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Thu 4th Jul 2013

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elstif commented on Poll: The Tricky Issue of Retail Games as Down...:

I have plenty of indi and vc games downloaded but I like all my retail to go on a shelf with the rest of my games collection.

I own around 25 Wii U and 20 3DS games, here are the only retail I got digitally and why:

  • Majora´s mask 3DS: It came with the New 3DS Majora´s mask edition
  • Wonderfull 101 for Wii U - I got it free with a promotion after registering Mario Kart 8
  • Super Mario 3D Land for 3DS: Got it free with a promotion

I got the retail Majora´s Mask 3DS Special edition on the self with the rest of my Zelda Collection and I´ll probably end up getting the other 2 games physically also.



elstif commented on Whisper It - You Can Still Download Rewards Fr...:

I got an email from them apologizing because of the problems they had on their site for the last few days, they are leaving it open to redeem stars until the 2nd of October at 5pm CEST
Here´s the email I got from them, it is in Spanish but it basically means what I just said:

Estimado usuario,

Le pedimos disculpas por los problemas que está teniendo para acceder a nuestro catalogo de estrellas. Para solventar el inconveniente, hemos decidido de manera excepcional ampliar el periodo para poder canjear las estrellas por regalos hasta el próximo viernes 2 de Octubre de 2015 a las 17:00PM. Esperamos que de este modo pueda hacer efectivo el canje de sus estrellas por los regalos que desea obtener.





elstif commented on Reminder: Club Nintendo Closes in Europe on 30...:

Oh Man, I've been trying for the last hour and I can get into the star catalogue page
I had around 1200 stars left and I was planning to get a digital game out of them but wasn' t sure which one. Now I guess I'll get nothing.

At least I got some cool staff in the last few months with all the starts I had



elstif commented on Nintendo Download: 30th July (Europe):

I´m getting Legend of Kay retail, I usually prefer physical media.
Leaving behind my preference I still don´t get the benefits of downloading retail games when they are more expensive to buy on the eShop and you will never be able to sell it used.
I got this one pre-ordered on Amazon for €19,95
Who is going to pay €29,99 for the download version?
Also, are they ever going to start getting the VC up to speed? Nothing again this week



elstif commented on Talking Point: Assessing the Odds of Super Mar...:

I´m pretty sure the game will sell very well, but like most people are saying: it will be to people that already own a WiiU, It will move a few units but it wont change the WiiU status.

It already has plenty of platform games, they needed some big Adventure and RPGs
That´s what my WIiU is been craving for the last 2 years. I cant wait for Xenoblade X, but that niche and wont move many systems.
Im a huge Zelda fan and I personally dont mind waiting for it so they can "make it better" but that´s what they should have focus on this year at E3 and have it ready for XMAS or maybe 1st quarter of 2016 for the 30th anniversary. The 21st of February 2016 would be a great day to release it worldwide!!!

But no, I feel they killed the WiiU´s last hope at E3 and I´m not the only one.
Everyone wanted: Hey Zelda it´s coming early next year, it is a huge and awesome adventure.
I´m sure that would have move some systems.
As I said before I don´t mind waiting but, that´s being in works for over 4 years, isnt that enough time? That´s what the system needed after Mario Kart and SSB, the last boost to take off.
But the:

  • We are not showing Zelda and we dont know/tell when it will be out
  • Nothing new shown to be released on 2016
  • We do not show and say anything else but: "NX is coming"

Nobody will get excited about wiiU now and there´s lost of rumors around talking ZeldaU will be on NX too, so why buy a WiiU?
I fear that those end up being true and they are actually delaying it to port/adapt it to the NX and it will be like TP



elstif commented on Nintendo Announces Super Mario Maker Wii U Har...:

I got a preorder of the limited edition pack at game for 54,95€ last week
The Standard version with artwork is at 42.95€
The wii U bundle is at 304,95€
I guess prices in the US will be very close to this (not taking into account currency exchange, we always pay more here just because...) so 54.95$ for the limited pack

The standard and limited edition are available for pre-order on the EU Amazon sites



elstif commented on Poll: What Do You Want From Nintendo's NX Plat...:

Important things that it needs:

  • Region Free
  • A proper account system
  • Able to transfer and run games purchased (eshop and VC games alike) on previous systems
  • Backwards compatibility with WiiU and 3DS games

RIP Iwata



elstif commented on Updated Club Nintendo Game Card Case Now Avail...:

I spent most of my stars when they announce they were closing, I wasn´t expecting them to have so many new cool things added. I keep regreting that decision everytime something new pops up...
I would have gotten that Majora´s mas lamp or the toad lamp that´s still available.
How do you know they are going to release a coin, Mario Kart trophies or other items?
Anyway, I have only 1800 stars left and I´m getting this (it is 1750 stars). I really doubt I will be able to get anything better for those stars and this has some nice Zelda themed sleeves that will go great with my Zelda collection



elstif commented on Video: Prepare Your Creative Appetite with the...:

It will be great if they release a 3DS version just to play levels created by all users worldwide with the WIi U version.
They could call it "Super Mario 3ds Player"
I´m sure the 3ds will be capable of doing that (in terms of processing power) and it will make this game even more appealing.
Just download a few levels on your 3ds and play them on the go



elstif commented on Talking Point: Raw Power Isn't Vital to Ninten...:

This is really getting annoying, we know nothing about NX yet and this is all speculation.
The Wii U was killed already and that really hurts, it has enough power to run many more new games and I´m very happy with it. The only thing is that it needs more games. Nothing new on E3 for it was like a dead sentance an now everyone only talks about NX
My Wii U need some long adventure and RPG games (my favorite type of game) there was barely anything on it so far. And what was promise for it
I´m still waiting: Meaning Xenoblade X and Zelda U

Xenoblade is out in Japan and if that can be done on the Wii U, they should be able to do more of it. I expect Nintendo to support the Wii U until the end of 2017, it is a great console just need more games!!!!



elstif commented on Splatoon Amiibo Scheduled to be Restocked in J...:

@rjejr You have to tap the amiibos everytime in order to play the challenges (after a restart of the game, during the same session you only need to tap it once)
Any gear that was unlocked after passing the challenges will be always available without the use of the amiibos.

I manage to get the splatoon + squid amiibo box and the boy and girl at a supermarket (all game stores were sold out) the day they were released. They had only one box + amiibo left and 4 or 5 boy/girl amiibos.
This is the only place I´ve been able to find amiibo since then, I got the latest wave there too after being unable to pre-order online (Samus, palutena, dark pit and ganondorf) they had at least 10 of each. Unfortunatlely they didnt have any yarn yoshies, those were impossible to find anywhere.

For those who live in Spain try go find them at "Supermercados Alcampo" most people don´t go to buy there



elstif commented on Video: We Check Out The Squid amiibo Challenges:

I was late for the preorders online, they sold out in minutes but I manage to get the limited edition with the squid + the boy and girl amiibo at a supermarket on Friday the 29th.
I´ll have to try that for the next wave for Smash amiibo and for the yoshi´s as they all sold out online everywhere and cloudn´t preordered any. This very morning pre-orders for Yoshi´s and Rosalina appeared at amiami (to import them from Japan) and they were gone in seconds



elstif commented on Humble Nindie Bundle Sells Over 37,000 Units i...:

I bought several bundles for the last year or so and I was very surprised and happy to see this 3DS and Wii U pack.
I almost bought it without looking at all the details, even when I already own half of the games in the bundle it is a great deal and of course part of the money goes to charity.
I really hope they can make this kind of deal happen for the EU and other regions in the future



elstif commented on Feature: Yoshi's Woolly World, Like Kirby's Ep...:

@rjejr This is not the kind of game that needs any mayor localization, in those cases Europe is always last because they need to translate the games to many languages. Also we have the PEGI rating here which usually takes longer to deal with compare to ESRB.
I really don´s see any reason why this game won´t be release in the US at the end of June too, maybe beginning of July. But who know it is Nintendo after all...

All Amazon EU sites and other video game retailers sites point to the 26th of June



elstif commented on Feature: Yoshi's Woolly World, Like Kirby's Ep...:

@rjejr Release date in Europe will be the 26th of June. US release will be around the same time
Pre-orders have been open for a while here and all point to that day
Of course pre-orders for the yarn yoshi amiibos and the pack (game+green yoshi) are all sold out...



elstif commented on Nintendo Has Shipped 10.5 Million amiibo World...:

I think Nintendo should get their retailers to get the job done right.
I only manage to get the first wave pre-ordered in Europe.
No luck with any of the next ones, amiibo are hard to find from the source original retailers but very easy to find and buy from ebay for 2 or 3 times their original price which tells the whole story already.
Sold out on 20 stores but easy to buy on ebay for a high price. I´m sure that of those 10 million amiibos 2 or 3 million are still on hands of resellers/scalpers that bought to sell at higher price later

I want a Nintendo Direct in the sense that they sell their products directly to me. They should do a new club Nintendo that they will make their products available first to us (end consumers) and give us priority for special and limited editions.
I´m awaiting the next wave that I for sure want to get Ganondorf for my zelda collection but I feel that I wont be able to buy it. Preorders are open in the UK but they do not send to my country so no luck



elstif commented on Reminder: There's Still Time to Hit a New Nint...:

Nintendo´s crappy policies and the retailers not taking pre-orders in person + out of stock in minutes online havent been helping but I manage to secure myself with the MM New 3DS

At the end I got the best deal and order it from the Nintendo UK store with the Skull Kid figure (plus a free charger) and send it over to a friend in London as they will not send to the rest of Europe.

Les´t make it clear here because I read a lot of news and comments about things coming up in the UK and stating they we are very lucky in Europe but the truth is that we are not. When says UK it is only UK, I usually had to go to the same painful process to get anything from them than to get exclusive things from the US and Japan

Anyway, the New 3DS is in my friend hands already (they delivered early and he got it on Wednesday!!!) and it is now on its way to me.
That awesome statute will be a great addition to my Zelda collection and I cant wait to play the new 3DS, very excited about the improvements on the 3D effect that I barely use now



elstif commented on The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Sou...:

@LinkSword After reading this I tought I was going to be late but just ordered one. Im so happy they finally have something nice that I can add to my Zelda collection.
Con ese nombre supongo que tambien eres fan de Zelda. En mi experiencia la pagina española de club nintendo siempre ha ido como el culo. A ver si hacen algo decente con el nuevo club nintendo. Despues de saber que lo cerraban he registrado unos 15 juegos de wiiU y 3ds a la espera de que algo interesante apareciera en el catalogo



elstif commented on Hundreds of Limited Edition Majora's Mask New ...:

@ggnorekthx That something they must do something about.These people are allowed to preorder tens of copies thats why they sold out so quick and most of us that really want to buy it dont have the chance.
It is very similar to what happens with concert tickets for big bands. It was know that a lot were being resold later so now they do not allow to buy more than 4 tickets at once.
They shouldn't allow people to buy more than 1 or 2 copies



elstif commented on Zelda: Majora's Mask New 3DS Bundles Available...:

@Spoony_Tech Uk store is only for UK they don't ship to the rest of Europe. So as far as im concern im still unable to get anything, I really don need it to be exclusive to one region or another I cant believe I can just be able to buy it

The European special edition was sold out in minutes everywhere in all stores in the EU and Im afraid the same thing will happen with this new 3ds MM edition.
Im no whinning I am really upset on how all of this is turning out. My only choice now is to pay twice the price for any of this on ebay



elstif commented on Hands On: Wii U GameCube Controller Adapter:

You forgot to mention that people (like me) have one USB port in use for network adapter, if you plan on playing online it is a must.
It really sucks that this needs 2 USB ports, or that the WiiU only has 4 ports
I wont be able to have my HDD, fast connection and this adapter all at the same time
Playing MK8 online with the WiiU connected via cable instead of WiFi makes a big difference and I´m sure this will be even more true for SMash



elstif commented on I'll Take Zelda And Mario Over Sharing Call Of...:

@Punished_Boss_84 The same can be said about the other consoles, it depends on what experiences you value the most.
For me I prefer games made by Nintendo so the Wii U is my primary console.
Then I get other gaming experiences from my "supplementary console", in my case it is neither PS4 or XBONE, it is a PC
The investment of money I made for the PC is not only for gaming, I use my PC for everything else (internet, work, music/video, editing, movies, etc)
If i´m interested in a game and it is not coming to WIiU I get it for PC. I´m sure I wont miss that many games this generation. By the time Sony and Microsoft have enough exclusives to justify buying their consoles they will be cheap



elstif commented on New Nintendo Direct Airing 5th November:

Apparently they will focus on games that will be release up to spring 2015 but I still have hopes of them showing some Zelda U

I guess this will be about amiibo, upcoming dlc (MK8 and HW)
And more/new info and maybe release dates for:
Captain toad



elstif commented on North America is Getting the Limited Edition o...:

@Grumblevolcano The Nintendo UK store sucks because they do not ship to the rest of Europe. There´s suppose to be free market between all the EU countries but no, we cannot buy from Nintendo UK.
To get something from them I have to go to the same painful process that I have to go throw to get something from Japan.
Getting the Hyrule Warriors Treasure chest limited edition comes to mind, but it was worth it because of all the nice goodies included.
The scarf is lame, the triforce clock or the chest would´ve been great for both EU and US editions



elstif commented on Talking Point: A Virtual Console Revival Could...:

VC prices are too high, after the last few weeks I bought a few games at 2,50€ instead of 5€. Some of these games were a good deal at that price. So this promotion is very welcome. Others games that are still being sold for 5€ and were down to 2,50€ too but not worth it. I guess I would consider buying some of these to try but only if they were sold for 1€ or less

I´m still waiting for N64 VC and there´s a lot of titles that have never appear yet for NES and SNES.

I think Nintendo is being really greedy on all the VC bussiness side. Very high prices and no cross buy. If they get prices down and allow cross buy more people will buy for sure



elstif commented on Nintendo Confirms a Huge Range of eShop Discou...:

I might get all the mega man games for WiiU now that the price is reasonable. And it is mostly for convenience as I already own a few of them on cartridges for the NES
It sucks that Nintendo still doesn´t do cross-buy between WiiU and 3DS for VC games.

Also, I´ve been getting quite a lot of VC titles lately because of the discounts and I´m really tight on space on my WiiU menu already. Is Nintendo ever going to release an update with more slots or folders like the 3DS. I only download VC and indi titles as I like retail games on disc for my collection. I can see some people that went the digital route already running out of space.



elstif commented on The NES Story Began On This Day 31 Years Ago:

The NES was my first console and I´m older...
I will never forget Xmas 1988 when my father bought the Mario Bros./Duck hunt bundle, I was 9 at the time. That NES is still going strong BTW and believe me I played it a lot more than any other console I owned afterwards



elstif commented on Video: This Retro-Styled Shovel Knight 'VHS' G...:

This video is awesome, good old VHS...
I had to stop it pretty early just because I don´t want spoilers.
This reminded me of a promotion Nintendo had before releasing the SNES, they gave VHS tapes with footage of SMW. You had to call a number and answer some questions about the game. They were giving some SNES with SMW bundles for the winners. I think I never wished to win something in my life more than that because I knew my parents were not going to buy one. "You already have one console..." they used to say, I didnt get an SNES until later in its lifespan

@TeeJay Now I´m feeling old too but I´ll feel younger again tomorrow when I won´t have to work and I´ll have time to play some Shovel Knight while my baby boy sleeps



elstif commented on Nintendo TVii Update Adds New Features and Imp...:

I thought it was a TV player (like the BBC iPlayer) not just a TV guide.
I guess we haven´t been missing much here in Europe.
Do you know if they have plans to bring it up into the region at some point?

In any case it´s just an add on app and I prefer Nintendo to focus on games.
Talking about apps, does anybody use the youtube app, I ran it once and it sucked. surprisingly it works great via the Internet browser.
I see myself using the gamepad to connect to the internet a lot which is a nice addition to a console I bought just for gaming; Best use of gamepad so far was that with off-tv and I personally used it a lot so I don´t have to fight for the TV



elstif commented on Free Copy of Bayonetta Comes as a Separate Dis...:

I´ll love to have a 2 disc set but I´ll be happy to take the free download of the 1st game if there´s no other option

@Grumblevolcano Yes the wonderful world of color corners on PAL games.
I guess they only printed one version for all Europe instead of one for each Country.
For those who doesn´t know or ever wondered about this:
Copies printed for specific countries have a different color printed in a corner on the side (mostly manuals and covers are printed in different languages and everything else remains the same). Old NES, SNES, GB, GBA used to have them on the flaps of the boxes.
There are a lot of colors used, these are the ones I see the most:
Red= France
Purple= Depending if is dark or light could be a general Europe - Printed for several countries in Europe, usually this will be a Multi5 (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish)
I´ve seen some purple that were only German and Danish languages and some yellows for Swedish and Norweigan.

I know some colors are unique to individual Countries and others are used for combinations, and yes it get very confusing. I´m sure a lot of games collectors are having a lot of fun tracking these down...



elstif commented on E3 2014: Nintendo Launches 30% Off Discount Bo...:

This was too good to be true
"These offers are only in North America, with no equivalents at present in Europe" Of course because we are already getting great deals like:
The legend of Zelda for 4,99€ or 7$
Super Mario World for 7,99€ or 11$
Sonic lost world for 49,99€ or 68$



elstif commented on Russian Phenomenon Tetris Celebrates Its 30th ...:

Yes I´m feeling old too...
I remember the first time I saw and played tetris, it was an arcade machine at a bar/cafeteria. I remember watching it for a few minutes before dipping in some coins and thinking "this is a weird game" but lets try
This was right at the time when Gameboy was announce, I thought Tetris was a bad choice to bundle the system with because I didn´t get into Tetris that much and Mario Land seemed like a better option IMO



elstif commented on Play: The Nintendo Life Mario Kart 8 GP Is Now...:

@HawkeyeWii My connection is good, I have 30Mb down 5Mb up, last night I got the error 3 or 4 times and then mange to get into the tournament. I was able to play for over an hour no problems.
For the most part I got my ass kicked but it was fun.
@Jeremyx7 Hey Jeremy, I played the last few races when you where in. I´m rusty but I´ll try to get online tonight (evening for you I guess) again for some action. Playing as STV



elstif commented on Play: The Nintendo Life Mario Kart 8 GP Is Now...:

I´ll try to join in but if everything goes the way it did the last few days I wont be seeing you.
I tried to connect and join races/tournaments online at least 100 times since release and I only got into 3 races. I played 10 minutes online in 5 days

I´m very upset about the crappy online service Nintendo is giving with Mario Kart 8, after they closed the services for Wii I thought they were going to put all the resources for this

I have contacted them and they only try to blame it on my local connection which is just fine for everything else. After I argue and prove my point they said that because is a popular brand new game the online services might be saturated (full). Sure, so should I wait util the hype is gone and nobody plays anymore so I can play online alone? Or maybe more people will buy the game and then it will be even more difficult to establish a connection?

I am truly pissed off, I had a better experience playing Age of Empires II online with a Pentium III and a 56K modem dial up connection in 1999.

This all might be due to my location, servers are probably in the US and Japan and connections from Europe might be the last in queue.

Anybody else is having problems getting into races/tournaments?



elstif commented on Mario Kart Month: Nintendo Life's Team Shares ...:

Game is awesome

Online sucks, I manage to get into 2 races and I had huge delays making it unplayable. After that I just get errors 118-0520 or 118-0519
Of course Nintendo support says is my connection but it is not and this is very upsetting. My internet runs just fine and I can play online other games without problems and delays
BTW: I´m I Network engineer so I know how my firewall is configured because I´ve done it myself. They didnt even say: Hey Mario Kart 8 needs this ports open to work or anything for that matter
I was wondering if Nintendo is dropping my connection because of my location but I already seen a lot of people around in forums with the same problem.

On top of that we still get the same fix lame chat options.
There´s no voice chat and no way to even type your own messages?

Nintendo put you doggieoopsie together with your online services.

Profanity is not necessary here -Lz



elstif commented on Nintendo Teams Up With E4 For Mario Kart TV Pr...:

@ICHIkatakuri Yes the characters play videogames, In fact one of the latest episode focus around Sheldon trying to decide between buying a PS4 or a XBONE. At some point other characters in the series state their opinion on the consoles and at the end Bernadette says "I play Wii", statement that was placed as a joke and her opinion was ignored. There was no mention about Wii U
Unfortunately that episode resumes the perception a lot of people have on Nintendo consoles lately

I´m glad to see they are going to advertise it, it´s about time. But they should do this kind of thing on all countries