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Wed 4th Apr 2012

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ElDelEl commented on Nintendo's UK Store to Release A Wii U Mario M...:

Yep, this is the bundle that would finally break my resistance and force me to buy the system...IF it were available in America. I don't know whether to be ticked off or relieved that it's not for sale here



ElDelEl commented on A Fresh Batch of Lovely Super Mario 3D World S...:

I'm just speechless at this game's stunning reversal of perception since E3 — the past few weeks of reveals have finally shown us what next-gen Mario can be! I may finally cave in and get a WiiU for this game alone, it's just too pretty, and the apparent gameplay and aesthetic innovations seem Galaxy-like in both their scope and their effect on my imagination.



ElDelEl commented on Video: This Japanese Super Mario 3D World Trai...:

I'm gonna go adopt some impoverished kids just so I have a faux family to play this with every night . Wow, this looks more amazing each time I see it! I still can't figure out why Nintendo showed so little of all this splendor at E3 (which was crushingly disappointing for me and other folks looking for a reason to buy a WiiU), but I don't think anybody cares at this point — I believe we finally have the system's killer app. Absolutely bursting with creativity and innovation, perhaps more so than even the incredible Galaxy!



ElDelEl commented on Soapbox: Why Grand Theft Auto V Isn't For Me:

Oh for crying out loud, what a bunch of sanctimonious drivel. It's one thing to personally detest a game, but this sort of moral-high-groundery on a website read largely by adults is just condescending BS. Who do you think you are, Damien, to climb this literal "Soapbox" and throw words like "shame" around at those of us who dare to enjoy games like GTA, while at the same time describing those who criticize the game as "brave"? I find it hard to believe that you could re-read your own article without blushing at its over-reactionary pomposity. Do you really think that adults who play this game are unable to distinguish (morally, emotionally, or literally) between an escapist videogame they're playing and the real-life versions of the activities in that game? It's one thing to write about parental concerns with games like this, that's perfectly understandable. But this article is an adult-written, adult-read piece that has nearly as much overwrought finger-wagging as a Georgia revival meeting! In short, please take the escalator down from your high horse next time you have an impulse to write such silliness.



ElDelEl commented on Miyamoto Focuses on New Gameplay Experiences B...:

I love Miyamoto, and I love Nintendo, but this is all just semantics — it's been abundantly clear for some time that many Nintendo fans, despite still enjoying the old franchises, want a spectacular new IP. Period. This means new worlds and characters and stories, not just new gameplay. Besides the commercial viability of established names, there is no reason why Nintendo can't direct the same energy it has devoted to gameplay innovations in recent years (e.g., Mario Galaxy) to crafting new worlds in which to flex those innovations, and new characters to do the flexing. I for one still don't see a compelling reason to buy the WiiU and add yet another gaming system to my living room; based on what they've shown in the past and this week, I can get the same level of fun and the same types of experiences from my Wii and 3DS.



ElDelEl commented on Sony Trolls Nintendo Ahead of PlayStation 4 An...:

A little surprised to see some of these insults being hurled at Sony — although their dig at Nintendo was kinda stupid, that doesn't change the fact that the Playstation consoles have been very very good to true gamers over the years, just like Nintendo has. For example, a daring, life-affirming, exclusive indie game (Journey) won tons of well-deserved "game of the year" awards just last year, and Sony deserves kudos for repeatedly supporting (and essentially launching the careers of) innovative developers like that. In short, it's fine to diss Sony's Nintendo diss, but it's pretty dumb to spew venom at the company itself given everything they've done to foster/create truly amazing games.



ElDelEl commented on The Nintendo 64 Kids Recall The Christmas When...:

My sis and I were a little younger than that when we got our first system, the Mighty Atari 2600, and yes, we flipped the eff out. We probably went bonkers for NES too (especially since some of our friends already had one, so we already knew how awesome it was), but I don't really remember opening it. By the time SNES came around, I bought it with my own money, so there wasn't any surprise unwrapping; but the experience was maybe even better b/c the system was such a huge leap and came packed with one of the greatest/prettiest games of all time. Great memories all around!



ElDelEl commented on Trine 2: Director's Cut Will Include Exclusive...:

For all of you who haven't played it or only know the first game: Trine 2 is a fantastic game, one of the best I've played in recent memory (and quite a bit better and prettier than the already-great 1st installment). And while the extra content isn't quite enough to make me buy a WiiU at launch, I'm definitely super-jealous . But for the rest of you, I would consider this one of the most essential games for the system; in fact, if it was a brand new Nintendo exclusive, it would actually be a killer app for me, i.e., enough to make me buy at launch. Yes, it's that wonderful.



ElDelEl commented on Talking Point: Is Wii U's Power Really That Im...:

For me (and prolly many others), the graphics issue is hugely important, if only from a timing perspective. I have a Wii, and I finally bought a PS3 last year, along with a 3DS. In addition to having way too many games already, I now have a graphically powerful system (for a guy who started with the Atari 2600 in the '80s, the PS3 still sports mind-meltingly awesome visuals) and two other systems that take the unique-gameplay route (I consider the 3D aspect of the handheld to be a major graphical leap too, regardless of the system's power). If WiiU comes looking for my ducats this year but doesn't have a significant graphical upgrade over the other rigs, there's no way I'm going to throw down money for a PS3-like system and even more games, no matter how unique its interface might be. I love Mario, Zelda, and the rest of the gang, but if WiiU can't blow gorgeous games like Galaxy and Skyward out of the water graphically, I'll likely skip a generation and focus on playing the shameful number of graphically beautiful unplayed games I already own for my other systems (e.g., I bought Kirby's Epic Yarn months ago but still haven't played it!). The new controller, as cool as it is, doesn't seem like enough of a selling point on its own for me (though if I had kids, it might be a whole different proposition; I'm sure Nintendo partly counting on that).