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ACK commented on Feature: Five Remastered Games We'd Love to Pl...:

No. Please. I don't want any if these games ported to the 3DS. They don't fit a portable vibe. F-Zero GX could work (though it would have to be neutered), but I'd be much happier with a simple straight Wii U port/VC release. Eternal Darkness did come to mind, but I still don't feel that it offers much for a portable experience. That said, the 3D effect could be excellent and if it were the harbinger of a new entry (a la Xenoblade) that would be fantastic.

I would gag if they decided to port Twilight Princess to the 3DS... Even the thought of it is too much. That game would benefit greatly from an HD release and I don't think the 3DS is capable of the improvements it could use. Any framerate issues would immediately render this port useless. Besides, a new entry in the vein of ALBW is too obvious to pass up.



ACK commented on Review: Ice Cream Surfer (Wii U eShop):

This game is alright for a quick, simple schmup fix. It may even be a preferred choice if you hope to play co-op with a kid or significant other. It's on sale right now for $1.50 and for anyone with an affinity for basic, arcadey schmups and/or the saccharine aesthetic I'd give it a shot as a nice little co-op time-killer.

The only problem I have with it is that the enemy projectiles get lost in the menagerie of sugary colors.



ACK commented on Intriguing Indie Developer Simogo Teases Wii U...:

Don't mind if I do! ...Download these Simogo games from the eShop, that is. I abhor playing games on a smart phone and nearly always prefer any console/handheld port, so this is fantastic news. Simogo has real chops when it comes to crafting an experience around relatively simple mechanics. And I can't wait to see how they adapt to the Wii U interface, which should offer some tantalizing opportunities to expand and/or improve the interactivity and playability of these affecting indie gems.



ACK commented on Splatoon Developers Give a Splash of Informati...:

I completely reject the notion that voice chat is a requirement for teamwork success. I played in a top-level Team Fortress Classic map for years with no voice chat (granted we did use key binds) and 56k (that's another story). Anyway, our teamwork never suffered and we even felt more proficient without all the chatter.

In the case of Splatoon there is clearly more than enough information available on the gamepad screen. In games like TFC, 90% of the teamwork chatter is along the lines of "I'm out of position/respawning", "The enemy infiltrated our base", "I'm bringing their flag ____", "They are taking our flag ____", etc.

Basically all that information is on the gamepad screen, so why fill the air with noise? A good Splatoon player will learn to quickly gauge the battlefield situation with a glance at the gamepad. That leaves you less reliant on your teammates communicating accurate info and removes a degree of clumsiness in my opinion.



ACK commented on Review: Dolphin Up (Wii U eShop):

Cool game that my son and daughter cannot get enough of. I really, really wish it was more fleshed out with more modes, collectibles, special challenges, progression, etc... The mechanics are great, but the core design is a little meager.



ACK commented on Nintendo Remains Silent on Third Party Wii Gam...:

@Cyberbotv2 Well, the PS4 is the top-seller, same as when the Wii VC was seeing a lot of releases. And all those Wii VC games are available on the Wii U so there is less of an impetus in that regard.

Again, the Japanese VC has about twice as many games available for Wii U. Since NOA is so tight-lipped, the only explanation we have is Dan Adelman touting the drip-feed policy. It sure seems something is rotten in the marketing/sales department.



ACK commented on Nintendo Remains Silent on Third Party Wii Gam...:

@Mega719 Yeah, claiming the VC is dead compared to Wii is ignorant of some basic facts. The Wii VC released with something like 30 titles, for one. But after WiiWare came about we were getting 1 or 2 a week. That is because of the drip feed policy to give WiiWare devs more exposure since most people would rather buy a subpar VC game lime TMNT over something like LA Mulana.

Beyond that, we can't ignore the stuff we clamored for on Wii (Earthbound, Demon's Crest, MMX2/3, GBA, etc.) that has actually been released on on Wii U. What I assume is a that since the Wii VC is still available through BC, third-parties are less concerned about revisiting those releases. Honestly, I often prefer the Wii VC versions to those on the Wii U.

Either way, it's clear to me that there is more to this than Nintendo and/or third-parties outright abandoning the platform.



ACK commented on Nintendo Remains Silent on Third Party Wii Gam...:

@MasterBlaster That is probably due to NOA's stewardship. My feeling is that they blamed some of the poor Wii third-party sales on stuff like the VC... I mean, NOA's marketing and sales departments are hardly competent, but they aren't likely to point the finger inward or anything. They need a scapegoat.

Anyway, check out the Japnese Wii U VC. According Wikipedia, there have been 260 VC games released so far, approximately double the NA catalog. The lack of support in NA/EU doesn't appear to be solely due to the waning interest of third-parties.



ACK commented on Nintendo Remains Silent on Third Party Wii Gam...:

@Grumblevolcano I do agree that Sonic Colors was good, just to call it one of the best feels like a knock on the Wii catalog. Regarding Sega though... A Wii release wouldn't be any sort of significant investment and they did state that they were focusing on mobile AND the Sonic brand. The implication to me was that Sonic games would be the focus of any console releases. We'll see.

I have to think that Sega would be one of the first to jump in, considering their support of the VC and other digital services. Here's hoping.



ACK commented on Nintendo Remains Silent on Third Party Wii Gam...:

@Mega719 That you haven't already is a major oversight. Rectify it immediately.

Start with Archives: REmake, RE4, and Silent Hill: SM. Move onto Arhives : CV and RE2 if you can find them. Umbrella Chronicles and Darkside Chronicles are worth a spin in co-op.



ACK commented on Nintendo Remains Silent on Third Party Wii Gam...:

@Grumblevolcano Yuck, one of the best Wii games? I'm not sure it would make my top 30... Maybe not even my top 50. I swear, the Wii Sonic games are only outstripped by Nights Wii in overrated games on the console. Sometimes I think people are desperate for decent Sega games. I remember choking on my burrito when I read Nintendo Power rank Nights as a top ten Wii game way back when. Gross.

I have a massive Wii library and I'd personally rank pretty much all the Wii Sonic games towards the lower end, but that's me. Sega's output on the system in general wasn't impressive. That said, I'd say there's s great chance of a Wii VC release of Sonic Colors, though, if that's your thing.



ACK commented on Nintendo Remains Silent on Third Party Wii Gam...:

One game that no one mentions is Dawn of Discovery. Awesome little Wii RTS that is accessible and appeals to all. And with the lack of Wii U RTS ganes , it would certainly fill a void. Playing with a Wiimote and the GamePad propped up a stand while lying on the couch is too good.

Of course there is a huge catalog of far more obvious choices that would be excellent, but I just felt compelled to plug this forgotten little gem.



ACK commented on Review: GetClose: A Game for RIVALS (Wii U eShop):

Despite the gimmick, I'd really appreciate being able to use a controller for each player. In most situations it's just not practical to "get close" enough to play. I'm a little offended that the developers adhered to their contrived gimmick rather than offer the most accessible, comfortable experience for the players.

I'd seriously like to break this out at parties, but it's not worth the trouble to force everyone to shuffle around. It's a plain unappealing proposition.

Cool game otherwise, but I would not recommend it to most due to this one massive restriction.



ACK commented on Starr Mazer Wii U and 3DS Stretch Goals Announced:

We can make that Wii U stretch. I'll make an exception and likely enthusiastically back this one, simply because it may be our one shot at a legit point and click on the Wii U. Absurd, given the interface is ideal.



ACK commented on YouTube Stars Aren't Happy With Nintendo's Rev...:

The free expression crap is pure nonsense. You have to be from la-la land to believe that. Anyone is still free to express their views on Nintendo games, on YouTube or otherwise. Nintendo simply created a program to force YouTubers who monetize their videos to share the revenue.

This is about the freedom to make money and reveals the true colors of these YouTube "stars". They are simply in it to make money, so if you think their coverage and opinions are genuine then you're plain naive. Can there be any doubt, based upon these responses, that their coverage is potentially compromised by the PR departments of the games they show?

I mean, if your choice of game coverage is based upon which will grant you the greatest cut of revenue... Then I just see them as a disservice to gaming fans and detriment to game journalism.



ACK commented on YouTube Stars Aren't Happy With Nintendo's Rev...:

I love it. I don't really put much faith in YouTubers propelling Nintendo games to popularity--in fact, I've never heard of a positive correlation between YouTube coverage of a Nintendo game and increased sales.

I think these kids better recognize that this is Nintendo. We all indebted to them for saving the game industry and repeatedly expanding its appeal. A little YouTube coverage is of no consequence.



ACK commented on Interview: Wales Interactive on its Wii U Brea...:

In mind, it's a great travesty that Wiimote FPS never caught on and became a standard control method. I know the developer's sorta tried and there are numerous issues to tackle (prime among them is that most gamers don't want to monkey around with customizing their controls to maximize viability, especially with auto-aim as a standard), but the vast majority of games were of your standard fare with depressingly little originality.

Really only MP3, Red Steel 2, Goldeneye, and The Conduit attempted to adapt to the platform and realize the potential of the Wiimote + Nunchuk setup... Though they were all good and the controls often excellent... Due to their deritave nature and design only MP3 truly succeeded. And probably too late.

That this means we may have seen the end of the Wiimote FPS era is depressing and an afront to my gaming sensibilities.

Anyway, these games look solid and I will surely support them right off the bat, as I did Master Reboot. Wales Interactive, you are appreciated.



ACK commented on Nintendo Download: 8th January (North America):

Disappointing to see a lack of Chariot hype in here. It's a one-of-a-kind co-op experience! If you have someone with whom you are capable of earnest cooperation, you must look into this one. Highly recommended.



ACK commented on Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition Cr...:

@Pod It's a way Nintendo can throw third-parties a bone and convince them to release games on their systems without fully funding the endeavor yet still ensuring exclusivity. I'd love more traditional third-party releases; however, they've all but abandoned Nintendo platforms. This a clever salve to boost the available software while lessening the risk to both Nintendo and potential partners.



ACK commented on Nintendo Download: 8th January (North America):

Anyone looking for a co-op game to play with a significant other: Chariot is an excellent option that really seems to charm the gals. Really demands coordination in a way that lends itself to that sort of situation.

For best results, you may want to bungee yourselves together. You should be real close...



ACK commented on Bayonetta 2 Wins The Ablegamers' Accessible Ma...:

@Kaze_Memaryu Come on now, Bayonetta 2 is easy as pie compared to 1... The improvements in design are obvious and striking. Bayonetta is a game I would only recommend to the most dedicated and forgiving gamers. Bayonetta 2 is a game I would recommended to gamers of all experience (ignoring that knowledge of the first is basically required to follow the sequel's plot). Everything from the progression to the dynamics to the difficulty has been altered to be accessible to all. Despite any predispositions toward the series, that is a commendable, worthwhile evolution.



ACK commented on Bayonetta 2 Wins The Ablegamers' Accessible Ma...:

I despise the perception that the Bayonetta series is somehow over-sexualized, or gratuitously violent. These games deserve to be enjoyed by all, despite prejudice or preconception.

Honestly, they are no worse than your average comic book, or anime... In fact, they're likely much tamer... Especially considering the vast majority of violence is against angelic , or demonic monstrosities. In fact, both games are among the least offensive M-rated games I've played and barely inappropriate for adolescents, despite some unfortunate language. And that's coming from someone who gets offended by the drivel on American broadcast TV during primetime...



ACK commented on Year in Development: Nyamyam:

This game is a clever idea that doesn't sound fun to play. Maybe on iOS, where shallow puzzle games thrive, as a quick, relaxing pick-up... But for more demanding gamers on a dedicated platform, there is not enough there to stand out over much meatier games. If you are not charmed by the aesthetic (which, to many, is only nice or pleasant), then this game is not going to justify the cost.

It's the unfortunate market reality. But I will say that I found Tengami to be a rather indulgent product... And not necessarily in a good way.



ACK commented on Review: Meme Run (Wii U eShop):

I hold no grudge against this game's existence. It is easily enough ignored and I completely support an open market on the eShop. There are better things to worry about than drivel drowning out art. Using your energy to support the games you enjoy is much more productive than bothering with this. Not to mention, that is a healthier means to protect the sanctity of the eShop, as opposed to censorship.



ACK commented on Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams GamePad Sound Pa...:

I honestly deleted it from my console after I realized the sound was glitched. This is welcome news as I played through enough to know the way I want to play it is on the Gamepad while my kids are watching Disney movies or various equivalents.

The multiplayer would greatly enhance my desire to dive back into Twisted Dreams, but I would happily invest in Dieselstormers, you know... Given the opportunity on the eShop...



ACK commented on Black Forest Games Confirms New Giana Sisters ...:

I want Dieselstormer on Wii U. I seem to recall the Kickatarter including a Wii U version...

More Giana Sisters could be good, but 60fps needs to be a priority and the controls could use some polish.



ACK commented on Activision Expands Skylanders Line-Up With New...:

The secret is that most Skylanders sit on a shelf, or in a box somewhere unused. Once you realize that, amiibo's success is much more obvious.

I think both DI2 and, to a lesser degree, Trap Team are wasted entries. Outside of the Toy Box (which is still unwieldy), there is little value in the DI2 set. And Trap Team is a neat idea that doesn't mesh with the Skylanders brand and design.

The market is ripe for Nintendo because the people who are comfortable buying figures are ready for something different and SSB is a far richer and enjoyable game, despite the limitations of amiibo. Plus you have the appeal of Nintendo characterers, which will draw new people into the market because most gamers are bound to have at least one character that entices them.

That's the power of amiibo that many ignore - deciding to jump in requires just the purchase of a figure, if you already own a compatible game. The other games require you to take an expensive first leap, then compounded by the pressure to buy more figures simply to unlock content in that one game. Next year, you have to do it all again with little to show for your investment.

Think about it, amiibo is a problem for Skylanders and DI because not only does it feature popular characters, but it highlights the major flaw in the competitors' game design.



ACK commented on Demand For amiibo Continues As Pre-Orders For ...:

@AVahne The figures look great, actually. If you are a collector, you are well aware of the wide range of quality in mass-produced figures. I've loved the Marvel Legends figures since a kid, but I will not buy even the rarest sight-unseen due to the horrible defects I regularly witness. With limbs that fall off, shameful paint jobs, and even burnt plastic.. They are far worse than amiibo, honestly. (And almost twice as expensive, to boot.)

Actually amiibo are notable for being among the highest quality Nintendo figures widely available at retail. The store I work at has historically sold through any Nintendo figures (most recently, the World of Nintendo line) they receive very quickly. The market has been pining for something like these.



ACK commented on Demand For amiibo Continues As Pre-Orders For ...:

It needs to be clarified that Nintendo will withold stock for brick-and-mortar stores. Preorders are generally limited to around 30-60% of stock, so there is a very good chance retailers near you will be receiving shipments soon if they haven't already.

My understanding is that these subsequent waves are not street-dated, so they could be put out on the shelves any day. If there is someone you want, call around everyday if possible. For reference, the store I work at is currently awaiting a shipment of 14 Zeldas, 11 Diddys, and 8 Little Macs.



ACK commented on Talking Point: The Legend of Zelda on Wii U St...:

Don't expect any direct feed. Clearly Nintendo was keen to show off the scope and ambition of the project, but the game is obviously not at a point where they want to show it under such a microscope. In all likelihood everything just started coming together and running relatively smoothly, but their goal is undoubtedly to make every scene up to par with the original reveal trailer.

I'm just happy they threw us a bone and I can't wait to explore the overworld and start discovering dungeons, which are always topnotch in any LoZ release. Though, I do wish they at least ended after they came upon that tower...



ACK commented on Nintendo Reveals New Wii U Footage and Details...:

Clearly Nintendo is just getting everything together, so it was their intent to show the scale, scope, and ambition of this project. I don't think they wanted to show a direct feed of it in this early state because the goal is for everything to look up to par with the original trailer, which will still take some work. But it's promising to see that they have the over world constructed and running smoothly enough that it seems they can start worrying about frills and other details.

The real intrigue are the dungeons yet to be seen. Zelda games never let down in that area, though. So this taste is very exciting for the prospect of discovering them.



ACK commented on Parent Trap: amiibo Packs a Hidden Family Payload:

@rjejr Nah, it's far more likely that people are powering off their system at an improper time. The game doesn't necessarily show you when it is auto-saving. And the fact that the majority of people report it happening after playing For Glory supports the "rage-quitting" theory. (This is the internet, everyone wants to blame and no one wants to admit fault.)

Go about your business the way you see fit, but you're going to be waiting awhile on a fix that is probably about 50% likely to ever come. Meanwhile the vast majority of players will go on playing and never encounter the error themselves.

So far there is more evidence supporting user error as the cause than any sort of bug or glitch. Look around the internet, the heaviest players are still putting in hundreds of hours with no issues.

EDIT: Anyway, I just hope you understand that there is not a great chance of a legit fix coming at all. And the error will not brick you system, yet the actions you take to rectify it might.

And your analogy is lost on me because the game is not broken. I'm playing it right now, with 3 other friends on separate Wii Us who have all played extensively since launch with no issues. Any data can become corrupt, but just think about it for a bit. Do you honestly think it's more likely that SSB saves are magically corrupting themselves, or the small number of people who are having issues made erred in accidentally causing it to become corrupted? Don't underestimate the way things get blown out of proportion on the internet.