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Thu 4th July, 2013

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elstif commented on Ubisoft and EA Lock In Their E3 Presentation D...:

I think Ubi will still give the U some love but I don´t expect anything from EA

This is what I really look forward in the upcoming E3:
A lot more about X and Bayonetta2 - Hype
Nintendo showing the new Zelda for U - More Hype
They´ll probably have playable demos of some of these games and Smash
A surprise new game (new IP from Mr Miyamoto or something else that I hope they´ve been working and kept secret) - We need this because everyone already expects and knows about everything else.



elstif commented on Nintendo Download: 27th March (Europe):

I guess I´ll get SMK even when I still have the original so I can play using the gamepad only.

I´lI love to get MK8 downloaded just not to have to change discs every time I want to play it (I´ll play it a lot) but even with this promotion buying retail will still be cheaper.
What the hell is Nintendo thinking, Download is more expensive plus the games are tide to the console. There´s no way I´m buying downloads instead of retail until that changes.



elstif commented on The Club Nintendo Rewards Are In For March:

@CaPPa Have you ever visit the Nintendo Europe site????!!!!
Nintendo Europe is and always has been far behind Nintendo America in relation to rewards, they don´t offer any download games at all in exchange for stars (we get that instead of coins).
The catalog has only lame items and are very expensive. From time to time something cool shows up but you need 7000 stars to get it. Registering a game gives you 200-250 starts (do the math) so you could think not many people would have that many but in a matter of hours they are sold out. That´s all because nobody spend their stars for years because the only thing available was keyrings, notebooks and stickers.
BTW we don´t get gold or platinum rewards either.
I´ll take Nintendo America anytime if I could

Right now all Nintendo Europe catalogs are down (maintenance), we´ll see if something nice shows up for a change. I´m sitting on almost 8000 stars that are about to expire.



elstif commented on Latest PS4 Sales Figures Take it Past Wii U Li...:

This is the result of marketing and people wanting to get the newest toy, because that´s what game consoles are, toys

I´ll be honest, Nintendo have always been my favorite video game company because they make the best games. I buy their consoles because that´s the only way I can play their games. For other games I play on my PC/Steam.
Even now I don´t think I missed many games that I would like to play not getting a PS3 or Xbox last gen. I might get a cheap PS3 one day to play the Uncharted series and a few others.
I don´t even have a very powerful or expensive PC but man I really laugh at some of my friends when I saw how Skyrim was running on their PS3, of course I´m the one who has to suffer that "you play those Nintendo games for little kids" all the time but I know better...

They spend 500€ on a PS4 to play and another 500€ on a PC (for PC use). What I do is spend 1000€ on a PC to use it for everything. Of course I get my Ninty too.



elstif commented on Darksiders 2 Slashing Its Way Back to the EU e...:

I played this game for 4 or 5 hours (looked promising), my Wii U crashed 3 times during that time, I lost all the progress of the game and had to pull the plug on the Wii U (scary every time)
I never had the wii U freezing like this with anything else (disc/download games, apps, browser) and I use it a lot.
I never played this game again.



elstif commented on Super Mario Bros. Deluxe Set For 27th February...:

I already received the code and downloaded the game.

I never played this version before, it has save option and challenges that are a very nice addition to the original. But the screens goes funny a lot of times both horizontally and vertically (it can be very annoying), I guess it is due to the small screen of the original Gameboy where it was release. Sad they didn´t fix it. for this VC release. It was free for me so I shouldn´t complain much about it but it is still a problem that I wanted to mention.



elstif commented on Monolith Soft's X Combat is Shown Off, Based o...:

@WiiLovePeace I´m 100% with you, it look like a fast pace action shooter more than the exploring/adventure game that I hoped for.
I grew a bit tired of the voices during combat after so many hours of gameplay but I will never forget the first time I entered Bionis´s leg and attacked a high level beast. Reyn said: "Are you maaad?" (with British accent) LMAO, and of course I died instantly



elstif commented on 3DS XL Owners Rejoice! Power-Up Pouches Arrive...:

Why can we get some VC games like in the US?
It will be nice for us gamers here in EU and very easy for them, just send an email with the code and no real cost for them to give out some old games to Nintendo supporters.

I lost all my stars (GC, GBA, DS and wii consoles and games) when they changed websites a few year ago (big mess), had to create a new account. They used to give GC games at the time but they were always sold out...
Now I have quite a lot from Wii U and 3DS and I fear all my stars will expire or I will have to get something lame out of them
I never manage to get anything nice from club nintendo and I own all their consoles and hundreds of games. I always say to myself: keep registering the games, one day I´ll get something nice out all these...



elstif commented on Review: Unepic (Wii U eShop):

I really don´t have much time to play and my list of "Games pending" is too large but this games looks great and I feel I need to give some love to the Indi developers for their work.
Specially in this case the developer is from my country and here game developers are an "in-danger species" So I´ll be buying it soon



elstif commented on Platinum Games Producer Hates "Pedantic Port-B...:

A lot of 3rd party companies have no plans to release games for the Wii U and that´s only because they don´t want to (EA being one of the largest). If I want to play the next NFS I might have to buy a PS4 to play it and that will be EA fault not because it is exclusive to Sony.
Nintendo funded Bayonetta 2, they´ll have some rights over it and they will never give that up to their competitors.

At the end of the day we gamers are the ones suffering from this. It will be very nice for us to just buy one system to play all the games we want but that´s how this market is working now.

I got a Wii U for Nintendo games mostly but it sucks that there´s no plans for many 3rd party in the near future and I might miss a few good games. People going the other consoles will miss 1 good game and I´m very happy about it.



elstif commented on Super Mario 3D World Drops Down UK Charts in S...:

Here we go again.
Like some other people said already, This is just a country and we all know Nintendo is not very popular in the UK

Can we at least get the number of sales in all the European countries/region, not just the UK?



elstif commented on Those Lovely Link Between Worlds Club Nintendo...:

These are really nice, no wonder they sold out quickly.
at least in NA you can get some vc games with your coins, in europe we had the same crappy catalogue for the last few months with nothing worthy.

Oh wait, I just checked and there´re 2 new exciting items!!!!
We have the "Relaxation set: princess peach" and the "Relaxation set: Luigi" and for only 6000 stars each!!! (a game here gives you 250 stars so you know how much that´s worth)
So hurry up before they get sold out...



elstif commented on Nintendo Download: 28th November (Europe):

I´ll get Mario on disc.
Why aren´t they releasing a good bunch of VC games for the Wii U
The emulation is there already, is it that hard to get out all the good old NES and SNES games?
Crash 'n the Boys???!!!! seriuosly? when are we going to get Mario 3 or Super Mario Kart or Zelda LTTP



elstif commented on Xbox One UK Sales Set to Pass Wii U's Lifetime...:

@PinkSpider Wow, that´s interesting 1 out of 3 people that bought an XBONE are very unhappy with it. I can see a lot of bad reviews because the console has hardware failures/problems. If this happens wolrdwide I can see MS going down and PS4 winning. I´m not too worried about Wii U, I´ll have my new Mario Kart, Smash Bros. and Zelda. MS and Sony can fight for the FPS and FIFA market



elstif commented on Talking Point: The GamePad and its Role Defini...:

I think the gamepad was a good idea the problem is that it has some big design flaws.
1- It is too big and uncomfortable. it is not possible to grab/hold it properly on the back

2 - Battery life. It is ridiculously small. Everybody ends up playing plugged-in all the time so making ti even more uncomfortable. It has enough space for a larger battery so you spend an extra 30€ (cutting costs=pay even more for it) for the upgrade and then it is still not enough. I never gotten more than 4 hours with the upgrade battery with the screen brightness set at 3 out of 5

3 - Off-TV play is great but the range is as small as the battery life. I live in a small apartment and I cant go play in the room next to where the Wii U sits when my wife is watching TV. It´s about 4meters away and a wall (not to big) in between you get lots of disconnections.



elstif commented on Nintendo of Europe Launches Free Super Mario 3...:

Great to see a nice promotion here in Europe!!!
Will the 3DS XL zelda edition with Link between worlds download code be eligible for this promotion?
Should I just wait and register after the 27th and I´ll be good to go?



elstif commented on Talking Point: The Nintendo Network ID Creeps ...:

1- Full game digital downloads, yes that´s the most expensive way to buy a Nintendo game and you dont get a physical copy that could resale and It gets tide to the console so if you have any problems with your hardware you´ll be in trouble.
2- I´ll give you this one, first time they get some games on sale. Still full retail game download sales like "Assassins creed 3" we saw recently are still more expensive than the retail so back to issue 1
3-Not many but there´s some DLC now (not that important compare to other things)
4-Miiverse is nice but they still need to improve it
5- Tvii - After 1 year this is still an unused icon on the Wii U menu. If I hit it always says there´s no Tvii services in this REGION
6-Nintendo ID it is still useless. Progress will be the day they linked my ID with the games I purchased with it instead of the hardware. What about the ability to play VC games on both Wii U and 3DS. Wait there r barely any VC available on Wii U (unbelivable)
7- Now on top of Region Lock we have Country lock. New online games that should be open wordlwide (like Mario kart wii was) they are region locked too (Sport club)



elstif commented on Video: Pitching a Wii U to Parents Requires Se...:

Wow a nice ad for the Wii U targeting families
Now you need another good one to target gamers and start showing both like theres no tomorrow

I still haven seen a single wii U ad on TV in Europe, good to see they are moving in the right direction in the US



elstif commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Wo...:

I haven´t read the review (dont want any more spoilers) just scrolled down and so a 10 and that´s all I need to know

I cant wait for this, it is gonna be a long week waiting
Pre-orders get sent in advance so you get it the release day the latest. hopefully I´m lucky and I might even get mine a day or 2 earlier.



elstif commented on Video: Watch Japanese Celebrity Aya Ueto Make ...:

@ajcismo I cant either...
Nintendo needs to get a western-hot-famous woman like her to do some comercials like this for the US and EU
After 1 year I havent seen a single wii U comercial on TV here in Europe, XMas is getting close WTF r they waiting for?



elstif commented on This Beautiful Zelda-Themed N64 Console Must S...:

@Cinaclov That looks like the GC style replacement stick for the N64, you can find these on amazon but they are junk.

The only improvement is that they dont get loose or break like the original sticks but inputs are all wrong, deadzone is different and it is impossible to do quickspins on Zelda games. it works ok for some N64 games thou



elstif commented on Super Mario Bros. 3 Is Leaping To The Wii U An...:

I remember I cry for days and drove my mom crazy until she bought this game for me. I played this for thousands of hours
@TruenoGT Yes please unified account, the way things are now it´ll be difficult to choose between the big screen or portability
I like VC and buy for convenience so I dont have to keep connecting and disconecting my old consoles to play but I for sure won´t be paying for this twice so I can play on Wii U and 3DS



elstif commented on Year of Luigi Commemorative Coin Emerges On Eu...:

This is not listed so I guess I´m late and they are all gone.

I lost all my stars a few years back when Nintendo changed websites
I had to create a new account with them and I currently have 3500 stars and there´s only junk to get out of them. I know it is all free but seriuosly I spend around 500€ in games to get that amount of stars
If they are going to reward for my Nintendo purchases at least they could give away something nice.

I will need 500 more stars (100€ more) to get guess what: "NES notebook"
So spend 600€ on Games and your reward is a lame notebook worth 5€ at the most.
The nice game and watch ball reward is worth 7500 Stars (more than a 1000€ in purchases to get) and we dont even get any stars for VC games which are very expensive too.



elstif commented on Eiji Aonuma Wants it to be "Fun To Get Stuck" ...:

Yes!!! They better do this for the Zelda Wii U
I was so disappointed with SS, if they want the game to be accesible to a lot of people make a difficulty selection at the begining.
I finished Zelda I and II when I was 10 no guides or hints, only help from friends that played it and after really getting stucked.



elstif commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Catch-22 With Retail...:

I still dont understand what Nintendo is doing with the game prices on the eshop, it really seems very stupid.

If a retailer like Amazon is selling a physical copy for 30€ I´m sure they are making a profit so they bought it from nintendo for less. Lets say they pay Nintendo 25€ and Nintendo still has to produce/pack and send the discs to the retailers. So that will be less than 25€ going to Nintendo

Same game on eShop (no disc/packaging) sells for 44,99€ (plus no unified account ...) I don´t think they´ll be selling many games this way
I say remove the middle man and sell us the games on eShop for the sasme price you sell to retailers (25-30€). Nintendo will still get the same money for each copy (or even more) but they will sell a lot more due to games being cheaper. And the money saved on discs/boxes/shipping can go to cover costs and improve online services (that includes the account system we all want)



elstif commented on GamePad High Capacity Battery Available Now in...:

I ordered this and can´t wait to get it.
I was very lucky and got it for 27€ plus shipping (3€) on Amazon they are now selling it for 44€ plus shipping.
they are out of stock so who knows how long I´ll have to wait for it.

Am I the only one who thinks that they should´ve included this as standard?
If I´m buying it now for 27€ it defenitly costs a lot less to produce, if you discount what the low capacity battery costs and included this one as standard it would have been around 10-15€ price increase for the Wii U bundle, which is not that much taking into account everybody with a wii U now has to be "plugged in" all the time to be able to play



elstif commented on New Wii U System Update Goes Live Across Europ...:

That´s great, I can now play wii games on the gamepad only. Let us use the gamepad controls to play wii games too so I could now play xenoblade confortable in bed
I´m not the only one that was hoping for the unified account, but hopefully next update.
Did N confirm they are going to do it?



elstif commented on Talking Point: The Steam Gaming Machines Are A...:

This is bad news for Microsoft and Sony but no that much for Nintendo (not good but still not that bad) I´m seeing a lot more market taken from MS and Sony to Steam than market from N to Steam
I´ll go for this without a doubt over a PS4 or XBONE as I would be able to get most of the same games and have flexibility with the hardware and controls.
I don´t play COD (or many FPS) but it still amaze me so many people doing it with a pad. Keyboard and mouse is the way to go, even better nunchuck and remote is pretty awesome for aiming.
You could dual system boot a steam box (the Steam OS for games and Windows/linux/OSX as a PC) to use in your living room for everything

Nintendo have their own big games (they will be a lot, give it time) only playable on their systems.
For the most part I can see a lot of Wii U + PC (thats me) or Wii U + PS4 or WiiU+XBONE setups
Microsoft, Sony and Steam will fight each other because they will offer a lot of the same but there´s a decent portion of the market (could be bigger or smaller) that goes to the unique big N and his awesome games



elstif commented on Feature: Hiroshi Yamauchi - The Man Who Made N...:

I know it is off-topic but it was, here is the physical problem:

The result is a dead GPU:

This only happened to the first model units, apparently they changed the design internally for later models. Mine was way out of warranty when this make the unit fail. Nintendo ask me for 65€ + shipping for the repair at the time

Point being that they knew these units problem but they never acknowledge it and never recall them, they let us keep the units with a dead sentence. That´s what we early wii buyers got in return for our loyalty this time...



elstif commented on Feature: Hiroshi Yamauchi - The Man Who Made N...:

RIP Yamauchi, you´ll be missed

Great article, it is interesting to know how he recall the famicon beacuse it had a problems and wanted to keep the integrity of the brand and the costumers happy.
Nintendo´s systems have always been quality products

It is disappointing to see that some of this has changed, I own all Nintendo consoles since the NES and they are all still working like the first day. Well not all, I bought the wii on releade date (Dec 2006) and it stopped working on 2011 and it is becuse it had big design problems but they never recall it.
Interesting to see how the first Nintendo console not being high quality and dying on users was after Yamauchi left the directors board...



elstif commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD...:

That´s it!!!
I was expecting them to do add some kind of master quest, keeping the integrity of the original game and then give someting new to the old fans

If you never played it by all means go for it, it is a great game but a lot of people like me played it (several times) and still own a copy for gamecube. I dont see the value for me on this at full price.

BTW: Here´s somethign that you should know. The Wii U architecture is based on the wii that was previously based on the gamecube. The Wii U is capable of running gamecube games very well they are just not allowing it



elstif commented on Soapbox: Why Grand Theft Auto V Isn't For Me:

Funny thing, last night at exacly 22:00 there was a GTAV ad on TV, I guess they are not allowed to be earlier than that becuase of the PEGI 18
Anybody wondered how many underage will be playing this?

A lot of people say how nice is the game beacuse of the freedom and the realistic graphics. But there only freedom to break the law.

I understand the appeal of going virtual to do some of the things you´ll never do in real life like, "hey I´ll steal that car and drive over the owner afterwards", or lets shoot that peasant on the head, why not? I didnt like his/her face. OK 5 minutes fun is over and now what?
It bugs me that so many people (specially underage) will spend hours and hours playing this type of game.
"After work I like to go home and use my free time to play dealing drugs and killing people"

GTAV = Crime simulator



elstif commented on Soapbox: Why Grand Theft Auto V Isn't For Me:

@Savino The difference is that in most games there´s moral, you play as the good guy/s or hero and kill or punish the bad guys or evil. In GTA you are the bad guys.

I have played some of the older GTA games but I mostly enjoy the driving around while listening to music more than the lame missions and killing.

It´s a shame that most teenagers will jump to play this instead of other games that you are the hero and fight evil with your inteligence (solving puzzles like zelda). Then you have fun playing, you get a moral sense for the real life and you enhance your inteligence



elstif commented on Review: Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (Wii U...:

lol and there was no internet to go and check a guide because you got stuck (sometimes for weeks) and didnt know where to go to advance the game.
Games nowdays tend to be very easy compare to the old days and I used to think that it was because I was a kid back then but the truth is that those games were hard and I really miss some of that challenge now. Nintendo give us some tough games!!!

Am I the only one who thinks that the VC games prices are very high, come on Nintendo 5 € for a NES and 8€ for SNES??!!!!
I´m not buying many because of these. Make them 2-3€ for NES and 4-5€ for SNES and I´ll sure buy a lot more.



elstif commented on GameStop Defends Xenoblade Chronicles Pricing,...:

LOL They call it "vintage" when it was released just 2 year ago in Europe and a little over 1 year in the US!!!!
I understand the price for the "real vintage games" like Earthbound or Secret of Mana "Carts"

I lot of people (like me) got to know about the game late (1 year late) and instead of finding it cheaper (new and used) like most games are after a year or so of being released, it is twice the price

This game is very good so there was more demand than offer, this made the game rare and the price high.

I dont understand why Nintendo, after finally localizing it, is not printing more copies knowing there´s demand for it. There will be money for them and the developers who deserve it after making such a great game. And we´ll be able to buy it at a standard price. Thats how it work on every other market. Produce some, if sold out there is still demand produce more to get more profit out of it.

The videogame second hand market is roten and this is proof of it, these big companies paying peanuts to users for used games and then selling them for almots the full price in most cases. This will only kill the game industry.

I prefer buying retail games over downloads but I will go the download route if these doesn´t change

BTW, I bought a used copy of Xenoblade for 40€ directly from another person, I stop buying used from these companies a few years back



elstif commented on Club Nintendo Rewards Get Active for August:

Why dont they give these nice rewards in Europe???!!!!
I missed the gold nunchuck I wanted so badly; you can get some VC games and some people still complain about it.

We only get a piece of **** wallpaper or keyrings or notebooks
And if you think about saving the stars (we get that instead of coins) hoping for something good in the future, think again becuase they expire and you are left with nothing.

We always get the good games late or we never get them. And when we get them they are at least 20% more expensive

I feel so marginalized, for *** sake it´s 2013 and I feel the same way I did in 1990 when we had to wait until 1992 for the snes to come over here and then had to buy a NTSC to PAL adaptor and pay crazy money to get Jap or US imported games

Sorry for the big moan guys but It is not fair, it´s been 25 years of this for me and I cant believe that things hasnt changed a bit since

Please Nintendo!!!!



elstif commented on Feature: Taking A Look Back At The Nintendo 64...:

I liked the rumble pack feature but it makes the controller quite big and heavy because of it. I loved when I saw this integrated on the gamecube controller.

I bought the rumble pack after finding the stone of agony on OOT, I didn´t wanted to miss anything of the game, but I enjoyed it more on other games.
You get the stone of agony after colleting 20 gold skultullas
That´s right, you can modify it so it works without batteries, I have one modified and works like a charm. But running more than 2 controllers like that on an N64 at the same time could potentially overload it and break it (I only use one). I guess that´s why Nintendo force the batteries on it