975 commented on Feature: The GamePad - From Waggling Remotes T...:

Not even close homey. You can say all that you want about what you believe the entirety of Nintendo's fans uttered, but like most would acknowledge they've always innovated well before the gamecube. They've always marched to their own beat whether it was popular, a success or not. And that's why when you try to say that it was sudden I'll say that it wasn't.

You try & make a point about they weren't touting innovation when gameboys were selling, so why not just keep it gameboy & keep selling? After all the gameboy was still selling. And they could've perhaps continued selling snes ports, but wanted to do something different. THEY pretty much killed it off. There was no need for them to do what they did except for them wanting to do it. Plain & simple.Doesn't explain why they went out & made the virtual boy either when they were undoubtedly doing pretty damn well back then. For all we know 3D gaming was on their horizon before you had a clue. Guess that was all in response to the gamecube's "failure" as well.

And as far as the whole eyetoy quip that you made, it's a big difference when you just make an item to use on a system & you make a whole system dedicated to an idea that you envision. And when that vision influences a generation & beyond, the difference is even more pronounced. Also, nobody ever said Nintendo does it all or that nobody else did anything, but please dude. Do we really need to list how many times they've come up with (or expanded/improved upon) an idea & then the others have the same epiphany?

And your "point" concerning no innovation in the game series that you mentioned, I think that's more of a question of originality, but I hear ya. And then again, some of that can even be debated, but at this point I am feeling nice & don't really care.



gameboy1975 commented on Feature: The GamePad - From Waggling Remotes T...:

Funny thing is, there is nothing sudden about Nintendo & their innovation. It's what they have ALWAYS done. That is why there were things like the powereglove, the virtual boy, gameboy connectivity & tons of other ideas; successful or not. So I don't get where you even try to insinuate that it is sudden dude. That's just been what they've done. Sudden as you put it would be kinect & move.