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Mon 30th Jan 2012

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jpcline004 commented on Review: Ice Hockey (Wii U eShop / NES):

I agree this is overpriced (like all VC games), but I think it's one of the few early NES games that still holds up pretty well. The gameplay reminds me of NBA Jam and is really fun in two player mode. The best part is hearing the crowd roar when you start a fight!

I would give it an 8/10, at least. A 5 is a pretty off base considering baseball and golf got 4s and are damn near unplayable.



jpcline004 commented on Nintendo's Former President, Hiroshi Yamauchi,...:

"began to embrace the potential of electronic entertainment in the 1980s"

That should read 70s if you are talking about where they "began". Color TV Game, which gave them license to sell Pong in Japan, was their first foray into video games. By the 80s, they were "all in" with Donkey Kong and Game and Watch development and it was the center of their business expansion.



jpcline004 commented on Soapbox: Why Grand Theft Auto V Isn't For Me:

Excellent post, and I couldn't agree more - especially with this point:

"I fail to see how anyone [...] feel anything but shame by visiting a virtual strip club."

I honestly would love to play a AAA open-world game like this, but the lowest common denominator, let's-try-to-seem-cool-to-13-year-olds crap is a complete turn off.