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I'm a huge Nintendo and pony fan.

Male, 24, United States

Nothing to deep here, I'm just a guy who likes his Nintendo games. I also am a fan of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series. I sometimes draw, though not often.

Sun 22nd January, 2012

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Lunapplebloom commented on Poll: Have You Been Able to Buy the Super Smas...:

My problem is that I got the whole game and adapter bundle, but it is yet to arrive in the mail even though it was supposed to arrive the day before Thanksgiving. I've practically lost faith it will ever show, but maybe it will be a Christmas Miracle and show on the last day in the post before then.

Amiibo has been a different story. I've preordered all the figures going into wave 2 and 3. Only one I'm not certain on is Rosalina and Luma, Since she's not available to preorder.



Lunapplebloom commented on Nintendo's New Response: Some amiibo "Likely" ...:

@Aqueous Understandable. I guess my figure collecting bug got ahold of me again. I even told myself to just get only a couple, and then it blew up. :P Lucina is my next figure I look forward to most, followed by Robin. I hope to have a nice little Fire Emblem set eventually.



Lunapplebloom commented on Nintendo's New Response: Some amiibo "Likely" ...:

I had a feeling this would happen. Went to the midnight release of Smash Bros. U at the local Gamestop, even though I had my copy preordered online (which I'm still waiting for...). I decided to pick up some amiibos since I was there, and asked which were available. The employee I talked too listed the amiibos in this article as not being available past preorders, and alarms went off in my head. I knew then and there that if I wanted a chance of getting them, I'd have to check other stores that would carry them ASAP.

Long story short, I now have 9 out of 12 of wave 1, which includes Marth, Villager, and Wii Fit Trainer. The ones I'm currently missing are Yoshi, Mario, and DK. I figured if any would still be on shelves, they would be for an inevitable sale.

I'm not taking any chances with the rest of them. Have both Shulk and Metaknight on preorder since they are exclusive. Would have preordered Lucario, but that's sadly not an option anymore, since the nearest Toys R Us to check is 100s of miles away. I may be at the mercy of scalpers on that one.

@Aqueous By all means. Even if it's not going to be used by you, you could make a decent profit if kept sealed.



Lunapplebloom commented on Nintendo 64x64: Star Wars: Rogue Squadron:

I played the sequels more than this one, so I can't give it a fair shake. Never owned it either, so that doesn't help.

What I do remember is that I did have fun when I did play it. I'll always prefer Star Fox though, but all personal taste there.



Lunapplebloom commented on Retailer Lists Super Smash Bros. Wii U for 21s...:

Hmm... That date seems viable. I would have expected a date by now if this was any other game. Nintendo must be worried how the 3DS version might perform I suppose. Still, they are running out of time to keep the official date hidden much longer.

@Midnafanboy you are probably right about Watch_Dogs. Still, there is a slight possibility you could be wrong, so best to just wait till we see something conclusive. Don't plan on buying either way, however.
PS Love that avatar. :)



Lunapplebloom commented on Nintendo 64x64: Lylat Wars / Star Fox 64:

As much as I love this game, I must give props to the 3DS remake for just making everything better. Improving on perfection really. Everything looked so good and smooth, and added to the overall experience.

Doesn't knock my score at all for the original, but I'd highly recommend that version over the original, especially if you have a 3DS XL



Lunapplebloom commented on Nintendo 64x64: Body Harvest:

Never owned this for obvious reasons. The games title alone screams "Do not buy!" to my parents if they ever looked at it. :P

Interesting though that the ground concept for open worlds was there, though buggy.



Lunapplebloom commented on Nintendo 64x64: Mario Party:

I know you guys linked this in your last feature with the N64, but I think another link featuring this somewhere prominently on the front page would be good as well.



Lunapplebloom commented on Nintendo 64x64: Mario Party:

Mario Party! Now we're talking. I never really played any of the other games up for review so far besides Mario 64. Even though I had a 64, my scope of gaming was rather limited compared to today.

Glad I can finally participate in another.



Lunapplebloom commented on Walmart Lists Blue And Red Smash Bros 3DS XL C...:

I'll be needing to pick up a new 3DS at some point. My XL took a really nasty knock of falling off a moving vehicle, but somehow functions almost perfectly still. I'll probably wait for the New 3DS XL comes around. This Smash one seems enticing, but it's not worth it to me with a new model coming soon.

What's more interesting to me is that Alienware console in the ad. Never knew they were entering the console space via Steam. I'll need to research that...



Lunapplebloom commented on Talking Point: The Wii U May be Best as One of...:

Well, technically I'm still in the last generation if according to what some may say about the Wii U... :P

But no, I love my little deluxe black box, and still think it's been a worthwhile purchase since day 1.

However, I'll probably go with my tried and true method last generation. That was own a Wii since day 1, and own a PS3 after some time had passed and was cheaper. So that means I'll pick up a PS4 somewhere down the line. Just nothing that really makes me want to purchase right now...



Lunapplebloom commented on The Hyrule Warriors Artbook Catches The Eye Wi...:

Well, this escalated quickly...

As a fan who has played every Zelda out there (besides CDI Zelda games. Sorry weirdo Philips Link :P ), I'm really not against this. As long as they do it right and optional. Judging from this book, the concept was there, but in the end rejected. I wonder who it was that said no...



Lunapplebloom commented on Nintendo Announces The GameCube Controller Ada...:

Huzzah, I say! I was figuring on possibly stockpiling some Wii U Pro controllers for this game, but seems I may not need as many as expected. Now to pull out my wave bird when the time comes...

Hopefully, this means GameCube VC is also on the way. Though I'd love to stick my old collection straight into the console's disc reader, according to @Discostew, that isn't going to happen. Still, digital would be nice! :)



Lunapplebloom commented on Best Buy's 'Smash-Fest' Venues, Perks and Demo...:

Just checked for Hawaii (even though there is no Best Buy on my island) just for the heck of it. To my surprise, Hawaii isn't even listed...

Oh well, I guess I'll sit this out same as last year. :( Why not try having these demos at Gamestop as well, Nintendo?



Lunapplebloom commented on Here Are Plenty of Lovely Hyrule Warriors Scre...:

@Jaz007 I agree with you there. I know that in past Zelda's there were always some characters that showed off some of their assests, but this is easily the most seen despit the fairies in Ocarina of Time. I'll just chalk it up with the developers trying to squeeze in their mark. Still though, not as bad as others, but yeah, not much of a fan.

All that aside, I am really hyped for this! I was hyped back when we had the first trailer, but now it's gone higher. I know my brothers will get a kick out of multiplayer. This can't come soon enough!



Lunapplebloom commented on The Wii U Version Of Super Smash Bros. Will Ut...:

So not totally confirmed now, but still possible...

Well I would like to see what could come of this NFC stuff, just so long as they proceed with caution. To make it mandatory could upset a whole bunch of people, though could see it used for small add on things that don't matter. have to wait and see

I know one thing though, I'm gonna buy all those figures eventually... :P



Lunapplebloom commented on Hyrule Warriors Screenshots and Gameplay Detai...:

Oh yeah! This is looking sweet! Never really could get into the warrior series a great deal, but this looks like it will be a nice combination of the 2 series. Add in the fact that it has local multiplayer with the gamepad with multiple characters from the Zelda series new and old, and this has the makings of being awesome.

Can't wait for more at E3. :D



Lunapplebloom commented on Club Nintendo Distributing Tomodachi Life Demo...:

Yay! I got me a code! :D

The first time having platinum has ever gotten me something useful besides the end of the fiscal year rewards. Missed the chance to try the Wii U before it released since I couldn't make it, and the Pizza Hut gift promotion from Reggie.

Sad that there seems to be a bunch of people not getting it though. :( I hope your emails come soon enough, and good luck!



Lunapplebloom commented on Lucasfilm Decrees That All Star Wars Video Gam...:

Well that's... odd... I never really considered much canon besides a few of the games, but flat out saying everything is a bit extreme. I can still see lots of game stuff before episode 1 still fitting in, as well as a couple in between for the prequels.

I guess they are just covering themselves in case the new movies step on something that was established in the EU of Star Wars so they don't get major backlash.

Still, looking forward to seeing what they do with these new films. I'm a fan of Abrams Star Trek Films, so this could be interesting to see.



Lunapplebloom commented on Nintendo Lifts The Lid On Its Plans For E3 2014:

I'm looking forward to see what their presentation is like going forward here. Smash Bros. is the only game that has been announced that it's solidly coming out this year (and their biggest trump card), so of course they are going to be pushing that before E3 to gain hype. I wouldn't be surprised if we see some other games revealed for the later half of the year, and some other demos also popping up at Best Buy locations, but that remains to be seen. (And I can't play Smash or anything during the event anyways, since I am nowhere near a Best Buy sadly... :( )

Funny way to get their info out though. love the Reggie Mech. :D



Lunapplebloom commented on LostWinds Now Available For Wii to Wii U Transfer:

I'm happy that they finally got the game to be available on Wii mode through the transfer and in the Wii Shop Channel, but I'll have to repurchase it? I think I'll wait a little bit before I make any conclusions of what I should do to get my copy over to Wii U.



Lunapplebloom commented on Talking Point: The Game Boy is 25 Years Old, a...:

Ah... Memories... I'll never forget the day we got that grey brick of awesomeness. Christmas of 95 was the day I believe, with getting that big ol' grey unit with a pocket system bundled with Mario Land. I believe the other game that day was Tetris, but Mario was where it was at for me. I couldn't get enough of running around in that tiny pixel game, and played that again and again.

Unbelievable to me, I still have the original box and Manuel in near mint condition all these years later, as all the other games over the years had their manuels and boxes mutilated to a certain degree. Guess I was to young to care about the things that it came with and just chose to play.

Happy 25th Gameboy. You earned your mark on history. :)



Lunapplebloom commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

@midnafanboy Well, at least you have gotten to play it. I never laid a finger in that till today. :P Thank you once again though. It is indeed from the comics, the last issue in the main series released so far. 'Twas such a heartfelt moment, that I needed it as an avatar.

@Aqueous after playing a few hours, I can see what you mean. Everything seems to be a relative breeze to accomplish, given some work around. Still, I'm enjoying it, so that counts for something. Now, to find your Shadow Link... :P



Lunapplebloom commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

For me it'll be a mix between Advance Wars, Golden Sun, Professor Layton: and the Azran Legacy, and Zelda: Link Between Worlds. I know it's a travesty that I haven't played the latest handheld Zelda yet, but I'll be fixing that soon... hopefully. :P



Lunapplebloom commented on Sonic Lost World Gets Free Legend of Zelda DLC...:

Oh yes! This was what I was hoping for! Sonic looks so cool with his Link cosplay costume, and seeing him in Skyward Sword style has made my day. Will download as soon as I can tomorrow to test this out on my launch week copy of Lost Worlds. ;) (which is also very decent might I add.)



Lunapplebloom commented on Nintendo Download: 20th March (North America):

@Discostew an interesting idea. Perhaps there is more to the whole EA deal than we realize. Nintendo trying to make it up by releasing old sports games is not exactly a winning idea though.

VC has been a bit appailing as of late, but not to concerned about that either way for now. Still, will get some things when the drip feed in down the line upgraded from Wii VC.

Pure Chess for me this week, when I have the time anyways.