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Sun 20th January, 2008

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Bass_X0 commented on Mario Kart 8 Update, Mercedes Karts and DLC Pr...:

Why in Arceus's name would anybody pre-order DLC.

What exactly is the point of pre-ordering DLC? It's not like it'll sell out.

Because you can have multi-colored Yoshies and Shy Guys right now. Its an incentive for people to give money to Nintendo now for something they're going to buy anyway.



Bass_X0 commented on Talking Point: The Argument For And Against Re...:

It's exactly the same as pirating music, videos, or anything else the internet has to offer. IT'S BAD.

If its so bad then the authorities would step up their game on closing down the websites that provide us with free entertainment.



Bass_X0 commented on Nintendo Download: 28th August (Europe):

I really like SteamWorld Dig but £4.99 to play it again on Wii U when I can just flip out my 3DS feels a bit much,

I would imagine the clearer graphics and wider screen really helps the game.



Bass_X0 commented on Review: SteamWorld Dig (Wii U eShop):

This game was seriously difficult for me on the 3DS until I found out you could wall jump like Mega Man X. I'm waiting for a sale since I already have the first one.



Bass_X0 commented on Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Is Coming To ...:

a grown 30 something year old man watching an elmo movie and relating everything to sex wherever he can and making pedophile voices?

An adult watching kids movies to make fun of them from an adult perspective for other adults is pretty much what these internet movie reviewers do. I didn't see anything worse than a typical South Park episode.



Bass_X0 commented on CoroCoro Magazine Reveals Three Mega Evolution...:

Where is Mega Raichu?

And I wish Mega Evolutions were restricted only to Pokemon with three stages of evolution already. Not given to those with only one or two stages since a Mega Evolution effectively ends that Pokemon's evolutionary stages. Could have future new prevo Pokemon for the likes of Swablu and Mawlie.



Bass_X0 commented on Review: Pop'n TwinBee: Rainbow Bell Adventures...:

Very poor decision by Konami to not release the JP version instead.

They're not going to release a Japanese language version when a english version exists, even if it is in 50hz.

Perhaps they should release both versions for the cost of one so that players can choose which they want to play.



Bass_X0 commented on Nintendo Download: 7th August (Europe):

Stop with all that Megaman tho Capcom..u have many good games!

The games you're talking about are either licensed from Marvel or Disney so no go. Or they are not on consoles supported by the Virtual Console, so no go again.

Otherwise, we are getting several other Capcom games that aren't Mega Man in the coming months.



Bass_X0 commented on Nintendo Download: 7th August (Europe):

Yes, it sucks how we have been getting some VC games first long before America does and a lot more discounts than in America. They don't even have Super Mario Kart yet.



Bass_X0 commented on Nintendo Download: 7th August (Europe):

I didn't get Kirby's Adventure 3D Classic because I thought it was too expensive for what it is. I downloaded the NES game on Wii years ago and only had to pay 99p for it on Wii U. I don't need it on 3DS as well.



Bass_X0 commented on Nintendo Download: 7th August (Europe):

Are you sure Mach Rider is £3.59? Every other NES game is £3.49.

I have The Lost Levels and Kid Icarus, I'll be getting the other five NES games on sale. £1.74 is an acceptable price for them. But these are what they should have cost in the first place. Hopefully Metroid will be on sale next week.

I'll be getting it but I think they should have spread out the Battle Network games more. I only just downloaded the last Battle Network game.



Bass_X0 commented on Nintendo Download: 31st July (Europe):

The 3DS VC is for the most part treated like a dumping ground for NES games.

They'll run out eventually. My problem is that they are more expensive on 3DS than on Wii U.

Oh dear 2014 and they're still releasing 50hz JUNK,

If it only exists in 50hz, then it will only get released in 50hz. I'm sure they won't release a Japanese language game when there is a 50hz engfish language version.



Bass_X0 commented on Nintendo Download: 24th July (Europe):

Thing about it is what happens if the console ends up dead for whatever reason ? All the content is potentially lost (Which always ends up being loads more than a new system).

I have games from 2006 when i first started downloading games on Virtual Console. Yes, its possible but its not as common as critics want it to be.